Outdoor Corner Fountains

There’s no better way to infuse life and interest into an empty corner in your garden or patio than with a corner fountain. As well as adding style and ambiance to your outdoor space, fountains come with therapeutic benefits, provided by the gentle sound of running water. Combine this with fresh air and floral garden aromas and you have the perfect set up for a wellness and relaxation retreat.

Outdoor corner fountains are a particularly good way to decorate small gardens as they take up very little room. Make it into a feature by building a walkway that leads up to the fountain, or create a seating area alongside it. If you do a lot of al fresco entertaining, add some discreet lighting to make it come alive at sundown. Take inspiration from our selection of 15 outdoor corner fountains and bring your green oasis to life.

Grand Lion Corner Fountain with LED Lights

Grand Lion Corner Fountain with LED Lights

A symbol of courage, strength, majesty and excellence, this lion corner fountain will inject a sense of grandeur into your garden. Streams of water cascade from the grand lion’s mouth into classical urns, lit with LED lights for dramatic effect. Cast in high-quality resin and hand-painted to resemble a European antique stone fountain, the water feature brings classic style to your garden design. Whilst resin withstands weather well, it can crack in below freezing temperatures, so be sure to drain the fountain of all water before the winter freeze arrives and store it in a garage or shed.

$849.99 $910.86

Modest Square Outdoor Corner Fountain

Modest Square Outdoor Corner Fountain

This square-shaped water fountain adds simple geometry to your garden landscape. Crafted from resin with a brown faux-stone finish, it’s modest design is guaranteed to enhance both classic and contemporary garden decor. The gentle and relaxing water flow, generated by an interior pump, brings a peaceful atmosphere to your outdoor space. If you live in a hot, sunny climate, extend the life of your fountain with a UV protectant to prevent color fading, peeling and cracking. 

Cascading Pots Outdoor Corner Fountain with Light

Cascading Pots Outdoor Corner Fountain with Light

This enchanting fountain features tiered aged jugs pouring water into a large broken urn. The cleverly positioned light turns the final trickle of water a sparkling gold, creating a magical effect. Decorative faux bricks frame the fountain in a “v” shape, making it the ideal feature for an empty corner. When it comes to cleaning resin fountains, we recommend using a damp anti-abrasive cloth and mild detergent.

Modern Tiered Zen Corner Fountain

Modern Tiered Zen Corner Fountain

Create your very own garden oasis with this tiered Zen fountain. The gentle sound of trickling water from the curved water bowls, combined with soft lighting, bring a spa-like ambiance to any outdoor space. Carefully crafted using high-quality light-weight resin for a premium stone-like appearance, this modern water feature is weatherproof and rust-resistant. Make sure to periodically empty the pump and clean it to extend its lifespan. 

Rock Waterfall Outdoor Corner Fountain

Rock Waterfall Outdoor Corner Fountain

Looking for a finishing touch for your woodland retreat? This cast-stone water feature is designed to blend in with the natural environment. The tiered rock formations resemble the natural flow of a waterfall, producing a serene sound and beautiful display. The fountain has been hand-made with durable cast-stone concrete and shaped into a 90-degree angle making it ideal for a corner space. This material is best cleaned with fresh, clean water before applying a mild, eco-friendly detergent with a soft nylon brush. 

Classic Cast Stone Outdoor Corner Fountain

Classic Cast Stone Outdoor Corner Fountain

If you have opted for a classic garden style, this stone fountain may be the best choice for you. Designed at a 90-degree angle, it is made to slot into that awkward empty corner space. A small copper spout pours a stream of water into stone tiers with spillways that gently trickle the water into the basin below. Made of cast-stone concrete, this work of art is made to stand the test of time. It can be a good idea to periodically detach the pump from the fountain and clean it with a solution of water and vinegar. This will help clean out the pump lines and allow it to run more efficiently.

Modern Two Tone Grey Outdoor Corner Fountain

Modern Two Tone Grey Outdoor Corner Fountain

This two-tone grey water feature is the perfect complement for a modern garden design. The fashionable, speckled terrazzo-style finish of the polyresin creates depth and texture, whilst the smooth finish and simple geometric forms give it a distinctly modern look. Especially when it comes to polyresin fountains, we recommend filling them with distilled water to avoid hard water deposits.

Contemporary Fiberglass Corner Fountain

Contemporary Fiberglass Corner Fountain

This contemporary corner fountain makes a striking garden feature. The simple design, clean lines and soft grey texture highlight the beauty of the cascading water. And, the multiple tiers and spillways are guaranteed to drown out noisy streets, replacing it with the tranquil sound of trickling water. Fountains can also be refreshment points for our furry and feathered friends, so keep them in mind when cleaning your fountain and always check the labels on cleaners or additives to make sure they are safe for wildlife.

Small Outdoor Corner Fountain with LED Lights

Small Outdoor Corner Fountain with LED Lights

Short on space but looking for a small water feature to slot into an unoccupied corner? Then check out this cute electric corner fountain with three tiers and white LEDs for night time illumination. The simple geometric design, with clean lines and a brown, stone-like finish, is sure to compliment any garden decor. Simply find a spot to plug it in and enjoy the healing sound of flowing water. Always be sure to keep the water level at the correct point so the pump can function properly. This is particularly important during those hot, summer months!

Grey Stone Outdoor Corner Fountain

Grey Stone Outdoor Corner Fountain

Feel as if you have walked through the great outdoors and stopped to rest next to a mountain stream. This realistic stone water feature has an interior pump that creates a constant flow of water, reminiscent of a lush forest. Made of polystone and fiberglass, with a natural-looking grey stone finish, the feature is rust and weather-resistant giving you years of enjoyment. LED lights accent the movement of the trickling water for a subtle yet beautiful light source, day and night. Be sure to check your fountain for debris once a week, removing any twigs or plant fragments that could clog the pump. 

Solar Outdoor Corner Fountain with Light

Solar Outdoor Corner Fountain with Light

Harness nature’s most powerful resources with a solar powered corner fountain. Constructed from polystone and fiberglass, this eco-friendly water feature is just as resilient as other outdoor fountains, only without the ugly-looking cables and awkward placement next to a power outlet. Plus, you can relax by your fountain guilt-free as it only uses the sun’s energy to power the water pump and LED lights. Add some plants in the empty troughs to soften the square forms; ferns or air plants are good choices as they thrive in moist soil.

$489.99 $524.99

Tiered Bowls Outdoor Corner Fountain

Tiered Bowls Outdoor Corner Fountain

Experience spa-like tranquility in your patio with this sculptural corner fountain. Crafted from resin, this piece of garden decor features bronze-looking bowls resting on tall stone plinths, pouring water in a neat zig-zag down to the urn below. The lights add a sophisticated touch and set the tone for a relaxing evening. Always pay attention to the surfaces of your fountain. If you notice any cracks, get them repaired sooner rather than later! 

Children and Water Wheel Sculptural Outdoor Fountain

Children and Water Wheel Sculptural Outdoor Fountain

Bring joy and whimsy to your garden with this fountain, featuring two children playing with a water wheel. Artfully crafted from polyresin, each element of the design has a different finish. The children have a bronze-like, antiquated quality to them, whilst they stand on natural-looking rocks and poor water into a wooden wheel. Despite not being shaped into a 90-degree angle, this freestanding outdoor fountain would be an eye-catching feature for an empty garden corner. Prevent the buildup of dirt, pollen and dust and keep the fountain looking shiny by regularly cleaning it with a damp non-abrasive cloth and a mild eco-friendly detergent. 

Sun Face Outdoor Corner Fountain

Sun Face Outdoor Corner Fountain

Brighten up your patio with this copper colored sun face corner fountain. A symbol of life, energy, positivity and clarity, the sun design is the perfect focal point for your outdoor oasis. The cascading stream of water flows from the sun's mouth creating a peaceful and meditative atmosphere and the low voltage LED lights make it sparkle at night. Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable resin, this water feature is low-maintenance and long-lasting. Try to keep the pump running and avoid stagnant water to extend the fountain’s lifespan and keep the water clean.


Blue Vase Outdoor Corner Fountain

Blue Vase Outdoor Corner Fountain

Add a splash of color to your patio with these beautiful teal blue vases. Whilst these may look like fragile ceramic vessels, they are in fact handcrafted from scratch-resistant resin with a vibrant blue glazed finish, that stands out amongst natural greenery. The handcrafted artisan look brings a sense of warmth and exotic or bohemian style to your outdoor space. Water flows through river stones down the spouts of the vases into the urn below, creating soothing sounds and visuals. Minimize the growth of algae in your fountain by draining and refilling it on a frequent basis. This will remove any accumulated bacteria, algae or insects.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you live in the city or even if you have a small country place, an outdoor corner fountain could be your solution for making space in your garden or patio. Easy to situate near a wall or at the edge of other arrangements, they frequently take up less space than a centrally located fountain. Even with the corner restriction, there are plenty of styles from which to choose.

What are the benefits of an outdoor fountain?

Fountains can help cool the air in your garden and help cut down on dust in the air. They provide a soothing, gentle sound, and can be a source of water for birds or pets (Check the labels on cleaners or additives to be sure that they will not harm wildlife – other than mosquitos, of course). While not an essential garden feature, they can be one more thing to add charm to your personal space.

What are the most attractive fountain designs and arrangements?

The Shrine

Turn your patio into a meditation space with a tinkling fountain dedicated to a saint or ancient deity. Faux aging or the addition of a little moss can make your little shrine look as if it has weathered the ages. A specific figure is not necessary. You can install a fountain with an animal head or a figure pouring water to give a feeling of antiquity.

Modern Geometrics

Develop an arrangement of geometric basins that pour one into another for a tranquil, non-representational effect. Add a plant or two here and there to relieve the lines of the squares or circles. Ferns or air plants are especially nice for this. Pebbles or lights can also be used to good effect.

Natural Rock or Faux Natural Rock

Natural rock can be stacked to create or support basins, or it can be simulated with molded resin or concrete. Discretely placed plant pots can assist with the illusion of a natural setting.

Small Fountain in a Corner

The fountain doesn’t have to be corner shaped to tuck into a corner or small area. A birdbath or freestanding arrangement of bowls can easily add to your environment of tranquility. Incorporate a bird feeder and perhaps a house or two to invite feathered friends to join you in your garden.

How to maintain outdoor fountains?

Fountains are not a maintenance-free garden feature. Most of them use a small pump to recirculate water from the basin back up to the top of the fountain where it will allow gravity to pull it back down again. For best results, use distilled water in your fountain and keep enough water in it that the pump is submerged at all times. Thanks to evaporation and creature drinking out of the fountain, the water can drop below optimum, so plans to refill it must be made. If you live in an area where mosquitos are a problem, you might also want to filter the water as it circulates. Finally, you should periodically empty your fountain and clean it. This will help protect the pump and maintain cleanliness for anything drinking from it.


Cascadia Falls Electric Corner Fountain with LEDs

Cascadia Falls Electric Corner Fountain with LEDs
It is an electric corner fountain with LEDs that is a perfect and beautiful addition to your home. If you looking for a fantastic decoration, you need to choose this product. This is a very good choice.

Saint Remy Lion Corner Fountain

Saint Remy Lion Corner Fountain
It is a lion corner fountain that is hand painted and is a fantastic addition to your garden, yard and patio. It adds beauty and style to any outdoor area. You will be impressed how beautiful this product is.

Outdoor corner fountains

The adorable and large outdoor corner fountain, adds a style into any garden. I really like these flowers around and the sand next to the fence. Everyone will be delighted how beautiful this product is.

Outdoor corner fountains

This charming water fountain will work immensely beautiful in your interior, creating a look and feel of serene and pure beauty and providing a sense of calmness for your family members due to the flowing stream of water.

Corner waterfall fountain

This outdoor fountain is a garden or backyard waterfall suitable for corner placement. Its stone construction looks very nice in different gardens and other outdoor stylizations. It is also resistant to weather conditions.

Corner fountain

A decorative contemporary garden water wall of stone tiles in brown and beige shades. It has inbuilt 3 height-varied waterfalls which are beautifully lighted in blue tones by lights built-in a basin bottom.

Water fountain landscaping ideas

Create a serene look in your garden with this sublime pond that will provide that feel of calm and vibrant appeal. It can fit even the smaller spaces and looks immensely natural and charming beyond measure.

Outdoor corner fountains 1

Beautiful garden with stylish outdoor fountains can get an exciting atmosphere. Surrounded by a brick fountain structure, it is charming and very elegant. Angle with a pond in the garden gives it harmony and charm.

Corner water fountains outdoor

This outdoor corner waterfall can be a perfect inspiration for you to create a magical corner in your garden. The so-called fountain of youth will let you feel younger, creating an asylum of piece and quiet.

Outdoor corner fountains 7

Go for this outdoor corner fountain that is just a sure option when it comes to accenting your garden and creating an aura of serenity and peace around it. It is made from strong structure that is perfect for withstanding all weather conditions.

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Backyard corner landscaping ideas

4 Home Waterfalls Ideas. (I don't think the dye is needed but this is nice and compact.)

Corner water feature

This outdoor corner fountain will create a charming, romantic spot in one's garden or patio decor. Requires low maintenance, constantly enchanting with the subtly flowing water.

Outdoor corner fountains 11

This outdoor corner fountain will be a charming accent wherever appearing. Bringing in a relaxing ambiance, it can become your new favourite spot in the garden or backyard.

The pots of bamboo on either side of the water

The pots of bamboo on either side of the water wall help blend it into the landscape...

Outdoor corner fountains 9

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Corner garden features

Make your own water feature | Hometalk This link leads to the Empress of Dirt. Lots of interesting ideas for the garden. NE USA/canada

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Corner fountains

Build an ornamental cascade with a pond pump and pond liner and enjoy the calming lapping everyday when you wake up. What can be more relaxable from a subtle flow of water?

Outdoor corner fountains

An amazing decoration for outdoor areas that will sprinkle your garden with crystal clear water. Those pondless water fountains are made of durable, black-painted material, bringing a natural feel and soothing sounds.

Outdoor corner fountains 2

The noise of the water makes the rest even more pleasant and more idyllic.The outdoor corner fountain with its sound introduces calmness and invites you to relax in the bosom of nature.Here in the form of large stones stacked on top of each other.

Corner fountain 005 300 3ft x 3 5ft

Corner Fountain #005 $300 3ft X 3.5ft

Natures ambiance corner wall fountain 4 699 99

Natures Ambiance Corner Wall Fountain - $4,699.99

Corner backyard landscaping ideas

Outdoor corner fountain is a captivating combination of harmony and beautiful style. The whole will be tested in every garden by adding a very pleasant aura. The sturdy construction of the greenery looks perfect.

Falling diamonds corner water fountain by henri studio this fountain

Falling Diamonds Corner Water Fountain by Henri Studio . This fountain ...

Outdoor corner fountains 13

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Small deck fountains

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Garden fountain add chick to your outdoor space

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Would love to have a water garden someday but chief

Would love to have a water garden someday...but Chief would use it as his swimming pool and eat the fish..

Cascadia Falls Electric Corner Fountain with LEDs

Polyresin and Fiberglass Tiered Raining Fountain

Polyresin and Fiberglass Tiered Raining Fountain

I dont need a swimming pool just a spa like

I don't need a swimming pool, just a spa like this with the waterfalls coming out of the walls. The stone patio and walls are wonderful.

31" Flowing Bowl Garden Fountain - Great Water Feature for Patios, Outdoor Spaces, Gardens, Homes. Waterfall Style Flow Fountain Pump Included.

22" Cypress Log Indoor/Outdoor Water Feature: Tiered Garden Fountain for Gardens & Patios. Hand-crafted Design. Weather Resistant Resin w/LED Lights.

Small corner courtyard outdoor garden fountain

Small Corner Courtyard Outdoor Garden Fountain

Outdoor corner fountains 6

The most beautiful element in the garden. The small and shallow garden corner fountains are great for playing the poid. They can be a beautiful decoration. This is a huge colourful ceramic bowl, with a smaller one over it. Mediterranean colors and style.

Pondless water fountains

Outdoor entertaining nook- even this muted color/design still plays to a sea-like escape w/plant choices, coral, & a port-like mirror

Corner water fountain

Contemporary garden gets warm, cozy vibe if proper lighting is used. A corner fountain adds chic while not disturbing the minimalist effect with its black bamboo frame and slate stone tiles, creating an alluring architectural waterfall.

Have to have it alpine four pitcher pouring indoor outdoor

Have to have it. Alpine Four-Pitcher Pouring Indoor/Outdoor Water Fountain $399.99

Outdoor corner fountain

Outdoor Corner Fountain

Koehler Home Decor Thirsty Dog Whimsical Faux Bronze Outdoor Garden Solar Fountain Statue

Corner water features

How-To-Do-It.... No matter if your garden is big or small, having a fountain can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. Whether it’s large with lots of jets, or small with just a trickle, a fountain makes a strong focal point. Depen

Corner patio ideas

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Fountain love the horsetail at the base

Fountain. love the horsetail at the base

3 tier corner fountain 232115 decorative accessories at

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Majestic lion waterfall into urns lighted water feature

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Falling diamonds outdoor corner fountain

Falling Diamonds Outdoor Corner Fountain

Outdoor corner water fountains

Outdoor Corner Water Fountains