Black Metal Trellis

For a darker themed outdoor aesthetic, a black metal trellis is a fine addition. Use it as a decor piece, or give it the possibility of growing vines up its hardened frame. These black metal trellises are versatile and can make an interesting addition to your outdoor landscape. Pick one out for your home from the many options in the very extensive collection.

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Triumph Trellis

Triumph Trellis
An arched trellis. Made from non-toxic metal and finished in black. Simple design. Water and weather resistant. Into-the-ground installation. Perfect for your garden, for plants like bouganville and many others.

Jardinière Trellis

Jardinière Trellis
This product is a high quality, solid, protective and decorative trellis. It is made of wrought iron with a stylish powder-coated finish. This solid element includes some decorative accents. Its size is 86" H x 27.75" W x 0.5" D.

Metal garden trellis

If you are looking for an outdoor rebar that is durable, well-crafted and weathers well, then you should try this fine piece of steel. The rebar is relatively easy to set, stylishly sticking out of the supporting structure. A perfect choice for growing vines.

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Black metal trellis

Evolution Iron

Black metal trellis

"The trellises are black metal grid wall panels that are typically used for retail display walls," Olson says. "They are very sturdy and very cheap—about $12 to $15 a panel, depending on size. I installed them as a DIY project using a hammer drill and t

Spacious metal garden trellis ideas

Spacious Metal Garden Trellis Ideas

Our advice Buying Guide

Choosing the right black metal trellis for your garden may seem to be a simple task, but it’s not as easy as you think. Getting the wrong garden addition won’t just have an impact on the support that your plants get, but also on the design and aesthetics of your garden.

But, if you follow the tips that we’ve compiled below, you won’t just offer your plants the ample amount of support they require, but you’ll also have a framework in your garden that will offer you privacy and a decorative feature.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

How expansive a trellis should you get?

Opting for a cheap, low-quality trellis or one that’s not a good fit for your purpose will lead to lost crops and snapped plants. Worse, you will end up with damages in your property that are costly to repair.

The cost of a trellis will depend on its complexity. The simplest one that is made of thick, durable metal will prove to be a good option if you’re just enhancing your garden’s look and you’re not planning to get a trellis system that has lots of components for a commercial vineyard.

For a complex trellis system, you might want to set a budget first before you head on to the market as your options can overwhelm you. After you’ve set a budget, determine the row length and layout that you plan to accomplish as they can impact the total cost of your purchase.

Take Note: Shorter rows require more end post assemblies.

What trellis styles are there?

There are different styles for black metal trellises to suit all garden shapes and configurations. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Tepee or Tripod - A tripod trellis, as its name suggests, has the shape of a tepee or freestanding tripod. Its style is simple, but it can already make for an incredible focal point when it's added in your garden, most especially when it's decorated with lush flowering vines. A tepee trellis can be used as an exclamation point in a garden to add visual emphasis or punctuate your garden's design.
  • Arch - An arch trellis is painted or stained so it can resist harsh outdoor elements. It's defined by its two flat sides with an arched or rounded top that joints the sides. Its function is to guide plants to a path or encourage wayward scramblers in growing vertically instead of horizontally. This trellis style can add a look that's ultimately distinctive to your garden. It can also disappear under a greenery blanket.
  • Grid - A grid trellis can provide privacy, decorate an empty wall or define a space. Its strongest suit is versatility as it can be anchored to a fence or wall or allowed to stand on its own.

How to maintain a black metal trellis?

The maintenance of a black metal trellis can be a constant job as you need to tighten the wires, fix broken ones, evaluate the looseness of posts, check for termites, rotting, and tighten brace wires. If you want to reduce the amount of maintenance and re-tensioning you need to do, then opt for high-tensile wires.


Black metal trellis 1

black metal trellis

Arbors and trellises

Install this black trellis in your garden, then plant some climbing flowers, and you have a beautifully blooming decoration for outdoor areas. The trellis is made of metal, so it can withstand many years of usage.

Trellis black metal gothic style for mini gardens

Trellis Black Metal Gothic Style For Mini Gardens

Metal garden arbors and trellises

Add beauty and style to your garden and choose the pergola arch. It has the excellent structure for public and private outdoor spaces, especially for climbers and other. It measures 280 centimeters of high.

Metal obelisk trellis

Make room and provide proper growth conditions for your carefully curated trailing plants: this handsome metal obelisk trellis in black is fit for numerous gardening purposes, and it beautifies its outdoor space.

Black wrought iron trellis

Project: St. Mary Residences | SEKSAN DESIGN - Landscape Architecture and Planning

Black metal trellis 23

36" LED Lighted Solar Powered Red Globe Outdoor Garden Trellis by CC Outdoor Living. $32.99. LED Solar Powered Red Globe Garden TrellisItem #17484Antique brushed black metal trellis with bronze undertones Red globe is accent with a crackle finishProduct F

Black metal trellis 1

This wrought iron arbor offers an unforgettable climate for relax. Features a timeless latticework on each side panel. Designed to support vines, climbing plants, or hanging your decorative items. Strong, sustainable construction, that will stand the test of time.

Black metal trellis

Attractive wall decor with a durable construction based on wood and metal. This stylization features distressed white and brown shabby finish, so it looks very interesting on different kinds of walls.

Les baux de provence provence alpes cote dazur

Les Baux-de-Provence , Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Black door trim and trellises black wrought iron furniture with

Black door trim and trellises, black wrought iron furniture with green/white checks.

Black i spray painted it to blend in with other

... black i spray painted it to blend in with other black features in the

Patio Trellis

Patio Trellis

This black slat pergola is one of the most unusual

This black slat #pergola is one of the most unusual designs we've encountered - the round opening in the center allows the sunlight to hit the small pool directly beneath it, while still providing diffused lighting on the patio around it. We are a Minnea

Black metal trellis 4

very cool tomato planters, made from old olive oil drums.

Chic s 2 scrolling trellis black indoor outdoor metal sm

... CHIC S/2 Scrolling TRELLIS Black Indoor/Outdoor Metal Sm/Lg Set NEW 0

Black metal trellis 5

We're Sorry, This Item is Currently Not Available. Try Our Top ...

Metal garden arbors 1

We're Sorry, This Item is Currently Not Available. Try Our Top ...

GCD-Austram Medford Arbor, Leather Black

Black metal trellis 21

For Earth Day, a little green house that seems to grow right out of the ground. A vine-covered metal framework in the classic shape of every child's first drawing of home, this small structure is in the Children's Garden at The Huntington.

Metal garden arbors

Kitchen Gardens Can Be As Stunning As Any Flower Garden. TIP: For a rustic look, wrap metal arbors with willow branches.

Garden decoration using english garden trellis contempo garden

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Black metal trellis 6

What a regal-looking fence. We live in the land of fences, so this is sure inspiring.

Black metal trellis 17

$9.79 Metal Shelf Brackets. Black Iron Decorative Shelf Bracket 5 7/8" x 7 7/8"- for the indoor room signs

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Rich black metal garden trellis for climbing cucumber plants

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