Tile Accent Pieces


To break up the flow of an endless tile wall, might we suggest some tile accent pieces or trims that will enhance the tiled space and give it a different look. Just because it is tile, doesn't mean it has to be mundane. Take a look at all the tile accent pieces in this collection and see what we are talking about. We have the tile to break up your bland wall.

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Our Picks

Ceramic tile animal art sea turtles

Ceramic tile animal art sea turtles

Detailed, sculpted tiles for wall covering. These elements include sea turtles patterns. Their attractive sea colors match any bathroom decor. These tiles are also made of durable materials that are resistant to wear and damage.

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Shore Random Sized Seashell Pebble Tile in White

Shore Random Sized Seashell Pebble Tile in White

Gorgeous contemporary tiles made of naturally flickering shells in pearl tones with light beigish and creamy accents. Those thin lightweight rectangular tiles can be mesh-mounted on walls and backsplashes or cut into strips and used as accent tiles.

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Ceramic tile accent pieces

Now you can transform your lovely bathroom into a contemporary masterpiece by using those fashionable accent tiles - available in gray or white finish. They look like tiny bricks, forming a captivating mosaic, excellent for accentuating the inside of your walk-in shower.

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Tile accent pieces

I am a big fan of classic style and neutral color palette. This shower is made of the white tile accent pieces with accent stripes. They create the clean and aesthetic look in the bathroom.

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Tile accent pieces 6

tile accent piece

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Tile accent pieces 18

Creative Tonic loves sliding glass shower door hardware by Janie Molster Designs

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Accents 1


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Copper tile accent pieces

copper tile accent pieces

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Accent tiles for kitchen 21

I think that the subway tile backsplash trend is here to stay. That's kind of the proof. Gorgeous ceramic kitchen finish, they all came in. Glazed tiles are arranged in elegant, chic molds. To the geometric patterns have been added decorative floral border.

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Tile accent pieces 12

basic white subway tile and a carrera marble hexagonal and pencil piece detail treatment.

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Tile Accent Pieces

Buying Guide

There are several places where you can put an accent tile on a kitchen backsplash. If you want to use this tile to create a diverting focal point in your kitchen, place it in the center, above the stove. Try using more than one accent tile if you’re going to adopt this method: a group of carefully arranged tile accent pieces with a bold and stylish pattern will look a lot chicer than a single tile.

On the other hand, if you’re using accent tiles with a longer and more rectangular shape, place these around the edges of your kitchen backsplash. You can arrange them so that they look like they’re neatly bordering the main backsplash area.

If your accent tiles are made from a different material than the rest of the backsplash, try randomly mixing the accent options among the standard tiles to create a pattern with plenty of contrasting textures and plenty of visual interest.

Tile accent pieces customize your shower and make it unique. There are no hard and fast rules about where to position them, but there are some heights that make your shower look the most appealing. The most flattering way to incorporate accent tiles in your shower is to position them at eye level, about ¾ of the way up the shower wall. This helps give the shower the illusion of additional height.

If you want a minimal way to add some style to your shower, consider using accent tiles at baseboard height, almost like trim in your house. You can also reverse this idea and put accent tiles on the top row of the shower tiles, which gives your shower a finished look but might make the height feel lower by drawing the eye downward.

A waist-level height is an excellent choice for shower accent tiles, especially if your bathroom already has wainscoting. Just be sure to consider your ceiling height when determining how high you want waist height to be. If your bathroom has grand ceilings and you position the accent tile at a low mid-height, it can look awkward.

Tile accent pieces can be installed on the floor. You can use them to create borders to make plain tile flooring look decorative. You can place ornate tiles with bold colors around your existing flooring to create a unique floor design. Or, if you’re into more understated looks, you can choose tile accent pieces in either one or two shades darker than the rest of your current tiling.

You can position your tile accent pieces on the edge of smaller tiles to achieve these timeless looks. Or use account tiles on a contrasting color to your floor tiles to create a pattern. For example, you could use black diamond-shaped accent tiles on a white tiled floor to create the illusion of flowers. You could go beyond a simple repeating pattern and craft a faux rug from accent tiles.

When adding tile accent pieces to your floor, ensure you don’t go overboard with too many patterns and different colors. Choose your favorite design or color and stick with it, as this will create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing interior. If you use too many patterns and colors on one floor, they will compete with each other and appear overwhelming.

Best Ideas

Accent pieces for bathroom

White subway tiles: Daltile from Home Depot Accent tiles: a mix of honed carrara marble, polished Calcutta marble, & aqua/grey sea-glasss from Bedrosian's, Denver location (10.50$/sq ft sheet). Wall color: Benjamin Moore Gray Owl color matched in Sherwin

Shower enclosure w glass accent contemporary bathroom tile

Shower enclosure w/glass accent contemporary bathroom tile

White accent tile

Different kinds of tile accent pieces, to be used for tiling your shower. Marble hexagon ones are perfect for the shower floor, while the subway tiles will be perfect for the shower itself.

Floor accent pieces

A fantastic solution for making your walk-in shower more appealing and sparkling with sophistication. This set of accent tiles forms a geometrical pattern on a wall, beautifully accentuating the whole interior with flawless aesthetic and timeless glamour.

Tile accent pieces 21

2"x8"- White Subway Tile / Glossy by Deltaker2"x8" Glossy White Subway Tile with 2"x8" Chair Rail & 1/4"x8" Pencil Border White by Deltaker

Tile accent pieces 1

This picture shows a subway ceramic tile shower with glass in Edina.

Tile accent pieces 19

You would like to give a basic, simple but fancy in its minimalistic style - character to your bathroom. Here we come with tile accent pieces with pearl/white shades. Stacked small cubes form a simple but effective mosaic on the floor.

Tile accent pieces 20

Laura Martin Bovard Interiors: Yellow and gray bathroom design with drop-in tub paired with subway tile shower surround ...

Tile accent pieces

30 Successful Examples Of How To Add Subway Tiles In Your Kitchen * Idea for new backsplash with our chocolate granite

Tile accent pieces 14

Granite counters with a clean white backsplash...LOVE this... And use rich bright colors to accent

Travertine accent tiles 8

Simple and stylish accent tiles for kitchen use. They include attractive square patterns in different colors. They are easy to clean and they are also resistant to wear or damage caused by many negative factors.

Floor tile accents

What could be better to enlarge a small bathroom,than white color. White in combination with shimmering tiles.Simplicity combined with flowers and intresting solution for shelves in the hollows.Wicker white wickets found a place there, under a mirror cabinet.

Tile accent pieces 4

river rock tile accents smooth tiles

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