Freestanding Cabinets

Freestanding cabinets are perfectly balanced to sit on any level surface without toppling over. The reinforced, sturdy, wood construction gives it weight to keep it firm in place, even if the contents are a little off balance. And with a lovely collection of woods to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect freestanding cabinet to match your home decor.

Best Products

Atka 75" Kitchen Pantry

Atka 75" Kitchen Pantry
As this unusual freestanding cabinet is made from collected wood, you know that you’re buying a truly unique piece of furniture. With a distressed finish and knotted rope handles this piece would be a perfect addition to an eclectic home. At 75” H and 17”5 W this slim cupboard with two drawers will provide handy storage in a small space.

Amezquita 73" Kitchen Pantry

Amezquita 73" Kitchen Pantry
No kitchen is complete with a classic American hutch. Available in four attractive colors, this cabinet offers ample space to store electric appliances such as a coffee maker, along with other kitchen essentials. Fitted with tempered glass doors and elegant bronze handles, this stylish cabinet is a must-have.

Wood 12 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

Wood 12 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet
Finding a stylish solution to shoe storage is notoriously difficult, but this chic, white cabinet is the answer. At just 20.27” W and 9.05” D you may be surprised that the cabinet’s fold-out drawers hold 12 pairs of shoes, making it perfect for a large family. The cleverly-designed slats not only give this piece a chic modern look they also ensure breathability.

Ellsworth 23.6" W x 31.1" H x 9.65" D Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinet

Ellsworth 23.6" W x 31.1" H x 9.65" D Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinet
Available in three contemporary colors, this freestanding bathroom cabinet offers both concealed storage and three display shelves for your favorite decorative items. With clean lines and muted colors, as well as the timeless slatted door, this wooden cabinet is an excellent choice for stylish modern homes.

2 Door Storage Cabinet

2 Door Storage Cabinet
A storage cabinet that features two doors with a beautiful polyurethane finish which ensures durability. It also has four shelves inside that are all adjustable. The cabinet can be anchored to the wall.

Dresser base free standing kitchen cabinet unit cupboard

... / Dresser Base, Free-Standing Kitchen Cabinet / Unit, Cupboard

Kitchen pantry cabinet freestanding

This freestanding kitchen pantry is a beautiful combination of solid wood construction and plenty of storage space. Numerous cabinets, shelves, dividers, and drawers will allow you to manage all the things you do not need in the kitchen.

Our advice Buying Guide

Freestanding cabinets are making a comeback and how. From the kitchen to the bathroom, they are slowly replacing in-built cabinetry and why not.

They are cheaper, can be moved around, don’t need to be professionally installed, can be painted, and reconfigured as many times as you’d want to.

That’s a kitchen/bathroom makeover on a shoestring budget folks. But because they have only recently regained their popularity, (they went out of fashion in the United States in the 1940s), there’s very little information available about them.

Here are a few key factors to consider before you press on that trigger.

How to pick the best freestanding cabinet for the intended use?

Pick a cabinet style that suits the destination. Where do you intend to use the freestanding cabinet? Is it in the kitchen, the bathroom, the study or the hallway?

  • An integrated bookshelf would be a great feature for a freestanding cabinet for the study.
  • One for the kitchen might need a table top for prepping food (island cabinet) or a nested sink with a countertop.
  • Cabinets for the bathroom resemble a vanity and usually feature integrated drawers for storage.

What different designs of freestanding cabinets are there?

The general consensus is that a stock freestyle cabinet bought off-the-shelf cannot match the aesthetics of a custom made one. That’s no longer the case. Manufacturers are now offering premade cabinets that can be attached to the back wall and mimic custom made cabinetry. Framed, frameless, you can take your pick.

There are elevated ones with visible legs as well as base cabinets with concealed legs that make it impossible to make out whether it’s a freestanding unit or a permanent fixture.

Elevated legs make your room appear bigger and are easier to clean as well because you can mop under them. But hidden legs or skirting boards provide a sleeker and uniform appearance.

Irrespective of what style you pick, always try to strike a balance with the rest of the furniture pieces.

Should you choose pre-assembled or semi-custom models?

  • Pre-assembled cabinets are your best bet if you are shopping within a stringent budget. They are cheaper but may be limited in their sizes and designs and cannot be customized beyond an extent.
  • Semi-custom models can be customized to a great extent. You can select the dimensions and the type of wood that will be used for manufacturing it. However, it will require some amount of assembly at home. It’s usually pretty straightforward and manufacturers include detailed instructions.

How to select the best material for freestanding cabinets?

Your budget will determine the type of wood that you can select for your freestanding cabinet. The commonest and cheapest types are Plywood, MDF, and particleboard. Plywood is the most expensive of the three but also the most durable. Particleboard is the cheapest but also the least durable. MDF hits the sweet spot between price and durability.

There is, of course, the option to pick solid wood cabinets if you have deeper pockets. Some manufacturers offer a plywood cabinet with a solid wood door. That’s a great way to keep your budgets tight without compromising too much on quality.

Apart from the wood, pay attention to the hardware. Handles, dovetail joints, spring loaded shelves, drawers, handles, and hinges are of utmost importance, especially if the installation is in a busy household.

With some research, there is no reason why you cannot achieve a successful kitchen remodel on a shoestring budget with freestanding cabinets.


Freestanding cabinets 1

Small but cute kitchen with freestanding cabinets that make for storage furniture accommodating kitchenware and crockery. Neutral palette is pepped up a bit with occasional pops of colors via flowers, accessories and wall art.

Freestanding cabinets 2

Do you need a kitchen and have no place? This solution is perfect for you! This mid-sized traditional cabinetry integrates sink, taps, microwave, fridge, induction hob, granite top and quite a lot of storing space. Just look at this compact miracle!

Freestanding cabinet

Freestanding Cabinet

Freestanding kitchen cabinet

In this two-toned kitchen, the sink cabinet area is slightly deeper than adjacent painted cabinets and looks like a freestanding furniture piece. The beadboard backsplash above the counters plays to the relaxed farmhouse.

Kitchen pantry wallpaper hd white kitchen storage pantry cabinet

... Kitchen Pantry Wallpaper Hd White Kitchen Storage Pantry Cabinet

Free standing kitchen cabinets 10 free standing kitchen cabinets

free standing kitchen cabinets 10 Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet stand alone

You can easily accommodate your kitchen with this freestanding cabinet, improving both its functionality and appearance. Designed of stainless steel, the cabinet includes 4 open shelves, and 1 highly-polished top with a built-in sink.

Free standing cabinet

A minimalistic, contemporary freestanding cabinet. It was enhanced by the addition of wicker cabinets below, not only to improve the aesthetics but also the amount of storage space it offers. A great solution for any small kitchen!

Freestanding cabinet 1

These freestanding cabinets will do a splendid job completing the look of your kitchen and adding a significant boost of functional use to it. They come with spacious drawers and wooden tops that are durable enough to last years.

I like the space for the microwave and the pull

I like the space for the microwave and the pull out shelf

Free standing base cabinets

The perfect proposal of freestanding cabinet. Excellent idea for smaller kitchen - all the elements needed had been cumulated in one place without any loss of style. I would like to have this one in my summer home.

Devol shaker cupboard stoarge in the door and color

devol shaker cupboard, stoarge in the door and color

Stand alone cabinet for kitchen

Call it the European influence or a return to this country's early-1900s notions: Many of today's kitchens are assigning furniture duties to cabinetry. Some pieces are freestanding, but others simply appear to be, standing in as china hutches, pie safes,

Now open kitchen plans the new homeowners did a little

Now: Open Kitchen Plans The new homeowners did a little updating in the kitchen but stayed within the room's original design. They replaced the old cabinetry with inexpensive freestanding cabinets that can easily be moved. The zero-demolition project hel

Free standing kitchen how neat is that although it would

free-standing neat is that? although it would be pretty hard to sell a house with no kitchen if you do take it with you when you move.

Free standing kitchen sink

A practical addition for country kitchens that are lacking a proper storage unit. The pantry allows you to store many things inside, offering you 6 wooden shelves concealed behind a wooden plank door.

Keltainen talo rannalla 1

Keltainen talo rannalla

Free standing broom closet

A kitchen design that includes functional wooden cabinets with a solid and functional kitchen island in yellow color. This decor also includes a backles home bar stool in a neutral black color that looks very nice among yellow elements.

Freestanding bar

Simple and therefore just perfect for both modern and classically styled interiors - this kitchen pantry cabinet will make for a nice option for when you need a significant boost of space for your food and would still like to keep the interior clean and classy.

Free standing cupboards

This white linen cabinet, carved in long lines - is made of hardwood and has been created to accommodate all the necessary things of a small child when it arrives at home. Clothes, accessories - a freestanding cabinet with black handles works perfectly.

Freestanding pantry cabinet freestanding pantry cabinet by

Freestanding Pantry Cabinet Freestanding Pantry Cabinet by

Free standing wood cabinets

This freestanding wooden pantry brings in a rustic, boho accent into the design. It will fit well with loft or urban designs, corresponding well to other wooden elements of one's decor.

Free standing kitchen pantry

Wow! So large, spacious and modern kitchen storage organizer with many shelves for spices, food, jars, bottles, glasses and much much more. Everyone need to have it in the kitchen.

Stand alone kitchen cabinet

An antique cabinet in a timeless design. It will add a rustic flare to your dining space. The top part of it features open shelves, which can be used to display pricey dinnerware. The bottom of the piece consists of door shelves and drawers.

Kitchen freestanding cabinet

Remodelled drawers and cabinets for freestanding kitchen - love it. Gorgeous, cheap, amazing

Larders pantry cabinets built in or freestanding simons microwave in

Larders & Pantry Cabinets - built-in or freestanding | Simon's - microwave in pantry cabinet

Free standing kitchen shelves

cranberry red for a soft pleasing look. maybe this color to tone down the red cabinet we have now...

Kitchen cupboards freestanding

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Island - this island is AWESOME! Just might paint my black one turquoise, it is so lovely!

Free standing shelves for kitchen

This freestanding cabinet enchants with its intricately designed fronts and the unique, turquoise finish. Based on solid, thick, legs, this wooden construction embodies a cool, vintage vibe, fitting well to all rustic or shabby chic interiors.

Colourful organized kitchen

Colourful, organized kitchen

Free standing kitchen cabinets 7

Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets

Home Source Oak Hills Microwave Mahogany Cabinet

Painted freestanding cupboard with larder storage for dry foods and

Painted freestanding cupboard with larder storage for dry foods and ...

Free standing kitchen sink cabinet

Enhance your kitchen with elegance and functionality by deciding on this freestanding cabinet made of sturdy maple wood. You are getting 4 storage drawers with stylish handles and 6 wooden shelves kept behind 2 glass panel doors.

Free standing kitchen pantry cabinet

With this freestanding cabinet, you kitchen will be more functional and your food properly stored. The pantry includes 5 wooden shelves that are hidden behind 2 glass paneled doors with curtains and decorative handles.

Free standing kitchen cabinet

The beauty of this freestanding cabinet makes the décor of the pantry, kitchen or dining room unique. Solid oak construction is durable and will hold a lot of things. Glazed cabinet doors beautifully display the contents.

25 best free standing kitchen cabinets 2017 theydesign

25 Best Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets 2017 - TheyDesign ...

25 best free standing kitchen cabinets 2017 theydesign 1

25 Best Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets 2017 - TheyDesign ...

Alcott hill langport 26 x 32 free standing cabinet

Alcott Hill Langport 26" x 32" Free Standing Cabinet ...

25 best free standing kitchen cabinets 2017 theydesign 2

25 Best Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets 2017 - TheyDesign ...

25 best free standing kitchen cabinets 2017 theydesign 3

25 Best Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets 2017 - TheyDesign ...

Ezra 26 x 32 free standing cabinet wayfair

Ezra 26" x 32" Free Standing Cabinet | Wayfair