Native American Table Lamps


Native American furniture styling is not only lovely but very functional. But a Native American table lamps are something else entirely. They are beautiful and useful, but they also tell a story. And when you put one of these Native American table lamps in your home, you will feel the rich history every time you turn on the switch and illuminate the space.

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Our Picks

Samuel Marx Native American Indian Pottery Table Lamp

Samuel Marx Native American Indian Pottery Table Lamp

Beautiful Native American table lamps are an excellent combination of style and functionality. The Indian pottery captivates with a beautiful design which brings to the room a unique atmosphere and fascinates.

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Native american table lamps 28

This original lamp connects traditional art with modern, minimalistic style. Wooden kickstand with beautiful, hand-painted patterns is inspired of native American's vases. Lampshade is current and it is made of bright canvas.

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Native American 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Native American 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

If you're heading for some intriguing and elegant decorations for your house, this unique and stylish table lamp might be a perfect option for you! Check it out and enjoy an amazing design and functionality.

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Native 32" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Native 32" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

It is a very elegant and beautiful table lamp with empire shade and antique bronze finish. It is great for any room in your home. If you looking for something special you need to buy this one.

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Indian table lamps

Now you can illuminate your country home by using this terrific table lamp that oozes with Native American pattern. Its shade is made of tiny shards of opaline glass, forming a captivating, geometric mosaic.

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Samuel Marx Native American Indian Pottery Table Lamp

Samuel Marx Native American Indian Pottery Table Lamp

Thanks to this Native American's Table Lamp with imperial shade, you will be able to enhance your decor with old western accents and warm light. The lamp's body is made in shape of Indian pottery, with round black base for stability.

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Native american lamp

Cool traditional electric table lamps (for 1 candelabra bulb) modelled on teepees built by Native Americans. They are crafted of plain light brown rowhide, have edges tied with narrow dark brown leather cords and frames of thin brown wooden sticks.

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Native american touch lamp_1

Native American touch Lamp_1

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"Buffalo Totem" Native American Indian Table Lamp

Indian houses, called teepee, are buildings made of wood, leather, and plants. Home-made ornaments reign on them. And you can feel like in the wild west with this native American table lamp, with the stem in the form of an Indian and his totem.

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Native american table lamps 5

Bradford Exchange Spirits of the Wild | Disney Tinker Bell Collectible Floral Light Musical Table Lamp ...

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Native American Table Lamps

Buying Guide

There’s something mysteriously alluring about Native American art that makes everyone from fashion designers to abstract artists go weak in the knees. Be it the geometric shapes, the vivid use of color, the sacred religious objects or deities, the use of symbols to retell myths or art forms depicting spirit animals, just about everything that’s native-inspired makes for great décor pieces.

This explains the rising fascination that interior designers have with Native American Table lamps. Table lamps are often considered the secret ingredient in interior light layering. And they can be used for just about any purpose, be it aesthetics, as accent pieces, as task lights or as ambient lights.

And what better than a southwest raw hide lampshade, a dreamcatcher or a Cherokee Teepee to adorn your room. If this is the first time that you are shopping for native American lighting fixtures, then here are some of the factors to consider before you buy.

The tepee from the Great Lakes is one of the most commonly used lampshade designs. It can be made of canvas, sheer fabric or raw hide. Canvas and hide offer a diffused ambient lighting whereas sheer fabric, cardboard and wicker offer a more intense light better suited for task lighting. Hand painted motifs and figurines on lampshades can cast a silhouette of attractive shadows on the walls.

And then there’s the base. Right from wooden poles, spears, bow arrows, shamanistic figurines to feathers, horns and beads, there are tons of objects that are used to create native American-inspired lamp bases.

If you are buying a vintage lamp, then there’s a good chance that the base would be made of brass, bronze or copper, which makes it sturdy but heavy. Modern reproductions are lightweight and can be made of wood, plastic or composite materials. These are flimsy though.

Pick a lamp that’s in proportion with the room and the table that you will place it on. Anything oversized in a small room will be an eyesore and anything way too tiny in a large room will easily be missed, negating the very purpose that you bought it for.

Other than this, use the eye level rule while selecting a lamp. The lamp should be placed high enough so that the bottom of the lampshade lines up with your eyes when you are sitting on a sofa or an accent chair. This prevents a harsh light beam into your eyes and works perfectly even if you’d want to use it as a reading lamp.

For the bedroom, we modify this rule a little. The bottom of the lampshade should line up with your chin when you sit up. That’s about 18-inches above the top of your mattress. Anything higher and it will cast a glare directly in your eyes.

Best Ideas

Native american pottery lamps

Improve your vintage living room with this fabulous table lamp that boasts of rustic appearance and old western elegance. The lamp holds an imperial shade with arrow finial, while hanging on a bow & arrows pole attached to the round base.

Native american table lamps 2

Thanks to this Native American's Table Lamp, you can spice up your living room with old westeren flavor. The lamp has a tipi tent shade with white feathers, and rests on a triple-arrow pole that is attached to a round base with three ball feet.

Native american table lamps 12

Featuring a teepee for its base, this table lamp is a proposition for all, who like the native American motives. The shade is embellished with buffalo and sun depictions.

Teepee lamp

Beautiful Native American table lamp is a fantastic combination of style and functionality. The Indian pottery with bird motifs captivates with a beautiful design which brings to the room a unique atmosphere.

Native american table lamps 24

hand-painted southwestern shade in warm red, turquoise and gold tops the solid steel Southwest Iron Braided Table Lamp with braided wire rope in a rust finish.

Tools home improvement lighting ceiling fans lamps shades table lamps

tools home improvement lighting ceiling fans lamps shades table lamps

Native american table decorations

Dripping with rich amber brown glass, pleasing eyes with mosaic shade and stylish pedestal base with echoing motif, this table lamp embodies the elegance of Art Deco style. It can successfully match 1920s inspired decor.

You are here home lighting lamps table or floor table

you are here home lighting lamps table or floor table lamp design from ...

Indian table lamp

Inspired by a Native American style, this gorgeous table lamp uses colorful Tiffany panels to charm any type of home decor. It creates truly warm and intimate atmosphere, resting on an espresso-finished wood, square base for stability.

Steer horn lamp with rawhide shade

Steer Horn Lamp With Rawhide Shade

Total fab southwestern native american lamps lighting

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Native american sculptured table lamp with linen shade

Native American Sculptured Table Lamp with Linen Shade ...

Copper table lamp with stylized native american motifs and 3

Copper Table Lamp with Stylized Native American Motifs and ...

Southwestern native american lamps lighting from earth sky 2

Southwestern Native American Lamps: Lighting from Earth & Sky