Wrought Iron Hurricane Candle Holders

Add a touch of Tuscan style to the interior and choose a wrought iron hurricane candle holder. With a flickering light here and there your home will fill with plenty of cosiness and ambience. We've prepared a collection especially for you. Which one takes your fancy?

Best Products

Wrought iron floor candle holders

Decor your apartment with two floor candle holders. They have got a wrought iron construction. They bring the simplicity and beauty to any interior. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this set.

Extra large vintage wrought iron candle holder w hurricane glass

Extra Large Vintage Wrought Iron Candle Holder W/ Hurricane Glass Made ...

Wrought iron floor candle holders 1

Stylish candle holders made of wrought iron and glass. Base is finished with decorative curves. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Elegant design and simple form.

Iron glass candle hurricane large traditional candles and candle

Iron & Glass Candle Hurricane, Large traditional-candles-and-candle ...

Wrought iron hurricane candle holders 2

Candle holder made of wrought iron and glass. Base is finished with decorative curves. Designed for indoor use. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant decoration for each place.

Wrought iron hurricane candle holders

That great vintage candle stand made of cast iron, and glass vase is a beautiful combination of attractive style and functionality. Nice details with figures of the interestingly shaped stand and stones in glass delight.

Hurricane blown glass vase wrought iron stand 21 candle holder

Hurricane Blown Glass Vase Wrought Iron Stand 21 Candle Holder Flower Vase
It is the most beautiful table candle holder I have ever seen. It has wrought iron stand in fancy shape and on the top, there is glass, carved vase stylised on the flower. It is intended to one candle.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wrought iron hurricane candle holders can offer both excellent functionality and aesthetic appeal. For one, such type of fixture can provide you with a source of lighting even during blackouts and emergency scenarios. Also, a wrought iron hurricane candle holder can greatly help in creating a mood of romance, mystery, or magic. Because of such reasons, this type of candle holder is still popular among homeowners.

If you are planning to get one for your home, then it's vital that you know how to pick one that is compatible with your situation. Otherwise, you would spend a lot of time, money, and effort than needed.

How to match wrought iron hurricane candle holders with room decor?

Keep in mind that the variety of interior design styles can seem endless. To keep things much simpler, you can classify the styles into three major categories, which include minimalist, traditional, and contemporary.

  • Traditional - Such style typically revolves around creating "flair." It's the reason why such style often produces elaborate designs.
  • Minimalist - The complete opposite of the traditional. The style emphasizes on the bare minimum and yet still achieves something that is visually appealing. It's the reason why minimalist typically comes with something slim, sleek and clean.
  • Contemporary - A style that is in the middle between traditional and minimalist. It's not as elaborate as traditional, but it has more "flair" additions than minimalist.

Now, the next step is to assess the room where you want to place the wrought iron hurricane candle holders. Then, evaluate the room as to what style it has, so you purchase a fixture that has a matching style. If you are not so sure about the style of the room, then you can go for contemporary as it's usually the "safe" option.

When choosing wrought iron hurricane candle holders, style is a crucial factor. If you get this one right, then the fixture can easily enhance and complement the rest of the room's decor. If you get it wrong, it will easily become a very visible mistake.

What exactly is wrought iron?

The term "wrought iron" is often carelessly thrown around these days. What most people don't know is that the term denotes two things. If you talk to engineers, especially the industrial ones, the term wrought iron means a special kind of iron mix. Typically, it means an iron with low carbon content (not more than 0.08%). When talking to decor sales representatives, the term wrought iron typically means something that is hammered and bent into the desired shape. This often indicates that the product is not mass produced and has been handcrafted in one way or another.

The reason why you would want to know what kind of "wrought iron" is used is because some sellers put a label of "wrought iron" to justify a higher price as it sounds like it's handcrafted when it could have been mass produced. It's legal for sellers to place the term "wrought iron" which means that it's an iron that has a lesser carbon content.

While there are other factors that you can use to narrow down your options further, the crucial details that are mentioned above should be sufficient to help you get started.


Dark nights crave unique

Dark Nights Crave Unique

Iron hurricane candle holders

Cylindrical wrought iron hurricane candle holders made of iron and textured clear glass, coming as lanterns in two sizes: squat or tall. Dark bronze finished construction utilizes entwining circles motif.

Iron floor candle holders

If you like the historical inspirations the candleholders made of the wrought iron could be interesting. The element covering the candle was designed of the coloured glass, what guarantee the better dispersion of the light.

Wrought iron candlesticks

Wrought iron is perfect for containing candles. This particular set of tall candlesticks has three splayed braces at the bottom of the stick, while the platform at the top supports a glass chimney. Ornate scrollwork completes the look.

Candles that are fabricated regionally by professional artisans

... candles that are fabricated regionally by professional artisans

Vintage hurricane candle holder

Candle holder made of wrought iron and glass. Base is finished with decorative curves. Antique accent for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Glass Hurricane

Glass Hurricane
Elegant up-to-date candle holder in the shape of cylinder with flared top edge. It has clear glass inlay, metal frame at the bottom part and textured clear glass coat. Excellent addition to most interiors.

Wrought iron candle

Candle holder with a solid wall mounted construction made of wrought iron. Its candle area is made of glass, so it not only provides illumination, but it also improves aesthetics. This holder is resistant to negative factors.

Fireplace candle holder black wrought iron

A black wrought iron holder for five candles. The construction reminding the peacock tail with the dispersed light creates a great atmosphere when you put it on the mantelshelf. It fits mainly to the rustic stylization.

Blown glass hurricanes 1

Britton Pillar Holder

Large glass hurricane candle holders

A fantastic improvement for your home decor, with attractive scrollwork and a hand-blown, clear glass hurricane. The base is made of wrought iron, with a round base and a decorative, wine cork container.

Hurricane candle 1

hurricane candle

Wrought iron candle holders

Bring a romantic ambiance into your indoor or outdoor area, with this exquisite candle lantern. The lantern features lovely, metal craftsmanship with a weathered finish, and enough space for placing up to 3 candles at one time.

Iron candlestick holders

Candle holder made of wrought iron and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

Swirl wall hurricane candleholder


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Wrought iron candle stands

Pretty rustic vintage portable candle lanterns. Their size-varied bottle-shaped lampshades are made of clear glass. Frames, built of round bases, wire arms and holders, perforated chimneys, are of black coated wrought iron.

Equestrian wrought iron and glass lantern

Equestrian Wrought Iron and Glass Lantern

Your search for wrought iron hanging hurricane candle holders

Your search for " wrought iron hanging hurricane candle holders ...

Dessau home bronze iron acanthus leaf hurricane with hammered globe

Dessau Home Bronze Iron Acanthus Leaf Hurricane with Hammered Globe ...

Round waves black wroght iron candleholder centerpiece

Round Waves Black Wroght Iron Candleholder Centerpiece
Candle holder mounted on wrought iron frame. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated decoration for each place. Received many positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Hurricanes - "Rio Rancho" 5-light Iron Candelabra - Bronze Finish Candelabrum - Candle Holder

Wrought iron candle holders for fireplace

Black wrought iron candle holders,are bent in flourish and spiral arms that have a rustic romantic tone.They are based on a small circle - steadily supporting small, fragrant candles throughout the house.It is best to put together holders of different heights.

Wrought iron hurricane candle holders 4

Farilyn Candle Wall Sconce - The unique three tealight Farilyn Candle Wall Sconce is constructed of wrought iron in a twisted rope with a glass hurricane. Interesting but understated, this candle sconce adds a rustic touch to any area.

Tall iron candle holder tall floor candle holder tall candle

tall iron candle holder tall floor candle holder tall candle holder ...

Wrought Iron Suspension Bridge Candelabra

Wrought Iron Suspension Bridge Candelabra

Black wrought iron candle holders 3

This is an unique gift for new home. Handmade iron candle holder with heart base will great addition in rustic decorated room. It's perfect combination of raw style with lovely addition. Small decoration with big effect.

Black wrought iron candle holders 2

The stylish design of this gorgeously finished black wrought iron candle holder makes the interior a delight. The primitive form combined with the candle brings a cozy and very pleasant atmosphere.

Rod iron candle holders

Small Antique Moss Gray Wash Wrought Iron Square Candle Hurricane | CYAN-04288

Hanging hurricane candle holders

Small Antique Moss Gray Wash Wrought Iron Square Candle Hurricane

Wrought iron holders

Candles have been the only source of light in their homes for a long time - today they are decorations that need a proper base. Here they take the form of climbing up wrought iron hurricane candle holders with dark ornaments,supporting the glass shades.

Wrought iron candle stand

Handcrafted of wrought iron and covered in a black finish, each of these 3 candlesticks accommodates 1 candle inside of a hand-blown, glass hurricane. The stand is characterized by an intricate design with black leaves and branches coiled around it.

Chelsea wall hurricane sconce wrought iron candle wall sconce

Wall candle scone in elegant form. Base is made of metal with antique finish and covered with clear glass. Sophisticated accent for each place according to taste and need.

Wrought iron sconce

Made from blackened wood and iron, this candle holder will embody the mysterious charm of the past centuries lighting fixtures. Its X-cross design only emphasizes the classic appeal. Good for both indoors and outdoors.

Give your home an elegant candle holder with this argento

Thanks to this elegant candle holder, you will be able to enhance your home with a bit of more sophistication and class. Its wrought iron frame is made of a large ring, encircling a hand-blown hurricane made of clear glass.

Homart table top hurricane candle holder wrought iron glass

HomArt Table Top Hurricane Candle Holder, Wrought Iron & Glass ...

Tall Antiqued Scroll Iron Wall Sconce | Hurricane Candle Holder

Iron candle

Large Antique Moss Gray Wash Wrought Iron Square Candle Lantern

Popscreen video search bookmarking and discovery engine 75

PopScreen - Video Search, Bookmarking and Discovery Engine

Black wrought iron candlesticks

A wonderful music stand that is also a double candle holder in a Victorian style. Being made of wrought iron, it's solid and durable. It's beautifully ornamented thus it will be an unusual decoration that will be appreciated by music fans.

Candle store cheap candles candle holders and accessories 9

Candle Store: Cheap Candles, Candle Holders and Accessories

Antler hurricane candle holder small

Antler Hurricane Candle Holder - Small

Wrought iron suspended hurricane wall sconce ant pewter

Wrought Iron Suspended Hurricane Wall Sconce - Ant. Pewter