Large Floor Length Mirror


Every home should have at least one large floor length mirror. And if you are in the market to put a full-length mirror in your home, then you will appreciate our extensive collection of large floor length mirrors. They're all very attractive and will help you feel equally attractive when you check your look before going out and do it all in one shot with these long mirrors.

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Our Picks

Floor length mirrors cheap

Must find a fabulous floor length mirror for my bedroom

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Full length mirror diy

mirror made from old barn wood. Hmmm it would match my coffee table that I made perfectly too!

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Large floor length mirror 2

Step Inside Rumi Neely's Must-See Cali Digs #refinery29 Kevin O'Brien Studio Shibori Decorative Pillow, $162, available at AllModern.

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Huge mirrors

Would you just look at this beautiful design for a bedroom corner! A tall, standing mirror perfectly replaces the need for a makeup cabinet and gives off a nice, very rustic feeling with its unfinished coat of paint.

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Vintage style floor mirror 1


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Mirror with a stand

A stunning floor mirror in an extra large size that is highlighted by a beautiful, silver frame with ornamental details. This elegant piece will be a pretty and functional accent of your entry hall or bedroom.

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Full Length Leaning Mirror

Full Length Leaning Mirror

Large and wide wall mirror in rectangular black frame. It may be hanged on a wall vertically or horizontally or used as a floor leaning mirror. It is simply designed, yet very elegant, which is confirmed by happy customers.

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Diy floor length mirror

Got an unoccupied bedroom corner? Get a large floor length mirror and lean it against the wall. This way you enlarge the space visually, get a mirror that lets you see your whole silhouette, and you decorate the interior at once.

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Large mirror stand

Large and beautifully framed mirror in the impressive frame is a beautiful accent to interior design. Its slim design, nice frame, and versatile form make it perfect for a wardrobe or bedroom.

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Cheap floor length mirror

I had two ornate mirrors in the attic waiting for inspiration... Lex had it first. She painted them a deep shiny plum for her dining room. Beautiful!

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Large Floor Length Mirror

Buying Guide

Lots of people find themselves asking how big should a floor mirror be? Firstly, it's a great accessory to have at home since it is a functional and decorative piece at the same time.

When choosing a floor mirror, size is one of the most important factors. The size of the mirror should be similar to the scale of the other items in your room. So a light frame is suitable for simple and dainty pieces of furniture. A huge floor mirror would go well in a large room and can be a good statement piece as well.

While big floor mirrors can be the focal point of the room, it's important to remember that they should have a solid and sturdy frame to hold the weight of the glass so it won't look flimsy or be too fragile.

To choose a large floor-length mirror, start by deciding exactly where you’re going to place it: not just in what room but, ideally, in which spot.

This will allow you to look for a floor-length mirror in the right size and that matches your room’s palette. For the best results, though, you should pick a frame in a contrasting color against the wall onto which it’ll lean. For example, if you have a dark blue wall, you could look for a white or cream frame, whereas a dark wood finish would stand out against a light-colored wall.

We also recommend keeping it consistent with your room’s décor by choosing a large floor-length mirror in that style and a more or less decorative frame depending on your interiors (for example, contemporary, industrial, and minimalist mirrors are usually more streamlined, whereas shabby chic and French country are highly decorated and full of ornate details).

In a bedroom, one of the most common locations for a full-length mirror to be placed is at the back of the room or on a closet door. This location is great for saving space and makes it easy to look in the mirror when getting dressed or trying on outfits.

For example, in other rooms, living or dining spaces, you can place your large floor length mirror on a wall that is parallel to your window. This creates the illusion that your room is bigger than it is, visually enlarging the space. It will also create balance in a room.

You can either hang up your large floor length mirror or lean it against the wall. Both have great stylistic elements and add decorative elegance to any room.

Best Ideas

Harlem love birds floor length mirrors rustic wood

Harlem Love Birds: floor length mirrors, rustic wood

Windsor Large Floor Mirror

Windsor Large Floor Mirror

It is a large floor mirror. Its height allows it to browse in it entirely, you can watch the whole figure. At the same time, it may represent a specific decoration with an attractive frame surrounding a pane.

Large floor length mirror

The entire large floor length mirror extends across the wall - it will show your entire silhouette in a solid mirror panel. Stand stabily thanks to its strong distressed aged wood frame, with green finish and rustic ivory elements.

Big standing mirror

Top Ten Decor Inspiration: Apartment Decor – Simply Taralynn

Glam floor mirror traditional mirrors 2

Glam Floor Mirror Traditional Mirrors

Cheap floor length mirrors

Ready for shabby chic? This one is outright! An oversized floor standing mirror is leaned against the wall. It sports thick wooden frame with distressed peeled finish. A bold style statement, yet very unique.

Colored framed mirrors 2

Southern Newlywed: At Home with Landon Jacob - Southern Weddings Magazine

Full length mirror ikea

I want to furnish my master bedroom with a large floor lenght mirror. It has got the rectangular shape and elegant, classic style, and wooden light gray frame with floral decors in the corners.

Risultato della ricerca immagini di google per 11

Risultato della ricerca immagini di Google per

Large floor length mirror 1

I like how there is square, round, hard and soft all in the same little area to give good texture and balance...and I have that mirror!

Need to make two of these one for our room

Need to make two of for our room, and one for the kid bathroom

Oversized leaning floor mirror

This huge and beautifully exposed in a unique frame mirror is a beautiful detail of the interior design. The interior adds lightness and optically expands the space. Fine particulars of the decorative frame fascinate.

Large hall mirror

White wood floors + white mirror///

Bathroom photo by rene mesman 1

bathroom | photo by rene mesman