Unique Vinyl Flooring


For an interesting and eclectic adjustment to your flooring game, we give you unique vinyl flooring. In so many styles you won't have an easy time choosing just one, this collection of vinyl flooring will accent your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever, in ways you never thought possible. How bold is your imagination? I guarantee, we have a flooring option that will take it up a notch.

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Our Picks

Unique kitchen floors

Now you can transform your floor into a blooming meadow of red, pink and yellow flowers with a bunch of blue leaves that form an eye-catching, geometric design. The whole is designed of brown vinyl - long-lasting and easy to clean.

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Unique vinyl flooring

Unique and very stylish vinyl flooring is an excellent combination of beautiful color and design that brings to mind retro design. The floor in conjunction with the rest of the decor is a very stylish detail.

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Check out this fun take on vinyl floors for the

Check out this fun take on vinyl floors for the kids' rooms! Atlantic Water 18" x 18" from LSI vinyl.

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Unusual kitchen flooring

Now you can effectively transform your home by using this fashionable flooring. Created in French retro style, those tiny tiles form an eye-catching pattern consisted of white circles and dots and red stars - all made of easy-to-clean vinyl.

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Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Aqua Spring

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Aqua Spring

These elegant tiles in aqua turquoise coloring, with a subtle distressed-like pattern, work great both for interior and exterior installations, and thanks to sturdy make they will for sure stand the test of time.

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Loving this bubble pattern vinyl flooring i can envision it

Loving this bubble pattern vinyl flooring - I can envision it in my guest bathroom

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Unique vinyl flooring 1

Tile-effect vinyl flooring | Kitchen flooring | PHOTO GALLERY | Beautiful Kitchens |

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Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Denim

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Denim

Unique vinyl tile in denim blue, with interesting white specks pattern that resembles an irregular texture. One tile is square, measuring 12 inches at width and height. I'd recommend this finding to anyone fishing for an untypical vinyl flooring.

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Flooring thats wood inspired

flooring that's wood inspired

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Retro vinyl tile

Looking for the interesting design ideas? The floor which is made of many vinyls is the awesome one! Old gramophone plates will help you to create the disco look in any room in home or commercial place.

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Unique Vinyl Flooring

Buying Guide

If you're interested in giving your home a new style and appeal, consider having unique vinyl flooring installed. Yes, you don't need to endure stained and dreary-looking floors anymore! Before you check your options, read our buying guide so you know exactly how to make a selection.

A unique vinyl floor will be your best option if you're looking into finally getting your existing flooring replaced. It's not just a budget-friendly option, but it also provides you with a type of flooring that doesn't look shabby and cheap. This type of flooring can mimic natural stone and wood, which are popular in luxurious designs. With a unique vinyl flooring, you'll get the same look of stones and wood without breaking the bank.

With thickness options, there are two types that need to be kept in mind: wear layer thickness and plank thickness. They're the most important deciding factors when buying unique vinyl flooring.

  • Plank thickness - A plank that's thick is denser compared to a thinner one. It is going to be sturdier, plus it'll feel more substantial under your feet. It'll also cover up a poor subflooring! It's capable of providing more resiliency, so you'll be able to stand on them for an extended period of time without feeling uncomfortable. Lastly, it'll last for years! Your most durable plank thickness options are 4 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm, and 8 mm.
  • Wear layer thickness - A flooring's top surface is called the wear layer. It's like a floor's bodyguard. If your options are a scrawny layer and a tough, ready-for-battle wear layer, then you'd obviously want the latter which is a better bodyguard for your floors.

While no wear layer is perfect, there's a couple of great options available in the market right now. Just remember that the thicker a material is, the better it will be in performing its job at resisting scarring and scratching. Your wear layer options are the following: 8MIL (great for residential living spaces), 12MIL (best used for areas that get a high level of traffic; and 20MIL (for busy commercial areas).

There are two types of unique vinyl flooring. Let's take a closer look at your two options:

  • Planks - They're a favorite among homeowners. They mimic hardwood floors and they come in different sizes from 5-inchers to XL planks. This means you'll easily find the right size for your home.
  • Tile - Your second option is tile, which is made to mimic natural stones. But, you'll be happy to know that there are a couple of tiles that have a wooden look as well. However, we would still recommend a unique vinyl flooring tile if you are on the lookout for a natural stone-look. The different sizes available for vinyl tile flooring are 12 in. and 18 in.

You now know how to select the best unique vinyl flooring to incorporate into your new home. Go ahead and give your home a makeover in the most affordable way possible!

Best Ideas

Premium vinyl composition tile vct

Premium Vinyl Composition Tile VCT

Decorative vinyl floor cloths from just 42

Decorative Vinyl Floor Cloths From JUST $42

Unique vinyl flooring 4

Featuring small lozenges, this unique vinyl flooring constitutes a stylish, contemporary proposition for one's decor. This set of tiles will look good both in a bathroom or kitchen, as well as in the hallway or corridor.

Unique vinyl flooring 3

Why not actually choose the floor of dreams for your kid's room with this amazing vinyl flooring? It offers plenty of pastel colors and a charming star pattern and looks like a real, charming rainbow.

Vinyle tile patterns diy

Vinyle Tile Patterns - DIY

Exclusive vinyl tile flooring bathroom vinyl flooring bathroom

Exclusive vinyl tile flooring – Bathroom Vinyl Flooring | Bathroom ...

Unusual flooring

Vinyl panels to the absolute novelty of the market. For flooring with a very versatile application and practically trouble-free. Unique vinyl flooring here has at least 50 shades of grey.Resembles a delicate, matt stained glass, made of small decorative tiles.

Unique kitchen flooring

Mannington Commercial Flooring - Amtico - Abstract (unique building entry? then the leasing office has solid of one color? )

Bodenlos marker installation in prague czech republic by heike

Bodenlos Marker Installation in Prague, Czech Republic (by Heike...

Unique vinyl flooring 8

Mannington luxury vinyl plank flooring character from rich weathered graining and planed and glazed edges. Inspired by the lush forests that surround the massive castles in Ireland, Ashford Walnut comes in two colors, chosen to enhance today’s furniture

Unique bathroom flooring

If you value original details inside, they delight and provide a unique atmosphere, so this unique vinyl flooring captivates. The whole is made in the interesting color of blue, grayscale and graphite delights.

New unique cream and silver squared vinyl flooring only 12


Floor graphics by superchrome attract customers

Floor graphics by Superchrome attract customers

Unique vinyl flooring 2

Vinyl floors are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because they are resistant to all kinds of damage. This unique vinyl flooring is a peel-and stick, is imitating wood, in a gray shade. Perfect for your foyer!