Corner Benches

Corner spaces are so hard to fill, and even harder to choose what to put in them when options arise. We suggest you consider a corner bench. Corner benches, either with or without a cushion, are a great way to add seating to a tricky space. And if yours doesn't have a cushion, they are easy to add with some creativity and desire. See collection for options in corner benches.

Best Products

Nook Corner Four Seat Bench

Nook Corner Four Seat Bench
Corner four seat entryway bench with perfect proportions and a pleasing profile that never goes out of style. Features MDF construction on sturdy manufactured wood legs for great stability. Includes a seat that lifts for storage.

Patio Porch L Shaped Wood Bench

Patio Porch L Shaped Wood Bench
Corner bench in simple form. It is completely made of wood. Seat consists of horizontally arranged strips. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Classic form and neutral design.

Chelsea Solid Wood Corner Kitchen Bench

Chelsea Solid Wood Corner Kitchen Bench
This bright corner kitchen bench is designed to anchor the room with warm, rustic design. Constructed of immensly solid Brazilian pine wood, it easily saves space while adding seating to any corner. Back benches have storage areas for light items.

L shaped benches

Make use of extra space and don't leave a room corner blank: this cubby corner bench offers cushioned seat and two compartments underneath, ready to accommodate wicker baskets that expand your entryhall's storage capacity.

L shaped bench with storage

Delicious mix of colors: milk chocolate brown, cream and a spice-up of juicy lime green toss pillows. Add some traditional furniture: round pedestal table and classic vintage chairs, and the perfectly cozy dining nook is ready.

Corner bench seating with storage

The kitchenette, instead of a separate dining room or traditional large dining table, is a very cozy solution. This kitchen nook with corner benches fixed to the wall does not waste a place.With a litlle round table and fluffy cushines looks perfect.

Corner benches

A simple corner bench is a perfect solution for the stylish interior. Beautiful wood design and universal finish make it a great all-rounder in every interior design. Nice details delight and bring to the decor cozy.

Our advice Buying Guide

What will you do with the tricky corner that's in your living spaces? Well, fill it up with a corner bench, of course! Continue reading as we've listed tips for selecting the perfect one.

What to upholster corner benches with?

Since corner benches may come upholstered, you have the chance to select from various types of upholstery materials to ensure you get the seating that's right for you.

  • Leather - Not only will the material exude a timeless look, but it will also last for years even with daily use. There are various finishes and prices that will ensure you get the sophisticated, luxury look you're after which also suits your needs and budget.
  • Fabric - Do you want a cool and neutral fabric or a bright and bold one? A fabric-upholstered corner bench is one of your classic choices when it comes to bringing texture and color into your space while adding extra comfort.
  • Velvet - This incredible 'feel me' fabric is an excellent choice for those who are looking for extra tactile joy from a corner bench. It is surprisingly durable, especially in a dark color. Of course, it is guaranteed to feel great!

What arm styles do corner benches come with?

If you prefer an armed corner bench instead of an armless option, you'll have different arm choices to choose from. The arm style that you pick makes a huge difference to the style statement a corner bench makes.

  • Low narrow arms - A popular arm style, it is both neat and compact.
  • Low wide arms - As its name suggests, it is low and also chunky. It's excellent for cuddling up, especially during the cold winter season.
  • High wide arms and high narrow arms - They are the tall versions of the aforementioned styles.
  • Curved arms - Stylish and decorative.

What are the pros and cons of backed and backless corner benches?

If you opt for a corner bench with back, you'll have the option of choosing either high or low. Corner benches, however, aren't known to offer the best lumbar support. If you want a bench that would give the best back support, a high-back corner bench is recommended for you. Corner benches with lower backs, on the other hand, are excellent for conversations and sitting up straighter.

How to select the best quality corner bench?

The way a corner bench is constructed will determine its lifespan and comfort level. It is, of course, going to affect the way the unit looks and feels as well. We would suggest you purchase the highest quality your budget allows. A bench's quality will depend on its seating support and frame among others. Judging a corner bench for quality is similar as to how you judge a sofa for its quality. Check out our buying guides on sofas for more help and guidance on selecting a quality corner bench.


Corner bench seating

A stylish corner bench that will help you to make your mud room more practical and appealing. Crafted of wood, the unit is bathed in a two-tone walnut and white finish, and has a beautifully lacquered top.

L shaped bench

A comfortable home bench that features an L-shaped stylization. It is suitable for corner placement. This bench includes a solid base made of wood in a white finish. Soft seat cushions are available with additional pillows.

Corner bench with storage

Improve your kitchen with this lovely, corner bench that will help you save some space. Made of wood and bathed in white, the bench holds comfortable seat cushions, wrapped in a floral-patterned fabric.

Corner storage bench seat

Thanks to her, the kitchen or dining room will be more cozy and homey. Corner benches are less formal than chairs, they invite you to spend time together. Bright, corner made of wood painted white, with soft white cushions and decorative but simple pillows.

Kitchen banquette with storage 3

Kitchen banquette with storage.

Corner bench seat with storage

L-shaped, this practical corner bench distinguishes itself with the warm, bright appeal. Neatly brushed and sanded wood enchants with its dense graining, emphasizing the natural character of the item.

Corner storage seating bench

Stunning corner bench designed for outdoor use. Constructed from wood, these benches come with a distressed farmhouse-inspired look. They also feature a neat high back design for comfort and a simple L-shaped construction that should accommodate a lot of people.

Corner bench

Constructed from lovely cherry wood with an equally charming split bamboo seat. This smooth corner bench distinguishes itself with woodworking and sustainable home design.

Corner bench seat

Small space mudroom arrangement with corner bench and DIY racks for bags. There's a wall calendar, storage baskets underneath the bench top, do-not-forget message board and funny bucket racks for small items.

Corner bench

Made of beautiful wood, the corner of the kitchen is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The large bench has plenty of room for storage so that it can be used in many ways. Ideal for contemporary decor.

L shaped kitchen bench

This would be perfect for our dining room. I would just have to put feet on them and make cushions! Amazing DIY bookcase to bench.

Walker Corner Bench, 20"Hx30"Wx30"D, BLACK

Kitchen corner bench seating

This is not much needed to create a cozy corner to eat your morning meals, enjoy your free time with a book. A wooden corner bench made of wood and white MDF boards has storage bins at the bottom, or shoes and a comfortable cushion.

Corner bench 6

A wooden foundation for corner bench. Its creator probably wants to add seating in the later time, yet what we already see on the picture looks pretty substantial. That's definitely a nice use of a free room corner.

How to make a corner bench with storage

If you dream about a townhouse look in your kitchen - a corner bench could be helpful. If your kitchen has an alcove, be sure to think about a white built-in wooden, corner bench that fits into a round modern table.

Diy corner bench seat with storage

Combining style and functionality, this corner cubby bench not only constitutes a nice place to sit, but also conceals a considerable storage space for stuff under the seat's surface.

Breakfast nook or lounging area storage bench seating 1

Breakfast Nook or Lounging Area Storage Bench Seating

Kitchen corner bench seating with storage

A quality corner bench for contemporary entryways, that will save you some space and at the same time give a spacious place to sit. It's made of sturdy wood and bathed in a white finish, and it looks very beautiful with a couple of stylish throw pillows.

Dinning room i really like the blue green and different

Dinning room: I really like the blue, green and different colors of brown/sand. the floating shelving and single bulb chandeliers make it really interesting.

Corner bench kitchen table

corner bench kitchen table

Corner bench Koeln

An important place for storage can be obtained by using a built-in bench of beech solid wood in a bright shade, which together with a table and chairs creates a beautiful breakfast nook benches set. In the middle contains open space.

If i could come up with my perfect kitchen this

if i could come up with my perfect kitchen... this would probably be it (and i can't even see the whole thing). but i do love what i see.... the bench, that light, the white cabinets, the ceiling, the butcher block island, and the subway tiles. oh my. kit

Woodworking kitchen corner bench diy pdf free download

Woodworking kitchen corner bench diy PDF Free Download

L shaped bench seating

How to Build a Custom Corner Banquette Bench | Pinterior Designer featured on #banquette #diy #dining

Corner benches

Simple traditional DIY-made patio corner benches. They're built of solid wood with a mid-brown stained finish. Benches have sturdy straight rectangle section legs, simple aprons and seats of longwise arranged planks.

L shaped dining bench

This amazing corner bench offers a simple and easy to install design that will make it fit perfectly as a dining area in your interior, letting you enjoy the new found amounts of space with a nod towards your home decor.

Restored vintage howard johnson corner bench

Restored Vintage Howard Johnson Corner Bench

Build a corner bench

Dream of mine to have a corner bench dining table/breakfast nook for all my kiddos to sit at :)

How to build a custom corner banquette bench pinterior designer

How to Build a Custom Corner Banquette Bench | Pinterior Designer ...

Com kitchen nook sets linon corner bench for microfiber nook

... com » Kitchen Nook Sets » Linon Corner Bench for Microfiber Nook Set

Corner seating with storage

Updated Craftsman Bungalow in Ballard |

Diy corner bench

White corner bench in an almosted-finished breakfast nook. Stands by a large window that lets flood of natural light in. The bench features classic, simple design, with wood construction, crown molding and rounded corners.

Patio corner bench

My Mud Room? I was thinking one of the tops of the benches could lift up and be able to use that corner for off season storage.

L shaped bench kitchen table

Kitchen banquette- we could absolutely do this at our house with adding a storage wall on the west side of the nook!

I heart this breakfast nook i swoon for dark wood

I heart this breakfast nook - I swoon for dark wood for some reason. I also love the shelves behind for books!

Corner benches 1

A space-saving addition for contemporary homes, that is going to find its destiny in a corner of your entryway or hallway. Made of white-finished wood, the bench has open compartments for storing your shoes, 3 coat hooks, and 1 open shelf on top.

Diy corner booth

blue roof cabin: Salvaged Door into a Dining Room Banquette

Arco frame corner bench

Arco: Frame Corner bench

L shaped bench seating with storage

Closed and open bottom space upper closed and open- multiple height upper cubbies- bench space to sit

Entryway corner bench

This entryway corner bench offers a simple and small boost of storage space and an additional place for you to sit and conveniently change from your clothes or shoes. It is elegant and offers a dark structure for a classy look.

Corner cubby bench

Kitchen Banquette

5 pieces of outdoor furniture you can build yourself curbly

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Repurposed bench from a bed frame

Repurposed Bench from a bed frame!