Tall Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane candle holders a terrific idea if you live in an area that has high winds and you're sick of your candles getting blown out. Tall glass hurricane candle holders take this idea and enhance it in case you need to use taller candles. These are attractive and functional, and we think you'll like what you find in this extensive collection.

Best Products

Simple hurricane

Simple hurricane
These simple hurricane tall glass candles holders add an elegance and beauty to any interior. They are an excelent gift idea for birthday and other special occassions. You will be delighted how divine they look in any home.

Aluminum and Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

Aluminum and Glass Hurricane Candle Holder
If you're looking for some unique and extraordinary decorations for your house, this awesome candle holder might be a perfect choice for you. Check it out and enjoy an awesome, stylish design in your living room!

Silver hurricane candle holders

Silver hurricane candle holders
A touch of delicate dramaturgy in a modern edition. For serious dinners, or for the holidays - this large tall glass hurricane candle holder for a traditional slender beige candle, stands on a glass pedestal, slightly plated in silver.

Mercury tealights

Mercury tealights
Decorative set of mercury tealights and votive holders, made in a glamorous, shiny style which would nicely fit an elegant, sophisticated bedroom. Perfect set of decorations to a vanity console or a bedside nightstand.

Tall glass hurricane candle holders 2

Enchanting with its gentle silhouette, this tall glass hurricane candle holder constitutes a great proposition for one's lighting fixture. The lovely glazed surface of the grail shall work out well during any glorious occasions.

Tall glass hurricane candle holders

This gorgeous set of modern glass candle holders is an excellent way to get original decor. The decorative metal base subtly exposes the glass candle holder. The perfect detail of modern interiors.

Tall glass hurricane candle holders 2

Longitudinal clear thick glass vase is ideal either as flower decoration or candle holder. Fits modern and casual spaces. Can be used in any type of room, is a cherry on top especially in living rooms. Filled with little stones flawlessly fits bathrooms.

Our advice Buying Guide

Tall glass hurricane candle holders are essential for any home. After all, you never know when the next blackout happens, and you'll need a candle that won't go out easily due to winds or drafts. Aside from their essential functionality, tall glass hurricane candle holders can also be excellent design elements for homes. You probably know all these, which is why you're looking for one.

Before you go out and do some shopping, here are a few factors you need to consider when buying tall glass hurricane candle holders:

How to select the best tall glass hurricane candle holders?

A tall glass hurricane candle holder is used in conjunction with a candle. Therefore, you also need the candle holder to be appropriate with the type of candle you have. Your first concern is the fit. You'd want to buy a candle holder that offers a good fit for your candles. What you don't want is a wobbly fit as it can be a fire hazard.

The height of the glass candle holder should also be appropriate. If it's too high, then you might have difficulty in working with the candles. If the glass is too low, then it might not able to protect the candle from winds and drafts. The glass height should be around an inch or two above the tip of the candle.

Another thing to consider is how the wax might melt. You want a candle holder that has space to accumulate melted wax.

What are the basic types of glass in hurricane candle holders?

The glass may come clear or tinted. The right one for you largely depends on the primary use of the candle holder. If you want maximum light, then you'd want a clear glass. Of course, clear tends to be boring.

Tinted can add a "zest" to the aesthetic appeal of a candle holder. Hence, it's a good choice if you are gearing towards the decorative purposes of a candle holder. On the downside, it can diminish the light output of the candle.

How to ensure the safety of candle holder usage?

  • For your safety, always snuff a burning flameout instead of blowing it. Also, check if the candle you will be placing inside your tall glass hurricane candle holder has a secure fit. The candle and the holder should both be upright and stable.
  • Never allow candles to burn until they are completely out as the heat can cause the glass holders to break. The wax pool, on the other hand, should be free from any wick trimming and match heads.
  • A candle can be allowed to burn for three hours but wait until the wax solidifies before you re-light it. The candle holder that's ideal to use is one that's flame or heatproof with a size that is large enough to carry the volume of wax that has melted.
  • Don't leave a burning candle unattended, especially if there are kids and pets in the area.

When choosing the right candle holder, the biggest issue is the dizzying amount of options. The trick is knowing how to filter your choices. Refining with the points mentioned above is a step in the right direction.


Hurricane candle holders wedding centerpieces

Make a grand impression on your guests with this tall glass hurricane candle holders. They will help you to create the inviting atmosphere to eat dinner. I purchased four of them, and now they are on my table runner.

Large glass hurricane candle holders 96 items found

Large Glass Hurricane Candle Holders - 96 items found

Hurricane candle vase

Suitable for weddings, anniversaries and other elegant events. This tall hurricane is designed of clear glass in shape of a luxurious wine glass, and it holds one small candle, just perfect for creating a truly romantic ambiance.

Tall glass hurricane candle holders 5

... Glass Modern Square Tall Hurricane Candle Holders candles and candle

Hurricane candle holder centerpiece

A nice hurricane for every higher candlestick that will keep your interior well-styled and truly charming at all times. It is just the most fitting option for all those spaces that long for the warmth and soothing appeal.

Tall glass hurricane candle holders 3

Bring some romantic appeal into your spaces with these beautifully designed tall glass candle holders. Featuring a thick glass base, strong steam, and an expanded hollow top, the units can easily hold a wide variety of candles. Be sure to also add some autumn leaves in there for outstanding visual appeal.

Tall glass candles

A fantastic hurricane in shape of a striking vase/pillar candle holder, made of aqua blue mercury glass. With such a beauty in your home you will have no trouble, whatsoever, to bring romantic ambiance into your bedroom.

Red glass candle holder 3

With its ruby glass, this red fairy lamp is a fantastic embellishment of one's living room or bedroom decor. Available in different color variants, filled in with a candle, will illuminate the space with a wonderful, glittering light.

Hurricane candle centerpieces

This glass candle holder sports a design that is made perfectly to accentuate your interior and to keep it glowing with style and charm beyond measure. It comes in a set of six to truly shine through in any space.

Tall glass hurricanes onto of glass candlesticks and beautiful floral

Tall glass hurricanes onto of glass candlesticks, and beautiful floral runner

Elevated Nickel and Glass Hurricane

Elevated Nickel and Glass Hurricane

Storm candle holder

With this tall glass hurricane candle holder your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. This candle holder can be used at the bathroom or dining room. It help you to create the romantic look.

Crystal Goblet Hurricane

Crystal Goblet Hurricane

Tall glass floating candle holders

The beautifully gilded glass hurricane candle holder is a wonderful blend of beautiful looks and a pleasingly functional design element. The whole captivates and makes the candle light look exceptionally.

Rococo large hurricane candle holder 1

Rococo Large Hurricane Candle Holder

Tall glass hurricane candle holders 1

Elegant lucid design utilizing transparent clear glass to show decorative candles through: straight-sided candle holders to be put on a table surface. A simple table decoration that creates unparalleled ambiance.

Candle hurricane centerpieces

Opt for those amazing candle holders that sport the glass structure to beautifully disperse the light and will keep your interior full of warmth, while at the same time ensuring a welcoming aura for your home.