Border Tiles For Bathroom

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Border tiles can be a great way to break up the sameness caused by certain types of wallpaper, paint colors, or other wall tiles. These border tiles usually are uniquely colored or shaped and help draw your eye to a specific area. Border tiles for bathroom applications can turn an average-looking room into something much more grand and attractive.

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Updated 23/08/2022
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Eye Catching Floral Decorative Tile Borders 

Eye Catching Floral Decorative Tile Borders 


Measuring 2.5 inches tall and available in 12 inch long rectangles, this floral decorative tile border is an outstanding addition to any bathroom or kitchen. The design is unique and fits in with a wide range of existing tile or wall coverings to help draw your eye without being too out of place in the room.

Designer Advice:

Available in both pewter and bronze colors, we love these floral border tiles for both horizontal and vertical placement. The large multiple petals on each floral design help bring an outdoorsy feel to the room without making it over the top.

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Elegant Sonoma Tile Border Ideas 

Elegant Sonoma Tile Border Ideas 


Perfect for a room that needs a touch of elegance without anything too grand, this discreet and flowy Sonoma design can be great in any bathroom that uses muted earth tones. Measuring 3 inches by 8 inches, this tile looks best in a horizontal position but can still be a lovely addition when used vertically.

$39.99 $22.99

Designer Advice:

We love the gentle granite color of this tile, which helps it fit in with off-whites, sand tones, grays, and stormy blues. If your bathroom already has a decor style with muted tones and off-whites or beiges, consider adding this Sonoma tile as your border of choice.

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Narrow Renaissance Decorative Border Tile

Narrow Renaissance Decorative Border Tile


Offering a touch of Renaissance elegance, this narrow decorative border tile can fit into various places horizontally. Measuring just over 1 inch wide and 8 inches long, you'll be able to frame mirrors and provide dividing borders over sinks, near windows, or midway up in the shower.

Designer Advice:

While much more narrow than standard tile, this decorative border can be a stunning addition to your bathroom when placed in the right area. We love installing it horizontally behind a sink or as a mid-height divider in a shower stall. The embossed fleur de lis adds a touch of elegance to the pattern. 

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Travertine Style Decorative Border Tiles 

Travertine Style Decorative Border Tiles 


This unique three-tone border tile measures 4 inches by 12 inches and offers a touch of the southwestern Travertine design and shades. You'll find a combination of diamond, triangle, and rectangle shapes on this repeated pattern to help it fit into a wide range of decor options in your bathroom.

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White Stone Shower Tile Border Ideas

White Stone Shower Tile Border Ideas

CNK Tile

Made from natural stone but found in a bleached white color, this 4-inch by 12-inch border tile can help contrast darker wallcoverings, paint, or existing tile in your bathroom vanity area, sink, or shower. Each stone offers a unique blend of variations to help make it feel 100% natural no matter where you install it.

$9.43 $8.74

Designer Advice:

We love the vibrant bright white of these all-natural stones. Their smoothed and rounded edges help bring images of an outdoor river to mind, and the bright white color can help draw your eye to certain areas you distinctly want bordered and separated from the rest of the room's decor choices.

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Natural Stone Tile Border Trim Ideas

Natural Stone Tile Border Trim Ideas

CNK Tile

These natural stone tile borders can be a great addition if you're looking for a unique and natural addition to your bathroom. Made from rounded and smooth brown river stones, this 4-inch high and 12-inch long border trim can work horizontally and vertically to help bring in a natural touch of the outdoors.

$9.43 $8.28

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Unique Multi Color Rectangle Tile Border 

Unique Multi Color Rectangle Tile Border 


Made from a variety of vertical rectangles, this unique multi-colored border can fit into a wide range of areas in your bathroom. Able to be installed either vertically or horizontally, you're sure to find a dozen places it can fit in your bathroom. Measuring 3 inches wide and 12 inches long, the combination of black, ivory, and gray color pattern fits into a wide range of existing decors.


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Modern Brick Border Tiles for Bathroom 

Modern Brick Border Tiles for Bathroom 


A unique rectangle brick-stack makes this border tile fit into a wide range of modern and contemporary decors. It works exceptionally well horizontally but also looks good vertically. Measuring just over 1 inch wide and 12 inches long, this border is available in four colors, including pewter, brushed nickel, bronze, and Venetian bronze, to suit your needs.

$3 $2.09

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Border Tiles For Bathroom

Buying Guide

If you want to reinforce the separation between two sets of tiles or your tiles and the wall, choose a decorative border tile in a color that creates a pleasant contrast against the rest of them. Try and do so by keeping your room’s palette consistent instead of introducing additional hues.

Alternatively, you can mark this difference more subtly by opting for some decorative border tiles in the same color but choosing a different design: in this case, it’ll be the grout lines or patterns on the tiles to stand out.

The size of the decorative border tile you choose will depend on your interior design project.

If you plan on achieving a subtle yet smart look, then small border tiles that are 1.5cm x 30cm will do the trick.

If you want your decorative border tiles to be the focal point in the room, then opt for something larger or in the range of 15, 20 or 30 cm tiles with varying widths.

Decorative border tiles are often used by homeowners and interior designers alike to make their tile designs stand out. They can delineate an area such as a foyer or eating area in the kitchen and add an abundance of style and detail to any space.

Decorative border tiles are effective in a few scenarios inside the home, such as joining hardwood and tile floors, by transitioning between the two materials to create a border.

Alternatively, if you've chosen a mosaic rug for your bottom floor, then you can use a matching set of border tiles on the wall to complement the design. Additionally, you may use border tiles to highlight a specific area, such as creating a tile border along your kitchen counters as well as a frame behind your cooker top.

Decorative border tiles are also useful in framing a space, such as creating a border around your fireplace or using it to square off the room, making a statement in an entryway, or adding some detail to the sunroom floor.

Best Ideas

Del Monoco 13" x 3" Glazed Decorative Border in Carmina Beige

Pale green ceramic crackle glass deco trim border liner molding

... Pale Green Ceramic Crackle Glass Deco Trim Border Liner Molding Tile

Tile decorative borders

Attractive border tiles are an excellent way to decorate your bathroom or kitchen. Beautiful decorations and attractive colors will create a unique atmosphere and coziness while being exceptionally functional.

Decorative border tile 14

bathroom deco out of sea glass and broken plates and little mirrors and such!! I love sea glass something about the little tumbled unique pieces of glass.

Shower Bench

Shower Bench

Surmounted with a smooth, ornamental mosaic string, this shower tile set will provide a refined character to any bathroom. It emphasizes the classic, elegant appeal of the space.

Decorative wall tile chr border tile

Decorative wall tile CHR - Border tile

Decorative border tile 1

Accent and Border Tiles for Bathroom

Decorative border tile 2

greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home

Brewster 418B229 Borders and More Floral Tile Wall Border, 8-Inch by 180-Inch

Dune n11009 3x8 decorative ceramic border vintage kitchen tile retro

Dune-N11009-3×8-Decorative-Ceramic-Border-Vintage-Kitchen-Tile-Retro ...

Decorative ceramic tile borders

The nature-inspired bathroom for two. The wooden and rattan furniture is filled with the stone countertop. The whole stylization is completed with the marble tiles on the walls and floor and glass and stone decor.

Tile around bathtub ideas

A little bathroom mirror update that uses decorative border tile with nice mother of pearl finish, reflecting the light in a unique way. Tiles create a frame for the mirror. Pretty final effect. Could copy this in my bathroom

Mirror with mosaic tile border


Decorative border tile

A fantastic way to spice up your beautiful bathroom, making it more appealing and aesthetic. Those lovely border tiles are very small, designed in slightest details and covered with various hues of white and gray.

Border tile bathroom

Design: Tropical Coastal design bathroom with bright Turquoise and a Mother of Pearl border. Hand Towel: Our Mosaic Tile in Cameo Blue

Mirror border tiles

This white subway tile constitutes a perfect proposition for a stylish, contemporary bathroom. The accented border line provides a fresh, dynamic character to the space.

Decorative border tile 11

Sometimes I want to strip the paint off my bathroom tiles and restore them to this original state.

Smallest pedestal sink available

The composition of a grey-wash sink, placed above a dark wood console with bottom shelf, creates an elegant combination. It fits perfectly well with the silver and grey tile bordering.

I like the gray walls and the black sink top

I like the gray walls and the black sink top/fixtures... the tile is a nice idea too, but not sure i would go with this exactly. hmmmm

Decorative ceramic tile borders 3

Decorative Ceramic Tile Borders

Decorative handmade ceramic tile decorative handmade 1

Decorative handmade ceramic tile: Decorative handmade ...

Mh honeysuckle decorative border tile topps tiles

MH Honeysuckle Decorative Border Tile | Topps Tiles

Waterjet tile borders design 35

Waterjet Tile Borders - Design 35 - ...

Brick design 3 7 8 x12 decorative border wall floor

Brick Design 3 7/8"x12" Decorative Border Wall Floor Tile ...