Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

There’s something that’s just so romantic about vintage wrought iron patio furniture, right? Yet this timeless material can have a lot of modern benefits. It’s extremely weather-resistant, for example, and can take just about any weight. You can use it as a bench for people to sit on, or you can use them as stands for planters.

The versatility of vintage iron is something that you can use in your home even if your tastes aren’t specifically vintage! In this piece, we’ll show you how to choose pieces that can even skew towards farmhouse or minimalist tastes. Here are our favorite ideas about how to use vintage patio furniture made of wrought iron! 

Vintage wrought iron patio furniture with a shabby chic white finish

Vintage wrought iron patio furniture with a shabby chic white finish

With a finish and shape that reminds us of the perfect lace doily, this set of chairs and table is perfect for afternoon tea in the garden, or relaxing on your shaded front porch. The curlicues and decorations in the backs of the chairs and under the pedestal table offer a perfect vintage vibe without feeling overly gaudy—just like a gorgeous lace square.

The great thing about wrought iron is that no matter how delicate it looks, it’s strong and durable. This table and chair set is weather-resistant and will stand the test of time. 

A chaise bench for garden antique wrought iron patio furniture

A chaise bench for garden antique wrought iron patio furniture

A chaise lounge feels perfectly Victorian to us: The best place imaginable to sit and fan yourself in the middle of a sunny walk, or to catch your breath and read a paragraph or two of a classic novel.

This wrought iron chaise bench looks lovely but doesn’t take up too much room—and since it doesn’t have a back, instead boasting high sides, it’s quite unique. Your friends will have nothing like it! It’s perfect for the side of a garden, or to place along a short path. 

Modern inspired vintage wrought iron bistro set

Modern inspired vintage wrought iron bistro set

Do you want a wrought iron bistro set that doesn’t look like it was made in the nineteenth century? If you think that lace and curlicues are lovely but they’re not for you, great—you’ll love this more modern, geometric approach.

With lattice backs and straight legs, this circular table and four chair set is a little less busy than other bistro table sets, which can be easier on the eyes. Plus, this set will be much easier to clean when needed—a win-win! 

Vintage iron patio furniture conversation set with included cushions

Vintage iron patio furniture conversation set with included cushions

Maybe it’s not quite the authentic look, but we’ve found that we like our iron furniture cushioned.

Even though using cushions with your chairs requires a little extra maintenance and forethought, we’ve found that we actually use our furniture much more when it’s comfortable! With this conversation set—two chairs, a couch, a coffee table—comfort is the name of the game. This set or ones like it is perfect to choose when you’re hoping to actually while away the hours with your loved ones outside. 

Garden park bench vintage cast iron patio furniture

Garden park bench vintage cast iron patio furniture

Want a perfect small bench to sit on the side of your patio?

Made out of heavy, durable, weather-resistant cast iron and then painted over with scratch-proof white paint, this garden bench will look good for years to come. It’s got a perfect vintage aesthetic, a gorgeous floral pattern, and just enough space for you, some tea, and a book—wonderful for enjoying some patio time outside in the spring or fall. 

A rocking chair made out of wrought iron for patio furniture

A rocking chair made out of wrought iron for patio furniture

The only issue we see with wrought iron furniture is that it isn’t usually very comfortable. You see, wrought iron is hard—and the lines of these pieces tend to be very straight and angular.

Not so with this piece. If you can find a wrought iron rocking chair, trust us, get your hands on it—they’re relatively rare! This type of chair, due to its more curved construction, can feel more comfortable than a more straight-backed bistro chair made of iron. (You may still want to use a cushion or two if you plan on using this chair for extended relaxation.) 

Round tree bench wrought iron patio furniture

Round tree bench wrought iron patio furniture

We wanted to round out this list with something a little more eclectic and unique—this circular tree bench! Whether you have a tree in your backyard that you’d like to sit under or you simply plan on staging this bench around a favorite plant, this curved beauty is one of a kind. Your friends will have nothing like it!

With a bronzed patina, comfortable slats, and just-tall-enough back, we think you’ll find this is a wrought iron bench that’s actually made for sitting. 

Vintage wood and wrought iron patio furniture

Vintage wood and wrought iron patio furniture

Want something that’s vintage and wrought iron but still has the warmth and comfort of treated hardwood?

This rose bench has panels of black wrought iron and gorgeous wood, making it slightly more comfortable and offering it increased visual interest. Trust us—if you’re interested in sitting on your bench for an extended period of time, it’s worth considering this type of mixed-materials piece. 

Our advice Buying Guide

When you choose wrought iron furniture, you're picking pieces that are low-maintenance, beautiful, and durable. Selecting these pieces will bring a sense of aesthetic appeal and style to your outdoor spaces. Because wrought iron has a low carbon content, it's possible to achieve different finishes with it because its grain is similar to wood. Therefore, for those who are looking for distinctive textures or faux wood textures, it's possible to find them with wrought iron.

What are the benefits of wrought iron patio furniture?

One of the most significant benefits of selecting wrought iron over its plastic or aluminum counterparts is that it's heavier and will stand up to a beating from pets and children. If storms or high winds are occurring, your patio set won't blow over or become scattered across your lawn. Because of its sturdiness, if it does blow over, it won't experience damage.

Generally speaking, wrought iron patio sets are:

  • fade resistant
  • rust resistant
  • better at resisting corrosion than steel
  • heavy, so won't blow away in the wind
  • optimal for providing support and comfort
  • optimal for providing craftsmanship and decorative styling

What's the average cost of wrought iron patio furniture sets?

When purchasing wrought iron patio sets, look at this as an investment because you won’t have to replace this outdoor furniture for years. While the initial costs are high in comparison to other patio sets made from subpar materials, those other sets will need replacing because they’ll break down, fade, or rust. The average cost for wrought-iron-patio-furniture-sets could be as low as $200.00 and could reach as high as several thousand dollars.

How to maintain wrought iron patio furniture?

Maintaining and cleaning wrought iron patio furniture sets is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps:

  • Remove all cushions
  • Move furniture away from grass or dirt that may splash onto surfaces
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe down surfaces that have been dipped into water mixed with a mild detergent
  • Utilize a touch-up kit to repair small areas as necessary

What styles of wrought iron patio furniture are there?

The styles and tastes in association with wrought iron patio sets have the capability of fulfilling your desires for relaxing and elegant outdoor living space. Wrought iron is often seen as a material used most often in vintage decor but, because it's so versatile, it's possible to transition into most any design. Those who enjoy bold and contemporary designs will love the industrial, solid look of wrought iron. Those who prefer traditional styling will appreciate the graceful arches and elegant curves commonly featured in these pieces of furniture.

How long does wrought iron last?

It isn't uncommon for the paint to begin chipping away on wrought iron furniture pieces that are on outdoor patios. When this occurs, the bare metal begins to show. When these spots do not receive the proper protection, they'll start rusting. The most optimal way to prevent this from occurring is to address the problematic areas with rust-proof paint as soon as you notice it is happening. When you ensure that routine maintenance is occurring annually, you'll find that your wrought iron furniture will last decades.


Chinoiserie blue vintage patio table and

Chinoiserie blue vintage patio table and
If you love Mediterranean style, this set of furniture inspired of peacock will be perfect for you. This Greek set of furniture is composed of circle table and two chairs. Both elements are made of carved wood and covered with navy blue paint.

Briarwood Wrought Iron Garden Bench

Briarwood Wrought Iron Garden Bench
Beautiful traditional 2-seat garden bench. It's entirely hand-formed of grey-coated wrought iron. It has meshy both a back with 2 gently arches and intricate details in as well as a rolled down seat. Legs and arms are very thin and subtly curved.

Cast iron patio furniture sets

A stunning set for your patio made from wrought iron and sports the charming and delicate structure with the ornate accents. It will seat up to four people comfortably on your patio or in your garden.

Camilla Series White Metal Patio Furniture Bistro Set- wrought iron, anti-rust table and chairs patio set- (2) Chairs (1) Table

This sturdy set of garden furniture - two chairs with backrest and round table, made of wrought iron, is a subtle combination of solid construction and lightness. The whole openwork and beautifully decorated is exceptionally adorable and beautifully presented in every stand.

Alfresco Home Alfresco Home Tulipano 23.75 in. Round Bistro Set

This charming set on the patio, terrace or garden is a beautiful combination of solid construction and lovely tulip motifs. The white tint of tables and chairs is beautifully presented in every decor.

Butterfly Bistro Set Antique

Bistro set with antique finish. It consists of round table and 2 chairs in the shape of butterfly. It is made of cast aluminum. Designed for outdoor use. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Darlee Nassau 8-person Cast Aluminum Patio Dining Set With Lazy Susan - Antique Bronze

Set of patio furniture made of aluminum. It includes square table and 4 dining chairs. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Rod iron table and chair set

Set of patio furniture in the French style. Construction is made of cast iron and finished with sophisticated pattern. Includes bench, round table and 2 chairs. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Vintage wrought iron patio furniture

Looking for reliable and comfy additions for your garden or backyard? You won't have to, anymore, thanks to this wrought iron 1 table and 4 chairs set. Each piece is resistant to weather conditions, and has a nice, lattice design with curved legs.

Mid century wrought iron patio furniture set woodard 4pc sofa

Mid-Century-Wrought-Iron-Patio-Furniture-Set-Woodard-4pc-Sofa-2-Chairs ...

Round bistro table set 3

This 3 piece bistro set can constitute a great proposition for your backyard or garden. Elegant spiraling design on table top and seats and decoratively scrolled chairs' backrests add class and chic to this furniture.

Vintage wrought iron table and chairs

Set of garden chairs from the '30s +Would love to find some like these for my kitchen.

International Caravan International Caravan Wrought Iron Scroll 3 pc. Settee Group

This group of products includes a high quality table, a loveseat and an armchair. All of these elements are made of wrought iron, so they are very solid and resistant to damage or wear. These are weather resistant products that are ideal for an outdoor use.

Salterini classic 1960s 9 piece set including couch 2 chairs

Salterini Classic 1960’s 9 piece set including couch, 2 chairs, table, dining table 4 dining chairs offered on eBay for $2,500.00

Pool table furniture sets

Place this elegant set on your patio, and have a quality time with your loved ones. The set includes 1 round table and 4 chairs - each constructed of wrought iron and painted black. Plus, the lattice design perfectly matches the eye-catching curvature.

Wrought iron patio set vintage

An eye-catching set for outdoor areas, especially, patios, gardens and backyards. Made of wrought iron and bathed in a dark blue finish, the set features 1 round table, and 4 chairs with a lovely lattice design.

Antique wrought iron furniture

A vintage arrangement of handmade chairs made out of painted iron with a variety of different shapes and patterns. The wrought iron chairs make for a nice addition to a backyard patio, providing a colorful vibe.

Wilson and fisher patio furniture manufacturer

A solid table with a round top and durable, decorative frame. It is available with twoo solid and decorative chairs. These three iron elements assure solidity and their white color looks nice in any stylization.

Cast iron bistro set

A very original set that consists of a loveseat and chair. Both items feature cast iron frames that are solid and very attractive. They include many decorative items and their solid constructions are weather resistant.

Vintage wrought iron lawn furniture

vintage wrought iron lawn furniture

1940s salterini 1928 1953 wrought iron outdoor patio furniture

1940s Salterini [1928-1953] Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio Furniture ...

Darlee Catalina Cast Aluminum Patio Dining Set - Seats 8

Set of patio furniture made of wrought iron and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. It consists of oval table and 8 chairs. Elegant design for the garden, patio, porch and others outdoor places according to taste.

Wrought iron loveseat

Made of formable wrought iron, this patio furniture set creates an intricate decor, ideal for the poolside or garden. The gentle, white silhouettes enchant with their curves and volutes.

Curved wrought iron bench


Romanticism is often seen in the example of metal hand-built wrought iron patio benches - although iron is not at all associated with light romanticism. White metal bendable - create a bench full of flourishes and twigs.

Vintage wrought iron chairs

Vintage patio furniture of iron repainted in various vivid colours. A round tabletop, chairs' squarish seats and arched halfbacks feature openwork diamond design. A table has 4 bowed inwards legs. Chairs have curved splayed legs and scroll arms.

Darlee Elisabeth 2-person Cast Aluminum Patio Bistro Set With Ice Bucket Insert - Antique Bronze

An elegant set of bronze-coated cast aluminium. Reclined swivel chairs have circular bases, square seats, sloped arms, arched backs with floral scroll. A round table has 3 S-like legs and an ice bucket for chilling drinks. Cushions are of polyester.

White wrought iron patio furniture

Feel like you are in a Tuscan garden full of flowers, flowers and strong solid garden furniture made of wrought iron. In this case, in the black color, they emphasize the patio, where the main iron coffee table set plays a major role.

Kennedy outdoor seating in cornsilk the color of the sunshine

Kennedy Outdoor Seating in Cornsilk, the color of the sunshine. Solid wrought-iron furniture with indulgent cushioning - perfect for an afternoon with friends on the patio.

Wrought iron table and 4 chairs

Outdoor chair with a nice classic design inspired by 1960s. This element of outdoor furniture is made of solid wrought iron finished in neutral white color. The chair is durable and includes some decorative accents.

Santa Fe Iron Bar Bistro Set of Three (Matte Brown) (39"H x 30"W x 30"D)

This set includes high quality pieces of furniture designed for an outdoor application. The table and two chairs feature metal frames with a matte brown finish. They are resistant to many negative factors.

Valencia Resin Wicker Skirted Patio Dining Set

Wicker design is never out of fashion, and this handsome dining set is a beautifying outdoor accent. Taupe wicker elements are fine, but curly detailing is even better - the whole is more visually interesting.

5 piece wrought iron patio furniture dining set seats 4

5-Piece Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Dining Set - Seats 4 ...

5 piece wrought iron patio furniture dining set seats 4

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