Retro Wall Fan


We are going back in time with this collection. These retro wall fans will transport you to a different era entirely but still give you the same quality air you would normally get from any other fan, just with a difference in style. They are clever and easy to mount. Look at this extensive collection and see if we have a retro wall fan for your home.

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Our Picks

13" Wall Fan

13" Wall Fan

Where style meets utility, a wall mounted oscillating fan might be involved - for a retro feel introduced gracefully to an interior where a ceiling fan can't be installed This vintage cooling fan comes with 6 ft cord.

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Retro wall fan 7

A real bargain for all antique and vintage fans - this retro wall fan can be actually something more than a cool gadget. Designed in India, it serves its role perfectly, dealing with unusual heat with ease.

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Retro wall fan 1

A beautiful and retro-looking wall fan that will not only keep your interior cool and with a breeze of fresh air but will also add ample amounts of charm and visual appeal due to its original looks.

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Retro electric fan

Ceiling fan mounted on metal frame. Functional design for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Retro wall fan

If you’re looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture to decorate a computer desk in a home office or a study room, take a look at this vintage, retro desk fan with an iron frame and wooden blades.

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12 inch industrial wall fans wall mount oscillating fan with

12 Inch Industrial Wall Fans / Wall Mount Oscillating Fan With String

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Retro 7" Table Fan

Retro 7" Table Fan

With this table fan you are able to effortlessly introduce a vintage accent to a decor. The fan features a classic metal construction, eye-catching burgundy red finish and practical handle on its top.

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Wall fans

Wall Fans

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Michelle pared wall fan by matthews fan company

Michelle Pared Wall Fan by Matthews Fan Company

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13" Wall Fan

13" Wall Fan

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Retro Wall Fan

Buying Guide

Retro wall fans are big and bold, so they can give the room dramatic accents with a mid-century modern style. There's no other accessory that can evoke a retro aura like a retro wall fan. What's amazing is the fact that it’s not just a decorative addition to a home, but it also functions as a device that provides cool airflow whenever and wherever you need it.

Here are the places that are best added with retro wall fans:

  • Bedroom Wall - Particularly the wall that’s facing your bed. If you are one of those people who always need a cool breeze as well as a soft white noise in order to sleep, you’d really love a retro wall fan. Of course, you need to ensure the retro-styled fan you get fits the room’s style. Whether you want an oscillating flow or directional airflow that’s centered on your bed, you can customize your retro wall fan to help you achieve the sleep oasis that you deserve.
  • Family or Living Room Wall - Specifically the space beside the television. Don't sit and suffer in sweat just to watch your favorite TV shows and movies this summer. Get a retro-styled wall fan and install it next to your TV. Aim it at the couch so every single time you click through the different channels available, you can unwind and relax at a cool and comfortable temperature. As an added bonus, a retro wall fan will free up valuable floor space which you can allocate for a better entertainment system.
  • Kitchen Wall - Temperatures inside the kitchen can climb, making it hard to prepare food for the family. Fortunately, a wall fan can make such a big difference. Just make sure you secure the fan up on your wall so the airflow is aimed into the room’s center area. As the fan will be high up, cool breeze does not blow your ingredients around as you prepare a snack or meal.

Determining the perfect size for your retro wall fan doesn’t have any hard and fast rules. Of course, you still need to review your space as well as the wall where you will be mounting the fan. Calculate the CFMs as well as it will help you pick the best wall fan for its intended placement.

The square footage that needs to be cooled should be identified then multiplied by the ceiling height that’s in feet to determine the CFM. So, if the room has an 8-foot ceiling and it’s 400 square feet, that would give you 1,600 CFMs. If you can’t determine the CFM, judge the space using the occupancy frequency (of the room), the room’s size, temperature, and air flow.

Consider the convenience you want your retro wall fan to offer. Maybe you want one that’s remote-controlled so it isn’t a hassle turning the fan on and off. If adjusting the settings of the fan doesn’t bother you, then you can opt for the basic wall-mount fan.

Best Ideas

Antique wall fan

A simple and antique wall fan. The fan has bronze blades made of metal and the cover is very simple which makes the airflow very efficient. The fan also comes with its own support to fix it to the wall.

Quorum 92413-86, Veranda Oiled Bronze 13" Outdoor Wall Fan with Wall Control

Shoo the mosquitos and move the air with this wall-mounted veranda fan. Perfect for those summer evenings when you want to sit on the porch and watch the fireflies. It does need to be wired into the house electrical system.

Retro wall fan 8

Laundry room light fixture | 26" Industrial Cage Ceiling Fan | shades of light | $789. Too expensive but I like the idea.

Matthews diane ceiling fan 13 brushed nickel euro style lighting

Matthews Diane Ceiling Fan - 13" Brushed Nickel - Euro Style Lighting

Fans without light retro style fan in antique gold wall

... Fans without light > Retro style fan in antique gold wall regulator

Vintage general electric fan metal wall oscillating decor or restore

Vintage General Electric Fan Metal Wall Oscillating / Decor or Restore

Fanatic wall light zulily zulilyfinds

Fanatic Wall Light #zulily #zulilyfinds

14 indoor outdoor main street wall mount fan shades of

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Antique electric fans

Antique Electric Fans

Retro wall mount fan economical home lighting

Retro wall mount fan – Economical home lighting

Vornado introduces reproduction vornado vfan richard ten

Vornado introduces reproduction Vornado VFAN - Richard Ten ...

Euromatic 40cm retro wall fan bunnings warehouse

Euromatic 40cm Retro Wall Fan | Bunnings Warehouse

Vintage zero fan wall mount fan or table top small

Vintage Zero Fan Wall Mount Fan or Table Top Small Green

Sale retro table or wall fan

SALE Retro Table or Wall Fan