Aluminum Folding Chairs


Lighter than wood and steel, but still very sturdy, we have a wonderful collection of aluminum folding chairs for your browsing pleasure. Like to plan large events? These are for you. Holding a seminar? Yep. For you again. Having a very spontaneous wedding? Need we say more? Take a look at this collection and choose the right aluminum chairs for you.

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Our Picks

Vintage webbed lawn chair aluminum

Vintage webbed lawn chair aluminum

This vintage-style camping chair features a solid aluminum construction and a simple seat backrest with durable fabric. Perfect for outing the city is handy and stylish. Pleasant colors add character to it.

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Vintage wood and aluminum rocking chair

Vintage wood and aluminum rocking chair

A classy pair of chairs that offer extra comfort and functionality. They are ideal for a patio or garden as they are foldable and easy to move. They feature a stainless steel, rocking base combined with an elegant, wooden seat.

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Vintage Aluminum Folding 2 Pink Lawn Chairs Webbing Patio Camping Matching Pair

Vintage Aluminum Folding 2 Pink Lawn Chairs Webbing Patio Camping Matching Pair

Make your outdoor area more comfortable, using those vintage two lawn chairs, perfect for gardens, patios, and backyards. Each chair has an aluminum frame that can be easily folded and unfolded. The seat and back is created of an elastic material, for extra comfort.

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Mid century aluminum chaise lounge

Mid century aluminum chaise lounge

Retro styled porch chaise lounge, praising 60s design, with aluminium frame and woven seat created from white and yellow stripes of fabric. As for a lightweight outdoor lawn chair, it's perfectly fine.

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Lightweight lawn chairs

A comfortable piece for outdoors, this garden chair can be a great way for you to relax in your garden, backyard, or patio. The frame is tubular, made of aluminum, and very easy to fold or unfold. The seat and back is covered with elastic, leather webbing, and the armrests are crafted of sturdy wood.

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Vintage aluminum and teak lawn chair mcm

Vintage aluminum and teak lawn chair mcm

The mid-century improvement for very heavy and impractical full-wooden chairs. The aluminium frame guarantee the lower weight, but in the same time the teak elements provide as high comfort as before.

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Aluminum folding lawn chair rocking chair by domesticblissjrc 32 00

Aluminum Folding Lawn Chair Rocking Chair by DomesticBlissJRC, $32.00

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2 Vintage Retro Orange Plastic Aluminum Folding Chairs A Must See

2 Vintage Retro Orange Plastic Aluminum Folding Chairs A Must See

Outdoor chairs for patio or garden use. These elements of furniture feature durable aluminum folding frames that assure stability and space saving storage. Orange sitting space is comfortable, durable and very attractive.

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Lightweight folding lawn chairs

Beverly Chair by Antonio Citterio. The distinct scissored leg of this seat recalls both Poul Kjærholm’s PK91 folding stool and the elegant sculpted aluminum forms of Eames’s Tandem Seating

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Vintage aluminum folding lawn chair re

Vintage aluminum folding lawn chair re

Aluminum folding chairs take on all kinds of forms - what about a real retro rarity in the form of a traditional aluminum frame and a seat with a backrest made of old vintage leather belts.Different shades and thicknesses are intertwined in a unique character.

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Aluminum Folding Chairs

Buying Guide

You'll see these chairs in many different situations, which proves just how versatile and useful they really are. But with so much variety on the market, how do you know what's important before buying one?

Aluminum folding chairs are a worthwhile purchase because they are:

Portable and light

You can take them wherever you like since they have been designed to be portable. The folding feature means that they won't take up much space, fitting easily into your car or on public transport. While aluminum is heavier than other materials such as rattan or plastic, the parts are still kept light to maintain the portability and ease of these items.

Strong and sturdy

As well as being very easy to carry around with you, they're also able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Aluminum is one of the strongest materials that you can use for folding chairs, so you don't need to worry about them being damaged easily. While plastic chairs can be easily cracked if they are dropped or moved the wrong way, aluminum chairs are stronger and not easily broken.

Easy to clean

Aluminum is one of the easiest materials to clean, which means that these items won't even add more work to your to-do list. You can wipe any dirt or marks off the chairs quite easily using detergent wipes or just a cloth and warm water. Cleaning the chairs regularly is a good idea to prolong the life of your furniture and keep them in great condition.

Fitting in perfectly

Thanks to the many different designs, styles and colors that are available, you can buy folding chairs to suit almost any home or occasion. You can buy them to unfold into a full chaise lounge, perfect to take to the beach or have outside in your garden. They are also available with cushions in a wide range of colors, so it's very easy to buy them to fit any existing color theme.


While large rattan sofas might leave you wondering how on earth you're going to afford any garden furniture at all, aluminum chairs are the more affordable way to sit outside and start creating your home. It's a budget-friendly way to provide more seating if you're planning on throwing a party, and it's the ideal way to get seats outside which match your design and themes. You can't take big pieces of furniture to the beach or the park with you, but you can definitely bring your folding chairs along!

Best Ideas

Lightweight aluminum webbed folding lawn chairs

Simplistic, yet stylish and solid. This small folding aluminium chair constitutes a quality proposition for one's indoor or outdoor spaces, helping to create a charming bistro-like ambiance.

Rare antique metal aluminum folding

Rare antique metal aluminum folding

Vintage approach to a rare, antique folding chair made in a retro style. The chair is made out of aluminium with a bronze colour and a high polish, shiny finish with a coat of chrome, which provides a modern vibe.

Folding aluminum lawn chair2

Folding Aluminum Lawn Chair2

Telescope Casual Light and Easy High Boy Folding Beach Arm Chair with Cup Holders, Aqua

Cool modern-day folding chair for outdoor use. A sturdy frame is of lightweight aluminium tubes. A tall 4-position reclined back and a seat have covers of durable colourfast blue fabric. Wide brownish wooden arms have black plastic cup holders.

Telescope Casual Easy In and Out High Back Folding Beach Arm Chair, Aqua

Functional and good-looking foldable arm chair with solid wood armrests and aqua blue seating and backrest. Light in weight, with weather-resistant fabric, it makes a nice piece to take with you for sunbathing on a beach.

Foldable aluminum sports chair

Pretty cool idea for making over a simple outdoor aluminum chair. I especially love the pattern they made while weaving!

Folding loveseat lawn chair

vintage Lawn Chair - my grandparents had similar ones and I totally loved them. I would love to have some cotton fabric in a fun print like this.

Vintage aluminum folding webbed lawn chair chaise lounge

Vintage Aluminum Folding Webbed Lawn Chair Chaise Lounge ...

Marine aluminum folding chairs

Marine Aluminum Folding Chairs

Mac sports r aluminum folding directors chair 156339

Mac Sports® Aluminum Folding Director's Chair - 156339 ...

Mainstays folding aluminum web chair

Mainstays Folding Aluminum Web Chair -

Vintage aluminum folding lawn chair redwood patio metal red

Vintage Aluminum Folding LAWN CHAIR redwood patio metal red

Cortesi home avery aluminum outdoor folding chair in teak

Cortesi Home Avery Aluminum Outdoor Folding Chair in Teak ...

Mainstays aluminum folding web chair

Mainstays Aluminum Folding Web Chair - ...