Mirror Room Dividers

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If you need to partition your bedroom or live room to create a private nook without sacrificing style, mirror room dividers are a handy decor option. These functional yet stylish pieces add to the spaciousness and aesthetics of a room, making it look bigger and reflecting the best elements of your chosen furnishings. Here are mirrored room dividers you must check out for creative and stylish partitions.

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Updated 02/12/2022
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Three Panel Mirror Room Divider

Three Panel Mirror Room Divider

Red Barrel Studio®

This three-panel mirror room divider is a fantastic option if you need to create a cozy, private nook in a room without disturbing its aesthetics. Crafted from solid wood, it will add depth to your space and enhance its overall look.

Designer Advice:

This stylish black folding room divider comes pre-assembled for easy installation anywhere you need to create a sense of privacy without compromising on space. Place it in your bedroom to hide your clothes rack or other things you don’t want guests to see. It reflects all other decorative items in the room and draws attention away from what’s behind it.

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Lightweight Mirror Partition

Lightweight Mirror Partition


If you wish to divide and define spaces in your studio apartment, this folding mirror divider is a stylish option. It has four mirror panels that cover a ton of space and will take your interior aesthetic to another level.

Designer Advice:

This panel room divider has an elegant frame made of solid and manufactured wood that elevates the look of any room you place it in. Set it up in the hall, bedroom, or dressing room to add elegance and panache. It is also pre-assembled and free-standing, so you can place it anywhere you want without using any tools.

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Modern Mirror Room Divider

Modern Mirror Room Divider

Red Barrel Studio®

This decorative folding room divider is a smart choice if you’re shopping around for a contemporary mirror room divider to go with your modern decor style. It has a beautiful black velvet backing that makes it look stylish and unique.

$369.99 $620

Designer Advice:

This sturdy resin-framed divider has mirror panels that will make any room in your home or office look bigger, brighter, and better. Use it to visually break up a space and enhance its cohesiveness and aesthetics. The divider also works wonders as a floor-length wall mirror to get ready for the day or a night out on the town.

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Rustic Mirrored Room Divider

Rustic Mirrored Room Divider

If you love the look of rustic, natural wood, you should get this beautiful solid wood mirrored room divider. Its pretty frame features a natural, distressed wood finish that livens up the space while adding depth and a touch of nature.

Designer Advice:

The industrial farmhouse design of this free-standing, decorative accent piece goes well with various decor styles and creates the optical illusion of more space. Place it in your dressing room, makeshift home gym, yoga or meditation room, or even near a window to create a private corner without blocking the light or obstructing your established decor style. It will help you make the room look bigger and brighter, which makes it a handy decor piece for limited spaces.

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Luxurious Mirror Divider

Luxurious Mirror Divider

Astoria Grand

If you love classical decor pieces, go for this ornate three-paneled mirror partition with carved detailing. It will add a touch of luxury to the room you place it in. Its free-standing, pre-assembled design makes it easy to move around the house.

$383.99 $620

Designer Advice:

This beautiful double-hinged mirror divider is as gorgeous as it is practical. You can break up an open floor plan with it and use it as a floor-length dressing room mirror for everyday use. You can also set it up in the hall or dining room for the aesthetic and to impress your guests with your impeccable style and taste.

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Best Ideas

80" x 63" Avidan Mirrored 3 Panel Room Divider

80" x 63" Avidan Mirrored 3 Panel Room Divider

With a room divider you are able to create a nook of privacy in a bigger room; the divider also adds to interior's decorativeness, as it features three panels with distressed mirror elements and antique gold finish.

Mirror room dividers 2

This is a room divider. It’s made completely of glass panel and it gives a room a spacious look. There are four panels and they are connected by silver-coated hinges which make them foldable. They are rectangular in shape and very durable.

SEI Bradwell 3-Panel Screen/Room Divider

Antique quality mirror room dividers constructed from wood and featuring stunning distressed finishing. The dividers are extremely practical and lightweight too for easy setup and mobility. They should be the perfect choice for large open floor homes.

Three panel floor mirror horchow

Three-Panel Floor Mirror - Horchow

Mirror room dividers 1

Simple and elegant room divider with framed glass. The divider is made from four glass panels that have elegant wooden frames and are connected by hinges. The glass panels are divided into square patterns. As a design, they are also foldable.

Powell Furniture Reflections Folding Screen

71" x 69" Traditional Mahogany Mirror 3 Panel Room Divider

71" x 69" Traditional Mahogany Mirror 3 Panel Room Divider

If you're looking for original, stylish but also functional solutions for your flat, check out this awesome 3 panel mirror! It will totally refresh the look of your bedroom and will bring you the highest comfort.

Ore International 3-Panel Black Finish Mirror Room Divider

Traditional screen fitted with mirror. It is mounted in wooden frame. It can be use as room divider. Functional accent in oriental style to any interior according to taste and need. It is highly rated by customers.

Mirror screens mirrors online mirrors mirror furniture666

Mirror Screens : Mirrors Online, Mirrors, Mirror Furniture666

Glam furniture

Glam furniture

A chic traditional room divider composed of 3 tall rectangular hinged panels. Each panel has a rather simple and narrow frame of wood with a light brown finish. Each frame is filled with a large pane of mirrored glass.

Mirror room divider screen angeline mirrored screen room divider

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Antiqued mirror glass atlanta framed room divider

Antiqued Mirror Glass Atlanta - Framed - Room Divider

Mirror room dividers 3

O'verlays ™ by Danika & Cheryle LLC. Basically this site is a treasure trove of ideas for sprucing up IKEA and second-hand furniture

Wayborn Furniture MS007 Full Size Dressing Screen Room Divider

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Mirrored hanging room divider 40w x 87h in room

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New french provincial room divider tri fold dressing


Beveled mirrored screen room divider at 1stdibs 1

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Tri fold beveled mirror room divider

Tri-Fold Beveled Mirror Room Divider

Maniera 02 mirror room divider mirror room divider

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Silver leaf three panel mirrored room divider mirror

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72 x 60 wood mirror 3 panel room divider birch

72" x 60" Wood/Mirror 3 Panel Room Divider | Birch Lane

Three paneled mirrored room divider with brass accents ebth

Three Paneled Mirrored Room Divider with Brass Accents | EBTH