Mirror Room Dividers

For a room divider that is a little different, perhaps your might love a mirror room divider. These room dividers are great for spaces that need to be partitioned, but on a very limited basis. However, you must use caution when working around these mirror room dividers. We don't want you to accidentally break it and get 7 years of bad luck. See collection for options.

Best Ideas

87" x 40" Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider

87" x 40" Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider
This mirror hanging room divider is a great solution for your interior decoration. Beautiful rings give the whole a remarkable nature by which it is impossible to resist his charms. Based on a solid metal structure.

80" x 63" Avidan Mirrored 3 Panel Room Divider

80" x 63" Avidan Mirrored 3 Panel Room Divider
With a room divider you are able to create a nook of privacy in a bigger room; the divider also adds to interior's decorativeness, as it features three panels with distressed mirror elements and antique gold finish.

71" x 69" Traditional Mahogany Mirror 3 Panel Room Divider

71" x 69" Traditional Mahogany Mirror 3 Panel Room Divider
If you're looking for original, stylish but also functional solutions for your flat, check out this awesome 3 panel mirror! It will totally refresh the look of your bedroom and will bring you the highest comfort.

Glam furniture

Glam furniture
A chic traditional room divider composed of 3 tall rectangular hinged panels. Each panel has a rather simple and narrow frame of wood with a light brown finish. Each frame is filled with a large pane of mirrored glass.

Mirror room dividers 1

The perfect idea to reuse of combination of old mirrors. Perfectly fitted, it built the plane, which blow up optically the amount of space available. Such a trick is the most useful in very little rooms.

Mirror room dividers 2

This is a room divider. It’s made completely of glass panel and it gives a room a spacious look. There are four panels and they are connected by silver-coated hinges which make them foldable. They are rectangular in shape and very durable.

Mirrored room divider screens ikea

mirrored room divider screens ikea

Mirror room dividers 1

Simple and elegant room divider with framed glass. The divider is made from four glass panels that have elegant wooden frames and are connected by hinges. The glass panels are divided into square patterns. As a design, they are also foldable.

Southern Enterprises Marian 3-Panel Screen Room Divider, Gray, Glass and Mirror

A great idea to enhance your living space -3 panem screen, that becomes your mirror room divider. It presents rustic style, with some shabby elements. Brown, chestnut shade with white streaks - with translucent windowpane screens to let light filter through.

Mirror screens mirrors online mirrors mirror furniture666

Mirror Screens : Mirrors Online, Mirrors, Mirror Furniture666

Mirror room dividers

Extra-large room divider designed to look like a giant window. Constructed from a sturdy metal frame, the divider is also fitted with glass for outstanding looks. It’s finished in a nice coat of black that will easily blend with the rest of your décor.

Three panel floor mirror horchow

Three-Panel Floor Mirror - Horchow

SEI Bradwell 3-Panel Screen/Room Divider

Antique quality mirror room dividers constructed from wood and featuring stunning distressed finishing. The dividers are extremely practical and lightweight too for easy setup and mobility. They should be the perfect choice for large open floor homes.

Mirrored room dividers 2

This amazing room divider will allow you to both provide some privacy in your room and make for a nice option when it comes to style and even more functionality, since it sports the mirrored design.

Mirror room dividers 1

Decorative room divider with a durable wooden frame and mirrored panels. It features some decorative accents and divides rooms, so it can also play practical roles in home indroos, restaurants and other places.

80" Sylvia Antiqued Gold Metal & Mirror Decorative 3-Panel Room Divider Screen

Mirror room divider screen angeline mirrored screen room divider

mirror room divider screen angeline mirrored screen room divider ...

Mirrored three panel room divider lrg

Mirrored Three Panel Room Divider LRG

Sotto hanging room divider

I've seen the sliding doors (barn are still my favorite) but using two huge mirrors is a fun twist.....

Room Divider Mirror in Baroni Silver

Room divider consisting of 3 panels. Frame is made of wood and covered with mirror. Neutral and functional accent for each place as needed.

Mirror divider

Love this type of door for dividing spaces. Plus, it doesn't take up room.

Reed room divider

Functional room dividers that are very solid and aesthetic. These mirror dividers feature wooden frames with honeycomb shapes. They are finished in neutral gray color, so these dividers are suitable for different kinds of decor.

Mirrored room dividers 7

If you are looking for ideas how to divide your space within the rooms, this Morrocan style floor screen is a beautiful way to do it. Intricately designed, with lots of subtle pattern details.

Glass mirror room dividers

Glass & Mirror Room Dividers

Antiqued mirror glass atlanta framed room divider

Antiqued Mirror Glass Atlanta - Framed - Room Divider

Mirror room dividers 3

O'verlays ™ by Danika & Cheryle LLC. Basically this site is a treasure trove of ideas for sprucing up IKEA and second-hand furniture

nexxt Preston Series Floor Standing Triple Panel Photo Screen with Mirror

Love this mirror room divider

Love this mirror room divider!

Mirror room dividers 8

Mirrored room dividers

We just love the way this open room is setup to look, with a huge, oversized mirror purposed to divide the rooms into two. Perfectly fits the overall traditional mood of the room, with vintage and old-fashioned furniture.

Mirror room dividers 10

At Home: The Modern Mudroom. I want to live in this mudroom. I would gladly throw my slicker on a hook and toss off my galoshes even when it wasn't raining in a room like this.

Powell Furniture Reflections Folding Screen

Rustic mirrored room divider and round dining table vintage

rustic mirrored room divider and round dining table, vintage ...

Mirror room dividers 4

Long Island Beach House by Novogratz ... Love the 1970's-inspired bedside pendant lights and the teal blanket

Ore International 3-Panel Black Finish Mirror Room Divider

Traditional screen fitted with mirror. It is mounted in wooden frame. It can be use as room divider. Functional accent in oriental style to any interior according to taste and need. It is highly rated by customers.

Mirror room dividers 6

Jean Louis Deniot living room--neutral color palette, abstract mirror room divider, millwork

Wayborn Furniture MS007 Full Size Dressing Screen Room Divider

Mirrored room dividers 27

Functional mirrored room divider that divides rooms into smaller spaces. This practical element of design looks very interesting thanks to its mirrored construction. It is also resistant to damage and wear.

Room divider with mirror

Sensitivity to elegance is evident in this mirrored enclosure layout, in an impeccable way. Modern house-was decorated with a wonderful style mirror room divider. It combines a wooden frame that intertwines with glass into wonderfully ornamental shapes.

Rommel Full Size Dressing Screen (Dark brown/browns) (72"H x 60"W x 2"D)

Mirror room dividers 4

Best eco friendly French door designs - Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment - Ecofriend

A&B Home Stockwell Mirror Screen Room Divider, 47.2 by 75-Inch

Mirror room dividers 11

Mirrored wall how to

Mirror room dividers 5

South Shore Decorating Blog: Can You tell What I'm Obsessing Over Lately?

Mirror room dividers 7

South Shore Decorating Blog: What's Keeping Me Up at Night (and Beautiful Rooms)

Mirror room dividers 3

A giant mirror on the end of a bookcase adds light and the illusion of more space.

Oriental Furniture Best Housewarming and Holiday Gift Ideas, 11-Inch Olde-Worlde Baroque Design Decorative Waste Basket

Lily Cheval Mirror with Jewelry Holder

Mirror room dividers 7

Shelves on knee wall" “Tapered Interior Columns, Craftsman Bungalow Remodel. Dining room color: "Salsa Red"”“interior columns/bookcases for transition between LR and open kitchen and dining”“Craftsman interior trim”“Interior Craftsman