Decorative Panel Screens

Wish to divide a room, or section of your outdoor area? Then these decorative panel screens will do the trick. See through and attractive, they are more for form than function, but still give the illusion of area division. They work indoors as well as outdoors, and can be straight paneled or accordian style for a more Japanese aesthetic. And the styles are too numerous to count.

Best Products

Vintage crystal plate panel

Vintage crystal plate panel
A very interesting window panel that provides privacy, but also allows the sunlight into the house. This crystal plate panel includes very attractive patterns and a solid frame, so it has also got a decorative character.

Flower jali 4 panel screen india

Flower jali 4 panel screen india
This panel screen is an elegant and stylish piece of equipment that plays the role of a room divider. Its rustic, natural style fits perfectly into any decor. It is made of wood, so it features the highest level of solidity.

Decorative panel screens 1

Decorative Wood Lattice Panels. A simply stunning piece that will provide you with the much wanted privacy and still bring a touch of style and visual appeal to your household thanks to the beautiful design with golden, metal leaves.

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Vinyl decor panels

If you want to add exotic flavors into your home decor, you may want to check these finely cut screens. Each screen is constructed in detail, offering a spectacular effect, when combined with a source of intensive light. It's especially beautiful at night.

Decorative screens panels

Pretty and aesthetic fence panel for outdoor use. It's made of dark weatherproof vinyl so is practically maintenance free. It features a lattice pattern at the bottom and an intricate beautiful floral and bird design in central and upper parts.

Metal lattice panels

Astonishing contemporary room dividing screen with intricate branches resembling pattern, brown over cream white, crafted using laser cut technology that provides the highest definition of the smallest details.

Our advice Buying Guide

Even the most renowned architects are in awe with decorative panel screens. What's the best decorative panel screen for your space? Keep on reading as we've prepared a guide that'll help you pick out the best one for your home.

What's the history of decorative panel screens?

The history of decorative panel screens dates back to the mid-600s. China was the first country to use decorative panel screens to have more surfaces to paint on and to create privacy. During the early 1950s, the country has seen a strong revival of these privacy screens in both commercial and residential architecture. As of today, we're enjoying another revival that features traditional designs implemented using contemporary materials and styles. Screens are being used as architectural elements, pieces of furniture, decorative objects, and works of art.

How to select the best decorative panel screen for its intended purpose?

Before you even check for your options online, be clear on what you're trying to screen. Would it be acoustic or visual? We suggest you list down what you require out of your decorative panel screen like noise reduction, the ability to enhance your lounge suit, screen view, and more. Most manufacturers of decorative panel screens have in-house interior designers. They will help you find the right products to ensure that all your requirements are taken care of.

If you're not planning to add a decorative panel screen to your entry space, you might consider using one in the area as it can provide privacy which is needed in poorly designed homes. By adding a decorative screen, your home's private areas will be protected or screened from direct view. What we love about this is the fact that it can improve a home's feng shui and frame an entry space.

What designs of decorative panel screens are there?

A decorative panel screen is considered a sculptural piece and there are many concepts and graphic styles that you can choose from. It can be styled in a personal way too. There are even those that have family portraits laser-cut into their design. If you don't want one that's customized, don't worry as you can select from pre-made decorative panel screens.

What are the best materials for decorative panel screens?

Today's material styles and options vary. In fact, seeing modern materials used to create traditional concepts can astonish even jaded hearts. The contemporary materials we are talking about include medium density fiberboard (MDF), weathered steel, plastic, and metal. Our favorite is weathered steel as it looks absolutely stunning inside residential spaces.

To choose the best material for your decorative panel screen, think about the material's required maintenance. MDF, for example, is highly absorbent which means it can't be placed in an environment that's rich in moisture or else it'll get damaged.

If you want your decorative panel screen to last a long time, then you'd want to check acrylics and stainless steel. They are durable but they're very expensive. An economical product is MDF, but it's more difficult to maintain.

If you’ve made the important decision of adding one into your home, remember the points we've discussed and we're confident that you'll be successful in your endeavor.


Decorative panel screens 2

Room divider mounted on the floor and ceiling. It is finished with sophisticated ornament. Modern design for the living room and others interiors as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Decorative screen

Lampshades wall screens are an excellent way to add lightness and freshness to the interior. Subtle enhancement and functionality allow you to create a working space in your home in an easy and fun way.

New designs

New Designs!

Decorative screen panels

A very attractive outdoor window panel that features a natural looking, floral design. This luxurious product not only looks amazing, but it is also resistant to many different negative outdoor factors.

Metal privacy screens

Are you looking for a quality item to cover your open shelves with? Check this sliding door for indoor use, which looks like an armored shutter. The door efficiently hides every open shelf, securing all collectibles, books, and electronic devices.

Panel screens

The decorative panel screens are not only the perfect cover against sun and the great decoration, but also a protection against the nosy neighbours. Made of copper, so not too heavy to put it to the garden.

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Decorative screen q designs

decorative screen - q designs

Decorative outdoor screens

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Screening panels come in 13 different patterns

Screening Panels come in 13 different patterns.

Decorative metal screens

Play with the light and see how wonderful possibilities it offers. These unique glass panel screens can make a miraculous interior divider, operating with light to create a breathtaking experience. Recommended for modern houses.

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Decorative screens laser cut screens custom screens designer

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Laser cut screens

With this laser-cut screen you can be sure that your privacy will be properly protected. The screen is manufactured from quality black metal with lovely metalwork, and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Decorative lattice

These window panels look very attractive and they assure privacy when they are combined with curtains. Their original pattern and neutral white finish match different interior and outdoor stylizations.

Decorative window screen panels

Who doesn’t need some shadow during the hottest of days? Check out these cut out metal panels. Rich ornamentation provides an interesting, dramatic vibe, to make sure you never get bored with the sun. Durable and weather-resistant, these panels are a lasting investment.

Came across these lovely decorative frames and screens at the

came across these lovely decorative frames and screens at the fair ...

Decorative panel screens

It's a DecoGlide sliding window panel with geometric and illustrative design, which is cut by the laser. The pieces of this curtain have a wooden construction with synthetic fabric. It adds a beauty to any interior.

Introduces 6 decorative midcentury style wall screens room dividers

... introduces 6 decorative, midcentury-style wall screens / room dividers

Metal privacy screen

Decorative panel screens suitable for glass. These decorations feature a very attractive pattern finished in universal black color. These panels are suitable especially for commercial areas. They are resistant to wear.

Moroccan wood panels

The oriental and exotic arrangement of wall decorations, consisting of a multiple of decorative panel screens made out of different types of metal. The metal display provides the wall with a unique and unusual appearance.

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Laser cut out screen

laser cut out screen

Laser cut metal screens

Room dividers do not have to be fancy – but why settle for something boring when you can choose an interesting and intriguing decoration instead? This metal, a geometrical room divider can easily become the focal point of your living room, if you give it the chance!

Moroccan wood lattice

These colorful folding panel screens will add brightness and vividness anywhere they would appear. Especially beneficial when you want to divide some area within the other one, like for example bedroom or cabinet area within studio space.

Fiberglass decorative panels and screens 1

Fiberglass Decorative Panels and Screens

Rusted decorative panel from cutout decorative screens and panels

rusted decorative panel from CUTOUT decorative screens and panels

Garden outdoor accessories outdoor art orb wall panel screen

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Decorative laser cut metal panels

Now, you can saparate your room with style, using those decorative room dividers with opaline glass panels. Each of those beauties has a powder-coated metal frame with tubular legs and a flat base for stability.

Decorative lattice screens

Lasercut Screen - this would look cool mounted on a large bare wall! #design #interior #inspiration

Decorative lattice panel

shutter like curtain can be easily made with 2x2 fabric of choice staple gumn and hinge bracket

Prefabricated perforated metal architectural screens and panels

... prefabricated perforated metal architectural screens and panels

Floor to ceiling room dividers

Linen room dividers are great for giving you privacy when you need it. Eco-friendly, durable and quite cheap, they are an awesome addition to every minimalistic house. They come in various colours, to meet all kinds of tastes. Easy to install and take down, they are true life-savers when you have to divide a difficult kind of interior.

Lazer cut screens

30 Green Backyard Landscaping Ideas Adding Privacy to Outdoor Living Spaces

Parasoleil patterns eclectic all weather privacy screen for porch deck

Parasoleil patterns - eclectic - all-weather privacy screen for porch, deck, & patio

Tokyo wall panel decorative screen

Tokyo Wall Panel / Decorative Screen

Decorative lattice panels garden

A beautiful traditional screen manufactured of metal with a painted brown finish. Three decorative tall rectangular panels feature a handmade openwork geometric design. Panels can be used indoor and outdoor.

Decorative lattice panels

Need a bit of privacy in your garden or on your patio? Feel free to use those privacy screens with a lattice design. Created from quality materials, the screens are easy to install and to clean, and offer an effective protection against nosey eyes.

Cutout screen panels

The impressive combination of the attractive design of this floor mirror/room divider screen is a perfect combination of functionality and unique style. The whole presents itself incredibly, giving the interior lightness, elegance and glamor effect.

Metal screen panels

Here you can find a very creative idea for glowing doors. These doors are merely traditional wooden plank doors with decorative, metal panels on top of them. Under each panel, there is a lighting installed, which, especially at night, gives spectacular, almost magical effects.

Outdoor decorative screens

Punch out panels in a room divider and fill with light strewn branches tangled in strings of twinkling lights for a fairytale-like forest in your home. Photo: Comfy Home Decor

Laser cut decorative metal panels

Separate spaces into your home with the stunning Moroccan screen. It is construct of four panels with black carved wooden structure.It is suitable with white walls and classic design.

Panel screens 2

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