30 White & Golden Kitchen Ideas for a Tasteful Glam Touch

Instead of the most common and overused color combinations, discover how a white base and some golden accents can make your kitchen sparkle.

White and gold have so much potential in home decor, even in your kitchen. The former is a versatile base that makes it a breeze to match other elements, whereas golden accents will translate into a sophisticated and glamorous touch that will truly set your kitchen apart.

Plus, you can add other hues without straying away from a cohesive feel, from black to wood finishes and other interesting additions.

To help you find the right color combination and style for your home, our interior design experts have cooked up a delightful selection of white and golden kitchen ideas.

1. Kitchen with an abundance of white

White kitchen with golden accents
Thomas Pheasant

This color has a much welcome superpower: when used in great quantities, it inspires a bright and airy feel, making small rooms and kitchens appear wider than they actually are.

So, while large white kitchens look just as stylish and stunning, choosing this color in a smaller setting would be a particularly wise choice.

You can then add smaller golden accents, too.

2. White & golden kitchen with navy blue elements

Kitchen consisting of nautical colors
SF Design Build

Planning on using white as your primary hue and gold as an accent? Consider navy blue as your secondary color.

A no-brainer in nautical homes, it can work with other decor styles too thanks to the beautiful contrast that it creates.

For example, you could have one layer of cupboards in white and the other in this hue, a navy-blue kitchen with a white island, or vice versa.

3. Black, white, and golden kitchen

Black kitchen with white and golden elements
EMID Design Group

When it comes to creating a balanced contrast, we can think of very few color combinations that are just as effective as these three hues!

Black cabinets can look divine in large kitchens (but keep in mind that they’d make a smaller one look even more cramped), and you could include white surfaces and walls as well as tasteful golden accents.

4. White and golden kitchen with marble

White kitchen with marble surfaces
Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Another way to complement your white and golden kitchen is to include marble in your ambitious vision. We especially recommend this idea if you’re striving for a luxurious or sophisticated feel.

Some strategic spots for the marble would be your kitchen and island top surfaces and your backsplash.

A trick to take the cohesive feel of your white, golden, and marble kitchen to the next level? Choose marble with golden veins.

5. Ultra white kitchen island

Kitchen with a white island and chairs
Maddie Hughes Designs

It’s good practice to create some contrast with your kitchen island, both when it comes to your other cabinets and the chairs against it.

However, if you’re hoping for a light and airy feel, you could consider a white kitchen island with white stools.

To prevent them from disappearing altogether, though, use your golden accents wisely, like the design of the stool legs in this example.

6. Colorful kitchen with white and golden elements

Kitchen with a varied color palette
Romanek Design Studio

Most interior designers recommend sticking to three core hues when selecting your palette. Some bold decor styles, however, allow you more flexibility.

If you’re considering an eclectic, Hollywood regency, or bohemian kitchen, for example, you could include a more varied splash of colors, much like in this example with a multicolor rug in a white, black, and golden kitchen.

Why not add some colorful fresh flowers, too?

7. Eye-catching golden accents

White kitchen with bold golden accents
Brooke Voss Interior Design

When using white as your kitchen’s main color, you have lots of opportunities to introduce golden accents.

The most obvious one is to focus on handles and knobs: since there are quite a few in every kitchen, they’ll immediately create a cohesive feel and help your accent color shine.

Other strategic spots are chair legs, lighting fixtures, smaller accents on other elements (like this cooker hood), and even your faucet.

8. Kitchen with white wall tiles

White kitchen against white wall tiles
Stefani Stein

Most white kitchens involve cabinets and walls in this color, but you could make yours stand out even more by including white wall tiles… and not necessarily just for the backsplash.

Tiles will introduce a visually interesting pattern that can help you avoid an overwhelming or plain feel if you also have white cabinets.

As you can see in this example, it makes wall shelves with golden elements pop, too.

9. White kitchen with golden and silver accents

White kitchen with shiny metallic accents
Tamara Magel Interiors & Buildings

Start with white as your primary color, but consider using both golden and metallic accents (e.g. silver or chrome) when planning the rest of your kitchen.

This is a beautiful trick that will add even more of a glam, contemporary, or sleek feel depending on the design of the actual elements.

For example, you could have golden drawer handles and stools with chrome legs.

10. Golden lighting fixtures

White kitchen with golden overhead lights
Coco Kelley

Another great spot to introduce golden elements in your white kitchen is your overhead lighting.

A golden design will especially stand out against a white ceiling. For example, you could consider spotlights as your main overhead light or longer pendants for task lighting above your kitchen island.

11. White and golden kitchen with light wood finishes

Wooden kitchen with white and gold elements
Carrier and Company

The white and gold combination is mainly used for luxurious and sophisticated interiors, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t strive for more of a rustic or cozy vibe.

If that’s your idea, look no further than natural and even aged or distressed wood finishes. Lighter-colored ones, in particular, will help you emphasize the airy feel of your white cabinets.

12. Opulent white and golden kitchen

Golden kitchen table and overhead light
Alex Papachristidis

Perhaps you got inspired by kitchens with golden elements thanks to the luxurious and sumptuous atmosphere that they can convey?

Then embrace it fully by playing with golden designs beyond handles and small accents. Think tables, chairs, frames, and bolder overhead lighting!

As you can see in this example, cushions in a golden finish can be yet another classy touch.

13. Dome pendant lighting in a golden finish

White kitchen with pendant lights
Manning Construction

One of the lighting designs that can actively help you introduce a more noticeable golden accent is the dome pendant: by providing a wider surface than thinner solutions, it really helps you showcase the golden finish.

It’s also extremely versatile as it can work with a variety of decors, and especially Scandinavian, farmhouse, contemporary, and industrial.

Thanks to their varying length, these fixtures are ideal for task lighting above your island.

14. Island-centered kitchen

Kitchen with a cooker hood above the island
Peter Dunham & Associates

If your kitchen is particularly spacious, how about moving the cooker hood and oven to your island?

Given its central location, you should look for a cooker hood that’s more decorative as well as functional, which is a great opportunity to introduce a golden accent like in this captivating example.

15. Kitchen with a cottage feel

Michael De Perno and Andrew Fry

Combine white and wood finishes to create a cozy kitchen with a cottage vibe.

As you can see in this stunning example, some tactical elements that you can include are open shelves, beadboard paneling, pendant lighting, and brass as well as golden accents.

To further homage your cottage inspiration, include natural touches like fruit bowls and fresh flowers.

16. Glam industrial kitchen

White and golden kitchen with glam-industrial elements
Melanie Turner Interiors

Raw industrial and shiny glam interiors: these decor styles couldn’t seem farther apart, but that’s exactly what makes them a creative combination!

Have white as your primary color, maintain the minimalist vibes of industrial styles, and choose open shelves and lighting fixtures with a warehouse feel.

Then, go crazy with golden and other shiny metallic accents like brass. Check out the glam pipe-style design around this kitchen island!

17. Golden kitchen chandelier

White kitchen with a golden chandelier
Richard Thomas Anuszkiewicz

If you really want to wow your guests and aim for the most opulent kitchen, place a showstopping chandelier in the middle. Of course, its design should include golden arms and accents.

However, you won’t have the same level of illumination as with task lighting options. So, we only recommend chandeliers in particularly bright kitchens or those whose layout still allows you to include pendants above the actual kitchen island.

18. Creative lighting solutions in golden accents

White kitchen with cage lighting
L&B Limited Company

Another beautiful and quirky idea for the lighting fixtures in your white and golden kitchen is to experiment with cage designs. These can involve different geometric shapes in a golden finish and a lighting solution in the middle, such as exposed lightbulbs or electric candles.

Because they blend the sleek lines of contemporary interiors and the cozy feel of traditional homes, those with candles are especially ideal in transitional kitchens.

19. Kitchen with stools including golden legs

White kitchen with golden stools
Amazing Spaces Kitchen & Bath Designers

The stools around your kitchen island are another unmissable spot to showcase some golden accents.

As you can see in this stylish kitchen, they work divinely against both white and black backgrounds.

To keep your palette consistent, you could then top them up with upholstery in one of your main hues (e.g. white or black, in this case).

20. White kitchen with golden shelves

White kitchen with golden fixtures
Dimora Interiors

Unlike closed cupboards where you might be tempted to cram piles of kitchen equipment, open storage can be used for both practical and decorative purposes.

Stick to a small and aesthetically pleasing selection of items (such as crockery, recipe books, herbs, or flowers).

It helps if the shelves themselves match the rest of your kitchen: how about this sleek design with clean lines combining white and golden hues?

21. White kitchen with golden handles

White kitchen with white walls
Thomas and Birch Boutique

Golden handles will instantly pop against white drawers or cupboards.

You can find them in lots of different designs, such as cup pull handles and circular knobs.

Still, if you want to make your golden accents even more noticeable, we recommend opting for thin but much longer handles: horizontal for your drawers and vertical for cupboards of narrower units.

22. Charcoal and white kitchen with decorative items in golden hues

White and charcoal kitchen design
Triple Heart Design, LLC

By now, you know all the best spots to incorporate golden accents into the design of your kitchen cupboards and fixtures, but it doesn’t necessarily need to end there.

Core kitchen elements aside, it’ll be your decorative items that will bring it to life, so why not add a sprinkle of gold dust through those, too?

For example, scout for golden vases, trays, candleholders, and utensil pots.

23. White and gold kitchen with wooden accents

Minimalist white kitchen with golden handles
Del Sur Designs

We’ve looked at kitchens that are entirely based on a combination of white surfaces and wood, but it doesn’t always need to be a 50-50 split.

Perhaps you’d like to keep the focus on your white kitchen rather than too many wooden surfaces? Then use the latter as an accent together with gold: see how it helps accentuate the cooker hood in this kitchen?

24. Sophisticated white and golden kitchen

Elegant and luxurious white kitchen
Dream Kitchens, Inc.

Another way to achieve a luxurious kitchen that oozes style is to choose premium materials like marble surfaces and introduce items and fixtures in premium designs.

For example, as well as golden accents, you could focus on ornate shapes and harmonious lines, like these beautiful wall sconces and faucets.

25. White kitchen with a cozy corner

Spacious white kitchen with different areas
Ginny MacDonald Design

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you might use it for something other than cooking: perhaps you have a spare corner where your kids sometimes do their homework? Or a dining table? Maybe there’s a backdoor, too?

That corner is yet another chance to complement your decor with some thoughtfully placed golden accents.

For example, this kitchen does it through some golden coat hangers above a delightful bench.

26. Minimalist white kitchen

Spacious white kitchen with minimalist decor
Living Edge Kitchens - Kitchen Designers & Remodelers

Rather than cramming every shelf and surface with items that you hardly ever use, consider starting with a declutter and only keeping equipment that you actually make the most of.

That way, you’ll avoid a cluttered feel while keeping the focus on the actual design and white-and-golden combination on which your kitchen is based.

To further emphasize its minimalism, choose simple designs with clean lines and a lack of ornate elements.

27. Kitchen with a strong contrast

White and black kitchen with a contrasting feel
Devix Kitchens

There are different ways to help your kitchen pop by creating a bold contrast. While most kitchens involve two different colors for the top and bottom cabinets, don’t be afraid to think outside the box when planning yours.

For example, this kitchen maintains white cupboards on both levels but marks their separation through a black backsplash.

28. White kitchen with dining table and golden chairs

White kitchen including a dining area
GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

Does the kitchen of your dreams come with a proper dining table rather than a small breakfast section by your island?

Then find chairs that complement your decor style and showcase gold as an accent color.

While golden legs are a popular compromise, you could even consider entirely golden designs like these incredibly stylish chairs.

29. Kitchen with stools in a creative design

White kitchen with stylish golden stools
Lucy and Company an interior design firm

Of course, a golden finish will immediately make the stools by your kitchen island sparkle.

However, to really turn them into the stars of the show, start by looking for an unusual design that goes beyond the usual four legs.

For example, the circular shapes of these models achieve a cohesive result by replicating that of the seat while also inspiring a glam feel.

30. White kitchen with an unusual layout

GreyHunt Interiors

Most kitchens involve two rows of cabinets and/or a central island.

Sure, they’re both practical and versatile layouts, but they might not be the best option to optimize that of your own kitchen or the way you’re planning on using it.

So, experiment with different designs, too: for example, rather than a bulky island in the middle, this kitchen has a counter that turns into an additional surface with seating.

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