Antique Hurricane Lamps

There is a reason they call them hurricane lamps. That is because they can withstand high winds, without ever hinting they might blow out. In our collection of antique hurricane lamps, we explore a more traditional hurricane lamp style that dates back decades. These beautiful and well crafted lamps will make a lovely addition to any home. Get one or two for your home, today.

Best Products

Antique 1860 Columbia Gone With The Wind Double Ball Glass Parlour Oil Lamp

Antique 1860 Columbia Gone With The Wind Double Ball Glass Parlour Oil Lamp
This antique lamp based on a steel frame combined with white glass inserts and glass lamp creates a unique element ideal for country style décor. Beautiful floral motifs captivate and create a unique work.

Vintage Hand Painted Blue Yellow Gone With The Wind Hurricane Parlor Table Lamp

Vintage Hand Painted Blue Yellow Gone With The Wind Hurricane Parlor Table Lamp
Beautiful, antique lamp. This hand-painted pattern is the most beautiful out of the ones I’ve seen in quite a while. Floral patterns and metal construction give it a sense of luxury and elegance, a combination that’s not easy to be achieved.

Antique hand painted ceramic hurricane lamp i983

Antique hand painted ceramic hurricane lamp i983
This antique table lamp is a combination of a hand-painted ceramic lamp with steel construction. Beautiful colors and unusual styling captivate and bring to the western country style. Amazing lamp to any decor.

Fenton Lamp 24 5 Pillar Orchid Carnival Violet Garden Ooak Free Usa Ship

Fenton Lamp 24 5 Pillar Orchid Carnival Violet Garden Ooak Free Usa Ship
This Fenton lamp with a beautiful antiqued bronze base wears the sign "S", meaning that this was a SAMPLE and not in the regular Fenton Production Line. It will look great in a shabby chic or antique room, adding a handsome lighting fixture.

1910 1920 Fenton Cranberry Swirl Triple Globe Oil Lamp Kerosene Flawless

1910 1920 Fenton Cranberry Swirl Triple Globe Oil Lamp Kerosene Flawless
Old-fashioned, retro take on a funky and adorable lamp with a triple globe structure and a brass, weathered frame. The globes are made out of stained glass in a pink, cranberry color which gives the lamp a moody touch.

Antique hanging oil lamp light parlor

Antique hanging oil lamp light parlor
The antique hanging oil hurricane lamp has got the shade with blue and white glass construction, and flowers basin with pink color. It features the glass ring, extra crystals and gold decorative base structure.

Oil hurricane lamp clear horizon

Oil hurricane lamp clear horizon
A pretty authentic vintage oil lamp entirely manufactured of quality clear glass. It has a round base with vertical grooves, a round oil container, a vase-like removable lampshade. A wick is made of wool.

Our advice Buying Guide

"Old is gold." This is often true, and that's why antique hurricane lamps are in demand. There's a timeless appeal to antiques, and hurricane lamps serve an essential function of providing a wind-proof light source during blackouts.

As always, buying an antique can be a tricky endeavor. As a way of making things easier, this article is going to provide you with a buying guide to antique hurricane lamps.

What does "antique" really mean?

Keep in mind that "antique" is a broad word. Shopping for an antique hurricane lamp is a lot easier if you know the more precise terms. Most antique dealers would categorize an item into true, vintage and near antique.

  • True Antique - For many connoisseurs, true antique would mean an item that is more than 100 years old. However, some dealers would consider an item as antique if it’s made before 1930.
  • Near Antique - A hurricane lamp that is in between 75 - 99 years old.
  • Vintage - Another broad term to describe certain collectibles. However, the term is typically used to describe items that were produced in the 1940's - 1960's.

What's the condition of the antique hurricane lamp you're looking at?

When shopping for an antique hurricane lamp, another factor that is often brought up is the condition. In most cases, the condition is categorized in mint, excellent, and good.

  • Good condition often describes a lamp that is in a presentable state. This typically means that it works, but may have noticeable chips and cracks. If an antique hurricane lamp requires any sort of repair, it's also described as in good condition.
  • Excellent condition is used to describe a lamp that has minor flaws. It may mean that it has some small nicks and chips. Antiques that have recently undergone a repair is also termed as excellent condition.
  • Mint condition indicates that the antique hurricane lamp comes with no chips, cracks or broken parts. In other words, it's in perfect condition.

What color hurricane lamp should you get?

The glass of the hurricane lamp may come in either clear or colored. The right one for you depends on the primary purpose of the lamp.

Clear is the best option if the priority of the lamp is to provide illumination. A clear glass will allow the maximum amount of light to shine through. A tinted lamp is an excellent choice if the goal of the lamp is to provide aesthetic appeal rather than illumination. The right shade or tint can also help in setting the right mood.

When opting for a tinted lamp, another factor to consider is the color. There are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to choosing the right shade. One way to determine the right color is by knowing a bit of color theory. According to the theory, colors can affect your mood. For example, if you want to set a romantic mood, you may want a glass lamp that comes in the shades of red. Shades of blue are often associated with a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to set a livelier mood, shades of yellow are often recommended.


Large hurricane lamp

It looks like table lamp from my grandma’s home. It isn't sophisticated or very stylish, but anyway it makes a good impression. This table lamp is stylised on kerosene lamp and has glazed lampshade with natural patterns.

Vintage hurricane lantern

Designed in the 19th century in America, this "Gone with the Wind" lamp is a true masterpiece. It's beautifully hand-painted with yellow roses on lavender background, and has a plump base with a ball shade that holds a clear glass hurricane.

Antique lamp gone with the wind hurricane lamp

Antique Lamp: Gone with the Wind Hurricane Lamp

Large hurricane lamps

Fall Color Vintage Hurricane Lamp 3 Way Light by EnduringEchoes, $87.00

Antique hurricane lamp 2

A gorgeous "Gone With the Wind" lamp decorated with lovely floral pattern and pink hues. Designed of metal in distressed finish and opaline glass, the lamp offers a fine shade in shape of a large orb, and a stable base with fancy metalwork.

Gone with the wind lamp have this very lamp so

Gone with the Wind lamp - Have this very lamp so I don't need to wish for this one thing

Large vintage white glass floral hurricane lamp

Large Vintage White Glass Floral Hurricane Lamp

Gwtw lamps

*FENTON ART GLASS ~ Vintage, Gone With The Wind 3 Way Lamp Wild Roses Peking Blue Opaque Blue.

Antique hurricane lamps 1

Have seen 'Gone with the wind', a classic Hollywood movie based on a famous Southern novel? This elaborate hurricane lamp is an exact replica of a red lamp with crystal beads that Rhett and Scarlett had in their parlor. Oh my!

Old hurricane lamps

Hurricane lamp with a very nice, antique stylization. This element of design features a solid base made of metal with decorative accents. Its main construction is finished in blue color. The whole lamp assures light and improves interior aesthetics.

Vintage fenton rare gone with the wind levay red carnival


Quoizel AB701 Abigail Adams 1 Light 20" Tall Painted Glass Hurricane Lamp with N,

Table lamp in rustic style. Base is made of metal and glass. It is decorated with carefully made floral pattern. Ideal as additional source of light in any interior as needed.

Museum quality antique cherub gone with the wind oil lamp

Museum Quality Antique Cherub Gone with The Wind Oil Lamp

Vintage hurricane lamps for sale

Cute size-varied little antique paraffin lamps. They feature size and shape-varied tanks and chimneys of transparent glass in a beautiful blue shade. Burners are of metal with a gold or black finish. The highest lamp has a round black metal foot.

Gone with the wind lamp converted to electric hand painted

Gone with the Wind lamp, converted to electric, hand painted

Gone with the wind lamp value

The antique styling of these hurricane lamps is a great way to decorate the interior. Robust steel construction, handy carrying handles, and impressive form make the lights a unique design detail.

20.5 in. Swirl Optic Hurricane Table Lamp