Ceiling Mounted Space Heater


Ceiling mounted space heaters afford you a way to spread the warmth around without the worry of tripping or the errant blanket catching fire. Paired with a good ceiling fan, the warmth can circulate the room and keep you and yours in toasty comfort no matter how the cold wind blows outside. Speaking of outside, why not pick up another one to keep your outdoor seating area warm too?

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Ceiling mounted electric heaters

Smiths Skyline Ceiling CT4E Mounted Electric Fan Convector

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Ceiling mounted electric heater

Thanks to the infrared function-nowadays too warm in our home, besides love - we have also the celling mounted space heater. It is not loud and has no luminous panel. Equipped with a thermostat - and a beautiful, minimalist design - a white square, thin bezel.

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Backyard patio space modern patio seattle

Backyard patio space modern patio seattle

A fabulous patio where you can spend time even during cold or rainy days due to the heaters which are installed in a wooden ceiling. A cushioned sofa, recliners and a soft carpet create an elegant but cozy atmosphere.

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Xpelair Wh60 6kw Commercial Fan Space Heater C W Wall Ceiling Mounting Bracket

Xpelair Wh60 6kw Commercial Fan Space Heater C W Wall Ceiling Mounting Bracket

This amazing commercial fan space heater comes with a convenient option to mount to to the ceiling and provide you with more than enough comfort for your household, making it a perfect option for the most demanding of people.

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Ceiling heaters electric ceiling heaters electric heaters

Ceiling Heaters | Electric Ceiling Heaters | Electric Heaters

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Garage Shop 1,200 Watt Ceiling Mount Electric Radiant Heater

Garage Shop 1,200 Watt Ceiling Mount Electric Radiant Heater

This electric heater is a ceiling mounted product that provides heat. It features a very effective quartz heating element. It has also got an overheat protection, so it is very safe in use. Full size of this device is 27'' H x 16'' W x 6'' D.

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Ener-G+ Infrared Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Electric Patio Heater, Silver

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Ceiling hung heaters

Ceiling Cassette Systems – Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Splits: bathroom/upstairs addition solution? Beauty of the minisplit without the wall mounted unit.

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Reflector Unit Radiant Ceiling Mount Space Heater

Reflector Unit Radiant Ceiling Mount Space Heater

Efficient electric radiant heater designed to mount on ceilings. It has an aesthetic compact multi-sided housing of tempered steel with a white coating and aluminium interior. It emits quite bright light.

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Ceiling mounted space heater 14

Long and strong winter in the US make a need of designing the device, which could help to protect your house against cold. This 1500 Watt electric radiantheater could be used in any type of space, but should be installed at a minimum height 96".

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Ceiling Mounted Space Heater

Buying Guide

Ceiling mounted space heaters are safe and effective to use. They work by using electric and infrared technology that allows for widespread heat distribution.

They are also safe to leave on for unsupervised periods e, including overnight. However, before doing so, you should ensure that your ceiling mounted space heater is certified by one of the three major testing organizations, including UT, ETL from Intertek, and CSA International. It should also have features including an automatic shutoff, a shutoff timer, an adjustable thermostat, and tip-over protection to ensure optimum safety.

Because mounted space heaters are hardwired into the ceiling, there are no cords to trip over, making them a safer option for homes with children and pets.

These heaters work by directing all their heat towards the floor. With the floor being a surface area that requires the most heat, a ceiling mounted space heater can minimize heat loss to its surrounding areas. These infrared units also have a high heat output without low surface temperature on the unit, eliminating the risk of burns.

A ceiling mounted space heater can work in any room in the house but is especially useful in sunrooms, patios, and bathrooms. They are great for rooms where people gather during the winter or areas where the house’s central heating system doesn’t correctly circulate.

Since heat rises, these mounted heaters work best on relatively low ceilings, so the heat reaches everyone below. However, most heaters have a minimum height requirement for safety purposes. As long as there is an appropriate electricity source nearby and you follow manufacturer instructions for height and water exposure considerations, you can safely install a ceiling mounted space heater in any room in the house.

Best Ideas

Ceiling Mounted Electric Infrared Utility Heater

Ceiling Mounted Electric Infrared Utility Heater

This kind of device is a ceiling mounted heater. It is an electric, infrared equipment that has got a system of wide heat distribution. It is very effective and safe in use. This heater is great for indoor applications.

6,143 BTU Fan Forced Ceiling Mount Electric Space Heater

6,143 BTU Fan Forced Ceiling Mount Electric Space Heater

Mul-T-Mount 17,065 BTU Infrared Ceiling Mount Electric Space Heater

Mul-T-Mount 17,065 BTU Infrared Ceiling Mount Electric Space Heater

Robust electric 5000W infrared heater for 2 quartz lamps. It's designed to mount on ceilings and for indoor and outdoor use. It has a black-coated steel housing, gilded aluminium reflectors, an automatic shutoff and a bracket for tilt adjustment.

Ceiling mounted space heater 2

ProFusion Heat Ceiling-Mount Electric Garage Heater — 17,065 BTU, 240 Volts, Model# PH-945

Ceiling mounted space heater 3

Broan Nutone Fan Forced Ceiling Mount Electric Space Heater 154

Ceiling mounted space heater 7

Firesense Hanging Stainless Steel Halogen Patio Heater runs on regular household electric current and creates no harmful emissions or toxic residuals, so it can be used indoors and out; $159.99 at Amazon.

Ceiling mounted space heater

Electric space heater suitable for ceiling mounting. It provides heat and light in small areas. This construction is based on metal in neutral black color. Glass walls provide protection to sources of light and heat.

Ceiling mount heater

Dimplex Industrial Unit 3,750 Watt Ceiling Mount Space Heater CUH05B31T

Ceiling mounted radiant heaters

Optimus H-9010 Garage/Shop Ceiling or Wall Mount Utility Heater. Perfect for your garage or shop setting and can be ceiling or wall mounted. Detail at

Ceiling mounted propane heater

Fahrenheat Ceiling-Mount Industrial Heater — 7500 Watt, Model# FUH724 | Electric Garage Industrial Heaters| Northern Tool + Equipment

Ceiling mounted space heater 17

Our Ducoterra Sola Ray heating panels are the thinnest in the industry and can be mounted to or suspended from your ceiling. They add sun-like warmth to indoor spaces and are much more efficient than traditional heaters.

Ceiling mounted space heater 21

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Ceiling mounted space heater 10

Garage/SHP WL Mount Portable Utility Heater