Tall Narrow Shoe Rack

If you have lots of shoes, but don't want them damaged while being tossed in the closet, we recommend a tall, narrow shoe rack. Perfect for your closet, or near an entryway, a shoe rack keeps your shoes organized and protects them from being lost in a pile on the closet floor. A great option if you own a lot of expensive shoes, or if you prefer not to wear shoes in your home.

Best Products

3 Tier 12 Pair Revolving Boot and Shoe Rack

3 Tier 12 Pair Revolving Boot and Shoe Rack
Maintain a clutter-free home with this 3-tier rack. Two tiers of 16” hooks each accommodate 6 pairs of all-sized boots, whereas the top tier gracefully carries 12 heels and flats. All tiers can be adjusted to cater for various-height shoes. This handy rack doesn’t store men’s size 13 shoes and above.

10-Tier Plastic 10 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Cabinet

10-Tier Plastic 10 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Cabinet
This rack is crafted with waterproof plastic, so your shoes remain dry; its sturdy, load-bearing steel framing reinforces stability and prevents tipping. The rack features 10 stackable drawers that can be arranged in your desired configuration. It stores ten pairs of shoe and is perfectly suited for small spaces.

27 Pair Shoe Rack

27 Pair Shoe Rack
Place up to 27 shoe pairs inside this durable rack. Its exterior spots a non-woven fabric to disguise your shoes from the bare eye and comes in various colors to blend into your existing color scheme. It occupies minimum space, making it apt for narrow rooms.

Quadrante Shoe Cabinet

Quadrante Shoe Cabinet
This Shoe Cabinet is able to bring grace and class to any hallway, bedroom, or office. Characterized by engineered wood construction, the cabinet includes 1 mirror door, 5 grids shoes storage, sturdy feet, and wenge finish.

Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage
Shoe cabinet consisting of 8 shelves arranged vertically. It is made of wood. Functional design for all kinds of interiors as needed. Perfect solution for saving space in each home.

Sarmog Quadrante Shoe Cabinet

Sarmog Quadrante Shoe Cabinet
What an exquisitely beautiful piece! Unique shoe cabinet with five folding single-depth mirror magnet closing doors. Crafted of solid and durable engineered wood, it features aluminum handles and chrome-plated feet. Stores 15 pairs of size 12 shoes.

10 Shelf Shoe Organizer

10 Shelf Shoe Organizer
Inside-closet shoe organizer with ten shelves. It has a design that allows to hang it on the closet rod. When not used, it may be folded down and easily stored, yet I use it all the time, as it helps me to avoid clutter in my wardrobe.

Our advice Buying Guide

Taking care of shoes is as important as purchasing pairs of them. With that being said, you must keep your shoes properly protected, arranged, and in order. You can do so with the use of a tall, narrow shoe rack. Continue reading to know how to select the best one to add to your home.

What factors to consider when buying a tall narrow shoe rack?

  • The Space. Those who have less space to allocate to a shoe rack, they prefer tall and narrow units as they don't take up too much valuable floor space. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of such shoe racks. Before you take a look at the options available online, you must first find a good spot for the product. If you will be placing it at the entrance of your home, your best bet would be the slimmest design you can find. You can also opt for hanging shoe racks if the space on your floor and walls can't accommodate one. Remember: always select the tall, narrow shoe rack that’s of the perfect size according to your home's available space.
  • Storage Capacity. A tall, narrow shoe rack, even with its slim profile, should be able to hold the right number of shoes you want to store. Similarly, you must know the ballpark figure of how much shoe pairs you have. If you currently have 10 shoes, but you purchase new ones every quarter without disposing of the old ones, then we would suggest you purchase a 14 or 16-pair capacity shoe rack. Shoe racks can be made for the storage of ladies' shoes, kid's shoes, or men's shoes. If you want a shoe rack that can be used by anyone in your household, it must be able to hold the biggest shoe size.
  • Aesthetics. Before you make the final decision on a product, you must first assess whether the shoe rack can blend in the room where it'll be placed. If it'll occupy a place that nobody can see, then its style won’t matter much.

What's the best material for a tall narrow shoe rack?

There's no point in buying a stunning shoe rack that you can't use or will only last for a couple of weeks. A shoe rack that's made of plastic looks good, but it won't last long. Our favorite are wooden shoe racks as they're not just space-saving, but they're also functional and long-lasting. There are also metal alternatives, but it can be hard to blend them into a room's style.

You now know what to look for when buying a tall, narrow shoe rack. Because of today's technology, getting the shoe rack that fits your needs and preferences is just a few clicks away. Remember all the points we've taken up above, so you can make an informed buying decision.


36 Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack

36 Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack
Over-the-door metal shoe rack with white powder coat finish (other options available). It is able to store up to 36 pairs of shoes, so it's truly capacious. It is designed to be hanged over the door and cannot be mounted on a wall.

Tall skinny shoe rack

Minimalistic tall cabinet. It is made of bright, pine wood and has door with mirror. This cabinet is intended to storage different types of shoes, so it will play its role perfectly in the corridor or dressing room.

Tall narrow shoe rack 1

These practical shoe racks are a great solution for wardrobes, corridors or other interiors. The whole, made of solid wood-based construction, is versatile and very functional. This is an easy way to develop space and order.

Skinny shoe rack

According to W.Szymborska, a poet and Nobel Prize winner, "Reading books is the most beautiful game that humanity has come up with". A wooden tall narrow bookcase, consisting of 2 narrow pieces - it's the best that will help you put your books on.

Shoe rack tall

Tall and narrow shoe racks with plenty of space for many pairs of shoes. These racks are made of durable wood in red and cream finish. They look very attractive and their simple, rectangular shapes match any stylization.

Narrow tall shoe rack

Unfinished design for a set of traditional, tall shoe and boot storage racks with two pieces, made out of natural and untreated pine wood. Each rack has four shelves, providing a lot of storage space for an entryway.

Winsome Wood 4-Shelf Narrow Shelving Unit, Espresso

With simplistic, yet detailed design, this 4-shelf narrow shelving unit will integrate easily into your space. It has solid composite wood construction with versatile dark espresso finish. Features ladder-style frame and rectangular shelves.

Home furniture diy furniture cabinets cupboards 38

Home, Furniture & DIY > Furniture > Cabinets & Cupboards

Tall narrow shoe cabinet

Tall shoe rack made of high quality pine wood. It can accommodate up to 10 pairs of shoes. Great solution for space saving in the hallway, lobby and more.

Shoe rack tall narrow

shoe racks

Shallow shoe rack

This 4 drawer narrow shoe rack will be an ideal space saving item for your hallway. It will help you organize your shoes and get rid of the dirty spots on the floor. Available in different configurations.

Tall narrow shoe storage

Tall Narrow Shoe Storage

Home closet shoe storage shoe racks floor to ceiling shoe

Home > Closet > Shoe Storage > Shoe Racks > Floor to Ceiling Shoe Tree

Entryway shoe cabinet bench outdoor shoe storage cabinet with door

Entryway Shoe Cabinet Bench Outdoor Shoe Storage Cabinet With Door ...

The hotel box from pure nomade in denmark

the Hotel Box from Pure Nomade in Denmark

Stolmen 1 sektion ikea justerbar i hojd mellan 210 330

STOLMEN 1 sektion IKEA Justerbar i höjd mellan 210-330 cm - gör det ...

Contemporary shoe rack designs

If you can not cope with harnessing footwear standing in the hallway, a narrow shoe rack will help you. This inconspicuous piece of furniture has a slim, tall wooden form made of pine wood. Inside the necessary shelves and a front door with frosted glass.

Shoe rack unit

Shoe Magic- Shoe Cabinet

Bookcase tall 4 book shelves silver feet narrow display unit

... Bookcase Tall 4 Book Shelves Silver Feet Narrow Display Unit Sorrento

Shoe storage tall

An aesthetic rustic style shoe rack entirely crafted of solid wood with a natural finish. It has 4 tall upright square posts, a rectangular top and 4 rectangular longwise-slatted gently slanted frontward shelves with raised front edges.

Neatfreak shoe rack 24 pair closetmax over the door organizer

Neatfreak Shoe Rack, 24 Pair ClosetMAX Over the Door Organizer

Shoe organizer

shoe organizer

Narrow space shoe rack

Shoe Rack Hanging & In Use

Black Tall Shoe Cubbie Cabinet

Pretty classic shoe stand having a tall body of black-laminated fibreboard, a moulding top and a recessed gently arched base. Open cubbies accommodate 24 pairs of shoes. A bottom niche can serve e.g. for a basket with gloves, scarfs and so on.

Narrow shoe rack

Just a small nook is needed to organize a fine walk-in closet in an apartment that is short on space! This casual closet offers ultra-tall dresser with multiple drawers, a shoe rack and some bars to hang racks on.

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Everything Fashion Beauty Home Top Sets NYFW

4 546 walnut shoe rack wine racks

4,546 walnut shoe rack Wine Racks

Solid oak furniture tall slim narrow bookcase rack cd dvd

... -solid-oak-furniture-tall-slim-narrow-bookcase-rack-cd-dvd-storage

Modern solid walnut tall narrow shoe storage cupboard

Modern Solid Walnut Tall Narrow Shoe Storage Cupboard

Tall narrow dresser

Tall Narrow Dresser

Cream wooden drawer and 4 basket tall hall storage unit

Cream Wooden Drawer and 4 Basket Tall Hall Storage Unit

Tall shoe cabinet

If your shoes are spreading across the whole house, you may want to check this 30-pair shoe rack. It's free-standing, created of polymer plastic and steel tubing, and for this kind of a tall unit, it's also very stable.

Tall shoe shelf

Being a good example of repurposing, this bookcase shows how unique effects you can achieve sometimes. Turned now into a shoe rack, it offers plenty of space for different types of shoes.

Description specification of wall mount shoe rack

Description/ Specification of Wall Mount Shoe Rack

Tall shoe rack

Shoe rack consisting of 7 shelves arranged vertically. It can accommodate 14 pairs of shoes. Construction is made of wood. Great solution for space saving in each home.

30 pair shoe rack accommodates all sizes white 62 25

30 Pair Shoe Rack - Accommodates All Sizes (White) (62.25"H x 22.50"W ...

Details about narrow space shoe rack hold upto 10 pairs

Details about Narrow Space Shoe Rack Hold Upto 10 Pairs of Shoes Save ...

Elegant 4 shelf tall wood storage shelving narrow ladder style

Elegant 4 Shelf Tall Wood Storage Shelving Narrow Ladder Style ...

Tall narrow shoe rack

This tall narrow storage unit is the perfect solution for the living room or office. Capacious shelves accommodate books and decorations, introducing design harmony. The whole made of solid materials is durable.

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Tall Narrow Shoe Rack You'll Love in 2020 - VisualHunt

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50+ Tall Narrow Shoe Rack You'll Love in 2020 - Visual Hunt

50 tall narrow shoe rack youll love in 2020 visual

50+ Tall Narrow Shoe Rack You'll Love in 2020 - Visual Hunt