Clear Floor Vase

For large tall plants, if you like to watch roots grow and see life evolve before your eyes then you will definitely enjoy having one of these large clear glass floor vases as part of your home decor. They can fit most flower plants and some can even handle small trees. They're very sturdy and we have plenty in our collection.

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Slender 3 Piece Floor Vase Set

Slender 3 Piece Floor Vase Set
If you're looking for a sublime option to elevate your household decor, then this amazing set of three floor vases is the way to go, especially with their unique shape and stunning colour to match your interior.

Toscana 2 Piece Carved Vase Set

Toscana 2 Piece Carved Vase Set
Are you looking for some original and stylish decorations for your house? Then, this amazing and intriguing vase set might be an interesting option for you! Check it out and enjoy an awesome design at your place.

Large floor vases clear glass

large floor vases/clear glass

Vase Large Clear Glass Floor Vase Decorative Classic Flower Vase with Large Opening Height 43 Cm Oberstdorfer Glashütte

Clear floor vase 1

Stunning clear floor vase featuring an intricate design and shiny metal construction. The vases also feature a flat base for excellent stability and are available in a wide range of sizes. They will bring outstanding modern elegance into your home without taking too much floor space.

Clear floor vase 1

A stunning clear floor vase that will become a nice piece for you to accent your interior, decorate it a bit and make it look more charming, maybe adding a splash of nautical vibe to the setting and vast amounts of style.

Clear floor vase 23

Big jug or floor vase, 9 inches diameter! Squat, crafted of translucent glass with clear bubbles trapped inside. Classic, traditional form. For floral displays, especially in rustic stylized interiors.

Our advice Buying Guide

What to fill clear vases with?

Clear floor vases and table vases make stunning decor pieces for just about any room in your home. But vases aren’t just for flowers, and you can get quite creative with how you fill yours to accent your space.

What you fill your vases with depends on where they’re located in the house, along with your taste. Clear vases in the kitchen can have a warm charm when filled with coffee beans, especially if you add a tweed ribbon around the middle. You can try layering red and green lentils or black and red beans in vases for a colorful kitchen accent. Other organic textures that look great in a clear glass vase include nuts, seeds, and spices. For a dining table centerpiece, consider a rustic aesthetic created by filling a vase with wine corks or colorful pebbles.

Seasonal vase fillers like acorns, dried leaves, and pinecones are perfect for fall, while a winter arrangement of colorful baubles on a bed of white rice can look festive placed in an entryway or near a fireplace.

Clear vases in the bathroom look soothing when filled with polished rocks, sea glass, or precious stones, surrounding a scented candle. Neon glass beads are another fun idea for brightening up your bathroom.

How do you hide the stems in a clear vase?

Hide stems in a clear vase by adding plain or decorative items either to the interior or exterior surrounding them. Options include surrounding stems with marbles, wrapping stems in colored wire, adding an Aspidistra leaf, or adding material to the outside of the vase.

Fill the vase’s interior with marbles, beads, pebbles, or other decorative items like sphagnum moss. Match colors with your floral display or choose those that will be less distracting, keeping the focus on the flowers or greenery instead. Choosing black, gray, or white beads and pebbles can help keep the focus on your florals.

Another option is to wrap or twist medium-gauge colored wire around the stems before placing it in the vase. Experiment with twists, swirls, or curls to determine what works best for your display.

An Aspidistra leaf can also cover unsightly stems in a clear floor vase. Trim the leaf’s thick central vein to make it easier to fold or curl. Place it in an empty vase, then add your flowers or greenery. Burlap or wide ribbons are also visually pleasing options for covering the stems.

Where to display a clear floor vase?

Your clear floor vase should be stored in an area of the home that is going to benefit from such a statement piece. Clear or transparent vases already have a modern appearance irrespective of the shape you choose.

Since they are clear, you'll need to fill them with flowers, leaves, or branches of your choosing to add a natural touch to modern decor. Additionally, you may fill them with pebbles and whatever else meets your fancy. Once you've filled your vases with the contents of your choice, it's time to find a home for them.

Corners of them home tend to make great display spots for your clear vases since they may be too small to fill with furniture, too bright or dark for plants, or too shallow to install shelves. So why not use your clear floor vase to fill up an empty corner in the home and make it come to life.


Clear floor vase 2

Extra-large glass floor vase designed with charming elegance and impeccable visual appeal. With a neat gloss and a modern white finish, the vase is designed to transform modern living rooms with its exotic style. It will add vibrancy and brighten up any space with ease.

Tall floor vases with branches

A simple but aesthetic floor vase manufactured of clear glass. It has a tall and narrow tapered down cylindrical body with a quite thick bottom. It's suitable both for live and artificial floral arrangements.

Clear floor vase 2

Console table made of wood with antique finish. Base is reinforced with solid supports. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Great addition to each room according to taste and need.

Extra Tall Flower Marker Clear Glass Vase

Skinny 12-inch tall clear glass vase that’s perfect for all types of flowers. It’s 3.5 inches wide at the top. The French-designed extra tall glass flower vase is also a perfect display vase for candy and décor rocks.

Clear glass floor vase

Display your flowers with style. If you like minimalistic, modern style, these glazed clear floor vases enchant with their beautiful form. It measures 30in tall with a 11.5in opening, and a base measuring 7in wide.

Clear floor vase

Set of 3 vases in asymmetrical and irregular shape. It is completely made of recycled glass. Stylish decoration for each room.

Inch clear glass round cylinder vase for unique wedding

Inch Clear Glass Round Cylinder Vase for Unique Wedding

Vettriano Vase

Vettriano Vase

Clear floor vase

Clear Glass Bust Vase

Clear floor vase 19

Clear Cylinder Vase -candles -flower -floor Search

Tall glass vases decoration ideas

I love this Farm House Kitchen with the reclaimed wooden butcher block and floors. Also, the best sink ever!

Large floor ornaments

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa [] vintage home decor: top

This is with straight up not upside down and a

this is with straight up, not upside down and a tiny bit of water. PRE order the flowers several weeks ahead so they will have for u to pick up. super easy

Tall clear glass floor vases

Decorate your living room using these minimalistic design tips

Cylinder vases fluted vases

Cylinder Vases & Fluted Vases

Clear floor vase 22

indoor table setup (i'd prefer this:)). super simple with minimal décor. thoughtful details only.

Yellow floor vase 1

In such a huge, living and saturated floor vase, your flowers will get what they deserve - worthy presentations of their charms. Hand-made ceramic yellow floor vase, shaped like a ball-end sample. Narrower torso and swollen rounded base.