Fireplace Screen Decorative

Protect your family and pets from your fireplace with a fireplace screen that is decorative, and can be customized to your specifications. Want a deer to symbolize your love of the outdoors and desire to hunt, then there is one available. But how about a monogrammed option? Yep, we have those, too. Too many choices to make a snap decision. Peruse this collection and see what we have for you.

Best Products

Aspen fireplace collection

Aspen fireplace collection
This type of product provides warmth, comfort and style into the house. It has got a single screen made of blackened steel that is resistant to fire. Of course this product is not dangerous to its users.

1 Panel Geometric Fireplace Screen

1 Panel Geometric Fireplace Screen
This fireplace screen is crafted from durable steel, with geometric double doors. The screen is heat-resistant, designed for indoors, and features beautiful metalwork and adjustable back feet.

Birds Summer Fireplace Screen

Birds Summer Fireplace Screen
This Fireplace Screen is characterized by wrought iron construction, and a beautiful perched bird design. The fireplace screen features Roman bronze powder coating, gold accents, and durable usage.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen
This Fireplace Screen in Black Finish is characterized by durable, wrought iron construction. The fireplace screen provides good protection for your floor against burning embers. Includes beautiful metal scrolls at the top, and stable legs.

4 Panel Brass Fireplace Screen with Decorative Filigree

4 Panel Brass Fireplace Screen with Decorative Filigree
This is a special curtain to pose in front of the fireplace. It has the shape of the screen. It is very delicate and pretty. Perfect for a variety of arrangements. It also has a very exciting and interesting ornaments that make it filigree.

Fireplace screen decorative 11

Square framed fireplace screen with curly attachments welded on the bottom corners of both sides. The interior space of the square frame is beautified with repetitive flower-like patterns. The screen is coated in a silver-like color. The entire design sits on a glass screen.

Fireplace screen decorative 22

The modern geometric fireplace screen. Maybe open fire look gorgeous in your living room, but it is not safe for your kids and home animals. This solution allows you to have fun of your fireplace, but also protects your loved ones.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are decorative fireplace screens easy to clean?

Fireplace screen decorative pieces are undoubtedly gorgeous but require maintenance to keep them looking their best. Always wait until the screen is completely cooled before cleaning. Simply lay the screen out on a towel on the floor or table and apply the appropriate household cleaner. This may be a glass cleaner, or if you have a wrought iron screen, choose an iron cleaner or an all-purpose product.

Using a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, so you don’t scratch the design’s delicate parts, work away at any residue or grime buildup on the screen. Gently wipe it down with warm water until all the debris and soap suds are gone. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove excess moisture and replace the screen.

If you use the screen in front of an open fireplace, there may be some resinous creosote buildup that requires a specialized degreaser to remove.

Are decorative fireplace screens heat-proof?

Yes, most decorative fireplace screens are heat-proof, and when you’re shopping for fireplace screen decorative pieces, this is a feature you should look for. Many decorative fireplace screens are made of metal, which is naturally heat resistant. However, if you’re shopping for a decorative metal screen that’s been painted, it’s essential to confirm that it’s heat-resistant paint.

If you’re purchasing a screen product designated for use in front of a fireplace, it often doesn’t matter what material it’s made from, as long as it’s been treated correctly. In many cases, a fireplace screen in a material besides metal, mesh, or glass features a copper plate on the inside to deflect heat without impacting the decorative design.

Can I get a fireplace screen with a decorative pattern on it?

Yes! Your fireplace screen, decorative or otherwise, doesn’t have to feature plain wire mesh. You can consider it an opportunity to add artistic flair to your home!

We’re seeing baroque, curlicue wire formations as well as screens that have painted-on or printed-on patterns.

From screens with detailed Renaissance paintings to ones with Art Deco wire patterns, you’ll certainly be able to find a fireplace screen that adds lots of visual interest to your home.


Fireplace screen decorative 1

A stunning fireplace screen which will not only be a protective item, but decorative too. It's a panel made of wrought iron with nicely curved ornaments and crystals, which will beautifully sparkle in the light of the fire.

Decorative fireplace screens wrought iron 2

A magnificent fireplace screen with eye-catching scrollwork and durable metal construction. Thanks to its short curved legs, the screen is easy to place and well-balanced, properly securing the whole firepit.

Other uses for fireplace screens

Decorative fireplace screen. This item is made of durable iron wires welded together. It features clean lines and very stylish antique pewter finish. Each screen of this type is a handmade product that increases interior aesthetics.

Painted fireplace screens

Enjoy this cheerful seasonal DIY fireplace cover in print of your choice. Easy folds plus bright, print cover hides your fireplace when it is not in use. This particular one has a bright floral design on a black background.

Decorative fireplace screens painted

We don't need fireplace when we can handle the warmth, with family atmosphere. At the place of the fireplace, to get his grace - we manually insert a fireplace screen decorative ,containing sections of wood. Arranged symmetrically on a square background.

Decorative custom fireplace screens mysterious youtube

Decorative Custom Fireplace Screens mysterious - YouTube

Disney fireplace screen

Nice fireplace with bricks, in shades of brown, fronting all sides of it. The hearth extension is topped with marble and has bricks beneath. The hearth extension gives room to display a couple of ornamental items. There’s a fireplace screen with intricate curly designs placed in front of the fire.

Fireplace screen decorative 2

This screen decorative is an ingenious addition to the fireplace. It has a rectangular metal frame with wire mesh design connecting all sides. The screen is attached to a roller mechanism above – this allows the screen to easily slide back and forth.

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Fireplace screen decorative 25

Budget fireplace screen

Fireplace screen decorative

DIY faux fireplace - holy moly this is so doable and we have the fireplace this would just cover up the ugliness

Fireplace screen decorative 1

"Pyra" Fireplace Screen at Horchow. $815 A variety of geometric shapes combine to make this hand-wrought fire screen as decorative as it is functional. •Handcrafted of iron and heavy mesh. •Hand-applied gold-leaf finish. •48"W x 8"D x 33"T. •I

Decorative wooden fireplace screens

Great idea for your fireplace in spring and summer, or if its a nonfunctional one. Perfectly stacked logs you can remove in seconds.

Original decorative fire screen design tree leaves fireplace

original decorative fire screen design tree leaves fireplace ...

Sliding fireplace screen

Ever wondered how to construct a fireplace screen? It's not as complicated, as long as you have a spare window sash at your disposal! A drop of staining finish (white paint) may also be indispensable here.

Fireplace screen decorative 20

My first tiling project...our hearth re-tile!

Small Diamond Glass Flat Guard Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screen decorative 19

need to find a fireplace screen after the holidays ( they always go on clearance) and spray paint!

Fireplace screen decorative 4

Disappearing Phantom screens were used so the homeowner could have the option of either screened in porch or open air porch. The touch of a button raises or lowers the screens. I want these one day.

Fireplace cover up

I love this fire place screen - Kylee this would look good at your house!!!

Fireplace screen decorative

Sunroom. Beautiful Rustic Sunroom Design. #Sunroom

Fireplace screen decorative 24

Screened In Porch Ideas - Making the Most of a Small Budget. #diy #remodel #outdoorliving @spicyperspectiv

Outdoor fireplace yep putting this on the honey must do

outdoor fireplace....yep putting this on the honey must do list!

Fireplace screen decorative 27

Before & After inspiration: whitewashed brick fireplace, de-brassed surround, painted built-ins. (Would love to see the back of the built-ins a different color for a pop of contrast.)

Fireplace screens vintage decorative brass gold screen french decor

Fireplace Screens Vintage Decorative Brass Gold Screen French Decor ...

Fireplace screen decorative 17

hot holiday gifts - electric stove from Plow & Hearth, actually a portable plug-in heater styled to resemble a woodburning stove. Great idea!

Fireplace screen decorative 3

An idea for when I actually get a flat screen to put over my fireplace - How To Hide the Cords on a Flat Screen TV

Decorative wooden fire screens

Mickey Mouse Disney fire screen. Tons of photos for more Mickey Mouse decorating on a Cheapskate Princess budget!

Arched 3 Panel Fireplace Screen

Arched 3 Panel Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screen decorative 16

how to hide cords for a TV mounted to the wall - via Sawdust and Paper Scraps - genius!

Ok i keep seeing fireplaces in the porch since we

Ok, I keep seeing fireplaces in the porch. Since we have increased the size, I like the idea a lot. I'm gonna have Brian quote it. Would it make sense to have it on the side facing the neighbor with the green house? (Left when facing lake.)

Fireplace screens contemporary 2

This is actually one of the most clever ideas seen in home designs - a swivel TV that will let you choose whether you want to watch it in your master bedroom or living room, while never losing on style.

Fireplace cover up ideas

Whimsical Christmas Mantel 2013 - I always have fun decorating my mantel for Christmas every year. This year I decided to do something fun and whimsic…

Fireplace screen decorative

fireplace screen decorative

Fireplace screen decorative 5

Golden Branch Fireplace Screen at Horchow. $332.50 (this price reflects 30% off thru 6/13/14). Family Room

Summer fireplace screens

love the fireplace on the porch!

Fireplace screen decorative 21

Easy Easter Decorating Ideas | A Pop of Pretty: Canadian Decorating Blog

Fireplace screen decorative

How to paint your fireplace surround and get a fresh new look. No priming, no sanding before!

Rustic Copper Mesh Fireplace Screen Cross Design

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