Unique Vinyl Flooring

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For an interesting and eclectic adjustment to your flooring game, we give you unique vinyl flooring. In so many styles you won't have an easy time choosing just one, this collection of vinyl flooring will accent your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever, in ways you never thought possible. How bold is your imagination? I guarantee, we have a flooring option that will take it up a notch.

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Updated 01/03/2023
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Artsy Vinyl Flooring

Artsy Vinyl Flooring


This unique flooring collection appeals to modern and classic design sensibilities. It features a low-luster dark green finish with a smooth surface texture that gives off the impression of ceramic or porcelain. The collection is also available in pink.


Designer Advice:

Suitable for contemporary living spaces, this unique design on this flooring is eye-catching but doesn’t stand out too much. The vinyl is lightly reflective, with a smooth surface sheen that gives your spaces a rich appearance. It is water-resistant and stain-resistant, which makes it ideal for homes with children or pets. It blends wonderfully with traditional and urban furniture and styles.

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Trendy Chic Vinyl Flooring

Trendy Chic Vinyl Flooring

This fun and colorful floor tile is fantastic for bland interiors with country-style, boho, or Scandi decor. It features an abstract vintage pattern in light pink, peach, and off-white. You can also get it in custom colors and patterns.

Designer Advice:

Refresh your staid interiors with this psychedelic floor tile. It has a trendy pattern and beautiful color palette that look great in minimally decorated rooms or integrate beautifully with luxurious setups. The flooring is resistant to stain, dirt, and UV exposure, so it is fit for use in high-traffic areas that are exposed to lots of natural light.

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Decorative Vinyl Flooring

Decorative Vinyl Flooring

Display your love of patterns with this unique floor tile. It features a colorful Marrakech rosette pattern in blue and orange with a smooth texture and a matte finish. Get it in custom sizes and design modifications of your choice.

Designer Advice:

Use this one-of-a-kind floor tile to create a welcoming atmosphere in any part of your house. Its vibrant patterns are an excellent backdrop for traditional or minimalist furniture pieces. The neutral color palette keeps the room from looking too cluttered. It is durable and easy to clean, suitable for high-traffic areas. This flooring is not meant for outdoor use.

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Geometric Vinyl Flooring

Geometric Vinyl Flooring


Add dimension and depth to your living spaces with unique flooring in black and white. It has a symmetrical pattern of geometric circles in a high gloss finish. The waterproof, stain-resistance surface has a stunning, smooth texture.


Designer Advice:

Give your living spaces a polished yet casual look using these unique floor tiles. It adds a layer and personality to your floor while maintaining its tidiness. The black-and-white palette is versatile, so you can pair it with any color scheme. The circular patterns will blend well with mid-century modern or organic modern styles and warm wooden furniture.

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Brick Themed Vinyl Flooring

Brick Themed Vinyl Flooring

This vinyl floor tile solution is a great choice when you want to create a rustic or retro-inspired space. It is water resistant and features a brick-inspired design in rusty reds, grays, and beige colors with a low-luster finish. It is available in two colors.

Designer Advice:

Create a laid-back atmosphere in your personal space by laying this unique vinyl flooring. It has a natural-looking design and comes in earthen colors with a semi-gloss finish that is perfect for minimalist styles. We suggest using it with country-style, farmhouse, coastal, or Scandi-inspired decor. It is also water-resistant and easy to maintain, so you can install it anywhere.

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Abstract Vinyl Flooring

Abstract Vinyl Flooring

Your floors will be the highlight of your home with this eccentric floor tile. It has a marbled texture with extravagant turquoise patterns and gold veins. It is scratch- and UV-resistant. Get it in matte or gloss finishes and custom sizes.

Designer Advice:

Perfect for large rooms with lots of empty floor space, this floor tile is a visual treat. Its vibrant color and shiny details look best in minimally decorated rooms. The flooring is durable enough to put in sunny rooms with lots of traffic or wet environments. Use it to add color and style to your bath space, study, or bedroom.

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Easy to Clean Vinyl Plank

Easy to Clean Vinyl Plank

Nance Industries

Have you ever wanted to have beautiful reclaimed wooden floors, but without the cost and hassle? Then you are in luck. These easy to clean, durable, and easy to install tiles are ideal for the rustic homeowner. They are best suited to kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and any high moisture areas indoors. Cleaning them is a breeze thanks to the stain and scratch-resistant surface.

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High Gloss Vinyl Tile

High Gloss Vinyl Tile

Achim Importing Co

Are you looking for a way to give your floors an instant pick me up but at an affordable price? Then look no further than this assortment of tiles. These vinyl tiles can be used in any room of the home with no glue or messy adhesives needed. Simply peel and stick each tile to a flat and dry surface so you can show it up to your friends in no time at all. The high gloss finish is low-maintenance, and the water-resistant properties make it safe to sweep, mop, and vacuum on a regular basis.

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Caribbean Sand Vinyl Plank

Caribbean Sand Vinyl Plank

These vinyl plank tiles are the epitome of elegance and luxury. Developed with homeowners in mind, they are 100% waterproof and tenacious under radiant heating. The easy click-lock installation ensures that you can get them laid down effortlessly while these WPC tiles have a smooth, embossed surface with beveled edges for an extravagant look and feel. Suitable for basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and garages, these luxury floor tiles in Caribbean sand color will become the focal point in any modern home.

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Click Lock Vinyl Plank

Click Lock Vinyl Plank

There's nothing easier than upgrading your floors than with these click-lock and affluent vinyl planks. They are reliable and contain a revolutionary technology that deters water and moisture. These practical tiles are also scratch-resistant and aesthetically appealing. The authentic finishes are complemented with a wood-plastic composite that makes it the conceptual alternative to hardwood. Lay them down in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens for a handsome and long-lasting floor.

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Smooth Vinyl Tile

Smooth Vinyl Tile

Ben and Jonah

What better way to make your floors pop than with this set of black and white tiles? The checkered design gives the tiles a 3-D effect that will immediately draw the attention of anyone that walks into your home. With no messy glue or adhesive, it is easy to install, and the waterproof properties ensure that it is easy to maintain as well. Simply peel and stick them onto a flat and dry surface, and your floors are ready to show off to family and friends.


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Gray Gothic Style Vinyl Tile

Gray Gothic Style Vinyl Tile


Brighten up dull and boring kitchen and bathroom floors with these easy to install peel and stick tiles. Featuring a gray-gothic style motif, it complements a crisp black or white background. The pack contains 10 pieces of 10 sheets that measure 12 x 12 inches. These timeless gray floor tiles do not require any grout or special tools so they can be quickly and easily installed while the low luster finish and permanent adhesive make them durable and long-lasting.


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Black And White Vinyl Tile

Black And White Vinyl Tile

Achim Importing Co

Imitate hand-painted retro tiles but without the exorbitant cost and mess with these peel and stick vinyl floor tiles. Give any room inside your home an instant facelift with these beautifully designed black and white floor covering that complements any living space inside a home. Create a brand-new look inside your living room, kitchen, or bedroom with these waterproof, retro self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles that are completely DIY.

$23.8 $1.19

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Bohemian Vinyl Tile

Bohemian Vinyl Tile


Lend a modern Bohemian flair to your floors with these beautiful Suzani patterned floor tiles. The peel and stick tiles are water-resistant and suitable for concrete, vinyl, and plywood subfloors. The gray, blue, navy and white colors effortlessly complement a crisp white background while the square shape makes it easy to lay down. Ideal for your kitchen, living room, or mudroom areas, these texted tiles bring a touch of elegance to your interior decor.

$11.9 $1.19

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Geometric Vinyl Tile

Geometric Vinyl Tile


Give the appearance of an intricately tiled floor with these geometrically designed floor tiles. The crisscrossing lines motif in gray and white add modern detail to any living space inside your home. The permanent adhesive makes these tile durable while they are easy to install since you do not require any special tools. The pack consists of 10 tiles, each measuring .06 inches in-depth and suitable for a range of sub-floor types.


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Marble Look Vinyl Tile

Marble Look Vinyl Tile


The set of vinyl planks is the new generation of waterproof luxury. To ensure longevity, it contains a high-density core that is thick and strong. The 20-mil wear layer with urethane is a dream to clean while the natural cork base alleviates any hollow tap noise that can arise with laminate flooring. Thanks to the Smartlock click profiling, there's minimum preparation, and installation is quick and easy. If you're looking for a thick and quiet floor with waterproof capabilities, this highly rugged set is the one for you.

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Wood Plank Vinyl Flooring

Wood Plank Vinyl Flooring

Nance Industries

What we like: Rustic look

What we don’t like: Random wood colors don’t necessarily complement each other

Not so great for: Creating a flooring pattern

Perfect for: Casual spaces, feature wall, and cladding surfaces

Sophisticated yet affordable, these vinyl flooring planks come in a variety of finishes. With so many styles to choose from, this durable and long-lasting product is ideal for any room or area of the home. Each box includes ten pieces that can cover up to 20 square feet. It is easy to clean, water-resistant, and will last a lifetime. It also works great in high moisture areas of the home.

If you like random combinations and are not set on creating flooring patterns, then this vinyl flooring is for you. Each box comes with a different ratio for light and dark-colored wood. Installation is easy with its peel and stick feature. These will look great when used for recreating a rustic feature wall.


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Vinyl Flooring with Gothic Flair

Vinyl Flooring with Gothic Flair

What we like: Interesting ironwork patterns, water-resistant material

What we don’t like: Thin layer

Not so great for: Heavy traffic areas

Perfect for: Farmhouse, bohemian, and cottage-style interiors

From bedrooms to basements, these peel and stick floor tiles are the perfect choice for quick and easy flooring upgrades. With a chic farmhouse style and an intricate ironwork design that has a medieval appeal, these floor tiles create a dramatic look in your space. Best of all, these quick-install tiles are easy to clean and maintain.

Since it’s made of water-resistant material, we think that these will look great in the non-shower part of the bathroom and in the powder room. You can also use these for wall installations, including the backsplash but away from the kitchen stove. Works best in light to medium traffic areas.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Allure Flooring

What we like: Sophisticated wood plank style

What we don’t like: Price point is almost twice compared with other wood plank vinyl

Not so great for: Utility areas

Perfect for: Laying over smooth concrete, tile, and hardwood

Give your interior space a fresh update with this waterproof and durable vinyl flooring. You will find this vinyl plank covers 24 square feet with 16 pieces per box that are easy to put together. Available in 13 wood color and grain variations.

With its patented installation system, these vinyl planks are easy to install and secure in place. While the price range is higher than most vinyl flooring options, these look more expensive than what you pay for. Can easily elevate the look of your interiors. 

$86.16 $3.59

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Dark Slate Vinyl Flooring

Dark Slate Vinyl Flooring

What we like: Affordable price point, stone-like look

What we don’t like: Contains DEHP, corners fragile until installed

Not so great for: Wet areas, the surface finish is too smooth

Perfect for: Living and dining area

This set of vinyl flooring comes with 20 tiles that are easily installed to cover up to 20 square feet of any room in your home. Each tile is made from durable vinyl material for added strength and longevity.

While they’re easy to install, some have indicated that the glue doesn’t stick well. Best to use an adhesive spray before setting down the vinyl tiles. It’s also better to do these in small divisions to prevent the adhesive from drying. These are also great for feature walls paired with a nice warm downlight and floating shelves.

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Square Wood Vinyl Flooring

Square Wood Vinyl Flooring

What we like: Non-waxed surface, good grip

What we don’t like: Only comes in light-colored wood

Not so great for: Spaces that get dirty easily

Perfect for: Contemporary living rooms and bedrooms

This vinyl flooring brings you an affordable, and easy-to-install solution for updating your floors. Its design features digital printed wood in alternating patterns. Each flooring kit comes with 20 square tiles that simply peel and stick to your subfloor or existing surfaces. No mess. No waste. Just beautiful floors in hours, not days!

Only available in ash grey wood, these vinyl tiles can be challenging to maintain since they show dirt and stains noticeably. However, they’re easy to clean with a simple wipe. We recommend using a microfiber mop and mild disinfectant regularly to keep it looking new and vibrant.

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Unique Vinyl Flooring

Buying Guide

If you are renovating your home or buying a new one, vinyl flooring will probably be your preferred option. Your positive bias toward this material is understandable, looking to its popularity. Besides, you get the looks and finish of real wood, marble and other expensive flooring materials at a far lesser cost.

However, vinyl flowing is a capital investment that has to stand the test of time, and not all brands are as tough and durable as they are beautiful. This guide will help you determine the technical aspects of vinyl flooring before you make your choice.

Vinyl is a plastic made of polyvinyl chloride resin. It is the world's second-largest selling plastic and also the most versatile one. Apart from floor covering, it is used for wall coverings, electrical cable insulation, window frames, and many other domestic applications.

Vinyl flooring is popular because of its following features:

  • Very strong
  • Long-lasting
  • Abrasion-resistant (scratch-resistant)
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Rust and corrosion-proof
  • Sound and shock-absorbant
  • Non-conductive
  • Cost-effective - Wood-like looks at a much lesser cost
  • Very versatile - Can be produced in a vast range of colors and designs
  • Most trusted - In use since five decades

A combination of the above features makes vinyl flooring an ideal choice for floor covering.

There are three main types - vinyl planks, sheets, and tiles.

Vinyl Planks

  • They are chosen by millions of homeowners because of their beauty and compatibility with a wide range of interiors. They have a vast range of finishes, colors, and textures. From khaki oak and Java Hickory to beaufort birch and chiffon cedar, the versatility makes planked vinyl flooring an integral part of tastefully done modern homes.
  • Looking to the prevailing home flooring trends, vinyl planks will suit spaces that harp on contrast-colored floors and walls that break the monotony of harmonious ambiance. Since vinyl planks are available in mostly hardwood textures, natural wood, ochre, burnt brown, and grey colors will fit most interiors, as they are universal hues.
  • Since vinyl plank flooring is water-resistant and skid-proof, and some premium varieties also absorb sound and shock, it is great to install in bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and study.

Vinyl Sheets

  • These sheets are available in rolled form, usually of six to 12 feet width. They have a wider range of designs than planks. Apart from different hardwood textures, they are also available in geometric, floral, and decorative patterns, borders, natural textures such as rocks and pavers, and other ranges.
  • The wide selection of colors and tones in each category compound the number of choices. If you come across vinyl flooring of any other design than natural hardwood, there is a fair chance it will be sheet flooring.
  • The glass fiber layers in the structure of vinyl sheets prevent them from cracking or deforming during pre and post-installation stages and make them climatically stable. This factor, combined with the variety of designs makes vinyl sheet flooring ideal for porches and living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and other floors where the floor design will match the other room elements.
  • Typical colors and tones to look for are black-grey and black-and-white combinations, grey, white, and wood finishes.

Vinyl Tiles

  • These are also called vinyl peel-and-stick tiles. As the name suggests, they are the fun, money-saving DIY type of vinyl flooring. These tiles have adhesive back with a protective film. To install, you simply have to arrange the tiles, then peel off the film and press-stick the tiles to the floor.
  • As a DIY project, vinyl tiles are good for small rooms and spaces such as study, children's bedrooms, attics, bathrooms, libraries, and the like. An important point to keep in mind is the evenness of the floor, since you are managing the installation yourself.
  • Vinyl tiles are also available as planks. Popular designs and finishes include natural hardwood, marble, granite, rocks and stone, and other natural martial finishes, geometric and floral patterns, borders, and other varieties of vinyl sheets.
  • Vinyl tiles are usually square-shaped; hence they offer good floor symmetry. They can be installed almost anywhere in the home except very narrow and very small spaces, where it will be difficult to achieve the symmetry of square tiles.

Vinyl flooring is a utility-cum-décor product. This means it has to undergo several manufacturing processes that make it strong and long-lasting while retaining its physical appeal.

Although on the surface, all vinyl floorings look equally attractive, not all manufacturers offer the desired quality and technical features. Hence, don't judge a vinyl plank by its face value. Look for the below-mentioned attributes in its three main technical aspects - vinyl plank structure, top coating, and thickness

Vinyl flooring has a multi-layered structure for enhanced strength, resilience, and durability. Beginning from the bottom, they are:

  • Base layer. It is the tough and slightly rigid layer that forms the base. It resists passive surface pressure, helps the plank to withstand the rigors of underlying uneven surface, and helps in proper gluing and installation.
  • First glass fiber layer. It is silica-based and offers vinyl flooring its flexibility and strength, and also hardness.
  • The mid-layer. Its basic function is to support the overlying and underlying layers and enhance their respective properties. Individually, it enhances flexibility and strength of vinyl flooring and offers it slight elasticity.
  • Second glass fiber layer. This one does the job of amplifying and improving the properties of the first glass fiber layer.
  • Printed layer. This is the layer that adds beauty to the strength and durability of vinyl flooring. Advanced options offer high-tech digital printing of a vast range of prints that can complement any kind of décor. You can even have custom-printed vinyl flooring.
  • Wear layer. It is actually an external top coating that acts like a shield of protection for the flooring. It adds to the wear-resistant property of vinyl flooring and protects it against scratches, abrasion, and other surface damage.

There are two major type of top coating:

Vinyl or urethane coating

It is free form wax, and is made of the same material -- vinyl, it blends naturally with the flooring. It is trusted and favored because it is:

  • Stain-resistant
  • Resistant to scuffing
  • Retains its finish without buffing or maintenance
  • Economical choice

These coatings are available in different thicknesses. If you choose this coating, expect to re-coat your vinyl flooring every two to 3 years.

Advanced coating

For a more premium and durable option, there are blended urethane mediums. They are a combination of urethane and tough materials such as aluminum oxide. They are:

  • Scuff and scratch-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain - no need for polishing or buffing
  • Most durable

We recommend this coating if you have a 10%-20% extra budget, if your family has toddlers and high-energy kids who make the floor, they veritable playground, and pets who love to nail the flooring surface. This coating will withstand it all for years, which will offset their initial extra cost.

Different vinyl flooring thicknesses are available for different types of use. Follow this general guide to determine which thickness you need.

  • 2-3 mm thickness

It is good for your study or porch where the floor area is small, and wear-and-tear is less. While this thickness is relatively inexpensive, beware that it will give away the floor's uneven finish in the form of "blisters." This will also create air gaps during installation. Hence the flooring can come off sooner than later.

Select this thin vinyl flooring only if you have budget constraints. Else, go for a thicker option even for such small-sized areas.

  • 3.2-4 mm thickness

It is suitable for most of your home's floor divisions, living room, bedroom, and kitchen included. This thickness offers cost-effectiveness and durability. Bonus point - It offers soft cushioning that makes you feel comfortable walking all-around your home.

Go for this thickness for value for money and comfort, it is the universal thickness for domestic use.

  • 5-8 mm thickness

This is high-density, high-endurance vinyl flooring - good for heavy usage, extra-long life and extra-soft walking convenience. Additionally, it will completely hide the floor imperfections, so you won't have to re-do the floor before installing the vinyl flooring. This will probably offset the higher cost of this thick vinyl flooring option.

Apart from the longer-life benefit, choose this thickness if you want a uniform soft walk and don't want your vinyl flooring to wither or fade away in a hurry.

The above technical details will help you "scratch the surface" of vinyl flooring and select the best option that lasts long and fits your budget.

With thickness options, there are two types that need to be kept in mind: wear layer thickness and plank thickness. They're the most important deciding factors when buying unique vinyl flooring.

  • Plank thickness - A plank that's thick is denser compared to a thinner one. It is going to be sturdier, plus it'll feel more substantial under your feet. It'll also cover up a poor subflooring! It's capable of providing more resiliency, so you'll be able to stand on them for an extended period of time without feeling uncomfortable. Lastly, it'll last for years! Your most durable plank thickness options are 4 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm, and 8 mm.
  • Wear layer thickness - A flooring's top surface is called the wear layer. It's like a floor's bodyguard. If your options are a scrawny layer and a tough, ready-for-battle wear layer, then you'd obviously want the latter which is a better bodyguard for your floors.

While no wear layer is perfect, there's a couple of great options available in the market right now. Just remember that the thicker a material is, the better it will be in performing its job at resisting scarring and scratching. Your wear layer options are the following: 8MIL (great for residential living spaces), 12MIL (best used for areas that get a high level of traffic; and 20MIL (for busy commercial areas).

A unique vinyl floor will be your best option if you're looking into finally getting your existing flooring replaced. It's not just a budget-friendly option, but it also provides you with a type of flooring that doesn't look shabby and cheap. This type of flooring can mimic natural stone and wood, which are popular in luxurious designs. With a unique vinyl flooring, you'll get the same look of stones and wood without breaking the bank.

Whichever way you look at it, vinyl flooring justifies its long-standing popularity. Choose your type, choose your design, and make your home stand out! Be mindful of the technical aspects discussed in this article to get the most out of your vinyl flooring.

Best Ideas

Unique kitchen floors

Now you can transform your floor into a blooming meadow of red, pink and yellow flowers with a bunch of blue leaves that form an eye-catching, geometric design. The whole is designed of brown vinyl - long-lasting and easy to clean.

Unique vinyl flooring

Unique and very stylish vinyl flooring is an excellent combination of beautiful color and design that brings to mind retro design. The floor in conjunction with the rest of the decor is a very stylish detail.

Check out this fun take on vinyl floors for the

Check out this fun take on vinyl floors for the kids' rooms! Atlantic Water 18" x 18" from LSI vinyl.

Unusual kitchen flooring

Now you can effectively transform your home by using this fashionable flooring. Created in French retro style, those tiny tiles form an eye-catching pattern consisted of white circles and dots and red stars - all made of easy-to-clean vinyl.

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Aqua Spring

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Aqua Spring

These elegant tiles in aqua turquoise coloring, with a subtle distressed-like pattern, work great both for interior and exterior installations, and thanks to sturdy make they will for sure stand the test of time.

Loving this bubble pattern vinyl flooring i can envision it

Loving this bubble pattern vinyl flooring - I can envision it in my guest bathroom

Unique vinyl flooring 1

Tile-effect vinyl flooring | Kitchen flooring | PHOTO GALLERY | Beautiful Kitchens |

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Denim

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Denim

Unique vinyl tile in denim blue, with interesting white specks pattern that resembles an irregular texture. One tile is square, measuring 12 inches at width and height. I'd recommend this finding to anyone fishing for an untypical vinyl flooring.

Flooring thats wood inspired

flooring that's wood inspired

Retro vinyl tile

Looking for the interesting design ideas? The floor which is made of many vinyls is the awesome one! Old gramophone plates will help you to create the disco look in any room in home or commercial place.

Premium vinyl composition tile vct

Premium Vinyl Composition Tile VCT

Decorative vinyl floor cloths from just 42

Decorative Vinyl Floor Cloths From JUST $42

Unique vinyl flooring 4

Featuring small lozenges, this unique vinyl flooring constitutes a stylish, contemporary proposition for one's decor. This set of tiles will look good both in a bathroom or kitchen, as well as in the hallway or corridor.

Unique vinyl flooring 3

Why not actually choose the floor of dreams for your kid's room with this amazing vinyl flooring? It offers plenty of pastel colors and a charming star pattern and looks like a real, charming rainbow.

Vinyle tile patterns diy

Vinyle Tile Patterns - DIY

Exclusive vinyl tile flooring bathroom vinyl flooring bathroom

Exclusive vinyl tile flooring – Bathroom Vinyl Flooring | Bathroom ...

Unusual flooring

Vinyl panels to the absolute novelty of the market. For flooring with a very versatile application and practically trouble-free. Unique vinyl flooring here has at least 50 shades of grey.Resembles a delicate, matt stained glass, made of small decorative tiles.

Unique kitchen flooring

Mannington Commercial Flooring - Amtico - Abstract (unique building entry? then the leasing office has solid of one color? )

Bodenlos marker installation in prague czech republic by heike

Bodenlos Marker Installation in Prague, Czech Republic (by Heike...

Unique vinyl flooring 8

Mannington luxury vinyl plank flooring character from rich weathered graining and planed and glazed edges. Inspired by the lush forests that surround the massive castles in Ireland, Ashford Walnut comes in two colors, chosen to enhance today’s furniture

Unique bathroom flooring

If you value original details inside, they delight and provide a unique atmosphere, so this unique vinyl flooring captivates. The whole is made in the interesting color of blue, grayscale and graphite delights.

New unique cream and silver squared vinyl flooring only 12


Floor graphics by superchrome attract customers

Floor graphics by Superchrome attract customers

Unique vinyl flooring 2

Vinyl floors are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because they are resistant to all kinds of damage. This unique vinyl flooring is a peel-and stick, is imitating wood, in a gray shade. Perfect for your foyer!