Modern Folding Chairs


Folding chairs don't have to be those metal boxy uncomfortable cold things they always were. Modern folding chairs like the ones often seen at outdoor weddings are much more attractive and worth looking into. They are most often made of wood, are just as sturdy as steel, but much more pleasing to the eye. Having a few extra modern folding chairs around your home will help you in the long run if you have unexpected guests.

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Our Picks

White Modern Folding Chair Set

White Modern Folding Chair Set

Simple and stylish, these modern folding chairs are ideal for when you have extra dinner guests at your home. Made from high-quality beechwood, these chairs are built to last, and although they are strong and sturdy, they are lightweight and fold flat for easy storage. The chic modern design will work with most decor styles, making these chairs a versatile purchase that you will be able to use for numerous different occasions throughout the year.

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Butterfly Modern Folding Chair

Butterfly Modern Folding Chair


Butterfly chairs are an ideal choice for anyone looking for a modern folding chair for the living room. These effortlessly stylish chairs fold up for easy storage, making them an ideal choice for anyone short on space as you can simply set them up when guests come round. These chairs often leave opinions divided, with many people loving the relaxed shape of the chair, and others finding them uncomfortable due to the lack of support in the head area.


Colorful Contemporary Folding Chairs

Colorful Contemporary Folding Chairs

Symple Stuff

These stylish modern folding chairs are available in a range of contemporary colors that will brighten up any modern living space. They fold flat for easy storage and transportation, and they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, making them perfect for parties and events where extra seating is needed. Since these chairs are lightweight, they could easily be stored on wall hooks if you don’t have anywhere else suitable to store them.

$41 $163.99

Modern Foldable Chairs With Side Table

Modern Foldable Chairs With Side Table

This contemporary folding bistro set is travel-friendly, making it the perfect option for RV owners looking for something a little more stylish than the typical camping chairs. The sleek black design gives this set a modern look, and comes complete with a sturdy table for drinks and snacks—perfect for sitting to watch the sunset after a long day!

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Elegant Velvet Folding Chair

Elegant Velvet Folding Chair

Elegant folding chairs are hard to come by, but this stylish design has nailed it. With a beautifully soft velvet padded seat and backrest in a range of gorgeous colors, this folding chair is as comfortable as it is stylish. It’s a perfect choice for dorm rooms, bedrooms, or anywhere in your home where style is as important as practicality.

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Modern Folding Dining Chairs

Modern Folding Dining Chairs

Stakmore Company, Inc.

If you’re on the hunt for modern folding dining chairs that look like the real deal, then these solid wood folding chairs are a fantastic choice. With an oak finish and a comfortable padded seat, these make perfect dining chairs, and look so stylish that you won’t want to put them away! These chairs are made from solid wood, so they are heavier than most other folding chairs. This means they aren’t a great choice for travel or events. However, they are perfect for use as additional dining chairs for family gatherings when you need a few extra seats.

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Modern Camping Chairs

Modern Camping Chairs


If you’re looking for a lightweight folding chair that can be used outdoors, then modern camping chairs are a great option. Camping chairs can be used for a variety of different occasions, such as additional seating for a BBQ in your backyard in the summer, a day on the beach, sporting events, and more. This modern camping chair is comfortable and sturdy, and it folds into a handy bag for easy transportation. 


Designer Folding Chairs

Designer Folding Chairs


These stylish designer folding chairs are perfect for contemporary living and dining rooms. The combination of an elegant gold frame and colored acrylic seat and back make these cool folding chairs a must-have for lovers of design. These chairs fold completely flat so they take up very little space when stored but are beautiful enough to be left up all the time if required.

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Padded Modern Folding Chairs

Padded Modern Folding Chairs

Inbox Zero

A thick padded seat cushion makes these modern folding chairs one of the most comfortable choices around. Because of the strong steel frame and sturdy padded backrest, these folding chairs are suitable for people of all ages and sizes and are ideal for use as additional seating at family gatherings. Due to the fabric upholstery, these chairs are not designed for outdoor use but are perfect for inside the home or office.

$84.74 $238

Stylish Contemporary Folding Chairs

Stylish Contemporary Folding Chairs

The stylish contemporary design sets these modern folding chairs apart from the rest, making them ideal for use either on their own or as part of a set. As well as looking chic, these chairs are a practical choice, with the high gloss frame and vinyl padding making them easy to wipe clean. When not in use, these modern folding chairs fold flat for easy storage.

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Modern Folding Chairs

Buying Guide

Modern folding chairs are associated with extra features and great comfort. These modern-day items are customized to fit specific positions of users. To ensure you only get modern folding chairs that address your specific needs, keep on reading.

  • Intended Use. If you are searching for a chair that you can use in your outdoor space, then you don't require high-end seating as it is unlikely that you will use the chair extensively and on a day-to-day basis. However, if you will be putting the modern folding chairs in restaurants and other commercial establishments, you'll need the best quality that you can find. The reason behind this is because quality modern folding chairs are extremely durable. They can be used daily without getting damaged or worn out.
  • Weight. When you already figured out how you will use modern folding chairs, the next aspect you need to consider is the weight of each chair. Do you need a folding chair that is both light and compact? Perhaps you are looking for sturdy, heavyweight chairs instead of portable ones. There is no point in getting a sturdy folding chair if you will just hook it up to your backpack. If you want the most portable folding chair, choose a lightweight but durable seat.

When deciding what types of material to use for your modern folding chairs, you'll have to take into consideration the materials used in making the chairs' frames and seats.

  • Frame material - The frame is the part of a chair that forms its structure. As such, only get the chairs with firm framing. A firm, sturdy frame will last a long time and it won't break or bend. The common materials that make up modern chair framing are metal, plastic, and wood. It's worth noting that a plastic frame is not the best choice as it is more susceptible to breaking compared to its counterparts.
  • Seat material - The material that's used in constructing the seating area will determine how much comfort you'll get while using the chair. Most high-end modern folding chairs have padded seats or cushioning that will ensure you are comfortable while sitting on them, even for an ext4ended period of time. There are even folding chairs that guarantee no form of discomfort. If you don't know which seat material to choose, we would recommend you get vinyl or fabric. Of course, you need to test out the material and see whether it meets your preferences.

A fabric chair will only require a mild detergent, clean cloth, and warm water for its cleaning. If you will take your fabric chair to a camping trip, make sure you don't leave it outside when it's not in use as rain can make the seat unavailable until the fabric material dries out completely. Also, if the chair is wet, it shouldn't be stored in its carrying case until it is dry.

A metal folding chair, on the other hand, will only need a wipe down for its cleaning, which means it is the easiest to clean and care for.

Best Ideas

Folding Chair (Set of 2)

Folding Chair (Set of 2)

Functional folding chair featuring durable frame, comfortable seat and back, and solid construction. Designed to provide a versatile support that is easy to stores and transport, resilient, and lightweight.

Modern folding chairs

A unique piece of furniture that can be quickly unfolded for easy transport and storage. The entire chair is crafted of wood and covered with vinyl decals, offering a beautiful piece for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Indoor folding chairs

A very solid wooden chair that provides comfort on its leather seat supported by a leather backrest. This folding frame assures space-saving transportation and storage. High durability is another advantage of this chair.

Unique folding chairs

If you looking for extraordinary and modern solutions for your apartment, we suggest you the folding chairs with unique wooden construction. It can be used as a chair and as a bench!

Cute folding chairs

A simple and modern construction of a chair. It features a durable wooden frame with a folding construction, so it allows for a space-saving and more convenient transportation and storage. This chair includes a supportive backrest.

Folding chairs design

Modern folding chair inspired of mid-century style. Frame is made of bright, oak wood, seat and back are covered with leather. This type of furniture will important element of your dining room during guests visit.

Wooden folding chairs ikea

A very original and unique stylization of a solid and comfortable chair. It includes a very functional, folding frame that allows for a space-saving storage and for a very convenient, problem-free transportation.

Modern folding chair

A portable, folding chair with an original design. Its bent plywood and polypropylene construction makes it very solid, supportive and comfortable for different users. The chair is easy in transportation and it doesn't take so much storage space.

Modern folding chairs 1

If you looking for something special for your apartment, we suggest you the school furniture set with chair and desk. It brings the solidity and simplicity to any interior. It can be used in commercial areas too.

Modern folding chairs

Modern Folding Chairs

Folding chair leather

The 2F chair from Finnish designer Hannu Kahonen folds to 25 mm flat, which is less than an inch thick. An unusual construction, which will add a truly modern character to the space.

Folding leather chairs

Futuristic design for a modern, contemporary personalized folding chair made out of thin plywood with a white coat of paint. The chair provides a unique look but does not support a lot of weight and should be used with care.

Stylish folding chairs

By Korean designer Eerang Park, Bloom Chair, a folded chair using origami techniques

Lina leather folding chair

An elegant director's chair that can be easily folded for storage and transport, thanks to its functional wood frame in white oak finish. The chair has an elastic seat and back made of an off-white fabric, and criss-crossed legs with stretchers.

Calligaris modern folding chair set of 2

Calligaris modern folding chair (set of 2)

Skip modern folding chair

Skip Modern Folding Chair

Foldable chair design

The folding chair made in the style of the army is a perfect element of the decor and a great companion of expeditions. Built in modern style is functional and very impressive. The military green adds all the charming style.

Product danish modern folding chair 2

Product : Danish Modern Folding Chair (2)

Ikea wood folding chair

Chairs in modern homes have been around since antiquity. But recently we can admire the quality of wooden folding chairs. In this case, very bright pine planks created a futuristic design of modern folding chair with a felted seat.

Wood folding chairs ikea

Palermo Tripolina Chair by The Citizenry

National public seating 3200 series 2 inch thick padded folding

A product designed for people who are looking for additional seating solutions in their houses. This item has got an upholstered box seat that provides a very high level of comfort. It features a double hinge on each leg for added stability.

Folding chair fabric padded

This piece of furniture is a high quality chair that is responsible for providing high level of comfort. It has got a padded seat and a backrest filled with soft materials. It has got a folding construction that is ideal for a space saving storage.

It is a chair that can be used in public

It is a chair that can be used in public places or homes as an additional seating solution. This type of product has got a comfortable, padded seat supported by a backrest. It has got non-marking foot glides that protect the floor from scratching.

Beechwood folding chairs set of 4 modern chairs

Beechwood Folding Chairs, Set of 4 modern-chairs