Antique Brass Shower Fixtures


A different decorative path when designing your bathroom decor, swapping out the traditional stainless fixtures for these antique brass shower fixtures will give your shower area a personality all its own. In many attractive styles and with brushed brass as well as polished brass available, you will love showering with these antique brass shower fixtures. Its like showering on a turn of the century ocean liner.

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Our Picks

Antique brass shower fixtures

This exposed thermostatic shower system with riser is going to bring a spectacular mix of modern and industrial charm into your contemporary bathroom. It's made of durable unlacquered brass, ensuring smooth and long-lasting usage.

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Antique brass shower head

This unique antique brass shower fixture would provide retro-style design into your bathroom. Old fashioned pipes look really interesting and match well with bright walls. You will have an excellent experience of extravagance.

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Modern Wall Mounted Antique Brass Shower Faucet Dual Handles Mixer W Bath Shelf

Modern Wall Mounted Antique Brass Shower Faucet Dual Handles Mixer W Bath Shelf

The most popular batteries are wall mounted bathroom faucets, antique shower fixtures made of brass in the color of old gold. They resemble ancient times in a beautiful, elegant way. Retro panels perfectly combine classic design with modern technology,

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Antique brass shower fixtures

This element has got a functional character. It is suitable for bathroom use. This shower fixture features a durable metal construction with antique brass finish. It looks good and serves its users for many years without problems.

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Beverly bradshaw interiors seattle wa traditional bathroom seattle

Beverly bradshaw interiors seattle wa traditional bathroom seattle

A retro-style bathroom gives the impression that time has stood still in place. An antique brass shower fixture has a finish in the color of old gold, which blends with a real brass shade. Mounted on the wall has a high arched structure.

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Antique brass rainfall shower faucet set contemporary showers charlotte

Antique brass rainfall shower faucet set contemporary showers charlotte

A classic wall-mounted shower set made of stainless steel with an elegant quite dark antique brass finish. It's equipped with a 2-handle tub faucet, a height-adjustable hand shower and a tall thin shower arm ended with a flat round rainshower.

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Vintage shower fixtures

A dashy traditional wall-mounted tub and shower mixer crafted of stainless steel with an antiqued brass finish. It's equipped with a 2-handle faucet, a hand shower and a tall shower arm ended with an 8-inch round rainshower.

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Brass shower fixtures

An outdoor shower is meant to meet requirements of practicalness at first, but who said that such an appliance should not be decorative as well. Matter-of-factly, this antique brass shower fixture hits the mark.

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Brass shower faucets

Antiqued brass shower fixtures, sporting also a classic retro design that perfectly matches the material they were made of. With some white ceramic (?) elements and temperature of the water lettered black on the dial.

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Vintage Thermostatic Pressure Balanced Tub and Shower Faucet with Solid Brass Shower Head with Porcelain Lever Handles

Vintage Thermostatic Pressure Balanced Tub and Shower Faucet with Solid Brass Shower Head with Porcelain Lever Handles

Elegant, vintage style inspired shower faucet, shower head and porcelain lever handles (all other elements are made of brass and feature gold finish). You get a complete set of pressure balanced washerless cartridge.

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Antique Brass Shower Fixtures

Buying Guide

Antique brass shower fixtures can give your corner shower stall or even your shower and bath set up and extra special feel. Designed in an era when a shower bath was something of a novelty – perhaps favored by your local health nut – the design is more luxuriant than its modern descendants.

The Rainfall Head

Even with low water pressure, the rainfall head will deliver a steady flow of water droplets upon your head. Perfect for shampooing or for rinsing off the rainfall head is a wide showerhead poised well above your average bather. Permanently mounted on a crooked pipe, the bright coppery color of the brass fittings will shine against a white, tile bathroom wall.

The Sprayer

A sprayer can direct the water flow to underarms and other places where the rainfall showerhead just never seems to quite reach. For rinsing off suds and getting that extra squeaky-clean feeling, the sprayer just can’t be beaten. And it isn’t some sort of weird add-on to your regular shower – it is built right into the side of the pipe that feeds the rainfall head. How was it that old television commercial went? “Why just turn on water, when the water can turn you on?”

Turnstile Controllers

Intake to the shower is controlled with two turnstile faucet handles – one for hot, one for cold so you can get the temperature you want without having to deal with one of those hot/cold and water pressure knobs that so often can leave you with low pressure or a wrong temperature.

Bathtub Spigot

Alternatively, the bathtub spigot can be linked in with the shower arrangement – in the same beautiful brass. Adding a matching fixture increases the attractiveness of your bathroom, especially if the sink plumbing also matches. Add some sparkling crystal and a bidet, and you have a bathroom that harkens back to the early days of plumbing when it was a luxury worth dressing up.

Half a lemon is the secret to beautiful brass – just be certain it is real brass, not an iron alloy. If a magnet won’t stick to it, then you’ve got brass. Squeeze half a lemon into a shallow bowl. Add baking soda to make a paste, and rub the paste on your brass. Rinse off and Voila! No more fingerprints, soap smears or other smudges to mar the shine of your beautiful brass. If you don’t have lemon or soda, vinegar is an acceptable substitute for lemon, and salt will work instead of soda. Lightly moisten the salt with either a bit of lemon juice or a sprinkle of vinegar, dip a soft cloth into it, and gently rub the brass.

Antique brass shower fixtures can set the tone for your bathroom, creating an air of luxury. All you need to add to your beautiful brass is plenty of hot water, some big, fluffy towels and an aromatic herbal shampoo and soap combination, along with something tall and bubbly to drink.

Best Ideas

Antique brass fixtures

The devil is in the details. An interesting, antique brass shower is a good finish for the stylized bathroom. Wide tap with carved cocks accompanied by white ceramic elements. Very solid, because it has survived many years. Hot or not?

Beacon st master bath waterworks repose glass tiles in metallic

Beacon St. Master Bath - Waterworks Repose glass tiles in metallic silver satin finish, polished nickel fixtures.

Antique brass shower heads

Corresponding perfectly well to the white subway tile, this gold/brass shower fixture will add a bit of the classic refinement to any bathroom. Ideal inspiration for both shabby chic and glamour lovers.

Retro shower fixtures

Antique brass shower fixture - what could've been a better choice for a vintage bathtub? Unfortunately, it's an original piece, so it's not commercially available; however, I'd willingly fish for a similar brass shower to match my retro style bathroom.

Rondo shower set with lever handle antique brass

Rondo Shower Set with Lever Handle - Antique Brass

Old fashioned shower fixtures

If you want something a bit more original and at the same time rustic for your bathroom then this amazing antique brass shower fixture that comes in a shape of an old-styled phone will surely do the trick.

Antique brass shower fixtures

Antique Brass Tub Shower Tap with 8 inch Shower Head + Hand Shower T ...

Antique brass shower fixtures 5

Guest Bath. Every home should have: White marble bathrooms with brass fixture. I personally prefer the golden toned veins in Calacatta marble to the blue-grey and busier ones found in the more popular Carrara.

Antique shower faucets

Seldom anyone comes up with such a brilliant idea. Simple white, shiny bathroom, with elements of bricks - and black elements of the shower. Antique brass shower will stop the eyes of anyone who visits the bathroom.

Antique brass bathroom taps

Vintage Shower Set with Lever Handle - Antique Brass $249

Brass shower faucet

Long bath after a hard day's work. Best in the beautiful bathtub with antique elements. These antique brass will turn the spigot and taps and into a real work of art. Bronze tile gives a perfect retro style.

Antique brass shower fixtures 2

Antique_Style_Ti-PVD_Finish_Brass_Shower_Faucets_with_Shower_Head ...

Exposed shower faucet antique brass single handle gold

Exposed Shower Faucet Antique Brass Single Handle Gold ...

Antique brass shower fixtures wall mount brushed 2 handle 1

Antique Brass Shower Fixtures Wall Mount Brushed 2 Handle ...