Daycare Floor Mats

Kids fall down. That is just a fact of life. And when they fall, they get booboos. But not when they fall on foam floor mats like the ones in this collection of daycare foam floor mats. The smartest idea for playroom flooring, adding a few of these interlocking floor mats will protect your little one from stumbling and hitting the hard ground. There are plenty of choices in this collection.

Best Products

LilyPad Play Mat

LilyPad Play Mat
Cool practical play mat for indoor and outdoor use. Its round and crafted of hypoallergenic breatheble eucalyptus fibre inside and pretty greenish cotton with a textured stone pattern outside. It's machine washable.

Basic Floor Mat

Basic Floor Mat
Pretty contemporary floor mat for kids' fun and rest. It's padded with foam and covered in durable waterproof blue vinyl. It's square, equipped with a handle and an anti-slip base. It's foldable, stackable and easy to clean.

Daycare floor mats

How cute is this? A set of colorful floor mats, which will make a creative addition to the interior. Bringing warmth and liveliness to every nursery room, they encourage the children to learn and play.

Daycare floor mats 2

A great fun center for kids you can easily prepare at home. It features soft floor mats, which guarantee comfort and safety. They appear in vivid, friendly colors. The playing set is constructed from soft tiles.

Flexi tile perfection floor tiles flexible interlocking pvc tiles

Flexi Tile, Perfection Floor Tiles Flexible Interlocking PVC Tiles

Foam floor mats for day care centers

foam floor mats for day care centers

Daycare flooring ideas

Cool practical oval floor mats manufactured of durable stain-resistant lightweight soft and nice to the touch material in vivid warm colours and having a lengthwise grooved textured surface. Mats have anti-skid backing. They can be spot cleaned.

Our advice Buying Guide

Finding the right daycare floor mats can be a challenge sometimes. When you're on your feet all day or need something soft for kids to play on when carpeting is no longer sufficing, daycare floor mats are the optimal solution. These mats provide safety for children as well as comfort when they're playing on the floor. With that in mind, we've put together this buying guide to help you sort through the various options.

What are the benefits of daycare floor mats?

Safety is the first concern and next on the list is comfort. When children are spending time at daycare, the majority of their playtime is on the floor. They're building, playing with dolls, coloring, or figuring out how to play with new toys. Besides, because babies and toddlers crawl and fall, they need protection from injuries. When selecting these floor mats, consider a variety of colors. Doing so is not only appealing to children, but it also helps stimulate their brains.

What's more, you can find these floor mats featuring numbers, shapes, and the alphabet. Some of these floor mats feature games like hopscotch while others depict themes including roadways and train tracks. Use of these floor mats provide endless educational opportunities for children who are learning their colors, how to count, their alphabet, what their shapes are, or matching items with letters.

How to maintain daycare floor mats?

It's no mystery that children are prone to making a mess. Therefore, finding daycare floor mats that are simple to clean is a priority. Children are going to spill drinks, drop food, knock over art supplies, and make other messes. Therefore, the floor mats you select must not hold water, and it's vital that that can handle regular mopping.

It's also common for children to experience illnesses regularly. So, the flooring must be non-porous and handle routine disinfecting. You'll find this is especially essential in the areas surrounding the changing tables you have set up.

What are the best materials for daycare floor mats?

The most popular material for daycare floor mats is foam. You can find these floor mats as large, colorful interlocking puzzle pieces. Not only are the colors stimulating but the parts are easy to clean. They’re also simple to configure around the room because they come apart and piece back together just like a standard puzzle.

For those who would prefer to use rubber instead of foam, this is a durable option. It's available in mats or rolls. Rubber mats are also resistant to spills and stains just like foam daycare floor mats. They're also very simple to clean. However, you won't be able to find them in a wide variety of colors like foam. Some rubber mats are also prone to pungent odors.

What are the standard sizes of daycare floor mats?

If you opt for the foam floor mats featuring the puzzle pieces, the standard sizes will vary. However, under most circumstances, they’re a 24 x 24” square that’s approximately 5/8” thick.


Daycare floor mats 28

Foam play mats for kids at home. It comes in 26 separate pieces, and has a shiny polishing that looks like wood. The foam pieces are flat on the ground and are safe for kids to play on. The pieces have puzzle shapes that help them key into each other and make a whole singular play mat.

Daycare floor mats 4

Establish a safe play area in a day care - with a perfect for children floor mats. Many of colors, blue, pink, green or yellow - will give incredibile fun to your kids. Can play to role of puzzle, because they consist of individual square elements.

You will love our 72in square puzzle mat 1in x

You will love our 72in. Square Puzzle Mat. 1in. x 72in. sq. Let the ...

Wells entrance floor mats entrance mats anti fatigue mats carpets

... Wells Entrance Floor Mats - Entrance Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats & Carpets

Daycare floor mats 1

Attractive and very comfortable rug for kids' rooms. It is made of soft foam that provides comfortable and safe fun even to very small children. Its attractive pattern includes white circles on blue background.

Daycare room

Daycare Room.

Preschool mats for the floor

Non-toxic daycare foam mat for babies. What distinguishes it from other popular play mats is that it looks like wood. Wood grain pattern suits wooden panels floors and it provides natural, homey vibe.

Circle time mats

This lovely daycare floor mat comprises 8 pieces without borders. Use interlocking foam floor mat as is or add mats and borders to create your own larger play mat. Ideal enhancement to your child's bedroom!

Primary Mat

Primary Mat

Daycare floor mats 32

Kids Room, Interior Design Creative Kids Playroom Decor Ideas Interior Decoration Wall Decorating Toddler Room Ikea Kids Wooden Floor And Wa...

Daycare floor mats

Flooring Apartment Bathroom Interior

Maher cot caddy

Maher Cot Caddy

Daycare floor mats 6

Our Exclusive! Our daycare-quality foam puzzle mats are the thickest, cushiest play mats you'll find!

Childrens educational library floor mats available from raeco

Childrens educational library floor mats available from Raeco

Daycare floor mats 34

Dog Agility Floor Mat

Kids floor mats amazing ideas kids play room floor mats

Kids floor mats amazing ideas » Kids play room floor mats

Daycare floor mats 9

Keep things fun and safe for kids with our outdoor rubber playground tiles! Available in a variety of colors and thicknesses for various fall heights. See more at

Preschool circle time mats

The floor foam mats are the ideal tool to boost kids creativity. It could be used as an educational mats to teach the letters and numbers, but also could be a perfect building material for boxes and castles for all your toys.

Daycare floor mats

If making sit-upons seems too time consuming, lay down colored placemats or bath rugs. | 36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

Daycare floor mats 23

fun play room

Daycare floor mats 16

Rainbow Interlocking foam Wonder Mats

Daycare floor mats 20

whaaaaat? a slide/climbing wall

Daycare floor mats 21

$22 for 4 2x2 mats (16 sq ft) Step2 Playmats

Daycare floor mats 17

Love the classroom look! Calendar, days of the week, letters etc.

Coloured floor mat

Coloured floor mat

Galvanized steel is magnetic girl in air blog art activity

galvanized steel is magnetic! Girl in Air BLOG: Art Activity Wall with Sliding Ladder!

Daycare floor mats

This would be a great idea. Decorate a portion of the play room to look like outside, put playground equipment in it. Can play "outside" even on a rainy or cold day!

This daycare room especially during winter

this daycare room, especially during winter!!

Right now groupon has this awesome alphabet puzzle foam floor

Right now Groupon has this awesome alphabet puzzle foam floor mat for ...

Daycare floor mats 8

Candy Land party idea. (It would be cool to somehow make a live action game board with the guests as the pieces and have candy stations that you have to play to get to and maybe a few "traps" or something)

Daycare floor mats 25

Floor Mats for kids. Different patterns for cars, little ponies, legos, etc.

Daycare floor mats 33

We have the alphabet mat, These are made so much nicer than the ones you get from Toys R Us. Thicker, and softer.

Daycare floor mats 5

gorgeous play area for babies. Maybe I could set something up like this in a's room as a reading/chilling space

Learning Carpets at The Zoo LC 183

Daycare floor mats 27

Cozy flannel pillow bed. Great for kids! Easy sewing project. Hell, I'm an adult & I def want to make one for myself lol.

Starry Night Activity Mat

Starry Night Activity Mat

Daycare floor mats 35

A play mat that folds into a bag, complete with smiley face handles? Daycare meet #design

Daycare floor mats 10

The How-To Gal: I Did It! Series: Pillow Pad from Twin Sheet. Must make these for the kiddos

A modern green kindergarten

A modern green kindergarten –

Daycare floor mats 13

Great article on organizing a play room. Easily adapted ideas for therapy room

Daycare floor mats 3

What a great way to furnish your kids’ room! I love the puzzle floor instead of a carpet, makes the whole room colourful and bright. Plenty of room for all the toys and the beautiful wall paintings give it a very cosy vibe.

Daycare floor mats 29

DAYCARE FURNITURE SET-Plastic, 10" CHRS, 24x48 Table, Mats. An easel, easy chair & table set, toy/manipulative storage rack, wooden floor locker, a five section storage cabinet, book display unit, resin 24in x 48in classroom table, 6 resin 21in. classroo

1-2-3-4 Mat

1-2-3-4 Mat