Ceramic Patio Tables


Most patio tables are wood, glass, steel, or concrete. But have you ever considered a ceramic patio table? Well, maybe you should because these ceramic patio tables are gorgeous and will fit nicely into any backyard or even the patio on an apartment. They're made of the best quality ceramic materials and fired with care. Take a look at this collection and see what we have.

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Large Ceramic Outdoor Table

Large Ceramic Outdoor Table

One hundred percent handcrafted, this large outdoor ceramic table is made from green mosaic tiles. The iron base comes in four different designs, each with collapsible legs. Tabletop sizes range from 40” to 60” round. Choose the table height that works best for your patio.

Designer Advice:

Individually hand-chiseled tile pieces are set into a Mandala design on top of this ceramic patio table. The stunning colors of the piece include greens, blues, whites and umber. Set the table with white linens and solid blue or green dishware. If you’d like to design a custom table, you can choose from 70 colors to create your own unique, one-of-a-kind table.  

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Ceramic Patio Side Table

Ceramic Patio Side Table

This heavy-duty ceramic patio side table is 16” tall and 11.8” round. It has been fired at a high temperature, making it extremely durable and not easily cracked. The body color goes through a plating process that makes it stain-resistant.

Designer Advice:

Perfect for a garden, lawn, patio or even inside your house, this handy ceramic garden table is easy to move around at only 16.6 lbs. It can support up to 195 lbs, so you can use it as an extra seat when you’re not placing your summer drink on it. The elliptical brown pattern on a white background would work nicely with neutral creams and browns, plus some sea blue for accents. 

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Ceramic Patio Square Table

Ceramic Patio Square Table

Made with variegated terracotta tiles, this ceramic outdoor square table features a resin backing, which makes the table lightweight and easy to move around. The foldable iron table legs let you easily store it over the winter seasons. Choose between two heights of table legs: 19.5” or 23.5”.

Designer Advice:

Bring a little drama to your backyard with this ceramic square garden table. Add a fun black and white striped umbrella over white deck chairs with black and white patterned cushions. Keep the look from being too stark by adding lots of greenery in plants, soft metallics, and warm light wood tones. Natural baskets will also add a soft and inviting touch. 

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Modern Ming Ceramic Patio Table

Modern Ming Ceramic Patio Table

Crafted from fine ceramic, the top of this outdoor ceramic table is slightly rounded and better suited for displaying decor than as a drinks stand. The table is 23” round and stands 18” high. Easily cleaned by using mild soap and water and a non-abrasive cleaning cloth.

Designer Advice:

The classic Ming design of this ceramic garden table would suit almost any design and decor style. It comes in five colors: white, cream, aqua green, gold and silver. Choose one of the metallic finishes if you have a more glamorous decor style. If your decor colors are fresh and clean, the white color option is right for you. If your decor colors are warm with beiges and browns, the cream color option will work best.

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Ceramic Garden Table

Ceramic Garden Table

Choose the diameter of this outdoor ceramic table from five sizes. The smallest table is 16” round, and the largest is 48” round. You will also need to specify the table height that would work best for you. Features a combination of three blues, green and off-white tiles placed in a Moroccan pattern.  

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Outdoor Ceramic Side Table

Outdoor Ceramic Side Table

The tiles on this outdoor ceramic side table are all hand-painted in vibrant colors outlined in black. The table base is made from lightly-stained wood. Wood legs come separately and are ready to be screwed into the table’s underside. This table is not weather resistant and isn’t intended to be used as a stool. 

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Ideal for a stylish patio or veranda, this beautiful pair of ceramic stools can be smoothly used as side tables as well. One of them is finished in creamy white, while the second is painted in celadon.////////////

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Stools made of ceramic, are characterized by the fragility and influence of the Asian. This ceramic patio furniture has rich colors - in shades of cobalt, and complicated patterns. Also ideal as a side table or base for your favorite plant.

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A stunning bird bath in an artistic design that will be the highlight of your garden. It's a precious piece handmade of ceramic that features a magical combination of vivid colors with the dominace of magnetic blue.

Ceramic patio tables

Wonderful, ceramic tables, perfect for your backyard or patio. They are in shape of a barrel and feature the design of interlocking rings, which are the symbol of good luck. They are distressed, which makes them look as if they were from the old times.

Ceramic outdoor table

Traditional garden set. It’s ceramic and will provide you with a way to sit in your garden with style. Plenty of colours to choose from, so don’t be afraid and go wild – you don’t have to be all serious in the garden!

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This thing of beauty is going to improve every outdoor area in a blink of an eye. The 21-Feet Resin Wicker End Table in White Finish offers steel construction, and splendid wicker-woven pattern. The shelf at the bottom is perfect for additional storage.

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Tibetan Cloud Ceramic Drum Stool $89 - these garden stools make great stools or small side tables. A pair would be lovely in front of the fireplace.

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