Metal Wall Art Candle Holder

Another wonderful offering in the world of multi-functional art décor, these metal wall art candle holders are not only lovely but functional. They are capable of holding just about any candle up to a certain size and are stylish and elegance even if never used for their candle Holder feature. Take a look at this extensive collection for more.

Best Products

Bird Cage Wall Art Tea Light Candle Holder Black Metal Unusual Wall Hanging

Bird Cage Wall Art Tea Light Candle Holder Black Metal Unusual Wall Hanging
Add style and beauty to your apartment with the bird cage wall art. It's a tea light candle holder with black metal construction, which looks adorable on any wall. Excellent for bedroom or drawing room.

Manzanita wall art

Manzanita wall art
This is a product that has got an artistic character. It is a candle holder that features a wooden branch stylization. This type of product has got space for six candles. It provides light, warmth and style into the house.

Bold custom abstract painting 12 square

Bold custom abstract painting 12 square
Beautiful colors of green and blue are the perfect subject for abstract images. The captivating motifs of these amazing wall art fascinate and make the tinge take on a unique style. The ideal solution for today's decor.

40 Xxl Large Painting Mixed Media

40 Xxl Large Painting Mixed Media
Vincent van Gogh believed that real painters can only speak through images. With an abstract wall art image on the wall in shades of blue and beige - your interior will also speak thanks to art. It has a rectangular, small shape.

40 xxl large painting mixed media

40 xxl large painting mixed media
This amazing abstract wall painting is a significant and effective way to decorate the interior of a modern living room in contemporary design. The whole is presented phenomenally, combining shades of gray, gold, silver and copper.

Watsons Aztec Art Candle Holder Indoor Outdoor Wall Black Metal Zga17377

Watsons Aztec Art Candle Holder Indoor Outdoor Wall Black Metal Zga17377
Apart from being a great wall decoration, this complex metal construction serve the role of an ornamental candle holder. Good also for outdoor usage, it is designed for 8 glass cups ideal for tealights or votive candles. Measures 42h x 57w x 11.5d cm.

Abstract art print matted 11x14

Abstract art print matted 11x14
A hypnotizing piece of modern abstraction, this astonishing piece can be easily used as a great focal point for home and offices. Designed on a canvas, using multiple colors, the painting is made to last, and you can hang it without effort.

Our advice Buying Guide

When choosing a metal wall art candle holder for your living room or as a focal point in a master bedroom or entryway, it's essential that you consider the scale of the piece as well as its materials. These wall sconces are a beautiful addition to dining rooms and outdoor spaces, as well. They're typically made from iron, brass, or recycled materials with a broad range of finishes. In this guide, we're going to narrow down your focus to help you pick the best metal wall art candle holder for your space.

What are the different style features of metal wall art candle holders?

You’ll find that, when picking out your metal wall art candle holder, a myriad of materials and finishes are available depending on the style you’re using within your space:

  • Country Cottage: these candle holders feature designs with homey-cottage inspirations with small ornamentations capturing the shabby-chic aesthetic. Typical materials include brushed nickel and bronze.
  • Contemporary: these candle holders feature minimalistic designs made mostly from metal with smooth edges.
  • Rustic: these candle holders tend to have weathered finishes, darker colors, and are sometimes made from recycled materials.
  • Traditional: these candle holders can easily cross over into vintage styling in that their ornamental detailing reflects those from years past. Common materials are brushed or blackened bronze.
  • Transitional: these candle holders crossover between modern and traditional in that they offer minimalistic styling coupled with sleek detailing. Common materials include black iron and nickel.

Where to hang metal wall art candle holders?

Like any other piece of wall art, these candle holders must be hung with care. If you’re hanging this candle holder above your fireplace, consider centering it above the mantle. Otherwise, you should be hanging it, so the candle holder’s center is at your eye level. In other words, it should be hung at 58 inches on center. You can achieve this measurement by measuring 58 inches from the floor. In doing so, you’re helping create a more visually appealing space and make better use of the lights from your candles.

How to maintain metal candle holders?

Because these candle holders are available in a broad range of materials and finishes, you’ll find that maintaining them will vary. Under most circumstances, a light dusting will suffice. If you find that candle wax is splashing on the surfaces, simply place the candle holder in your freezer and then remove the wax with a spatula. You may have to place it into a chest freezer if the candle holder is too large for your traditional freezer. Otherwise, the wax may be brittle enough to remove by peeling off.

What's the average cost of metal wall candle holders?

Depending on the materials you’re selecting, the size of the candle holder, and where you’re making your purchase, you’re going to find the prices are going to vary significantly. For example, you could find a large candle holder featuring a contemporary style made from iron that costs just over $100.00. You could also find a rustic style featuring a brushed nickel finish with twig shapes for just under $200.00. When making your choices, be sure to measure the space for scale to ensure you’re not purchasing a candle holder that is too small or out of proportion with the other pieces of wall art you have hanging.


Blue Waterfall Original Painting on Canvas

Blue Waterfall Original Painting on Canvas
Charming traditional hand-painted textured oil painting showing a waterfall and a lake in shades of blue with brownish and golden accents. This quite large square piece of art is constructed of canvas and wood.

Abstract wall art 5 x 7 print fantasy

Abstract wall art 5 x 7 print fantasy
I am really a fan of modern art, so this painting is totally in my style. The simple lines, leafs like blue spots - if you decided to design your interior in the Scandinavian style basing on cold colors - this will look perfect.

40 x 40 large original custom abstract

40 x 40 large original custom abstract
Thanks to this handmade piece of art, you won't have any trouble with decorating your home or office. Made of a sturdy canvas, mix of various colors and two coats of varnish, this 40 x 40 wall painting can bring abstract accents to any decor.

"Evoke' by Cody Hooper Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas

"Evoke' by Cody Hooper Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas
This is made in contemporary style painting on canvas is a wonderful solution for all types of interior. It is an extremely stylish and beautifully presented on a wall in the bedroom or living room.

Crystal Attraction Graphic Art on Canvas

Crystal Attraction Graphic Art on Canvas
Magnificent graphic art on canvas. Fits best lofts and rooms decorated in a modern style. It looks great both without and with the frame. Simple combination of colors - black and white - makes the graphic timeless.

Metal wall art candle holder 1

This beautiful wall lamp is an attractive solution that, in addition to the lighting function, can bring a unique atmosphere to the interior. The whole made on a solid metal base beautifully displays candles in glass candlesticks.

Metal wall art candle holder 2

Geometric and simplistic, crafted skillfully from bronze finish metal, this candle holder is a wall art itself. Extraordinary among wall-mounted sconces, it provides chic vibe with artistic endeavour.

Wall decor candle holders

This gorgeous candlestick is a beautiful combination of metal construction with beautiful glass candles. The whole is presented with a very stylish introduction of a cozy atmosphere to the decor of the living room.

Metal wall candle holder

A beautiful metal wall sconce for candles. Its base is of thin black scrolled rods, front - of size-varied rectangular colourful plates (partially overlapping each other) with extruded patterns and 6 short arms with ring-holders for glass bowls.

Wall decor wrought iron wall candle holders

Wall Decor- Wrought Iron Wall Candle Holders

Abstract wall art 1

This beautiful abstract wall picture is a large and very impressive way of the original interior design. A modern, highly imaginative painting captivates with an attractive combination of colors and offers numerous ways of interpretation. The silver frame adds elegance.

Abstract wall art 4

Need some abstraction in your life? Why don't you try this fine piece of art that you can fit in any room in your home. The painting can be a real game changer, when it comes to the visual aspect of your room, and on top of that it is also able to put you in the right mood.

Colorful accent chairs

Painting the inside of the front door may be a funny and easy way to add some liveliness to the space. It brakes the scheme, distinguishing your interiors from the others. Pink paint here corresponds well with the accents in the room (wall decoration and cushioning).

Metal wall candle holders

Large Welded Metal Wall SculptureCandle Holder Copper by autodor, $160.00

Metal candle wall art

A proposition for those, who enjoy metal decorations. This designer looking set of branches is a stylish wall decoration, comprising candle holders, which will romantically illuminate any decor.

This set of 3 of black metal and glass wall

This set of 3 of black metal and glass wall mount tea light holders ...

Metal wall art with candles

Beautiful furniture are very important, but without appropriate addition your house never will be cozy and chic. This incredible gadget will play its role perfectly. It is metal wall art with mounted candles.

Canvas art decor 31

Abstract painting on canvas can be always a good way to add some eclecticism to the space. This light blue composition brings in some fresh, nautical energy to the room.

Iron sconce

This wonderful swirling wall decoration is actually a wall sconce candle holder. Being a pretty solid composition, made from durable wrought iron, it will embellish your patio or indoors for long years.

Details about copper tree of life wrought iron wall art

Details about COPPER TREE of LIFE~Wrought Iron WALL ART Candle Holder

Canvas art decor 34

Wall art in abstract form. Pastel colors add to freshness and modernity. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Pendant candle holder

A wonderful original piece to hang on the wall in living zone. This wrought iron candle holder has eight candle holders and sophisticated shape. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks in your home.

Wall art candle holder

Reclaimed Barn Wood Salvaged Antique Metal Ladle Candle Holder Sconce Wall Art - Set of 2 on Etsy, $58.00

Candle holders and stands tea light holders metal tree wall

... Candle Holders and Stands › Tea Light Holders › Metal Tree Wall

Mariano Metal Decor WA-11002-1-CAN-SIL Platinum Silver 12 Candle Sconce/Metal Wall Decor Art

Abstract wall art 16

Wall art with abstract theme. Frame is made of wood and covered with clear glass. It has screws holes for easy mounting on the wall. Adds freshness and modernity to all kinds of interiors.

Candle wall art decor

One may say that little parts of presented here southwestern metal wall art-look like various sizes of the mirror the dentist puts in your mouth. Kind of true, because on the chromed metal stick, huge amounts of round mirrors have shaped a mirror composition.

Metal Modern Art Wall Mount Candle Votive Holder Sconce Set of 5

Tea light holder wall art

A beautiful wall art that you can easily hang on a wall, spicing your interior with a splash of artistic masterpiece. The whole tree is designed of durable metal, featuring an eye-catchy design consisted of numerous small leaves.

Contemporary metal wall art wall leaf candle holder

Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Wall Leaf Candle Holder"

Metal tree branch tree branch metal candle holder sconce wall

metal tree branch | Tree Branch Metal Candle Holder Sconce Wall Art Decor | eBay

Abstract wall art 23

This abstract image wall art, painted by hand - looks like a spring sweet kiss. Invisible pastel colors of pink - contrast with the gray scar that can mark the horizon of the visible world. You can create it yourself - just a little creativity.

Abstract wall art 9

A fine piece of an abstract work of art, this hypnotizing painting is designed on a sturdy canvas, with a masking tape, three different colors, and white acrylic paint. A splendid way to improve modern and contemporary interiors.

Tealight wall decor

This is so awesome!! I am doing this in my home some day!!!

50 metal wall art with candle holders 1

50" Metal Wall Art with Candle Holders

Abstract wall art 14

Wall art with abstract theme. It is painted on canvas and finished with pastel colors. Includes screws holes for easy mounting on the wall. Sophisticated accent for all kinds of interiors by taste.

Abstract wall art 6

Decorate your room or office with spectacular abstraction, using these phenomenal wall arts. It can be a great focal point for your decor, complement the whole interior with a distinctive mix of vivid colors and emotions.

Metal wall art metal wall art peacock candle holder

... Metal Wall Art ›› Metal Wall Art Peacock Candle Holder

Modern wall candle holder

The metal wall art candle holder is rich in texture and a form - it is unusual thanks to seven bronze plates, in shades of green, gray, black, copper and turquoise. All this combines into a dramatic art work while supporting 7 candles.

Home enduring vine wall candleholder antique gold

Home Enduring Vine Wall Candleholder Antique Gold

Abstract wall art 29

An eye-catching contemporary rectangular wall art painted on quality canvas wrapped over wooden frames. It's showing irregular narrow vertical trails in quite vibrant shades with prevalent blues and yellows.

Live laugh love wall decor live laugh love candle sconce

Live Laugh Love Wall Decor | Live-Laugh-Love-Candle-Sconce-Scrolled-Metal-Wall-Decor-Golden ...

Tea light sconces wall

Three Flower Wall Sconce Tealight Candle Holder by ArtisanIronwork, £89.95