Leather Sling Bags


Not quite a purse, but also not quite a backpack, but still very fetching, these leather sling bags will accent any outfit, and have plenty of internal space for just about anything you need to take with you on your adventures. And the strap design makes it very hard to steal, making it a safe way to keep your stuff on hand. See all of them in this collection.

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Our Picks

Red leather triangle street bag

Red leather triangle street bag

Handmade of premium leather and rivets, this triangle street bag can be a fashionable and practical accessory. The bag is well-tailored and has a convenient strap for easy carrying and a natural shed deer antler.

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Leather sling bags 4

Made from leather, this black sling bag will be a perfect choice if you go for a trip and do not want to overload yourself with baggage. It will keep your documents, mobile and money safe.

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Leather Women's Sling Backpack

Leather Women's Sling Backpack

A stylish proposition for all women. With its versatile and elegant black leather finish, this sling backpack will fit almost any outfit. Features two compartments, one for the major stuff and a front one for the bits and pieces.

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Leather sling bags 1

Available with an easy and long adjustable strap, this leather sling bags are widely used by college students and office employees to carry documents, textbooks, files, etc. Made from top quality canvas and 100% Genuine leather.

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Leather sling bags

The leather sling bag is a great way to run a daily routine. The simple form of military style makes it an excellent piece of clothing for outing the city. Inspired by the khaki canvas, it is durable and very stylish.

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Leather sling bags 1

The spacious sling bag, that is handmade of soft leather, is a must have in every women's wardrobe. It's a stylish and beautiful addition to any outfit.

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Salted caramel leather urban tote bag

Salted caramel leather urban tote bag

An elegant traditional tote bag crafted of leather with a pretty brownish finish. It has 2 handles and an attachable shoulder strap. It's zippered, has inner pockets and lining of durable smooth fabric.

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Kattee Genuine Cow Leather Cross Chest Shoulder Sling Bag Large Size

Presented here leather sling bag is a perfect choice for travelers or cowboys! The leather is more like a raw leather. It is thick sturdy leather and stitching. It seems like it will last many, many years and just get better looking with age.

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Rn 11 leather sling bag 1

RN-11 Leather Sling Bag

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Leather sling backpack 4

Backpack designed for women. It is made of high quality leather and reinforced with solid seams. It has wide compartments and additional pocket. Suitable for daily use. Classic form and elegant style.

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Leather Sling Bags

Buying Guide

When choosing the right leather sling bags, it's essential that it works for your personal needs because you're likely going to use it daily. Therefore, because it's eventually going to become an extension of yourself, it must be easy to carry while looking and feeling right. When making your selections, consider the size, capacity, weight, design, color, and compartments. Under most circumstances, leather sling bags are sturdy and lightweight while offering plenty of personal style.

Selecting high-quality leather sling bags is essential in that they'll be durable and will last a lifetime. You'll find that these leather items have natural marks, imperfections, and will develop rich patinas as they age. The best kinds of leather you can purchase include full grain or top grain.

Maintaining leather sling bags is two-fold in that you’re going to be taking care of the leather exterior of the bag in addition to its cloth interior. Here are some tips for keeping the leather clean:

  • Wipe it down at least once per week with a moist cloth and then follow that with a dry one.
  • Use a Lexol leather cleaner to remove stubborn dirt or grime.
  • Avoid using saddle soap because it will cause discoloring, and regular soap will cause the leather to dry out.

Keeping the inside of the leather bag is tricky because you can’t toss it into the washing machine if a spill occurs or a pen leaks. Instead, turn the bag inside out and wipe out anything that's loose or wet with a clean cloth. Using a damp sponge, add a dab of mild detergent. Make sure you've lathered the sponge, so there isn't any accessive liquid. Work on the dirty areas of the inside of the bag, and then allow to air dry.

Once the bag is dry, turn it right side in and, if there’s an odor, put it in a freezer bag in freeze it overnight. The bag will prevent moisture build-up, and the freezer kills odor-causing bacteria.

Under most circumstances, leather sling bags feature a crossbody strap style. The bag typically has many storage pockets on the outside and one large in the middle. They're available in a myriad of shapes and colors based on your taste and needs. Some look like a teardrop while others are a standard rectangle.

Depending on where you’re purchasing your leather sling bag and how many compartments the bag features, you’re going to find the prices are going to vary significantly. The prices are also going to be variant if you’re choosing faux leather, genuine leather, or the highest quality leather. For example, if you select a genuine leather sling bag in a teardrop shape featuring three pockets, you could find it for just over $70.00. However, if you pick one that’s made from high-quality leather, it could cost up to $350.00.

Best Ideas

Leather sling backpack 3

An attractive contemporary sling backpack for girls. It's of orange leather and has metal hardware, a robust strap, 2 zippered side pockets, a zippered main closure adorned with nailhead trims, a label plate, a lined interior with pockets.

Acadia Sling Bag

Acadia Sling Bag

A magnificent sling bag made of long lasting fabrics and other durable materials. The bag is spacious and provides even more space with its additional pockets. It's perfect for those who travel a lot.

Leather sling backpacks

Hate Purses? You’ll Love The CLICK Bag | Brit + Co. - C.L.I.C.K (everything you need to carry - cell phone, lip gloss, I.d., cash and keys.

Mens Genuine Leather Buniess Crossbody Chest Pack Sling Backpack Shoulder Bag

Leather sling bags women

Elegant bag is very important element of every styling. It is made of dark leather. This bag isn't big, but it is very capacious. It will play its role the best in a set of smart casual clothes and jewelry.

Leather sling bag

If you are preparing for a zombie apocalypse, you should, definitely, acquire this multifunctional sling bag. It has a padded shoulder strap, a faux leather patch and a gathered side panel. You can also wear it as a backpack.

Piel flap over sling leather bag

Piel Flap-Over Sling Leather Bag

Polare Genuine Leather Cross Body Sling Bag Backpack

Rn 11 leather sling bag 2

RN-11 Leather Sling Bag

GT Genuine Leather Hobo Small Sling Backpack Handbag

JO-YIR Vintage Style Men's Leather Chest Pack Sling Crossbody Bag

Leather sling purse

Capacious, leather sling bag. Mustard colour ensures interesting vibe. The quality of the leather is top-notch, which ensure that this bag never tears or wears. Easy to use zip with additional pocket can come in handy, too!

Leather sling bag for women

This amazing leather hobo bag sports the black finish and will make for a nice option for when you need to take some of your stuff with you on your way out but wouldn't like to overclutter yourself. It looks stylish and original.

Venturesafe 200 GII Backpack

Venturesafe 200 GII Backpack

A modern backpack which is made of high-quality fabrics, provides enough with its pockets. This backpack is a great bet for those who don't travel and only need to carry something small with themselves.