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12 Space Saving Ideas For Small Kitchens

Kitchens are the heart of the home. From serving as gathering spots for family and friends to creating a new recipe from scratch, these spaces are essential to our lives. However, when they are small, finding a place for everything you need is sometimes a challenging endeavor.

The key is to organize your appliances, dishware, and cookware so that you can avoid clutter and enjoy your small space. You can also become creative when it comes to organizing your small kitchen. Various ideas, such as mounting an under counter coffee maker to installing ceiling-high cabinets, can help you make the most of your space. Consider adding any of the following 12 space-saving ideas to your small kitchen.

Create a Coffee Station

One reason we can't wait to enter our kitchens early in the morning is so we can pour and enjoy that first eye-opening cup of coffee. Bulky coffee makers can easily take up valuable counter space in small kitchens, so look for a better solution.

Creating a coffee station is as simple as mounting an under cabinet coffee maker. Opt for a corner cabinet so that the machine doesn't obstruct your access to other appliances. Measure the space you have available and place cups, coffee, and sugar just below it or in the cabinet directly above it.

Modern Kitchen Design
Coffeemaker Under The Cabinet

Go Small on Appliances

Reconsider that full-size stove and refrigerator if you have a small kitchen. Turn your kitchen into a vintage showplace, with a smaller, vintage-style pair of appliances. This will narrow the space needed and add counter space for other items you use daily.

If you choose to purchase a smaller refrigerator, consider one with less depth, so it doesn't stick out past the countertops. Also, go with a smaller microwave or toaster oven, focusing on color or design over its size.

Alternatively, opt for multipurpose appliances such as a compact toaster oven with a cooktop that also functions as an air fryer and grill.

Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Multi Functioning Retro Convection Toaster Oven
Electric Breakfast Station

Use Available Wallspace

Try replacing a tile backsplash with a decorative pegboard to use as a spot to hang essentials from spatulas to whisks. You can also hang coffee cups or other small wares.

If pegboard is not your style, consider adding tension rods with various hooks. Not only will you appear organized, but you will be able to find those items you use most within seconds.

Steel Pegboard
Steel Pegboard

Use Corner Shelving

Corners are often the most underutilized areas of a room. If you have a tiny, unused corner in your small kitchen, put it into service by adding a few shelves.

Without sticking out too far, the shelves will provide additional space for coffee cups, small appliances, or other necessities, freeing up both counter space and cabinet space.

Add a Slim Food Pantry

Storing your canned goods and other food packaging in cabinets takes up valuable space. Consider adding a slim food pantry cabinet, either in the kitchen or other nearby locations in the home. There are also wall-mounted versions and tall, slim models on wheels to slip in between your refrigerator and cabinets.

Solid Wood Kitchen Pantry
Manufactured Wood Kitchen Pantry

Create a Wine Rack

If you enjoy a glass of wine on occasion or collect wines, display your bottles, best wine glasses, and decorative wine stoppers on a wall-mounted wine rack . There are several compact, freestanding designs available, or you can mount stemware racks and wine holders underneath your cabinets.

Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack

Hang Baskets

Decorative baskets collected during travels or shopping trips can provide ample storage space for small items such as napkins, napkin rings, silverware, or pet treats. They also make a chic alternative to a countertop fruit bowl.

Keep the look streamlined by designating a product type for each basket and hanging them together in the corner of the room.

Coastal Kitchen Design
Bread Basket Set
Hanging Fruit Basket

Install a Pot Rack

For pans and pots you use regularly, install a pot rack above your stove or choose a wall-mounted pot rack for an unused wall area. Not only will you be organized, but you won't have to bend down and rummage through a lower cabinet for your favorite skillet. A hanging pot rack also makes a dramatic style statement for your kitchen. 

Hanging Pot Rack
Hanging Pot Rack

Add a Multi-Functional Cart

If you have floor space, add a multi-functional cart to your kitchen. This can be a small rolling cart you place in the middle of the room to serve as an island, providing additional space to chop, dice, mix, or prepare your favorite meal.

The advantage of a portable cart is that you can wheel it to the spot you need it most or move it out of the kitchen completely to make extra space. Often these carts have butcher block tops and also contain side hooks and various shelves for additional storage.

Bohemian Kitchen Design
Bohemian Kitchen Design

Install Pull-Outs or Roll-Outs

It's easy just to push the items you don't often use to the back of a cabinet. However, when you need it, you have to pull everything out to get to it. Instead, consider installing pull-outs or roll-out features in the cabinets you already have for better access and organization.

Another way to use these attachable features is to create a pull-out pantry for your spices, baking ingredients, or canned goods.

Pull Out Pantry
White Swivel Shelves
Pull Out Drawer

Go for a Stylish Single Sink

While having a double sink or large farmhouse sink is often preferred, a small kitchen will look more proportional with a single sink instead, and it opens up counter space. Stylish options abound these days when it comes to sink shapes and styles, so pick one that matches your decor the best.

You can make a single sink more functional by adding a half draining rack and hanging a cutlery strainer on the side, allowing to wash, rinse, and dry your kitchen items all in the same place.

Undermount Kitchen Sink
Single Kitchen Sink
Dusk Gray Kitchen Sink

Replace Cabinets

If you're ready to take on a bigger project, consider installing ceiling-high cabinets. The space at the top of regular cabinets is usually wasted space or where you toss items you don't have a place for currently.

With ceiling-high cabinets, you can use the top shelves for that china you rarely use but refuse to give away or other seldom-used kitchen items. Keeping these out of sight can also make your small kitchen look less cluttered.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design
Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

Make the Most of Your Compact Kitchen

Having a small kitchen can be a blessing or a curse. It's all in how you view it and in how you organize and equip the space. Decide on a design or theme, then add functional elements like the under counter coffee maker or multi-functional cart. Downsize your appliances and create a vintage theme or go all out and increase the height of your cabinets.

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