Metal Outdoor Playsets

Not great during the desert summer, but perfect any other time, these metal outdoor playsets are pretty spectacular. The steel is hard, with solid welds, and it is treated to resist rusting, giving it a long life of fun and play. And there are many different playsets to choose from, your kids will have trouble settling on just one from this impressive collection.

Best Products

Lifetime monkey bar adventure swing set earthtone colors

Lifetime monkey bar adventure swing set earthtone colors
Solid metal outdoor playsets will provide your children hours of fun. This set features 3 belt swings, 1 trapeze bar, 9' wavy slide, monkey bars, and a fireman's pole, which help to provide your children everyday activity.

Primary Heavy Duty Metal Swing Set

Primary Heavy Duty Metal Swing Set
Cool contemporary set for fun. It has a metal frame of blue-coated steel with additional layer of UV-resistant plastic to prevent heat retention. It's equipped a.o. with a clubhouse up, a curved slide, a climbing wall, a few swings of plastic.

Prairie Ridge Playset

Prairie Ridge Playset
An amazing play set for your children that will let your kids have plenty of fun, while you are ensured of their safety, since the set was made with security in highest regard. It is strong, sturdy and durable, sporting beautiful, lively colors.

Metal outdoor playsets

This outdoor playset makes an ideal proposition for families with younger kids. Features a slide, ladders, monkey bars, swing sets, providing brilliant entertainment for younger and older children.

Metal outdoor playsets

Outdoor playhouse made of wood and plastic. It is fitted with slide, swings, climbing wall and more. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Modern outdoor playset

A T-shaped framework supports a slide and two swings. It is braced by a metal ladder that can also act as a climbing bar. It is a simple set up that can give family hours of fun and exercise.

Metal outdoor playsets 7

Stunning and somewhat luxurious outdoor playset constructed from metal. The set is designed to resist harsh weather and offers a wide variety of play options, including a slide and several swings to cater to your kids. It should be great for your backyard.

Our advice Buying Guide

Livening up the garden in the hope that your children will spend more time exercising in the outdoors can be more difficult than you initially anticipated. While you may think you've tried everything so far, don't give up until you've tried a metal outdoor playset. Any type of playsets can be very appealing to kids, so let's look at some of the designs you'll find and discover which is the best for your garden.

What are the available colors for metal outdoor playsets?

If you're fond of the attractive colorful metal playsets, they can be a great way to brighten up the garden. The primary colors are the most popular ones you will see, with red, blue, green and yellow being the most common. There may be blue posts and a red horizontal beam at the top to connect them. The sturdy metal can be repainted as you wish, so if your kids are bored of one particular color after a year, you can make a project out of it and revamp the playset.

What are the kids' favorite outdoor playsets?

Tree house style

The perfect combination between a traditional tree house and an interesting playset, a tree house style metal outdoor playset will keep your children entertained for hours. The tree house doesn't need to be within a tree, although you can position it alongside a tree in your garden or build it around one. You can then attach other features such as a metal slide to offer an alternative to steps or a ladder when coming down from the tree. The house itself may be wooden, while the extra additional features are metal. If you like this style but can't find something in one piece, consider buying a wooden tree house separately and then a metal playset.

Swing set

Arguably one of the most-loved outdoor toys for children to play on is swings. A swing set is a great way to keep the kids occupied, and there are various styles. For example, you can buy a simple swing set which doesn't have any other type of toy attached. Alternatively, there are swing sets which have small playsets attached to one side of them, so your child can enjoy monkey bars, a slide, and other features. These sets are available in various sizes too, so you can buy shorter sets for very young children and larger ones for your older kids. You might also find metal swing sets which have a slide on one side and a see-saw on the opposite side.

Are metal better than wood for outdoor playsets?

Not all playsets are metal, and you may come across hybrid playsets which are partly wood and partly metal. This is mainly because some features and pieces of a playset are safer, better and more durable when made from metal, while others are better suited to a wood material such as hardwood or pine. If you want everything to be the same color or have the same appearance, you can always ensure the wood is sanded down and then paint with a wood paint the same color as the metal paint.


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Metal play set

Give your kids an enjoyable place to play with these incredible outdoor playsets. Made from metal and finished in a stunning silver coat, the sets are not only strong but also beautiful enough to bring outstanding elegance into your landscapes.

Metal outdoor playsets 25

Stunning outdoor play set for kids with a strong metal design and excellent practicality. The piece comes with one large slide and up to four swings. It’s supported by a strong base too. Light installation and assembly will be needed to set it up but it should be worth the trouble.

Metal backyard playsets

Why not create your own solution for making your kid happy and want to spend some quality time outdoors with this stunning handmade swingset that will let them enjoy the nice weather, while proving its stability and strength.

Have to have it component playgrounds nicholas metal swing set

Have to have it. Component Playgrounds Nicholas Metal Swing Set - $2499.99

Metal outdoor playsets 28

High-quality outdoor play set for children with a beautiful metal construction for safety and longevity. The set comes with a slide and several swings too. It’s easy to install and large enough to accommodate more than four kids at any given time.

Metal outdoor playsets 29

Monkey-Playset-4-Green-Brow.jpg - Congo Monkey Playsystems #4 Swing Set Green & Brown

Metal outdoor playsets 5

Outdoor Metal Swing Set Kids Swingset Backyard Playground Trampoline Playset #Sportpower

Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset

Swing sets play sets monkey bars swing set parts heavy

Swing Sets | Play Sets | Monkey Bars | Swing Set Parts. Heavy Duty Metal Galvanized Steel Swing Sets - Designed To Last A Lifetime! #Swingset

Metal outdoor playsets 1

Wish I would be a talented do-it-yourselfer to construct such a playhouse on my own... It's kind of inspired by pirate ships or maybe beach life, and it's even equipped with side metal slide, which I love.

888 253 8853 1


Metal outdoor playsets 10

LIFETIME PRODUCTS Ace Flyer Teeter Totter Residential Metal Playset. $331 from Lowes. I'm sure we could anchor this down in some way if anyone were afraid it would get stolen.

Slide tower playhouse

A high quality playhouse for kids. It includes additional playsets that are funny and safe for users. Solid wooden construction finished in natural and green colors looks very attractive in any garden.

Metal playsets backyard

Lifetime 90042 Earthtone Heavy Duty Metal Playset with Club House

Metal outdoor playsets 12

Outdoor Swing Sets |

Metal outdoor playsets 11

Flexible Flyer Play Park Metal Swing Set I like the seat where both boys could sit across from one another.

Use pieces from current swing set and make 1 side

Use pieces from current swing set and make 1 side to park power wheels/ bikes. Repaint metal to hang metal long portch swing. DIY Swingset

Cimarron ready to assemble wood complete playset kit swing n

Cimarron Ready-to-Assemble Wood Complete Playset Kit | Swing-N-Slide

Metal outdoor playsets 6

Popular Mechanics - A frame swing set very cool

Metal outdoor playsets 2

Image of Blue Ridge Riverview Wooden Swing Set by Gorilla Playsets

Metal outdoor playsets 3

Lifetime Big Stuff Clubhouse Outdoor Playset (primary color)

Metal playsets

Decorative playhouse that provides good and safe fun for children. It includes a solid wooden frame with doors and mailbox. The upper part features a metal roof that is decorative and protects children from outdoor factors.

Metal outdoor playsets 30

Concrete Outdoor Table Tennis Platform - modern - outdoor playsets -

Steel playsets

REFRESH | update your little one's backyard swing set with some pops of color! (playground by Horst Kiechle)

Component playgrounds charley metal swing set

Component Playgrounds Charley Metal Swing Set

Metal outdoor playsets 24

Tips for Using The Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center

Metal outdoor playsets 27

Play Set Metal Fun Swing Set Outdoor Play Swings Slide Seesaw Swingset Playset

Gorillaplaysets Home Outdoor Playground Garden Patio BackYard Sun Palace I Cedar Swing Set

Pioneer Peak Swing Set with Wood Roof Canopy

Pioneer Peak Swing Set with Wood Roof Canopy

Superior denver wooden playset

Kids Swing Sets Outdoor Playset Playground Slide Metal Swingset Seesaw Backyard

Metal play sets

swing set

Metal outdoor playsets 22

I LOVE this swing set makeover using PAINT!/ DIY Wood Swing Set with new paint

Superior denver playset

how to build a swingset

Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set

Metal outdoor playsets 11

metal swing sets promotion

Metal outdoor playsets 26

Lifetime 90042 Earthtone Heavy Duty Metal Playset with Club House Swingset Review

Metal outdoor playsets 17

Outdoor Swing Set Playset Backyard Metal With Slide Durable Playground Deluxe

Reviews gorilla playsets blue ridge navigator playground system large selection

Reviews Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Navigator Playground System Large selection at low prices -

Metal outdoor playsets 21

MIGHTY SWINGS atl ga PLAYSETS & Swing Sets atl ga invites... - Atlanta | OLX

1400 plus toddler swings lifetime r play center playset bundle

$1400 plus toddler swings. Lifetime® Play Center Playset Bundle - Do It Yourself Costco.

60" x 47" Playset Tarp

60" x 47" Playset Tarp

Metal outdoor playsets 4

New Outdoor Playset Backyard Playground Climbing Kids Metal Slide Fun Swing Set