Large Metal Planters

Metal planters are a popular alternative to clay or wood. They offer the benefit of being durable and lightweight, and you’ll find a wide variety of designs to decorate your home. 

One disadvantage of using metal planters outdoors is that they tend to retain warmth, causing soil and roots to overheat and possibly damaging the plants. If you use metal planters, place them in shady locations around or inside your home. You can also place bubble wrap inside the metal planters to insulate the plants against the heat.

Metal planters can give your home a contemporary and industrial look. If you are thinking about adding new plants to your patio, garden, or sunroom, take a look at these ten large metal planter ideas. 

2 Piece Iron Pot Planter Set

2 Piece Iron Pot Planter Set

A set of two iron planters can be a beautiful addition to your living room or other spaces in your home. To add some glamor to your home, opt for iron pots with a unique stucco texture and stand on sleek gold legs. A set of two pots adds extra intrigue to a room when they differ in size; try one large pot next to a smaller pot of identical design for a unique feature of the space. 

Outdoor Metal Elevated Planter With Wheels

Outdoor Metal Elevated Planter With Wheels

An outdoor elevated metal planter is perfect for outdoor gardens or patios. The wheels make it easy to move around if you want to rearrange the pots in your garden. A raised metal bed makes it easy to care for your plants or vegetables without bending over and potentially straining your back. 

Maximize your garden space by purchasing an elevated planter with a lower wire shelf you can use to keep gardening tools. The beautiful metal bed adds aesthetic appeal to your garden, while the shelf is functional storage space. 

$156.99 $166.99

9 Piece Pot Metal Wall Planter

9 Piece Pot Metal Wall Planter

A metal wall planter is both an eye-catching and practical way to decorate your home. A set of 9 galvanized planters and a metal structure that holds the pots in place will look fabulous in a modern home or farmhouse in place of artwork. A wall-mounted planter is a great way to decorate an apartment terrace, an outdoor patio, or the walls of a kitchen. The small pots are useful for growing various herbs that you can use in your kitchen as well. 

$81.99 $126

Thin Steel Elevated Planter

Thin Steel Elevated Planter

If you are looking to place large metal planters outdoors to decorate your home, an elevated steel planter is an excellent addition to an outdoor patio or terrace. The thin and long design of an elevated planter means it’s light and portable. Elevated planters prevent weeds from sprouting up between your plants and provide defense against pests. A rectangular, black metal planter has a simple but attractive design that improves the look of any outdoor space. 

2 Piece Iron Hanging Set Planter

2 Piece Iron Hanging Set Planter

A set of two hanging iron planters offers a glamorous look to decorate any space. Pots with rounded, bowl-like designs are ultra-modern and highly durable when made from iron. Select hanging planters with upscale metal chains to complete the industrial, contemporary look. Hanging planters that are large and shiny are easy to clean, and they provide a decorative, elegant look for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

$58.99 $62.5

4 Piece Metal Vertical Garden

4 Piece Metal Vertical Garden

If you are looking for a unique and creative planter to decorate your patio, a vertical garden is an excellent addition to your space. These pieces typically consist of four pots placed in a vertical position.

A vertical garden allows you to plant different types of flowers in a small area and create a beautiful combination of colors and scents. If you live in an apartment and have a small balcony or patio space, a vertical garden is a perfect solution for adding some greenery to a tight outdoor space.

$196.99 $299.95

Galvanized Steel Raised Bed

Galvanized Steel Raised Bed

A raised garden made from large galvanized planters provides the necessary space for a range of plants and flowers with the perk of keeping weeds away from your flowers. Even though the design of raised beds is simple, galvanized metal planters are easy to clean and last longer than those made from wood.

If you are thinking of decorating your yard with garden beds, steel beds are an affordable option with good drainage. 

Iron Bicycle Statue with Metal Pots

Iron Bicycle Statue with Metal Pots

Metal is a flexible and workable material that allows people to make beautiful statues. These statues can be interesting structures to hold and creatively present flower pots, adding an artist element to your garden. For example, a bicycle statue allows you to place flower pots in different metal baskets, using levels in your visual design.

You can use unique statue planters in your backyard or even put them in front of your house or along the driveway for curb appeal. 

$285.99 $413

Metal Pots With Black and White Decals

Metal Pots With Black and White Decals

When shopping for indoor metal pots, look for patterned designs such as black and white decals. A basic black and white bohemian design on your metal pots is sure to pop in any garden or indoor design scheme.

A cylindrical, ornate metal pot with three metallic legs gives the pots an elegant look that differs from the typical industry appeal of metal planters. This makes black and white metal pots the perfect choice for interior design when adding greenery to your indoor living spaces. 

$85.99 $140

Window Box Metal Planter

Window Box Metal Planter

A large window box metal planter is a great way to add some color to your home’s exterior. When looking for window planters, look for pieces that come with wall-mounted brackets that easily attach to the widow with a couple of screws. Window box planters can also be a great addition to front porches or a fence to create a welcoming display at the entrance to your property. 

Our advice Buying Guide

If you have limited growing space for plants, you might want to try your hand at container gardening. Large metal planters can be a good choice for planting vegetable and root crops that require deep soil for good growth. In addition, if you walk through any department or hobby store, you are probably aware that galvanized containers of all sorts are “in” this year. They go well with shabby chic, are relatively inexpensive, and are durable.

What are the upsides of planting in large metal planters?

You can pick up large, metal planters at a very reasonable price compared to terra cotta or concrete planters. They are comparatively lightweight, are easy to clean up in the autumn after harvest and come in styles ranging from very plain to ornate. Galvanized zinc tubs are probably the least expensive metal planters, while inlaid copper or brass can be quite expensive but very beautiful.

What are the downsides of planting in large metal planters?

The biggest problem with metal planters is that they can heat up very quickly. If the plants inside are not properly insulated, overheating can damage their roots. The heat can also cause the soil to dry out more quickly than other types of planters. If you are using conventional metal containers, such as trash cans or cattle troughs as your planters, you might get complaints from the neighbors. Check ordinances before planting.

How to grow plants in large metal planters?

One way to combat the tendency of large metal planters to heat up is to place a liner pot inside the metal container – inexpensive plastic pots will work. Leave some space between the inner pot and the outer one so that air can circulate. Raise the metal container off the ground to allow air to circulate beneath it, as well. Plant heat-loving plants in your metal planters, such as cacti or succulents. Add trailing vines around the edges of the planter to shade the metal and slow the heating process. Group pots so that they shade each other or place them where they will receive some protection from the sun for at least part of each day.

What are large metal planters made of?

Not all metal planters are made from galvanized metal. Some are made from brass or brushed copper. These can be amazingly beautiful and add conversational value to your garden. You should also be aware, however, that brass and copper can require more maintenance than galvanized tin, and have higher theft appeal. Like their less expensive counterparts, brass and copper pots also warm up quickly in the sun, which means an insulating liner will make it easier to grow plants in them.

Large metal planters can be a splendid way to disguise the hay bale for your hay bale garden – and the hay can help with insulating plant roots from heat. All metal planters benefit from a continuous watering plan, which helps keep plant roots moist and helps with the cooling process. If you are successful with your gardening, a cluster of metal planters can be an amazing sight.


Minty Metal Planter Box

Minty Metal Planter Box
Modern yet charming, the minty color of this planter is on trend this season. Spruce up your garden with a chic look that will last thanks to the weather and rust-resistant finish. Capable of holding 199 fl. oz. of soil, keep this compact 19'' W x 6.4'' D planter in your yard, on the deck, or even indoors for year-round use.

Haigler Hexagon Galvanized Steel Planter Box

Haigler Hexagon Galvanized Steel Planter Box
Perfect for planting vegetable gardens, this deep hexagon-shaped planter provides ideal moisture and drainage conditions in your soil. Assembly is required, but steel panels, corner connectors, and other hardware are included to make the process quick and easy. The raised bed style of gardening supports healthy roots so that you can grow an abundant crop in this weather-resistant planter.

Chavez Galvanized Zinc Pot Planter

Chavez Galvanized Zinc Pot Planter
Made from galvanized zinc and ornately decorated, this set of three small planters is ideal for decorating your porch or your living room. Each holds 640 fl. oz., and measures 7'' H x 13.5'' W x 7'' D. They feature drainage holes to keep your plants healthy. However, these aren’t weather-resistant, so you’ll need to bring them inside when it rains or snows.

Galvanized metal planters

Who doesn’t need a proper planter? These here are large and metal, to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. They are able to accommodate even big plants, so don’t worry – you can use them for all your garden needs.

Large metal milk jug

A huge metal planter that is going to be one of the most distinctive additions in your garden. Made of quality metal, the planter doesn't rust, is relatively lightweight, and very easy to clean.

Big metal tub

Those large water tanks suit many purposes. One of the best ones is that they can be also used as pots, in which you can plant all sorts of greenery. They are made of galvanized metal, so you don't have to worry about their lifespan.

Large metal planters

This great way to combine benches with large metal pots is a great way to manage space beautifully. Classic wooden benches and huge flower pots or other plants will provide a pleasant and intimate resting place.

Large galvanized metal planters

Authentic large vintage champagne crates repurposed to planters for outdoor use. They're made of stark wide and thick wooden planks with aslant cut ends. They have sturdy corner fittings and C-shaped handles of iron with traces of rusting.

French planters metal

Set of two containers made of carved stone. They have shape of cylinder and metal handles. They are multi-functional - you can used them in your garden as a flower pots or in your garden, or in the kitchen to storage spices.

Large metal planters

Large Metal Planters.

Above a galvanized planter box has rounded corners and measures

Above: A Galvanized Planter Box has rounded corners and measures 30 ...

Galvanized milk jug

Industrial design for an urban planter trough, made out of chromed aluminium with a shiny finish and a slightly scratched surface. The metal planter is made to resemble a recycled barrel, giving it an avant-garde detail.

Tin planters

Constructed of treated metal and designed in a cubical shape, each of those "rough-looking" planters is going to serve you for a long time. You can even put one on another to achieve compositions you are aiming for.

Galvanized metal tubs buckets pails as planters 2

Galvanized Metal Tubs, Buckets, & Pails as Planters

Tatami plate steel planters modern outdoor planters austin 1

Tatami Plate Steel Planters Modern Outdoor Planters Austin

Cube sheet metal trough planter

Cube Sheet Metal Trough Planter

Large trough planters

Large, modern planter made of metal. This rectangular steel construction is resistant to excessive wear and it provides space for large plants. Straight, simple lines look very interesting in different stylizations.

Preview 32


Large metal planter

Large Metal Planter

Galvanized planter

Pot mounted on wooden frame and covered with metal. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Designed for large plants. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and modern design.

Galvanized metal planters large

For all plant lovers, this set of 2 rectangle, galvanized planters can be a nice way to keep the plants properly displayed and planted. The planters do not rust, so you can be sure that they won't self-destruct during watering.

Aidan gray metal planter set eclectic indoor pots and planters

Aidan Gray Metal Planter Set eclectic-indoor-pots-and-planters

Large metal trough

Contrasting to cement and steel, this soft planted set of grass and grove in an angled corten planter creates a magnificent example of the modern landscape architecture. A contemporary inspiration for one's garden or backyard.

Trough planters metal

Digging » Stock tank planters gone wild!

Large metal barrel fluted galvanized planters gardenista

Large metal barrel fluted galvanized planters ; Gardenista

Galvanized planters

If you are opting for a truly country wedding, you shouldn't forget about this original way to cool your drinks. This large, galvanized metal tub is capacious enough to accommodate many bottles, and has 2 convenient handles for transport.

Galvanized steel planter

Galvanized-metal feed troughs (with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage) are a simple way to add raised garden beds, and plants ripen quickly in the soil warmed by their reflectivity. | Photo: Jacqueline Koch |

Modernica case study bowl plant pot w metal legs large

Modernica Case Study Bowl Plant Pot w/ Metal Legs LARGE

Metal plant containers

Simple height-varied contemporary outdoor planters made of metal (aluminium or steel) with a powder coated natural rust-looking finish. Planters have cuboidal square section bodies with rectangular walls and are equipped with drain holes.

Metal planters

Metal Planters

Ribbed galvanized metal planter rejuvenation takeitoutside

Ribbed Galvanized Metal Planter | Rejuvenation #TakeItOutside

Metal Standing Planter

Metal Standing Planter

Nice Rectangular Charcoal Grey Aluminum Planter - 20"X46"X20"

Simple aluminium planter. If you're fishing for a planter that would complement a minimalist interior / exterior, seek no longer. This large aluminium planter delivers a crisp, clean look and some practical features, such as drainage holes.

Iron planters and pots

Iron Planters and Pots

Large recycled tapered metal eco friendly planter 1

Large Recycled Tapered Metal Eco Friendly Planter

Large metal containers

A set of industrial planter buckets, made out of iron with a grate-like pattern of holes in it and two handles. The buckets are fitted with a highly distressed coat of paint, giving the planters a vintage appearance.

Galvanised steel trough planters

lavender planted in an old tub - awesome

Galvanized steel planters

Designed in modern style, this large planter is made of an old metal cabinet covered in an aged copper finish. The planter is durable, suitable for outdoors, and can also be a great solution to display your address numbers.

Galvanized tin planters

Metal pots are very durable, but they work best at home. Metal quickly heats up in the sun and cools down deeper at lower temperatures. Anyway, large metal planters on patio beautifully reflect the strong colors of flowers.

Ana rosa flat gray paint large can drill holes and

Ana Rosa. Flat gray paint, large can, drill holes and use really cool handles. Love.

Contemporary rusted steel raised planting beds

Contemporary rusted steel raised planting beds

Metal garden pots

planter with grasses - great for entrance hall - PETER CARDEW

Large metal basin

Mod Metal Large Planter - Urban Outfitters

Galvanized metal barrel planter the green head

Galvanized Metal Barrel Planter - The Green Head

Galvanized metal barrel planter the green head 1

Galvanized Metal Barrel Planter - The Green Head

Galvanized metal planters large jpg 1024x680

galvanized-metal-planters-large.jpg (1024×680 ...

14 in antique copper round large metal planter ds 23654

14 in. Antique Copper Round Large Metal Planter-DS-23654-A ...

14 in antique copper round large metal planter ds 23654

14 in. Antique Copper Round Large Metal Planter-DS-23654-A ...

Large metal planters foter garden urns

Large Metal Planters - Foter | Garden urns

Metal round planter with verdigris edge large 10 5

Metal Round Planter with Verdigris Edge, Large (10.5 ...