Retro Lava Lamp

Break our the Hendrix, and put on your bell bottoms, because we are about to take a trip to the age of Lava Lamps. That's right, we have a collection of retro lava lamps that will teleport you to free love and great music. And with all the color options, we guarantee you will find the right lava lamp for your home. See collection for more details.

Best Ideas

Original vintage lava lamp 1960s 1970s

Original vintage lava lamp 1960s 1970s
Who said you can't combine the modern appeal of a lava lamp with some vintage style? This lamp offers it all with its structure from 1960s and the brass coach carriage as well as the sublime red strawberry filling of the liquid substance.

Vintage Art Deco Mckee Jadeite Uranium Glass Triple Figural Nude Lamp

Vintage Art Deco Mckee Jadeite Uranium Glass Triple Figural Nude Lamp
A mervelous table lamp in the Art Deco style. It features a green shade made of glass with a mysterious figure of a naked woman. A truly intriguing accent of the room in a vintage style. It emits very subtle light.

Vintage Lava Lamp Orange 16 Large Size Clear Liquid W Orange Colored Wax

Vintage Lava Lamp Orange 16 Large Size Clear Liquid W Orange Colored Wax
Go back to the past with this gorgeous, vintage lava lamp with orange colored wax. A great piece if you’re into retro furniture, perfect to put up in a moody bedroom on a night table or in a study room.

Aquarium Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp

Aquarium Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp
It is an aquarium lava table lamp that is perfect for kids room, family room and living room area. It is adorable and everyone will be impressed how amazing and funny this lamp is.

Grande Lava 27" H Table Lamp

Grande Lava 27" H Table Lamp
This is a special, modern lamp on a table. A special mass that fills me, warmed up by the heat and flies within the lamp which is its decoration. It is like lava, which is mined from the volcano. Pretty and impressive.

Colormax Lava Rainbow 14.5" Table Lamp

Colormax Lava Rainbow 14.5" Table Lamp
Multicolored lava table lamp on cone base, with decorative glass shade. It is perfect not only to decorate a room but also to enjoy some time of dreamy relax while observing the slowly floating wax bubbles inside the shade.

Cool vintage 1970s orange mid century

Cool vintage 1970s orange mid century
It can be said that a small volcano was closed in the middle of a home-grown table lamp. Visible lava - fortunately artificial - is a great advantage of this vintage orange lava lamp. Based on metal ground, makes you feel groovie.

Retro lava lamp 3

Retro lava lamp inspired by the stylization of 1960s and 1970s. It provides illumination and attractive colors indoors. This decorative element stands on a stable base and its glass construction is thick and damage resistant.

Retro lava lamp 25

Vintage 1960's Red lava lamp,

Vintage lava lamp

This is a kind of liquid and wax retro lava lamp, which, after warming up, produces various color effects. The lava lamp is composed of two parts. There is a bulb in the base. The second part is shaped like a bottle, filled with two immiscible red substances.

Early vintage simplex lava lamps from the 60s and 70s

Early Vintage Simplex – Lava Lamps from the 60s and 70s.

Retro lava lamp 2

Old styled lava lamp that provides illumination of small areas, but its main task is the improvement of interior aesthetics. This lamp stands on a durable base that assures stability and strength. Its attractive colors look very good in any indoors.

Orange lava lamp 3

A magnificent table lamp that is filled with lava in a bright orange color, which makes a nice contrast with a dark background. The lamp will give a subtle light and will be an extraordinary decoration of a party.

Retro lava lamps for sale

LAVA LAMPS Pitch Zine - Anny Wang

Original lava lamp value

This retro lava lamp was crafted in 1963, being an epitome of cool decor in the late 60s and early 70s. Originally called the Astro light, now can be a great gift for a children's bedroom i.e.

Scrapping past times online resources for jogging your memory

Scrapping Past Times: Online Resources for Jogging your Memory

Orange lava lamp

Very unique stylization in the house. This orange lava lamp features a large size and very original construction based on durable materials. It provides attractive light effects and decorates indoors at day and night.

Retro lava lamp blauw

Retro lava lamp blauw

Retro lava lamp 33

cool lava lamps

Vintage lava lite

Yes ladies and gentleman, lava lamps are true Mid-Century! This is a vintage red Eames Era Mid Century Modern Retro Lava Lamp Mod. What a beauty!!

Orange lava lamp 2

A futuristic lava lamp with orange and red color. Excellent and extraordinary gift for everyone. It create a striking space in any interior and apartment.

Orange lava lamp 10

A magical table lamp in the shape of a space rocket. It's filled with orange lava that makes a pretty contrast with a black background. The piece is an ideal gift idea for a teenagers or a cool decoration of a Haloween party.

Retro lava lamp 15

West German vases | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Retro lava lamp 31

etsy find // vintage - west german pottery with lava glaze, $56.

Turquoise red orange century 60s

"Turquoise"/red-orange Century - 60s

Retro lava lamp 13

Lava Lamp was in the basement. Harry would get so mad when we left it on. Velm would say "Oh, Harry--They're just kids" LOL

Antique lava lamps

Purple And Yellow Retro Lava Lamp

70s lava lamp

Lava Lite 2124 Classic 14.5-Inch 20-Ounce Silver Lava Lamp, Yellow Wax/Blue Liquid (047162021245) Classic retro-style 20-ounce lava lamp for home, dorm room, or office Soothing slow-moving bubbles

Retro lava lamp 21

Psychedelic ghost lava lamp gothic art haunted hippie original painting by ArtBySarada

Lava lamp vintage

Colorful collection of Lava Lamps

Retro lava lamp 6

Activities: Make a Homemade Lava Lamp! What you need:empty and clean 16oz.plastic soda bottle-soda bottle cap-vegetable oil-food coloring-a large alka-seltzer tablet-water-flashlight

Retro lava lamp 34

Blue Lava Lamp Twin Column 16.5" Retro Cool Oozing Bedroom Night Light. Nice subtle light that is great for nightlight glow! RETRO STYLE that never grows old. The hypnotic effect is very relaxing. LARGE 16.5" Twin Columm Lava Lamp. You can find yourself s

Retro lava lamp 5

Chloe Moretz Dark Shadows Tim Burton

Lava Lite 6824-1002 Grande 250-Ounce 27-Inch Lava Lamp, Yellow Wax/Blue Liquid

Heritage 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Heritage 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade


60s lava lamp

Cool retro style lava table lamps of silvery and clear plastic. Lampshades are filled with water and moving and changing shapes portions of dense colourful oil. A round tapered upwards base has a licensed Google logo, a conical shade - a flat top.

Antique lava lamp


Retro lava lamp 18

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Retro lava lamp 23

Retro Lava Lamp blue for jack

Vintage retro red lava lamp lite starlite pierced base lava

... Vintage Retro Red Lava Lamp Lite Starlite Pierced Base Lava Doesn't

Retro lava lamp 19

Groovy retro lava lamp pattern polymer clay veneer by PolyClayCafe

That is a fun retro style green dress it kinda

that is a fun retro style green dress. it kinda of reminds me of a lava lamp... ;)

Retro lava lamp 32

"Incense & Absinthe" is the third painting in my "Incense" series inspired by the sixties song "Incense & Peppermints" by the band Strawberry Alarm Clock. This absinthe-colored gem features the ever-retro lava lamp!! Enjoy! ~S

Retro red lava lamp

retro red lava lamp

Retro lava lamp

Retro lava lamp

Check out this premier lava lamp

Check out this Premier Lava Lamp

Ferrite is like a lava lamp but interactive except instead

Ferrite is like a lava lamp but interactive. Except, instead of brightly colored blobs gently floating up and down, we get quivering black metal that forms into almost demonic shapes. Instead of something to stare at, you get something to play with.

Retro lava lamp 35

This one! green/blue Astro lava lamp by Mathmos