Floating Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves


You already invested in the hypoallergenic stainless steel tables for your kitchen. Why not some floating stainless steel kitchen shelves. These are sturdy enough to hold your pots, pans, seasonings, or whatever, and just like your tables, they are impervious to stains. Get a few of these for your kitchen and make it like a professional cooking space.

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Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves

A simple and functional idea for small kitchens. It's a wonderful set of three floating shelves. They are made of stainless steel, which gives them a silver, glossy finish. You can easily attach them to a wall and get space for your herbs and spices.

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Stainless steel kitchen shelving

Create practical storage space in any kitchen, with these stainless floating steel kitchen shelves. Perfectly placed above kitchen cabinets, also with stainless steel tops. Durable, long and spacious, contain holders for kitchen utensils.

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Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves 19

Extra thick and highly durable stainless steel floating shelves featuring a glossy chrome finish that will fully accentuate your walls. The shelves also come with their own wall mounting mechanism and should be ideal for displaying decorative bowls or providing extra storage in the kitchen.

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If your kitchen could also be known as your cocktails

If your kitchen could also be known as your cocktails and takeout lounge, you're a great candidate for some streamlined floating shelves. Another test: Are there shoes in your oven? We thought so, Carrie. Some tumblers and your favorite coffee mug are the

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Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves

A stunning kitchen arrangement with a dark-colored furniture set featuring plenty of open and closed shelves. The countertop and floating shelves have a high gloss, silver finish that matches the cooker and extractor hood.

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Stainless steel backsplash with shelf

This set of floating stainless kitchen shelves will enhance every kitchen area with its modern design. The use of stainless steel combines minimalism and solidness, providing a storage solution for many years.

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Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves 28

Get more storage into your kitchen with these high-quality and easy-to-install stainless steel floating shelves. The shelves deliver immense load bearing capacity, making them ideal for heavier items. The shiny stainless-steel finish should also add beautiful accents to your bare kitchen walls.

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Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves 1

White modern kitchen cabinets with modern steel chrome silver cabinet pulls. Lovely mix of marble, wood and stainless steel in this kitchen. Stainless steel floating shelves are ideal solution to have your crockery on.

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Floating Shelf with Metal Railing

Floating Shelf with Metal Railing

Casual style floating shelf made from manufactured wood topped off with laminate that protects its surface from scratching. The shelf has side panels and metal railing protecting the books from falling down.

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Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves 30

kitchens with shelves instead of cabinets | Expose Your Wares: Showing Off Kitchen Bits. » Curbly | DIY Design ...

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Floating Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves

Buying Guide

Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves are simple to install if you have the correct tools depending on the type of wall to which you’re fixing the shelves. You’ll either need a masonry drill bit for solid brick or ceramic tile or if it’s a plaster wall with drywall, you can use a stud finder to locate vertical supports to which you’ll secure the floating shelf bracket.

Using a spirit level, position the shelves where you want them and confirm that they are straight. Mark this exact position on the wall with a pencil before you proceed to drilling. Based on the kind of wall you’re working with, choose a 6mm (masonry) or a 2.5 mm (plaster with studs) drill bit and pre-drill holes where you’re going to attach the floating shelf.

If you aren't able to drill into a wall stud, it’s critical that you have a wall anchor inserted in the drilled hole. Once all the holes are drilled and the wall anchors are in position, fix your bracket to the wall using screws and slide the shelf into place. Secure the shelf using the hardware provided by the manufacturer.

Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves are super easy to clean, requiring only a few basic supplies. You can wash stainless steel with warm water, a soft cloth, mild detergent, or essential household items such as baking soda and vinegar.

For basic cleaning, use a soft, microfiber cloth and warm water. You can do this daily or as often as needed. For a deeper clean of tough stains or spots, try using a mild detergent and a soft sponge. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers or steel wool. Dry the shelves immediately after each cleaning for a shiny, even look.

Another simple, natural way to clean and shine your shelves is to spray a little white vinegar onto the surface and wipe it with a soft cloth. You can also sprinkle on small amounts of baking soda and work it in gently.

For removing fingerprints, it’s best to use a multi-surface or window cleaner.

Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves should be the right size in relation to the room and to what you’re planning on storing on them. To give you a general idea, between 10 and 12 inches in depth is the most popular option: perfect to store the most common kitchen items, from plates to recipe books.

Best Ideas

Ikea Limhamn Stainless Steel 2 Wall Shelves, Each 15 3/4 X 7 7/8"

Stainless Steel Wall Shelf - 6 Inches Deep: 24"L

Extra deep floating stainless-steel wall shelf, perfect for that tin recipe box or set of metal ingredient canisters. Six inches deep by 24 inches long, you will find multiple uses for this handy unit. Easy to install with basic tools.

2 Piece Stainless Steel Square Accent Storage Shelf Set

2 Piece Stainless Steel Square Accent Storage Shelf Set

Contemporary storage shelf set made of stainless steel and white board. It comes in two pieces that can be set together or apart. It represents modern minimalism that looks the part in any today's home.

Kitchen shelves stainless steel

A modern, stainless steel kitchen shelf - a must-have in every modern kitchen! Goes perfectly with smooth wooden furniture and mixes well with both contemporary and classical furniture elements, which are bound to spice up any kitchen with a rustic detail.

Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves 29

Stunning and easy-to-install open kitchen shelves that should deliver immense extra storage into your home. The shelves come in a stainless steel design and are perfectly suited for holding kitchenware and other important kitchen accessories.

Stainless backsplash with shelf

A very functional floating kitchen shelf. It's made of stainless steel rods and pipes that create an open space, perfect to fix it over the sink area. You will get an easy access to all the pots, plates, spatulas and others.

Stainless steel corner shelf kitchen

We love the metal shelf above the stove - should do that to get oil, salt, etc off counter space. Make sure it's deep enough to keep your stuff. Adorable white kitchen desk with this magnificent floating kitchen shelves looks wow.

Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves 27

kitchens - gray modern kitchen cabinets stainless steel countertops sink in kitchen island marble countertops subway tiles backsplash stainless steel floating shelves white faux antlers chandelier

Stainless steel wall floating shelves free shipping set of two

Stainless Steel Wall Floating Shelves Free Shipping Set Of Two 48x9 ...

Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves 2

A set of floating kitchen shelves with a smooth wooden finish made to accompany any modern kitchen. The shelves are made to look as if they were partially immersed inside of the wall, coming out around the corner giving you an extra storage space and giving your kitchen an astounding look.

Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves 10

Ikea stainless shelving over stove

Scandinavian retreat arty home

Scandinavian Retreat: Arty home

Stainless steel floating kitchen shelves modern kitchen

Stainless Steel Floating Kitchen Shelves, Modern, Kitchen

Stainless steel backsplash shelf

A wonderful, contemporary kitchen arrangement with dark floors and white, glossy cabinets and a light, grey top. Appliances and floating shelves made of stainless steel create a modern and fresh character.