Orange Floor Vase


An orange floor vase is a colorful addition to any home even if you don't use it for plants. They're stylish and composed of the best materials, and if you do decide to use it for your potted plant it will accent the plants already given beauty with the vibrant colors fired into the vase. Take a look at this extensive collection and see what we mean

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Our Picks

Isla Large Vase

Isla Large Vase

If you're a fan of simple but intriguing decorations, this unique and original vase might be an interesting opportunity for you. Check it out and enjoy an incredible design brought to your living room!

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Viona Vase

Viona Vase

If you're looking for some stylish and intriguing decorations for your living room, this amazing vase may perfectly fulfill all of your expectation! Check it out and enjoy an incredible design in your house.

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Tall ceramic floor vases vases

Tall Ceramic Floor Vases Vases

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Orange floor vase

Floor vase that plays a decorative role in any interior design. It is suitable for holding flowers and other decorative plants. This durable vase is finished in a very rich and attractive orange color.

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Orange floor vase 1

Tasteful floor vase with gloss finish. It is made of high quality ceramic. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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New 19" Hand Blown Glass Murano Art Style Teardrop Vase Orange Floor Decorative

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Burnt orange floor vases

Stunning and abstractly designed large floor vases. These vases are used primarily for holding flowers and are unique for the abstract designs on their sides. The vases have such a colorful blend of colors to give a very bright outlook to the vases. Definitely an acquisition that will brighten its surroundings.

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IMAX 84527 Corsico Oversized Recycled Glass Vase

Stunning free-standing floor base constructed from stained glass. The vase is an incredible accent piece thanks to its breathtaking combination of bright colors. It should be great for large faux flowers in the living room or any other spaces in your home.

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Mid century viking glass floor vase persimmion orange 26 25

A slender and colorful vase that gives a decorative addition to any room. It can be used for holding flowers and other decorative plants. It’s made from the strongest of ceramics and its bright red color will liven the outlook of any room where the vase is placed.

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Orange floor vase 5

A simple and colorful vase that complements the design of the room. The vase is made from very strong ceramics and has a glossy finish. It can be used to hold flowers or other decorative substances. It has a rounded base. Water can be added to the vase to give a part of the vase a darker look.

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Orange Floor Vase

Buying Guide

A neutral living room is fantastic because it can be reinvented seasonally with minimal effort, but without a pop of color, the whole design can feel underwhelming. Adding a splash of vibrancy to the space is easy and affordable.

Accent pillows are a quick way to incorporate bold colors into your neutral design and make it more dynamic. To enhance the appeal of your space, artfully drape a  throw blanket across the couch that is a complimentary color to your pillows.

Another simple way to add color to your living room is through decorative pieces like picture frames and vases. An orange floor vase is a stunning addition to a living room for all seasons and immediately catches the eye of guests. With countless varieties, you can opt for a stained glass orange vase that has a traditional look or a more modern ceramic vase with a glossy finish.

Great storage and decoration options for a large orange floor vase include faux flowers, branches, faux or real bamboo, or anything that’s long and sticks out the top. You can even use a sturdy orange metal vase to store outdoor toys if it adds to the atmosphere of the room. For example, holding children’s toys and sports equipment in a giant metal vase works great for a sunroom.

If the floor vase is transparent, your options increase even more. Try small glass stones or even confetti in seasonal colors. During the holidays, consider adding Christmas lights or plastic ornaments inside for an eye-catching pop of color.

Orange floor vases are easy to wash on the outside but can be tricky to wash on the inside due to their shape. Simply wipe down the outside with a damp rag, or use a furniture cleaning agent if the vase’s manufacturer specification allows it. Glass vases can usually be cleaned with any basic glass cleaning solution, but wood or clay vases may require a more specialized cleaner.

Cleaning the inside may require careful use of a long-handled brush or duster. You may need to spray the duster with a furniture cleaning solution and wipe it around the inside. Avoid leaving water or other liquid in the bottom of the vase without drying it, as it may cause mold or mildew to grow.

Best Ideas

Orange floor vase

Often, our flowers are very delicate and have a great effect thanks to the wonderful pots. Flower pots are small works of art. The abstract painting resembles this oval flower vase painted in two equal parts - gray and orange.

Orange floor vase 3

Gorgeous tangerine orange vase with swirling umber and yellow patterns up and down the body. The base is a solid orange. The top is fluted. It is the perfect selection for long-stemmed silk flowers, especially yellow sunflowers.

Orange floor vase 2

Thirsty orange color for a drip styled swung floor vase. Perfect for displaying long-stemmed silk flowers or a classic collection of peacock feathers. The color is graduated around the lip and base, creating added interest for the style.

Tall orange floor vases

Gorgeous vase with orange and blue accents for better aesthetic value. This floor vase is suitable for large flower and other natural or artificial plant arrangements. This vase is also resistant to damage.

Orange floor vase 1

FORMOSA Vase Orange Large

Light Floral Craft Lighted Orange Lilly Flowers Branch with 8 Lights, 39 Inch

Orange floor vase 2

Season's fresh new color Burnt Orange, now appearing on our fabulous, oversized Lacquer vases. Exclusively ours, each piece is handcrafted of lightweight, sustainable bamboo and finished in bright, lively Burnt Orange lacquer. The vases works wonderfully

Burnt orange vase

A stunning floor vase that can be a pretty decoration of your home, patio, or garden. It's made of top quality ceramics in two shades, an orange one and a grey one. The colors ideally match each other, giving the piece an artistic look.

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Orange decorative floor vase

Orange Decorative Floor Vase

Large metal vase orange and black modern vases


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Pfaltzgraff art pottery 24 orange 143 floor vase image1


Orange floor vase 4

Vintage 60's Large Orange Viking Slag Glass Hobnail by AntiqueLane, $150.00 This listing is for a mid-century huge Viking glass, authentic, handmade Fayette swung slag floor vase. This is a stunning retro vase The bottom color is peach then yellow and th