Accent Tiles For Kitchen


Accent tiles are a great way to complete the picture if you are looking to do something different with your tile game in the kitchen. they are interesting and fashionable, and if you are creating a mosaic, you can't beat the cadre of options. Build your perfect tiled space. Take a look at all of our accent tile options. We probably have the one you are looking for.

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Our Picks

Mediterranean Accent Tile Backsplash 

Mediterranean Accent Tile Backsplash 

Heat resistant and approved for use in the shower, these ceramic tiles feature a charming classic Mediterranean design. Hand-painted for a personal touch, the vibrant color scheme is made up of rich blues, greens, and a splash of yellow.

Designer Advice:

The perfect choice for a calm and relaxing kitchen atmosphere, this backsplash would look beautiful paired with white wooden flooring. Keep things simple with the rest of your décor but add small blue glass accents like vases on your windowsill for a finishing touch. As the tile pattern is busy, you don't want to overwhelm your kitchen with too many colors.

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Azure Accent Tiles for Kitchen

Azure Accent Tiles for Kitchen

Waterproof and hand painted, these tiles feature a bold geometric pattern. The glossy finish and vibrant Greek blue paired with the white will brighten up any kitchen. They are water resistant and scratch resistant in case you make any mistakes when installing.

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Renaissance Backsplash Accent Tile

Renaissance Backsplash Accent Tile


Available in rust, bronze, or pewter, this tile is affordably priced. There is a slight variation between tiles due to the design, which is inspired by Renaissance tiling. Made from metal powder and resin, it is heat, scratch, and mildew resistant.

Designer Advice:

You can make a cool and unique look instantly with this tile. Our design experts recommend creating a pattern of your own by sandwiching this tile in-between neutral beige or terracotta tiles. This will add to a vintage vibe and also make the pattern a one-of-a-kind piece. The different colors will match different décor schemes, too.

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Pastoral Accent Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash

Pastoral Accent Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash

Imagine Tile, Inc.

This set of 12 tiles recreates a mural of the French countryside. Made from ceramic, each tile contains a bold high-resolution graphic. Plus, the material is extremely durable, UV-resistant, and low maintenance. Moreover, you'll care for the environment as it's eco-friendly.

Designer Advice:

Perfect for a farmhouse-themed kitchen, this tiling will instantly add a cozy feel to your space. Lean into the farmhouse aesthetic by sticking to the colors of the tiling, mainly blue and yellow. This will also create a key Mediterranean look that will brighten up even the smallest of spaces. A whitewashed wooden floor would look best with this tiling.

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Wavy Accent Tiles

Wavy Accent Tiles

Imagine Tile, Inc.

You can pick from blue, light blue, or a red and brown mix with this set of 12 tiles. Raised for texture and a cool look, each tile contains a unique mosaic design of waves intertwining with each other. 

$4.5 $53.99

Roman Decorative Tile for Kitchen

Roman Decorative Tile for Kitchen


This tile comes in either pewter or bronze. Heat and water resistant, it features a chic metallic finish and is also scratch resistant. The Romanesque design varies a little from tile to tile, but the main pattern is that of a clover in the center. 


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Accent Tiles For Kitchen

Buying Guide

In your backsplash, there are a few different places you can put accent tiles for kitchen in order to make the biggest possible impression. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of kitchen backsplash you get, you may have several different options for great tile configurations.

We recommend experimenting with border, focal point, and patterned accent tiles.

If your accent tiles are rectangular and long, it can be a lovely addition to put these tiles in a line around the different edges of your backsplash.

If your accent tiles are of an interesting shape, are large compared to the rest of your tiles, or you only have a few of them, it might be best to put them in the center of your backsplash as a true focal point.

Finally, if you have a large number of accent tiles, you can simply weave them into the pattern of your backsplash. The result will be busier, but it definitely will create visual interest in your home.

Pops of personality, unique textures, materials, shapes and colours; the latest trends in kitchen accent tiles are more creative than ever. Let’s start with ceiling-height backsplashes, taking centre stage in a modern kitchen design and leading the way to a cohesive space brightened up by the tiles’ reflective qualities. Next, breaking away from standard tile sizing, oversized subway tiles are ‘in’, increasing our perception of space, as are marble slabs, allowing us to focus on the beauty of the marble itself.

Welcoming personal style and creativity with alternative tile materials with mirrored and metallic finishes, such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminium. Designers are experimenting with pops of bright, unexpected colours, and bold patterns such as herringbone, hexagons, new heritage, and terrazzo, amongst others. Finally, a natural consequence of our increasingly indoor lifestyle, the glass backsplash trend connects us to the great outdoors, filling our kitchens with natural light.

Best Ideas

Backsplash accent ceramic tile kitchen

Backsplash accent ceramic tile kitchen

An excellent decoration for bathrooms and kitchens, those backsplash accent ceramic tiles are made of red stoneware clay and glazed for extra looks. Covered with brown and green leafy pattern, each tile is handmade with attention to details.

Accent tiles for kitchen 19

back splash with "agate slice" accents???? (would the 'goop' behind for mounting them mess up the look??)

Accent tiles for kitchen 3

Incredibly adorable and beautiful accent tiles for your kitchen. They have sea colours which make you feel like you were by the sea not in the kitchen. They will fit ideally to every modern kitchen.

Somertile 11.75x11.75 In Reflections Piano York Glass Stone Mosaic Tile Pack Of 5

Somertile 11.75x11.75 In Reflections Piano York Glass Stone Mosaic Tile Pack Of 5

Interesting innovative mesh-mounted mosaic tiles for bathroom or kitchen walls. They're size-varied, narrow, rectangular or square, made of natural stones in white and light grey shades and of glass in greys and beiges.

Love this tile for a kitchen backsplash

love this tile for a kitchen backsplash

Choosing the best ideas for kitchens mosaic backsplashes design

Choosing the Best Ideas for Kitchens Mosaic Backsplashes Design

Accent tiles for kitchen 39

Accent tiles in the form of bubbles. It is made of high quality ceramic with gloss finish. Designed for mounting on the wall. Contemporary design for the kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Accent tiles for kitchen 10

With such a beautiful set of accent tiles, you can now accentuate the decor of your kitchen or bathroom with elegance and sophistication. They have hexagonal shapes and are splashed with a touch of blue hues.

Accent tiles for kitchen 31

If you are looking for some unique accent tiles for your kitchen - you could not find any better. This grey and blue set embody elegance and style, being a great way to create a contemporary decor.

10 Sq Ft - Reflections Hand Painted Linear Glass Mosaic Tiles

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops

This interesting way of finishing the kitchen wall is a combination of smooth tiles with decorative elements. Beautiful detail makes the whole look original and stylish. Pleasant colors in grayish, beige and black are natural and universal.

Accent tiles for kitchen 2

Rich earthy tones (browns, tan and gray) and irregular composition of slender rectangular slate-effect tiles make this porcelain wall backsplash differ from others. Great for master bathroom for a luxury hint.

Shaw floors glass expressions micro blocks accent tile in seaglass

Shaw floors glass expressions micro blocks accent tile in seaglass

This impressive tile wall motif is a perfect combination of attractive color and stylish decorative effect. Glass plates will work perfectly in the kitchen or bathroom. The whole beautifully emphasizes the character of the decor.

Accent tiles for kitchen 9

These accent tiles for kitchen or bathroom have the white subway tiles with gray accents. They are suitable with the cream, beige or light gray color in the interior.

Accent tiles for kitchen 1

accent tiles for kitchen

Accent tiles for kitchen 21

I think that the subway tile backsplash trend is here to stay. That's kind of the proof. Gorgeous ceramic kitchen finish, they all came in. Glazed tiles are arranged in elegant, chic molds. To the geometric patterns have been added decorative floral border.

Kitchen tiles concept and style

Kitchen Tiles Concept And Style

Accent tiles for kitchen 34

Before we choose a color palette, let's think about where we want to lay the accent tiles for the kitchen.For example, turquoise small tiles create a beautiful mosaic, slightly exotic on the wall just below the eaves between the white cabinets. Small diamonds.

Accent tiles for kitchen 6

Now that’s a proper bathroom backsplash. Beautiful, interesting tiles, to ensure your bathroom is as stylish as they get. It’s water-resistant, so don’t be afraid of it getting damaged by the steam or anything else. Easy to clean, too!

Ten ideas for tile backsplashes

ten ideas for tile backsplashes

Kitchen tile fitting by the northwests professional tilers

Kitchen Tile Fitting by the NorthWest's Professional Tilers

Finished kitchen backsplash design ideas using mixed tile types dont

Finished Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas using Mixed tile types. Don't ...

Kitchen backsplash made of small accent tiles in combination with

Kitchen backsplash made of small accent tiles in combination with ...

10 Sq Ft - Rip Curl Green and Blue Hand Painted Glass Mosaic Subway Tiles

Add a ring a taste of the tropics home with our Rip Curl hand painted glass mosaic subway tiles. It would look great on its own, or it could be used as a punchy accent in a shower or tub surround