Rabbit Lamp


These lamps are only plain adorable. For your home, if you are a lover of rabbits, then you will appreciate these handcrafted and very well-made rabbit lamps. They come in many different styles from the more cartoon rabbits to ones that closely resemble the real thing. For an interesting way to light your home get a rabbit lamp or two.

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Our Picks

Beatrix potters peter rabbit nursery lamp

Beatrix potters peter rabbit nursery lamp

Lovely table lamp with rabbit figurine on the base. Fabric lampshade gives warm tone of light. Great addition to the kid's room and others interiors according to taste and need.

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Tiffany Rabbit Accent Lamp in Gray

Tiffany Rabbit Accent Lamp in Gray

If you want to accentuate your private zone, this little and cute lamp may be the best choice in the entire product assortment. It resembles a rabbit and is finished in grey. The elements of the rabbit look like shards of glass!

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Rabbit lamp

This table lamp with rabbit sculpture will be not only the best office decoration to the Easter season. It will create an atmosphere of joy and happiness in your home office. Great accent to elegant office.

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Rabbit lamp 6

Where is the rabbit! Take a look at the lime, resinous finish - as a subtle base of the lamp. Rabbit is very good at holding a shade, also with subtle, bright beige finish. Sweet grey rabbit sit on the round black base.

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Whimsical shabby french garden bunny

Whimsical shabby french garden bunny

A charming vintage table lamp featuring a base in the form of a lovely bunny sitting on hind legs. It's of glossy white ceramic with pinkish undertones. A tall bell lampshade of white fabric has charming floral motifs in pinks and embroidered edges.

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Peter Rabbit 16" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Peter Rabbit 16" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Table lamp with a charming figure of a rabbit on the base. It has empire shade with pastel colors. It offers space for 1 bulb. Perfect gift idea for kid and more.

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Rabbit table lamp

This bunny light is just the most charming and suitable option for your kids' room with its bright finish and a perfect way of adding some light to the setting, while making the whole room feel fun and beautiful.

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Bunnies Bearing Dinner 14" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Bunnies Bearing Dinner 14" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

This 14-inch height table lamp with a bunnies bearing design, features a durable metal body that holds a fabric drum shade, with green & yellow patterns. The lamp accommodates 40W incandescent bulbs. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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14.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

14.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

This 14.5-inch height table lamp with a bunny design, features a lovely porcelain body that holds an off white empire shade. The lamp includes an on/off switch, and accommodates 60W compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

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Reading rabbit lamp ceramic reading rabbit green with gold silk

reading rabbit lamp ceramic reading rabbit green with gold silk shade ...

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Rabbit Lamp

Buying Guide

Whether you are considering Beatrix Potter’s delicate watercolor bunnies, Rosemary Wells comic rabbit family, or the contentious tribe of hares from Watership Down, there is something appealing about rabbits. The little ones with their whuffly noses and playful antics, or the deliberate loppety-lop of a mature jackrabbit as he considers how best to remain unnoticed all tug at something within us. Perhaps it is because rabbits turn up in a variety of environments and because they are sometimes kept as pets that they touch a common cord with many people. From nursery to living room, there are rabbit lamps to appeal to everyone.

  • Peter Rabbit

This intrepid little bad boy rabbit who invaded Mr. Macgregor’s garden has also invaded many children’s hearts over the years. The enchanting and often terrified bunny boy who managed to lose his new shoes and all the buttons on his jacket, and finally came home with a tummy ache, is the one and only boy in Mrs. Rabbit’s brood. His three sisters, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail hardly enter into the picture, although they receive a treat with their evening meal instead of being dosed with a curative tea. Even so, it is Peter who adorns lamps, bedsheets and window curtains in nurseries. He is a bold adventurer posed under the lampshade, ready to take on any number of cats, rats, and irate gardeners.

  • Miffy Bunny

Before Rosemary Wells created Max, another bad boy bunny, there was Miffy Bunny by Dick Bruna. Miffy books are targeted for ages four through eight years, focusing on simple themes children can relate to such as going to school or having a birthday party. The simple line drawing character translates well as a softly glowing nightlight to guide little feet toward the bathroom or back to bed again. The simple shape is ideal for an LED standalone lamp that can be placed on a bedside table.

  • Reading Bunny Lamp

While Ruby and Max, from Rosemary Wells’ bunny books, have not made their way onto lamps or lampshades, this reading bunny with his magnifying glass and relaxed pose could easily be reading their adventures. Perfect as a bedside table lamp for any rabbit lover, this scholarly lagomorph (that’s a fancy word for hare) sprawls on his stomach peering at a book through a looking glass. Dressed in overalls, he looks as if he were looking up some serious information.

  • Fox and Rabbit Reading Lamp

No rabbit reference is complete without a fox or two. A combination you wouldn't really see in real life, when featured on a lamp, the two animals create a springboard for your kid's imagination to flow.

  • Softly Glowing Rabbit Nightlight

An elegant sculpture that could easily have been the “real” bunny in Velveteen Rabbit, soft white porcelain is lit from within and is perfect for an older child who collects rabbits.

Best Ideas

Rabbit weathervane lamp

Rabbit Weathervane Lamp

Rabbit lamp 1

Such a beautiful, gorgeous little lamp made to resemble a cute bunny. Stunning design, bound to spice up its surroundings with its unique look and traditional vibe. Perfect for a living room or a vintage dining room.

Bunny lamp 8

A wonderful table lamp, which will enchant with its lovely bunny shape and high-quality, blue and white porcelain finishing. Juxtaposed to a rectangular rayon shade with ribbing softens the glow of the bulb while providing a linear focal point.

Details about lamp parts antique brass rabbit lamp shade finial


Dignified rabbit lamp


Bunny lamp 48

Table lamp with bunny theme on the base. Fabric lampshade gives warm tone of light. Ideal solution as bed side lamp or additional source of light in any interior according to taste and need.

Bunny rabbit lamp 1

An absolutely adorable accent in one's living room or bedroom, this rabbit lamp will enchant both younger and older family members. Charming and warm, seems to be an ideal Easter Holidays' decoration.

Home lighting table lamps bronze rabbit lamp

Home » Lighting » Table Lamps » Bronze Rabbit Lamp

Rabbit lamps 1

Hop right to it with this bunny lamp, perfect as a reading light on your bedside table. It’s smartly topped with a casual denim shade. Lamp base in a shape of a bunny is crafted of steel finished in antique brass.

Simple Designs Bunny 9.84" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Simple Designs Bunny 9.84" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Very interesting, interesting and extremely attractive lamp in an interesting shape. It is a small, white rabbit, which is very nice and gently cutting kerfs. The lamp is very light in appearance. It is perfect for a girl's room.

A Christmas Story Yahtzee

A Christmas Story Yahtzee

This type of product is a very interesting game associated with Christmas. It is a dice game with different movie icons. The set also includes a dice cup with lid for effective storage of all game components.

White rabbit lamp 1

A charming table lamp for kids. It has the form of a lovely simplified rabbit sitting on back legs. It's crafted of quality porcelain in white tones. It's equipped with a low voltage transformer plug.

Green bunny on book lamp

Green Bunny on Book Lamp

Bunny Rabbit Table Lamp with Distressed Gray Finish