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Intricately detailed and impeccably crafted from the highest quality materials – Maitland-Smith lamps are one of the most precious and outstanding home accessories I can think of. If you need an exotic piece that conveys an aura of luxury, elegance and sophistication, look no further than that. Browse the collection below to see what I mean.

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Updated 24/10/2022
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Stunning Hot Air Balloon Maitland Smith Bronze Lamp

Stunning Hot Air Balloon Maitland Smith Bronze Lamp

Made from a combination of green marble and bronze, this highly stylized novelty lamp will turn heads anywhere you place it. Measuring 27” tall and having a 14 by 14” base, this heavy-duty and solid lamp weighs 19 pounds. The crackle balloon helps catch your eye and illuminate the area with a gentle amber glow.

Designer Advice:

Crafted to imitate a vintage hot air balloon, this novelty bronze lamp can make the most outstanding conversation piece in your home or office. It’s large enough to be easily noticeable in any space but small enough to fit onto an end table or small pedestal while providing up to 40 watts of illumination.

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Courting Cranes Maitland Smith Table Lamp

Courting Cranes Maitland Smith Table Lamp

Beautiful and realistic, these 37” tall courting cranes are crafted in a combination of antique brass and bronze with inlaid penshell accents. The purposeful distressing gives this modern lamp an antique finish to serve as a conversation piece and a versatile lighting accent in your home or office.

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Novelty Monkey Maitland Smith Lighting

Novelty Monkey Maitland Smith Lighting

Measuring 25” tall with a 16 by 11” base, this novelty monkey lamp by Maitland Smith can turn heads in your home or office. It’s made from a combination of verdigris bronze with brass and mother-of-pearl accents. The books include inlaid leather for realism and stylish accents, while the lantern hung from the tail can hold a 25-watt bulb.

Designer Advice:

This realistic-looking monkey features a long prehensile tail, a small toy ball, and two stacked books as the base. The size of this lamp is large enough to use as a decorative piece as much as a conversation starter, but the practical lantern also casts a warm glow in a reading nook or other area where accent lighting is needed.

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Asian Dragon Maitland Smith Lamp 

Asian Dragon Maitland Smith Lamp 

Finished in a stunning cast brass, this sleek gold dragon lamp features an amber penshell accented lantern hanging from the tail that casts a warm glow of light. Measuring 27” in height, this lantern has a 17 x 9” base measurement in solid black brass to provide stability and bold contrast to the gold.

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Spyglassing Maitland Smith Monkey Lamp

Spyglassing Maitland Smith Monkey Lamp

Measuring 28” high with a 16 by 9” base, this dark bronze novelty lamp features a monkey on a pirate ship. The base is made from solid cast brass in black color, while the body and lantern itself are made from a combination of cast brass and inlaid tiger penshell.

Designer Advice:

Made to look like a monkey or ape in a ship’s crows nest looking through a spyglass, this novelty lamp is a wonderful addition to any modern or contemporary home or office. The novelty touch helps bring a touch of whimsy to any room, while the single bulb inside the penshell lantern can cast a warm ambient glow in the area.

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Maitland smith lamps

The beautifully crafted pen shell shade lamp is a delightful way to impress the interior indeed. The beautiful bird motif on the tree and the unique lampshade blend perfectly into the perfect living room or bedroom.

Maitland Smith Pair Of Verdigris Patina Brass Monkey Wall Lamps 1953 255

Maitland Smith Pair Of Verdigris Patina Brass Monkey Wall Lamps 1953 255

Attractive stylish lamps having unusual brass bases with a patina finish: a monkey sitting on a trunk of a tree pulled with roots and holding an umbrella-shade on a shaft with a finial. It's of penshell in browns and has pendants and trims on edges.

Maitland smith monkey chandelier

The marvelous and highly efficient Maitland Smith lamp with monkey motif sitting on the books and trimming the umbrella is a unique and fabulous piece of decor. Beautiful design with fringes is extremely useful.

Brass monkey lamp

Are you acquainted with Maitland Smith lamps? They're known for their sculptural bases. This monkey shaped lamp is an immediate conversation starter. The warm amber glass shade dangles from the monkey's tail.

Maitland smith antique brass black lipshell tabletop torchiere table lamp

Maitland smith antique brass black lipshell tabletop torchiere table lamp

Torchiere shaped table lamp with dark bronze base combined with antique brass. Black lipshell inlaid shade defines its uniqueness. This Maitland Smith lamp is an example of exquisite handicraft from The Philippines.

Maitland smith lamp 3

Stylish chandelier finished with monkey theme. Frame is made of brass and fitted with 7 lights in various sizes. Sophisticated addition for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Maitland smith lamps 21

Maitland Smith Antique Brass, Faux Verdigris Finished Brass Wall Lamp 1943-130

Maitland smith lamps 25

Maitland-Smith Monkey Table Lamp with Penshell Inlaid Lantern Shade - Lighting - Product

Maitland smith lamps

A symbol of desire and luxury. But the real crocodile leather one is illegal - for obvious reasons. Maitland Smith lamp features a crocheted, bronze-sculpted crocodile is looking towards the lampshade of the taped brown imitation of crocodile skin.

Maitland smith lamps and lighting verdigris patina brass monkey and

Maitland-Smith Lamps and Lighting Verdigris Patina Brass Monkey And ...

Maitland smith monkey lamp

An amazing and fun lamp with a frog motif under the flower captivates. The solid construction of the base sculpture along with the beautiful lampshade admires the details and is a small work of art that beautifully presents itself in the interior.

Maitland smith lamps 2

A gorgeous lamp to improve your den, office, or living room with exotic accents and warm, soothing light. Designed in shape of a capuchin monkey trying to catch the ball. The monkey is made of durable bronze, standing on a leather book design base and holding a penshell shade.

Maitland smith lamps 8

Maitland-Smith Neoclassic Urn Table Lamp -

Bronze monkey lamp

A classy electric table lamp featuring a coco palm-like textured stem (with a plume of 'leaves' under a shade and a ball finial) on a 3-tier round base. A conical lampshade is of rectangular creamy faux ivory bone tiles and has wide rope edging.

Maitland smith lamp 1

Symbolic in its form, this beautiful lamp depicts an elephant, which carries the light on its back. Its solid base is made from patina bronze. It will add the space an oriental vibe.

Maitland smith sherwood finished cast brass dragon table lamp

Maitland-Smith' Sherwood Finished Cast Brass Dragon Table Lamp

Maitland smith 1754 840 lt and dark antique brass egret

Maitland Smith 1754-840 Lt. and Dark Antique Brass Egret Table Lamp

Maitland smith lamps 1

Maitland-Smith Sherwood Table Lamp

Maitland smith faux tortoise pen shell shade table lamp

Maitland-Smith Faux Tortoise Pen Shell Shade Table Lamp -

Maitland smith lamps 23

Pair of Maitland-Smith Lamps United States c. 1980's Pair of neoclassical, candelabra-form lamps in tesselated and enameled metal with marble bases. Hand made in the Philippines for the Maitland-Smith company, c. 1980's.

Maitland smith lamps 30

Vintage MAITLAND-SMITH Silvered Brass and Shell Nautilus Lamp; With Starfish

Maitland smith lamps 28

Maitland-Smith Brass Monkey Pirate Lamp @

Maitland smith neoclassic urn table lamp 1

Maitland-Smith Neoclassic Urn Table Lamp

Maitland smith lamps and lighting translucent penshell and verdigris

Maitland-Smith Lamps and Lighting Translucent Penshell And Verdigris ...