Duffel Bag With Laptop Compartment

For folks that travel in simplicity, but still want to keep their laptop secure, the duffel bag with laptop compartment is perfect. Great for outdoor enthusiast, writers who travel but don't want to lug around heavy suitcases, and military minded individuals, these durable duffel bags will hold all your stuff and keep it safe for years to come. Take a look in the collection and see what we mean.

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Large Duffel Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port

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A great all-around backpack to take with you everywhere, both to work and on a traveling trip with family. The backpack is made out of sturdy 1680D nylon material, which is both waterproof and highly durable. The dimensions of the backpack allow it to hold a hefty amount of furniture, as well as a laptop and shoes, which both have their special compartments. Moreover, there is even a slot for charging your USB devices.

1 Reason To Buy

  • The waterproof lining of the material secures your electronic devices from unwanted moisture. - There is a handful of additional internal pockets of different sizes for credit cards, sunglasses, and more. - The side pockets on the sides can be expanded to carry a water bottle, or folded to take less space. - An external USB charging adapter is placed in the backpack, but you will have to provide your own battery. - An additional ventilated compartment is located in the bottom of the backpack, perfect for wet clothes or shoes. - The backpack has improved, ergonomic shoulder straps which make it comfortable to wear.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • The backpack only fits laptop with a diameter of at most 15.6 inches, and the bigger ones will not fit. - None of the compartments can be reached when the backpack is on your back, which is a shame.
Classic 20” Leather Travel Duffel Bag

Classic 20” Leather Travel Duffel Bag
If you are planning a trip that is long enough to take some clothes and other things with you, but not long enough to qualify for taking a whole suitcase, this duffel bag is just what you need. With an extremely spacious main compartment, and smaller ones on the side, fitted with a u-shaped zipper for security, you will easily be able to fit some clothes, a laptop, a snack and a drink for the travel, and then some!

Universal Travel Backpack with Laptop and Shoes Compartments

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If you really want to take a lot of stuff with you on a business trip, this backpack is the perfect piece for you. Not only does it have a separate compartment for a laptop, which allows the largest compartment to remain only for clothes and assorted items, but it also has a special compartment for your shoes. Moreover, unlike most other backpacks and bags, it fits laptops up to seventeen inches instead of regular fifteen.

1 Reason To Buy

  • The backpack has outer padding made out of durable terylene oxford fabric, making it very durable. - The terylene oxford fabric material is also water-proof, protecting the items inside from moisture. - The classy design of the backpack makes it a good, universal item to carry with you everywhere. - The backpack comes in three different colors for you to choose from: navy blue, black, and gray. - For a small fee, you can opt-in for an additional USB charging whole to be put in the backpack. - The backpack features a special, anti-impact lining inside of the inner padding, protecting your computer from damage.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • The only the gray and navy blue color options are water resistant, with the black one being unprotected. - Take notice that the backpack does not come with a battery for charging, and you will have to get a separate one.
Stylish Modern Laptop Duffel Bag Weekender

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Taking a relaxing trip on the weekend or summer vacation, but cannot leave your laptop behind? Whether you require your computer with you for work or entertainment, this bag will allow you to take it with you along with your other stuff. The bag is twelve inches high and has a spacious main compartment with a zipper, as well as over ten other smaller compartments for assorted amenities and gizmos.

1 Reason To Buy

  • The bag can fit a computer up to fifteen inches in diameter, which includes most standard laptops. - The black color of the bag with blue accents gives it a modern look, almost like a sports bag. - A strap with movable padding is included with the bag, making carrying the bag a bit easier. - An additional strap is provided which helps with attaching the bag to a luggage trolley. - The exterior of the bag is made out of micro-ballistic nylon, which is a very durable and strong material. - The exterior padding is also water resistant, which means you do not have to worry about water getting to your computer.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • The bag loses shapes easily, especially when a laptop is carried inside it for longer periods of time. - The zippers are also of poor quality, as the reviewers often mention they wear off after a couple of weeks.
Military Vintage Tactical Travel Backpack

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Hike with style with this fashionable travel backpack, made out of high-density canvas and decorated with high-quality faux leather. The backpack has a universal design, which allows you to carry it in plenty of ways, including as a duffle, a handbag, a briefcase, a shoulder bag, and a messenger bag. The bag also comes in two different colors for you to choose from, including a classic, grey one and a khaki one.

1 Reason To Buy

  • The backpack has a special compartment for a notebook, which can also be used for a standard-sized laptop. - There are a lot of additional pockets excluding the main one, including two front ones and a side one. - The universal design of the backpack allows it to be used during work, traveling, camping, or even at school. - A shoulder strap with customizable length is provided with the backpack with comfy padding. - The backpack easily fits underneath an airplane seat, making it a great choice for carry-on luggage. - An additional side mesh pocket is attached to the backpack, perfect for a bottle of water or a soda drink.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • The backpack usually arrives with a distinct smell of faux leather, which should vent after a few hours. - There is not much information on the company that manufactures the backpack, but the reviewers seem to be happy enough.
Water-resistant Multifunctional Charging Travel Backpack

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Being made out of high-grade material, this backpack provides ample storage space and exceptional durability. The backpack is good for both hiking and sport, as its outer shell is crafted out of high-density oxford cloth with a mixture of polyester. The multifunctional design of the backpack allows you to carry it either as a shoulder back, a handbag, or a cross-body bag, allowing you to customize it on the run in seconds.

1 Reason To Buy

  • The oxford cloth material used in the making of the backpack is water-proof and stops any moisture from getting inside. - A convenient USB charging port allows you to charge your phone even when walking the streets. - The back of the backpack features a useful anti-theft compartment, perfect for a wallet and valuables. - The same compartment also has a zipper lock, which further prevents unauthorized access. - The spacious main compartment of the backpack allows you to pack everything that you will need. - Moreover, the same compartment has organizers for office items as well as a space for a laptop. - A special compartment for shoe storage is also provided, located in the bottom of the backpack.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • The overall zipper quality is quite poor and damages easily and could require purchase of additional ones. - The reviewers sometimes mention poor stitching, but that is a manufacturing flaw in some models.
17” Traveler Leather Carry-On Duffel with Strap

17” Traveler Leather Carry-On Duffel with Strap
Carry your laptop and belongings in style with this fashionable carry-on duffel bag with a comfortable strap to ease the stress on your shoulder. The duffel bag is finely crafted out of full-grain leather, which itself comes in quite a variety of different shades. The bag also features brass hardware and a durable zipper, adding to the durability of the bag which is already quite substantial, considering the high quality of leather.

Our advice Buying Guide

Duffel bags are just about everywhere today. You’ll see them firmly clutched by both short and long-term travelers at the airport, in hotel lobbies, and around train stations. So what are the key factors to consider when shopping for a good duffel bag with a laptop compartment?

What's the history of a duffel bag?

Duffel bags have a long history dating back to the 17th century in a Belgian town known as, you guessed it, Duffel. The first duffel bag fabric was designed in the small town of Duffel. During the Second World War, soldiers were issued with the bags to transport gear which led to a rapid spread of Duffel bags across the world. The bag has undergone a lot of changes over the years but it has retained its unique design all along.

Duffel bags have even evolved to match the demands of today’s technology-driven world. They now come with safe compartments to hold your laptop, tablet, and other mobile devices. A good duffel bag with laptop compartment ensures that you are in touch with your workplace while traveling. It also keeps your laptop safe from any form of damage.

What to consider when shopping for a duffel bag?

  • Size. Size is an important factor to look for in a good duffel bag especially if you want it to safely accommodate your laptop. Make sure its dimensions are ample enough to fit everything you intend to carry in your short trips. The laptop compartment should be roomy enough to safely hold the laptop.
  • Cushioning and inner lining. If you are buying the bag to carry your laptop wherever you hit out of town, check its inner lining and cushioning materials. A well-cushioned laptop compartment will protect your precious gadget in an accidental drop or impact with another hard object. Better be safe than sorry.
  • Style and colors. Most duffel bags come in a variety of colors including black, navy, tan, or gray. These are colors that blend well with different types of environments. You can either choose to go with a bold style to express your personality or find one with low-key regular style.
  • Carrying options. All duffel bags, with or without laptop compartments, come with carrying handles. However, make sure it also provides shoulder and backpack straps for easier and more flexible portability.
  • Waterproofing and protection from UV rays. If you plan to carry important gadgets such as your laptop and other mobile devices, make sure the bag is waterproof. This will protect your delicate stuff from spills, drizzle, rain, and moisture. The materials used in its construction should also be UV resistant to preserve the bag’s appearance and increase durability.

How durable is the duffel bag?

The durability of Duffel bags has made these handy portable haulers quite popular. However, it is important to check things that add durability to the bag such as double stitching, strong canvas material, quality hardware, and overall construction of the bag.   

Today’s duffel is quite versatile in usage. It can be used to carry every type of small gear from work supplies and sports or gym gear to most of the personal stuff you need while camping or in an outdoor adventure. Get one with a handy compartment to carry your laptop safely. 


Duffel bag laptop compartment images

Duffel Bag Laptop Compartment Images

Laptop duffel bag

The practical training bag made of excellent quality materials is a perfect solution for active people. Functional pocket for footwear, spacious main compartment with laptop compartment and practical details of the construction make it a sensational whole.

Duffel bag with laptop compartment 1

Very practical and made from excellent quality duffel bag material with laptop compartment is a good choice for everyday use and when traveling. Large storage areas allow you to pack the necessary items conveniently.

Duffel bag with laptop compartment 2

Durable and attractive duffel bag with a smooth leather trim. This element provides many practical compartments for laptops and other useful items and accessories. It also features a very attractive, neutral color.

Vktech Portable Canvas Man Boy Backpack Rucksack Travel Outdoor Laptop Hiking Luggage Gym Satchel Bag Duffle

Highly durable duffle bag with a specialized laptop compartment. The bag also features a strong leather handle and can be customized to be carried in different ways, including from the back or hanging from your shoulders. The bags are available in several different colors.

Suitcase with laptop compartment

Large suitcase fitted with wheels and telescopic handle for easy movement. It is made of high quality polycarbonate. It consists of 2 compartments closed by zipper.

Padded laptop compartment patch pockets and zip pockets at bag

Padded laptop compartment, patch pockets, and zip pockets at bag ...

Laptop duffle bag 1

Laptop Duffle Bag

Wingman 20.9" Travel Duffel

Wingman 20.9" Travel Duffel

Nike backpack with shoe compartment

Capacious, convenient, and easy to carry; this duffel bag comes with its own laptop compartments. It's designed of durable black material, offering a strong carry handle, several zippered compartments, and a large main zipper that allows you to open it fully like a suitcase.

Polare Men's Natural Italy Oil Leather Weekender Duffel Bag Luggage

Sports bag with laptop compartment

This multifunctional duffel bag combines practicalness and great sense of sport style. Strategically placed pockets will enable you to travel safely with your laptop, yoga mat, bottle of water and any other things you will find convenient.

Laptop duffle

Black, simple and adorable duffel bag with a specially placed pocket for your laptop. There is also a special place for the bottle of water and yoga mat so it not only looks great but it is also really strategic bag.

Skoobas launches a new leisure laptop duffle bag

Skooba’s launches a new Leisure Laptop Duffle Bag

Duffel bag with laptop compartment

Now you can easily store all of your gym equipment by using this durable and capacious duffel bag. It has a large main compartment, a zippered laptop pocket, adjustable carrying straps, a convenient handle, and a durable black fabric design.

Laptop duffel

Going to gym before your work became very trendy especially when you are a white collar. This bag allows you to keep your laptop in the same bagback, but away from the sweaty clothes and boots. The special pockets keep it on the another part.

Skooba Design V.3 Laptop Weekender

Hide your laptop, when you need to transport it easily and safely, without worrying that it will crash or break. The weekender offers a convenient handle and a strap and comes in a versatile and neutral dark finish.

Duffle bag with compartments

It's a type of an elegant duffel bag, which is very functional due to laptop compartment. It comes in neutral shades of brown and yellow. Several pockets inside and outside make it a carryall kind of bag. It's water-resistant.

Hartmann tweed carry on overnight bag classic vintage luggage leather

Hartmann Tweed Carry On Overnight Bag Classic Vintage Luggage Leather Duffel
This Hartmann duffel bag constitutes a stylish and practical proposition for vintage or retro enthusiasts. Its classic, vintage, tweed finishing compliments well with beige belts.

Duffle bag vintage

You are not ready for a journey if you do not carry such a leather Hartmann duffel bag with a spacious cylindrical shape. Best quality leather, durable semicircular handles - will help you navigate the world in the best style.

DDDH Men Canvas Travel Bag Outdoor Mountaineering Backpack Men Bags Hiking Camping Canvas Bucket Shoulder Bag

This canvas rucksack constitutes an ideal option for travelers and backpackers. If you enjoy hiking, camping, mountain walking and any other outdoor activities, this duvel bag should impress you with its functionality and multiplicity of storage options.

Blueblue Sky Oversized Vintage Leather Travel Bags Tote Luggage Duffel Handbag#968

30 rolling duffel bag 15 4 laptop backpack combo set

... 30" Rolling Duffel Bag & 15.4" Laptop Backpack Combo Set Ful Luggage

Duffel bag with laptop compartment 1

Duffel Bag Laptop Compartment Pictures

Gym bag with laptop

Lencca Alpaque Duffel Water-Resistant Luggage Laptop Bag For Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite 13.3-inch Laptop Notebooks The Alpaque Duffel contains the versatility of a carryall duffle bag infused with a laptop carrier within and sized appropriately to carry onb

Exploration Series 10" Travel Duffel

Exploration Series 10" Travel Duffel
Cool modern softsided zippered travel bag of resistant black fabric. It's equipped e.g with a hip belt, lots of size-varied compartments, pockets, light-reflecting exterior elements. Its padded backpack straps can be converted to 1 crossbody strap.

Suitcase with laptop compartment 1

A handy, dark grey roller suitcase with a laptop compartment, which comes in handy if you’re often travelling for work and need a single-piece suitcase which allows for both clothes and computer storage.

Padded laptop compartment patch pockets and zip pockets at bag

Padded laptop compartment, patch pockets, and zip pockets at bag ...

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley

This designer looking, silver international carry-on expandable spinner trolley assures exceptional maneuverability and keeps ZERO weight on your arm. Made 100% from polycarbonate expands up to 2 inches for additional packing space.

Duffel bag with compartments

This weekend bag looks like an old medical case carried by the travelling doctors. Perfect for urban weekend travel. The second, longer carrying belt allows to transport it very comfortable even if it is heavy and full.

Professional South West 17.5" Spinner Suitcase

Professional South West 17.5" Spinner Suitcase
Practical and very comfortable suitcase, which is ideally suited to the wide variety of travel. It will be useful both during a business trip and leisure. It's a suitcase on wheels, so it's easy to transport. Adjustable handle is an extra convenience

Large_160_leather_duffel_bag_gym_bag_travel_bag_690_3t jpg


Duffel bag with laptop compartment


Laptop duffel 65 this little duffel has separate compartments

Laptop Duffel ($65): This little duffel has separate compartments ...

Gym bag with laptop compartment

A cool contemporary duffel bag crafted of resistant waterproof white and blue nylon. It's zippered, has 2 sturdy convenient handles and a shoulder strap. It's equipped a.o. with a laptop compartment, outer zippered pockets, lots of inner ones.

Under Armour VX2-Undeniable Backpack

Monsoon 25" Gym Duffel

Monsoon 25" Gym Duffel
A gym/weekend duffel bag, with spacious main part, side compartments, front pockets with organizer and a detachable strap. Lightweight, made of nylon. Perfect for gym or travelling. Strong material and well designed pockets.

Suitcase with laptop compartment 4

The hard shell suitcase with the extremely durable wheels. It fronts pocket open really easy, allowing quick access to your electronic devices, tickets or passports. The delicate color is dedicated to women.

Duffel bag with laptop compartment 3

Lencca Alpaque Duffel - BLACK & GREY Handheld Luggage Laptop Bag fits Apple MacBook Air 13' & 11' inch The Alpaque Duffel contains the versatility of a carryall duffle bag infused with a laptop carrier within and sized appropriately to carry onboard fligh

Duffel bag with laptop compartment 12

Ogio Upton Messenger Bag - With a clean design, superior functionality and an urban edge, this messenger holds & protects it all, from expensive tech gear to your water bottle. Features flapover construction with double lock closure, interior padded lapto

Gym bag laptop compartment

Functional backpack with laptop compartment. It is made of durable fabric and closed by zipper. Neutral design for men and women. Suitable for daily use.

Duffel bag with laptop compartment 11

About this product Inspired by the original expedition duffel, this new versatile daypack is made with hyper-durable ballistic nylon fabric at the exterior to withstand aggressive wear and tear. Large main compartment features an internal padded laptop

Unisex Leather Duffel Bag Travel Weekender Carryall Luxurious Cabin Bag by Rustic

Tan leather luggage set travel set

Tan Leather Luggage Set Travel Set
Handmade leather bag is perfect for journeys. Large storage case will allow you to pack necessary things and keep them in stylish, rustic package. Made of high class leather is very resistant and will serve you for years.

Adrienne vittadini east west duffle bag

Adrienne Vittadini East West Duffle Bag

Size 2


Home piel leather multi compartment duffel bag 1

Home Piel Leather - Multi-Compartment Duffel Bag

Carry on suitcase with laptop compartment

Suitcase fitted with convenient handle for easy carrying. It is covered with thick fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Includes capacious compartment closed by zipper.

Lencca Alpaque Duffel Water-Resistant Luggage Laptop Bag For Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15 Laptop Notebook (15.6-inch Screen)

Suitcase with laptop compartment 18

The suitcase with laptop compartment is ideal for hand luggage,for most shipping companies. It does not catch the eye,so it can be taken for business meetings, thanks to its black fabric.Contains comfortable metal handle and wheels that rotate 360 degrees.