Silver Floor Vase

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A very lovely and very futuristic decorative idea, these silver floor vases will be a lovely addition to your home even if you never put flowers in them. the shine accents the area with this reflective surface that makes your decor seem very forward thinking. Buy a couple of them and scatter them throughout the house to really complete the look. See collection for more.

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Updated 24/11/2022
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Tall and Bold Silver Floor Vase Decor

Tall and Bold Silver Floor Vase Decor

With a tall and rounded body, this large 40” tall silver floor vase creates a glamorous style in your living room, dining area, or entryway. This vase is a sleek silver color and makes an eye-catching conversation piece.

Designer Advice:

Made from ceramic, this vase is not only stunning but highly durable. It has a flat base to prevent tipping and is a great spot for decorative reeds, fronds, and other tall and narrow artificial or real foliage in your home.

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Stylish and Sleek Silver Vases Tall

Stylish and Sleek Silver Vases Tall

Standing 27” tall, this rounded silver-colored handmade vase is made from bamboo and has a unique and shiny texture in the silver coloration. It’s a fitting addition to any modern, contemporary, or bohemian decor in your home or business.

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Eye Catching Large Silver Vase

Eye Catching Large Silver Vase

Beautiful and eye-catching, this 20” tall floor vase is extremely eye-catching with a decorative and slightly reflective exterior. The shape adds sophistication, while the texture adds a sparkling charm to any room of your living room, bedroom, den, or dining area.

Designer Advice:

This stunning and highly unique vase is covered in small reflective mosaic tiles, which were meticulously hand-placed by artisans. The vase is made from watertight metal, making it a suitable vessel for real plants and water.

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Stunning Vintage Large Silver Floor Vase

Stunning Vintage Large Silver Floor Vase

At an overall height of 21” tall, this unique aluminum urn makes a truly stunning conversation piece in your home. The opening for your favorite decorative flora is just over 8”, making it suitable for fronds, reeds, and clusters of tall blooms.

Designer Advice:

This urn-style vase offers a timeless design that can fit into a wide range of decors, from contemporary to elegant. Its well-polished exterior can add a touch of reflective charm to your living room, office, or bedroom spaces.

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Simple Bucket Silver Floor Vase 

Simple Bucket Silver Floor Vase 

Offering a rustic country charm not found in other vases, this galvanized floor vase mimics a country bucket or vintage milk jug. At the height of 18”, this floor vase is large enough to start conversations but not too big that it’s in the way.

Designer Advice:

This eye-catching waterproof and rust-resistant container can be used for a wide range of plants, but it looks especially fitting with sunflowers, daisies, wildflowers, or other field flowers that add country charm to your kitchen or dining area.

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Oversized Rounded Tall Silver Floor Vase 

Oversized Rounded Tall Silver Floor Vase 

Large and easy to see, this 25” uniquely textured floor vase is cylindrical in shape with a hammered texture on the exterior. It is given a pale champagne silver finish that can fit into contemporary, modern, and elegant decor options perfectly.

Designer Advice:

This vase is the perfect addition to any office space, reading nook, or dining room. It’s a great place to put clusters of flowers, straw brooms, or use it for holding umbrellas if you prefer. The 11” opening is large enough to be highly versatile.

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Silver Floor Vase

Buying Guide

Floor vases are fantastic for showcasing natural items such as real or faux branches, greenery, and flowers. You can also add beautiful pops of color to a room by mixing up your floor vase display to complement the season.

For a silver floor vase, you can create a stunning winter arrangement using birch branches and evergreens. Add pine cones for an authentically rustic look. During the holidays, add a red and green plaid ribbon and bow to the outer rim.

These classy vases can stand on their own as a sculptural piece, or you can dress them up by adding a simple flower bouquet in blue or purple tones to complement the cool hue of the silver.  

The exact height of a silver floor vase can vary by model. Standard floor vase height ranges from around 30” to 40”. However, there are no hard and fast rules about sizing, so you’ll find some products that are larger than this and others that are slightly shorter.

To determine the best height of floor vase for your home, consider the location you plan to use the vase. If you’re positioning it in an entryway as the main statement piece, you can afford to select a taller vase that draws the eye. For vases that will be in your living or dining room, consider choosing a model that doesn’t exceed the height of your end tables or buffet table to ensure it doesn’t pull too much focus.

If you have chosen to decorate with a silver accent like a silver floor vase, whether or not you mix metals depends on whether you’re going for a glam, modern, or minimalist vibe.

Minimalism dictates that you should likely stick with one metal—but, if you’re leaning more into a glam, art deco aesthetic, you’re welcome to mix in gold, rose gold, bronze, or aluminum accents as well.

Simply consider the elements that you already have in place in your home, as well as the look that you’re going after, before you mix and match.

Best Ideas

Massive Silver Floor Vase Data Mosaic 4 8 Tall Hand Finished Opulent New Nu

Massive Silver Floor Vase Data Mosaic 4 8 Tall Hand Finished Opulent New Nu

If you sometimes dream about a little bit of luxury and useless, but beautiful splendor, this sophisticated mosaic silver floor vase is special for you. It will be incredible decoration of your elegant living-room.

Slender Floor Vase

Slender Floor Vase

Beautiful sleek modern floor vase for outdoor use. It is made of durable and resistant ceramic with a silvery metal bubbles or drops textured surface. This cylindrical vase is tapering towards the top.

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Massive silver floor vase data mosaic 4 8 tall hand

Massive Silver Floor Vase Data Mosaic 4 8 Tall Hand Finished Opulent New Nu

Silver floor vase 1

Floor vases made of metal in attractive silver finish. They are suitable for flowers and they can also be used as free standing decorations. They are available in many different sizes for many applications.

Silver floor vase 6

I love these oversized vases $129.95 at Z Gallerie.

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