Monkey Bar Rungs

Monkey bar rungs for your home jungle gym needs are now available individually, so you can customize your monkey bars to accomodate the needs of your children. Put more, closer together, for those shorter reaches, or add some to the vertical supports to assist with climbing. And with colors and textures to suit, you can improve the visibility or grip to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Best Products

Slackline Monkey Bar and Ladder Kit

Slackline Monkey Bar and Ladder Kit
If you’re looking to add some extra fun to your outdoor camping trip, try this slackline monkey bar and ladder kit. This exciting package includes a steel ratchet for easy installation. Simply stretch out the durable slackline webbing and hang the line between two trees. You’ll be able to play or work-out on a set of monkey bars, 3 monkey grips, and 2 brightly-colored gymnastics rings.

7' Optional Monkey Bar Extension

7' Optional Monkey Bar Extension
This unit has been specifically designed as a fun attachment to any type of play frame. Your kids will love testing themselves as they swing across the polymer-coated wooden rings, and since the bars can support up to 200 lbs., you might find yourself wondering how far you can get. The package comes with a 7-year warranty against wood damage.

Metal Monkey Bars

Metal Monkey Bars
These affordable, metal monkey bars are made from solid steel, with a weight capacity of 600 lbs. If you’re looking for a weather-resistant product that is easy to install and long-lasting, you’ll love this product. Kids and adults will be able to swing from bar to bar.

Steel Monkey Bars

Steel Monkey Bars
If your kid loves functional fitness, these portable monkey bars are a great addition to their indoor or outdoor play area. This foldable gymnastics bar is easy to set up and put away, while its stainless steel construction is mark and weather-resistant. Kids will enjoy swinging their bodyweight around the 4.5’ high bar. You can also easily attach a swing or ladder to the product for extra fun.

Eastern Jungle Gym 15.13 Steel Monkey Bar Rung

Eastern Jungle Gym 15.13 Steel Monkey Bar Rung
Sometimes you just don’t have space in your backyard to build your kids a jungle gym. But why not do it inside? You can mount this set of bars right in your hallway, or even build a little stationary inside gym yourself!

Metal Monkey Bar Rung (Set of 6)

Metal Monkey Bar Rung (Set of 6)
This monkey bar rung is a perfect for create a funny space on a playground or a place for exercise. It is made of sturdy metal with powder-coat finish. Each set of six consist rungs and all necessary hardware.

Indoor monkey bars for sale

Climbing ladder for the garden and others outdoor places according to taste and need. Construction is made of wood and metal.

Our advice Buying Guide

When thinking about monkey bar rungs, these are the bars or climbing ladders placed horizontally for kids and adults to use for swinging over. On playgrounds or in backyard play areas, children love using these monkey bars for climbing and swinging. In gyms, adults use them for building up their upper body muscles. Therefore, they can be utilized in many different ways by many different people. With that in mind, monkey bar rungs are manufactured by a number of companies to feature a myriad of styles and a variety of shapes. The purpose of this buying guide to help you narrow your focus and assist with your purchasing decisions.

How to ensure the durability of monkey bar rungs?

Monkey bar rungs are typically made from solid steel, galvanized steel, wood, cable lines, and rope. Their durability depends on the materials from which they're made. For example, rope monkey bar rungs won't last as long as galvanized steel outside because it will begin breaking down in the elements. However, if each of these materials is used indoors, they're longevity will be much longer.

The rope and cable lines will wear out sooner than the wood and galvanized steel from repeated use, which is one of the drawbacks of these materials. However, wood and galvanized steel require more maintenance in comparison to those materials to increase their longevity. So, there's a balancing act to consider when looking at these materials and making your choices.

What styles of monkey bar rungs are there?

You’ll find that the monkey bar rungs are available in a wide variety of bold colors, as well as neutral earth tones. Under most circumstances, you can find these rungs available in a plethora of styles including straight, wavey, domed, looped, and ladder-shaped. The colors will depend on the manufacturer with which you’re working.

What are the desirable features of monkey bar rungs?

When making your selections, be sure that the rungs are heat, UV, and water resistant. You should also ensure that they are manufactured with high graded steel or plastic if you're not choosing wood or rope rungs.

What are the Safety Considerations for Monkey Bar Rungs?

When installing the monkey bar rungs, they should measure around one and a half feet long. The spacing between them should be at least one foot apart. Spacing like this prevents multiple users from knocking into each other as quickly if they were spaced too closely to each other. Block the ends of the bolts using small pieces of rubber for added protection. Select monkey bar rungs with grips to prevent slips and falls, as well.

What's the Average Cost of Monkey Bar Rungs?

Many companies carry monkey bar rungs separately or as part of a jungle gym kit. Therefore, prices are going to vary significantly. If you're purchasing these rungs as a replacement for an existing jungle gym or for a do-it-yourself project, you'll find that the average costs will run between just under $30.00 to just over $100.00. Be sure to shop around for the best quality and most features your budget will allow to ensure longevity for your product.


Monkey bar rungs 3

Complete monkey bar kit with solid red metal rungs and thick natural timber posts. Play equipment to complete any outdoor playground. Encourages kids for physical activity that develops arm muscles like no other excercise.

Monkey bars for sale

Are your kids sitting in front of the TV or a computer screen all day? Well, try and provide them with some other entertainment! This rad indoor sports gym for kids is bound to keep them busy, even on rainy days!

How to make your own set of monkey bars with

How to Make Your Own Set of Monkey Bars with aluminum pipes for rungs

Monkey bar rungs

These simple monkey bars might be a very functional gadget. If you have a wooden playset for kids in your garden, you can make it even greater fun by attaching the bars to it. The kids will climb them or hang on them.

Monkey bar rungs 8

2002 deck between monkey bars and monkey rings for montessori ...

Metal monkey bars

If you’re going to build your kids an outside jungle gym, you might as well do it right! This beautiful wooden gym with metal bars will look amazing in any backyard, and your kids are bound to have tonnes of fun using it.

Metal monkey bars for sale

Pipe Slider (across the top of the World's Most Versatile Monkey Bars with the rungs removed)

Monkey bar rungs 5

Sheldon's Monkey Bars

Monkey bar spacing from the cubby end

Monkey Bar Spacing - from the cubby end

Kids monkey bars for sale

Set of 4 monkey bars rungs to build climbing ladder. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Received positive recommendations from clients.

Plan it play monkey bar rungs one set of 7

Plan It Play Monkey Bar Rungs – One Set of 7

Replacement monkey bar rungs

Monkey bar made of wood and metal. It consists of 9 rungs arranged horizontally. Designed for outdoor places. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Monkey bar kit

Monkey Bar Kit

Wood rung monkey bars attatched to 2002 treehouse

Wood Rung Monkey Bars Attatched to 2002 Treehouse

Eastern Jungle Gym 15-1/8" Steel Monkey Bar Ladder Rungs - Yellow (Set of 8)

Monkey bar swings

Monkey Bar Swings

Versatile monkeys s more bars monkeys bars

versatile monkeys s more bars monkeys bars