Bathroom Storage Tower

To keep those bathroom needs close at hand, get yourself a bathroom storage tower, and never have to run to the linen closet again. Keep extra toilet paper, hand towels, feminine products, or whatever, in this handsome, freestanding storage tower. They aren't huge, don't take up too much space, but are still perfectly capable of storing anything you need.

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Classic master bathroom vanity

Classic master bathroom vanity
White marble countertop perfectly combines with simple and elegant bead cabinets. The most important element is bathroom storage towar in between - full of space, because of one drawer on the base and long cabinet.

Beachy bath tropical bathroom tampa

Beachy bath tropical bathroom tampa
An elegant storage tower that will help you to save space in your small bathroom and, at the same time, make it more practical. Crafted of white-finished wood, the tower comes with 1 spacious door cabinet, and 2 drawers with decorative metal pulls.


Such a beautiful and elegant bathroom furniture set. 4 white real wood construction cabinets offer a lot of extra space for storage, where you can keep your cosmetics and other bathroom items. Beautifully finished with marble stone.


This exquisite elegant bathroom owes its chic to the classic wrap around mirrors, marble countertops, and white linen storage cabinets with ornate knobs and handlers. All surrounded by lovely grey wallpaper.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom
A simple, but elegant bathroom cabinet that offers plenty of storage space in shelves and drawers. It's in a white color that matches a beige top with sinks and mosaic tiles on the wall. Warm light adds to the atmosphere of this cosy bathroom.

The Woodshop Of Avon Traditional Bathroom Minneapolis

The Woodshop Of Avon Traditional Bathroom Minneapolis
This bathroom set of wardrobes combines elegance and functionality. Considerably designed with a lot of convenient shelves and drawers and big mirror placed in the recess will enchant you with the amount of space offered.

Bathroom vanities with storage towers

Stunning bathroom furniture which provides a lot of space for storage. Many cupboards and drawers will help you to keep many things out of sight. It has also two sinks which allows to use the bathroom by a couple at the same time.

Our advice Buying Guide

The bathroom is an abode for what can seem like an endless amount of items. Especially if a bathroom is shared by two or more people, it can get annoying to store items underneath the sink and in a closet right outside the bathroom. The beauty of a bathroom storage tower is that you can store most of your bathroom necessities right there in your bathroom. If you want to figure out what bathroom storage would work best for you, we’ve compiled a list of tips for your benefit.

What are the benefits of bathroom storage towers?

Bathroom storage towers are useful for storing toilet paper, extra towels, hand-towels, extra toothpaste toothbrushes, hair care products and accessories, as well as many other grooming products. Not only can you help keep items that would otherwise be stored outside of the bathroom nearby, but you can also de-clutter the sink area from those small grooming items that fall in the sink and on the ground way too easily.

What size storage tower should you choose?

Depending on how much storage you want, the size of your storage tower can vary. Sometimes additional storage isn’t a want, but a necessity. This can be especially true if you’re, let’s say a family of 4 in a New York apartment.

  • Bathrooms being used by only one or two people don’t need too much extra storage. For bathrooms being shared by more than 2 people, you’ll want to look into taller storage towers with more storage options.
  • Maybe you and the people in your home don’t clutter the sink much and only need storage for towels, toilet paper, and a couple extra items. A couple shelves can do wonders as a minimal storage option with efficient use of space.
  • There are many decked out storage towers with an array of shelves, cabinets, and drawers to store just about anything you can imagine. You can even find towers to accommodate bins to store dirty laundry for convenience.

Overall, a good thing to do is make a list of what you plan to use your bathroom storage tower for. Determine how much space you need compared to how much space you want. Take time to visually look at everything you want to store to get an idea of how much space it takes up. You don’t want to end up with too many empty drawers and cabinets just because you overestimated the needed storage.

What types of storage can bathroom towers offer?

Bathroom towers offer many different types of storage in an endless number of combinations.

  • Open shelves offer nice, minimal storage which is suitable for things like toilet paper, folded towels, hand towels, and even some candles or decorations.
  • Cubbies are like enclosed shelves that can house rolled towels and hand towels, paper, lotions, perfumes, as well as decorations.
  • Cabinets are great for hidden storage if you don’t like the sight of extra toilet paper. Just about anything can be stored in a cabinet. You can even store cleaning supplies in cabinets if you would like.
  • Drawers are nice for smaller knick knacks such as makeup, q-tips, cotton balls, bars of soap, and more.

Storage is a big deal. It can make all the difference in how efficient your home system runs. Bathroom storage towers offer a great deal of convenience that can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. They’re also very stylish and can add a great deal of feng shui in an otherwise boring bathroom.


Bathroom counter storage tower

The old fashioned bathroom for 2. The dark, near to black furniture good play with the sand colour of the countertop. The tower cabinet between the basin should work very well, because it is a great idea to hide some bathroom utensils.

Sink towers

This bathroom furniture set in stylish black color with white top adds to your bathroom touch of classical style. It contains 2 sinks so it's perfect for couple. Spacious cabinets and drawers helps keeping order.

Bathroom countertop storage

A wonderful storage tower suitable for a royal bathroom. It includes several drawers and glassed shelves. The unit is in a pure white color and it's beautifully displayed on light green walls and mosaic floor.

Small storage tower

A truly royal bathroom that is characterized by an impressive storage tower with a glass door and four drawers. The top with two sinks is made of beautiful marble with glossy finish. There are also two spacious cabinets underneath the sinks.

Bathroom storage tower 4

... bathroom layout - but it can be added to your bathroom even years

Bathroom vanity storage tower

White double vanity with a storage tower in master bath

Bathroom storage tower 1

The practical part of the bathroom is undoubtedly the storage tower, which due to the various drawers and baffles will accommodate all the necessary toiletries and cosmetics. The whole is a functional part of the bathroom vanity.

Bathroom storage tower 7

Vanity Towers Take Bathroom Storage to New Heights

Storage towers for bathrooms

There are already a million ideas - where to store clean towels. They can become a decoration in itself, occupying a place on the shelves of a built-in black shelf - storage tower for bathroom between two mirrors and sinks in a lychee.

Bathroom storage tower 5

storage tower

Storage towers for bathrooms 1

Solid storage tower for bathroom applications. Its wooden frame is durable, protective and resistant to moisture. Its interior space is quite large, so it serves as a storage element for bathroom accessories.

Storage towers for bathrooms

Traditional Bathroom

Bathroom vanity towers

Concord White Linen Tower

Vanity with tower

An elegant contemporary on top-mounted bathroom storage tower crafted of wooden materials with an elegant warm brown finish. It has a crown top, 3 open front shelves and a back with a vertically slatted pattern.

Storage ideas bathroom storage bathroom countertop storage tower

... Storage Ideas > Bathroom Storage > Bathroom Countertop Storage Tower

Storage towers for bathrooms

With these storage towers for your bathroom you will finally have more than enough space to actually fit all of your belongigns neatly and at the same time provide a classy and stylish piece of furniture to your decor.

White bathroom storage tower

Bathroom cabinet with mirrored doors. Frame is made of wood. Suitable for storing towels, cosmetics, toiletries and others bathroom accessories. Great addition for each bathroom.

Cabinet between bathroom sinks

Master Bath mirrors ... will look something like this with a window instead of a cabinet in the middle.

Bathroom countertop shelves

Corner drawers, rotating carousels for awkward nooks and built-in compartments on the backs of cupboard doors are other crafty storage solutions you might like to consider.

Bathroom countertop storage cabinets

Washed and scented towels in the bathroom,can wait for you in a specially adapted cabinet. Made of white wood, it fills the space of a bright bathroom.It is based on a marble top, in the corner - not only functional thanks to many shelves -but also decorative.

White bathroom storage

One can't go wrong with white bathroom - it makes things so sleek and fresh! This bathroom cabinetry with towel storage tower is no exception. Large mirrors with gold colored fixtures add to elegant style.

Tresham Tall Storage Tower

Tresham Tall Storage Tower

Taymor Chrome Six Drawer Storage Tower with Frosted Acrylic Drawers

Vanity storage tower 1

Between Washer & Dryer...great storage plus would keep socks from falling in between.

Bathroom storage tower 5

Style and storage abound in this luxurious master bathroom, where a bath accent collection adds extra flair to cabinetry in the bathing and dressing areas.

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Organize it storage tower

Organize It Storage Tower

All rooms bath photos bathroom 1

All Rooms / Bath Photos / Bathroom

Storage towers for organizing in bathroom via bhg

Storage towers for organizing in bathroom via BHG

Bathroom storage tower 9

dual pedestals with built in between

Lacava plaza bathroom storage cabinet modern bathroom storage

Lacava Plaza Bathroom Storage Cabinet modern-bathroom-storage

Bathroom storage tower 8

availability this fixture is currently in stock list price $ 451 11 ...

Storage towers for bathrooms 5

This Banya bath tower is an extremely clever and convenient solution for one's bathroom. Apart from offering space to hang your towels, this 3-tier construction has also a built-in radiator, which will make your wet towels dry in a minute.

White bathroom storage tower 1

A rustic set of bathroom storage furniture with a smooth finish. The set contains a linen rack, a bench with a handy shelf on the bottom and a wall-mounted shelf for cosmetics, all made out of light walnut wood.

Essential home bathroom storage tower

Essential Home -Bathroom Storage Tower

Bathroom storage tower 7

would be perfect next to the radiator: grid tower | CB2

White bathroom storage tower

The simple, monochromatic bathroom stylization. I was alway sof the opinion that the black and white decor looks always elegant. I will never change my mind: different patterns and materials, but still 100 % of style.

Linen and storage this collection of linen towers and storage

linen and storage this collection of linen towers and storage cabinets ...

Sauder Linen Tower Bath Cabinet, Cinnamon Cherry Finish

This Tower Bath Cabinet in Cinnamon Cherry Finish is going to make your bathroom more practical, and at the same time more stylish. Contemporary cabinet includes cubbyhole divider, faux granite finish shelf, and adjustable shelf behind door.

Bathroom linen tower on bath storage linen towers cabinets more

Bathroom Linen Tower on Bath Storage Linen Towers Cabinets More Gilt ...

Aeri Wood Wall Mount Storage Unit

Bathroom slim line storage tower

Bathroom Slim Line Storage Tower

Tower storage cabinet

Due to minimalist design doing away with visible handles or any ornaments, this tall and narrow floating linen tower cabinet embodies the essence of contemporary chic. White lacquer gloss finish couln't fit more here.