Bathroom Linen Tower

Is your family growing to the point where you’re running out of storage space for towels? Do you enjoy having guests over whenever you can? Then a bathroom linen tower will keep everything nice and tidy.

At the same time, these cabinets will also allow you to introduce a decorative element that can tie the entire bathroom together, whether you pick a closed model in a cohesive finish or one with open shelves that you can use to showcase a few charming items.

Five shelves are a popular solution, but try and run a little inventory and choose your tower accordingly if you can.

As for materials, the two most popular options are wood (as long as it includes a factory finish or stain to protect it in such a moist environment) and MDF. However, you can now find models with glass and metal elements, too.

Traditional bathroom linen tower with open shelves

Traditional bathroom linen tower with open shelves

An all-time favorite design when it comes to bathroom linen towers involves cabinets with a few open shelves and some others hidden behind cupboard doors. This allows you to keep your most frequently used items at easy reach while protecting the most delicate ones from moisture and splashes of water.

For example, if your new linen tower is too close to your shower, it’d be safer to keep the towels behind closed cupboards so that they’ll be super dry waiting for you when you get out.

Nostalgic & decorative bathroom linen tower with a closed design

Nostalgic & decorative bathroom linen tower with a closed design

Some people prefer avoiding open designs as they know that they would end up filling them with clutter. Does that sound like you? To avoid a busy feel and keep your towels and bathroom items actually tidy, play it safe with a closed cabinet.

Since its entire front will include doors and drawers, why not pick some decorative ones?

Whether you prefer recessed cupboard doors, slatted designs or something else entirely, choose a model that will still make a statement.

Breezy bathroom linen tower

Breezy bathroom linen tower

Maybe it’s because it’s actually fairly small, or maybe it’s just a bit dim and full of large furniture, but does your bathroom feel a bit tight?

In that case, improve its visual flow by introducing a bathroom linen tower with an open design on its upper part.

This will also make it easier to reach for your shampoo or other beauty products from different angles when you’re having a shower or getting ready in front of the sink in the morning.

Bathroom linen tower with a glass door

Bathroom linen tower with a glass door

Bathroom linen towers that include a few open shelves behind a glass door are a clever compromise in steamy bathrooms: they keep everything safe and dry while still allowing you to showcase a few items instead of hiding them behind closed cupboards.

Just keep in mind that you’ll probably have to wipe its glass surface a bit more often.

Black bathroom linen tower

Black bathroom linen tower

Most linen towers tend to be white to match the most popular styles of bathroom fixtures and furniture. Not your thing?

If you’d like to balance this color by creating an eye-catching contrast, you can’t go wrong with a black design. It immediately inspires a touch of luxurious sophistication and works across different decor styles, especially traditional.

Bathroom linen tower in unusual colors

Bathroom linen tower in unusual colors

The world of bathroom linen towers isn’t all black and white. Sure, they might be a bit harder to find, but there are certainly other hues out there.

For the most cohesive results, you could scout for a bathroom vanity and linen cabinet combo in the same color.

Alternatively, you can create a balanced palette by introducing a linen tower in a contrasting hue or one that matches other elements in your bathroom.

Contemporary linen tower

Contemporary linen tower

While bathroom linen towers tend to inspire a traditional and almost nostalgic feel, you can make them work in your contemporary interiors, too.

For example, stray away from more ornate designs including noticeable decorative elements such as recessed cabinets.

Instead, stick to streamlined, clean, and symmetrical shapes as well as designs experimenting with creative layouts like this visually appealing combination of closed and open storage.

Wider linen tower for bathrooms where space isn’t a problem

Wider linen tower for bathrooms where space isn’t a problem

As you’ve probably noticed by now, most bathroom linen towers tend to be… in a tower shape (duh): narrow and tall. This is still the most space-saving choice in smaller bathrooms.

If, on the other hand, space is the least of your concerns, you could spoil yourself with a more traditional-looking model with wider shelves.

Bathroom vanity with matching linen cabinets

Bathroom vanity with matching linen cabinets

Not planning on settling for anything less than the most cohesive and stylish bathroom? Then consider some bathroom vanity and linen tower sets.

You can also find larger ones that include extra items such as cabinets and mirrors.

That way, your entire bathroom will maintain a balanced palette, showcasing your excellent taste in interior design.

Bathroom vanity with linen tower combo

Bathroom vanity with linen tower combo

If you don’t need an entire set right now or can’t find the right size for your bathroom, you can also pick a more basic vanity and linen cabinet combo.

You can still purchase cabinets and mirrors separately, as long as you maintain their style consistent.

This is also a practical option if you’d like to have the latter in a different color to create some conscious contrast.

Our advice Buying Guide

The assumption is that apart from a towel rack, furniture is not needed in a bathroom. Well, times have changed, and if you are looking for a modern look, bathroom furniture is essential. There are all sorts of advantages to adding furniture to your bathroom – especially a bathroom linen tower, including adding to the already trendy décor and providing convenient additional storage.

Although it’s called a linen tower, you don’t need to use it for storage; you may want an eye-catching focal point or to fill up additional space. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from and this guide will provide you with some simple advice on how to make the best decision when choosing your linen tower.

How to select the best bathroom linen tower?

The best bathroom linen towers have several things in common. To select a piece of furniture that will satisfy your storage and aesthetic needs, look for those features as your browsing.

  • Freestanding units: In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for bathrooms to look like living spaces, and so a free-standing bathroom linen tower will fit right in if that’s the look you are going for. They don’t look like your average linen tower; they stand on legs which makes them look less bulky than conventional versions. If you have a minimal space bathroom, this is an excellent choice because their openness works well in this décor.
  • Units with big storage capacity: The size of your bathroom linen tower will depend on the space you have available in your bathroom. It is important to note that both tall and short linen towers can be deceiving. While the tall tower might have more space, sometimes this is not the case. The same is true of a short linen tower; it may appear that they have less space when in fact they have more.
  • Multi-drawer units: These are perfect for a small bathroom because they are compact and don’t get in the way. If you have a lot of linen that you want to store, multi-drawer units are ideal.

If you are having difficulty finding a linen tower to match your bathroom, you can always go bespoke and have one designed especially for you. It will cost you a bit more money, but you will get exactly what you want.

How to coordinate a bathroom linen tower with bathroom style?

There is a wide range of finishes and styles to choose from when selecting your bathroom linen tower. Add some flair and style to your space with a colorful wooden finish; there are pristine looking white towers to match your bathroom suite. Or if you have a more contemporary style bathroom, there is the stainless-steel look.

Now that you have an idea of the type of linen tower that you think would suit your bathroom, you can peacefully go out shopping knowing exactly what you are looking for.


Linen closet doors

Linen closet doors
Add more storage space for towels, cosmetics or medicines into your bathroom with this master bath linen closet. The white, simple construction is excellent for any type of bathroom or toilet.


A bathroom linen tower with hamper, shelves and rolling laundry bin is an excellent cabinet to the toilet and bathroom. It features a lot of spaces for towels, cosmetics and bath accessories.

Traditional master bath

Traditional master bath
Tall cabinet made of wood. It is fitted with 2 cabinets and drawer for storing towels, toiletries and other personal items. It provides space saving in each bathroom as needed.

Classic bath traditional bathroom atlanta

Classic bath traditional bathroom atlanta
Beautiful colors, huge mirrors, plenty of drawers and storage cabinets, and stylish finishes create an exceptionally beautiful whole. This bathroom mounted to the linen cabinet wall is a perfect solution to the interior.

Bathroom linen cabinet

Bathroom linen cabinet
An aesthetic ceiling-height contemporary linen cabinet for bathrooms. It has a crown top and an open base with low legs. Two size-varied compartments with adjustable shelves have full doors with recessed panels and small square dark metal pulls.

48 Inch Marble Top Single Sink Rustic Bathroom Vanity With Matching Wall Mirror And Linen Tower

48 Inch Marble Top Single Sink Rustic Bathroom Vanity With Matching Wall Mirror And Linen Tower
This set includes solid and useful pieces of bathroom furniture. A sink console features some storage drawers and a compartment. The mirror looks very attractive and a vertical cabinet provides additional storage space.

Vanity towers

Vanity towers
Nothing makes relaxation easier than a beautiful interior. A properly arranged bathroom will easily turn into a home SPA salon - well-organized thanks to the white bathroom linen tower cabinet, made of wood with a white moisture-resistant veneer.

Bayfield White 2 Door Linen Tower

Bayfield White 2 Door Linen Tower
A practical cabinet tower in a standard design. It's a must-have of every bathroom as it will help you keep your towels and linen well organized. Despite the fact that it's tall and narrow it offers a lot of space for storage.

Powder Room

Powder Room
This bathroom cabinet set delights with elegance and cosiness at the same time. It provides a considerable storage space, concealed below the sink, in the side drawers, as well as behind the side mirrored cabinets.

Bathroom cabinet with built in laundry hamper

An elegant contemporary linen tower for bathrooms. It's of wooden materials finished in white. It has a crown top and a cutout base. Each of 3 cabinets with doors having recessed panels and mushroom knobs has 3 brownish drawers with cutout pulls.

Accent storage bench 4

This gorgeous bathroom set is a perfect combination of solid furniture with charming knobs of drawers and cabinets. A simple white top, beautiful tiles and a subtle mirror in a silver frame form a unique whole.

Vanity with linen tower

This gorgeous and incredibly stylish bathroom finish combines the elegance of old gold framed mirrors and lamp bases, beautiful wood full furniture storage space and perfect white sink. The whole place is cozy and very elegant.

12 linen tower

An ingenuine bathroom solution that will help you get rid of your dirty piles of clothes, while at the same time won't interfere too much into the surrounding space. This specially built cupboard space will gently hide all the laundry inside.

Bathroom linen tower

This design shows how smoothly you can decorate your contemporary bathroom. White Subway and Carrara Marble long with the 5-tiered, narrow towel for linens creates a cool and clean, minimalistic design that reflects well the modern trends.

Bathroom vanity towers

This bathroom vanity along with linen tower constitute a solid, wooden construction, which will enhance the bathroom with its traditional class. It creates a considerable storage space for all your towels and bathroom accesories.

Bathroom with gray green vanity accented with nickel hardware and

Bathroom with gray-green vanity accented with nickel hardware and a marble counter which frames a rectangular porcelain sink with hook spout faucet situated below a Worlds Away Vero White Lacquer Trellis Mirror flanked by Reed Sconces beside built-in line

Bathroom ladder linen tower

With this linen tower your towels will be properly organized inside of spacious storage compartments. The unit uses wood construction with a white finish, including 2 capacious cabinets and 3 storage drawers.

Bathroom linen tower

Mixing gray and white gives a fresh contemporary look to this modern bathroom, Solid gray linen tower cabinet sports sleek marble top that matches stone tiles floor. Large mirror expands the space visually.

Tall narrow cabinet

For everyone, who would love to decorate a small-spacious bathroom with fashionable and useful pieces, this linen cabinet would surely be a great solution. The cabinet offers 2 closed and 2 open storage compartments, able to accommodate many smaller necessities.

Linen tower with drawers

An elegant bathroom set of brown-finished wooden materials. A floor unit has 2 door cabinets on sides and 4 drawers in the middle. A top in beige tones accommodates 2 rectangular sinks. A tower in the centre has 2 small drawers and a 2-door cabinet.

12 inch wide linen tower

Suzie: Phoebe Howard - Chic master bathroom with white single bathroom vanity with marble ...

Bathroom vanities with matching linen cabinets

Functional and elegant, the 72'' vanity with cabin tower is made of sturdy wood and covered in a distressed finish. Features 7 drawers with pull-handles, 1 two-door cabinet, 1 sink, and 2 towers with 2 one-door cabinets, 4 open compartments and 1 rectangle mirror.

Bathroom linen tower

Create a perfect vanity setting in your master bathroom with this set that includes a convenient towel cabinet and is simply packed with functionality due to the spacious storage possibilities.

Bathroom linen tower cabinet

A traditional take on a bathroom linen cabinet made in a tower shape. The old-fashioned, vintage wooden frame of the piece goes nicely with the white coat of paint and provides a plenty of storage space with four drawers and a compartment above.

Idea for storage area doors below baskets above pushed back

Idea for storage area... Doors below, baskets above pushed back and decor items up front....

Bathroom linen tower 1

Cabinetry Terms 101: Study before Shopping! Antique Hardware, Brass Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, French Hardware, Furniture Hardware, Hardware, Hardware Ideas, Painted Cabinets, Painted...

Maple vanity with linen tower transitional bathroom

Maple vanity with linen tower transitional-bathroom

Waypoint living spaces style 644 in maple linen cabinet towers

Waypoint Living Spaces | Style 644 in Maple Linen; cabinet towers are a great solution to storage issues.

Center console cabinet transitional bathroom allwood construction

Center Console Cabinet - Transitional - bathroom - Allwood Construction

Bathroom linen tower 15

Love the simple blue and white look with the wood floor!

Linen cabinet tower 1

Spacious cabinet tower made of wood with decorative carvings on legs and top. This tower features two storage compartments with doors that feature decorative metal handles and it also offers additional space in two drawers.

Custom linen closet

stand-up shower - remove shower and put in shelving system seen on right. (no need for two stand up showers in one bathroom!)

Bathroom linen tower 5

Master floor tile/ Carrara Marble Bathroom | Off White Bathroom Cabinets - Transitional - bathroom - Dillon Kyle ...

Bathroom linen tower 1

If you storage place in the bathroom is very limited, the tower storage linen cabinet is the only solution to be used to solve missing space problem. Even if you have to use a stepladder to get the towel...

Bathroom linen tower cabinet 5

This three-sectional cabinet will be perfect to your bathroom. It is made of blanched wood. This cabinet is composed of closet intended to storage cosmetics, shelves to towels and case, which will be ideal laundry basket.

Bathroom vanities with linen towers on end vanity and linen

Bathroom Vanities with Linen Towers On End | Vanity and linen tower - traditional - bathroom - new york - by World ...

Bath linen tower

Love the glass bricks.. would be neat with lights in too.. also like the shower tile color

Bathroom linen tower cabinet 1

An exquisitely glamorous bathroom cabinet. Ornamental construction, visible in i.e. curved legs and glazed upper part is mixed here with functionality (wheeled base). Divided into several tiers, it offers considerable space for your linens.

Bathroom linen tower 6

The buck stops at the Montaigne Bath Vanity.

Ranch remodel traditional bathroom san francisco jca architects

Ranch Remodel - traditional - bathroom - san francisco - JCA ARCHITECTS

Contemporary bath with double vanity light countertops and light vanity

Contemporary bath with double vanity - light countertops and light vanity

Homestar Hall Collection Linen Tower in White

With the two fixed and three adjustable shelves for more specific storage needs and more functionality this linen tower will truly allow you to take advantage of the space in your bathroom, while the metal hooks come there for hanging towels or garments.

Bathroom linen tower cabinet 1

Bathroom Linen Tower Cabinet

Ronbow shaker linen tower in white use drawer base unit

Ronbow Shaker Linen tower in white. Use drawer base unit (32") + 48" version with frosted glass door as top. Comes in 12/15/18" options.

Custom crystal cabinets painted bisque cream sink 75 long wall

Custom Crystal Cabinets painted Bisque, Cream sink, 75" long wall vanity w/out cabinet. Sink base is 27" and each drawer bank is 24". Floor tile grout line is very small, 1 1/16" think

Sheffield linen tower by wyndham collection white free

Sheffield Linen Tower by Wyndham Collection - White | Free ...

Shop wyndham collection claire espresso bathroom linen

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Sheffield linen tower by wyndham collection gray free

Sheffield Linen Tower by Wyndham Collection - Gray | Free ...

Bathroom linen tower with shelved cabinet storage and 4 2

Bathroom Linen Tower with Shelved Cabinet Storage and 4 ...

Linen tower for bathroom tyres2c

Linen Tower For Bathroom | Tyres2c