Floating Shelf With Drawer

Floating shelves are just plain nifty. And adding a drawer takes the wow factor from ten to eleven. Install some floating shelves in your home and your guests will be floored by their interesting ideal. Throw some drawers on them, and they will want some for their home. Take a walk through this collection and see if we have just the right floating shelves for you.

Best Products

Sizable Wall-Mounted Floating Shelf

Sizable Wall-Mounted Floating Shelf
A large console shelf with a wall-mounted design, meant to be placed in a more modern living room. The console provides two spacious drawers, which will give your living room handy additional storage for assorted items. There is also a hollow space in between the drawers, which is perfect for a family photo display. The set comes with a large mirror to be placed above it, finishing the futuristic decorative display.

Handy Floating Shelf With Solid Oak Veneers

Handy Floating Shelf With Solid Oak Veneers
A handy addition to a living room or a dining room, which provides a little bit of additional storage, which is especially useful in small apartments, where every bit of space is valuable. This floating console shelf has a drawer inside of it, which could be a nice spot for storing keys or documents, and comes with two identical small mirrors in a round shape, which are supposed to be placed above the shelf to create a nice display.

Manufactured Wood Floating Shelf With Veneers

Manufactured Wood Floating Shelf With Veneers
This contemporary-style console shelf with two drawers inside of it will surely be a great fit in any living room but also works quite nicely when placed in the entryway. The console is made out of manufactured woods which is covered with wood veneers to ensure a classy appearance. The console also comes with a set of three mirrors, which are used together with the shelf to create a cozy corner.

Contemporary Aluminum Floating Shelf

Contemporary Aluminum Floating Shelf
If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your entryway or a side of the living room, this console shelf with an embedded drawer will give you just what you’re striving for while providing a contemporary aura to its surroundings. The shelf is made out of manufactured wood and has a unique shape, with the drawer protruding slightly even when closed, which in itself provides a useful spot for storing things that would not fit anywhere else.

Floating Wooden Display Shelf

Floating Wooden Display Shelf
Finish your living room with a contemporary vibe provided by this useful floating display shelf. The shelf has two drawers embedded in its construction, providing a handy spot for you to store small assorted items which are hard to fit anywhere else in the household. It is constructed out of manufactured wood, which makes it quite sturdy, and is finished off with veneers made from solid wood to hide the insides.

Tiered Mirrored Floating Shelf

Tiered Mirrored Floating Shelf
With its enormous frame and built-in mirrors, this organizational piece is a must-have for any entryway. It provides a floating console shelf, which is mounted close to the floor and has an additional shelf near the bottom part. On the top part of the frame of the piece, there are two silvered plastic coat hangers, which also work nicely as towel storage in the bathroom, making the console versatile and universal.

Floating Drawer Shelf Concealed Storage White Gloss Bookshelf 48cm X 25cm X 10cm

Floating Drawer Shelf Concealed Storage White Gloss Bookshelf 48cm X 25cm X 10cm
This floating drawer shelf is modern and has got a white gloss finish. It features a one shelf for keys, pens, watches and other small items. The simple style fits to any home.

Our advice Buying Guide

When you shop online for a floating shelf with drawer, it won't take a minute before you realize that your choices are near endless. To help you make the right decision and ensure that you only get the piece that will look good within your space and be highly functional at the same time, keep on reading as we've prepared a quick buying guide.

Why get floating shelves with drawers?

Floating shelves with drawers are a godsend. If you visit homes and offices, you'll notice that shelves are full of piled magazines and books, which appear messy and disorganized. Typically, shelves occupy a massive amount of space within a home and they can bring about a cluttered look to a room. Fortunately, shelving systems aren't an eyesore any longer as we now have floating shelves with drawers as options.

The primary purpose of a floating shelf with drawer is to provide ample space for the display of portraits and artworks and stacking of CDs and books. Because the unit comes with a drawer, you can also store items that would've otherwise cluttered your space.

What to consider when buying floating shelves with drawers?

  • Size. Floating shelves with drawers come in several different shapes and sizes. So, before you make a purchase, decide where the shelf will be placed. Then, measure the space that's available. Some homes make use of floating shelves as centerpieces in their living rooms. If you plan on using the shelf as your centerpiece, nightstand, or accessory stand, then choose a big unit.
  • Finish. The floating shelves with drawers available online come in different finishes. Solid wood like oak is pricey, but it is guaranteed to last a long time and still retain its beauty. For veneer varieties, they look natural and more cost-effective.
  • Color. For most homeowners, their preferred color choices are black and white. Black hides stains while white hides scratches and offers you an excellent contrast to any type of wall décor. Both options, however, can complement any type of décor. There are also pieces that are in pink and blue tones, but they're harder to match to a room's décor. Fortunately, they fit right into the children's rooms.
  • Storage Space. Since a floating shelf comes with a built-in drawer, storage is a significant aspect you need to consider. There are units that offer multiple drawer options, while some only come with a single drawer each. Decide on how many drawers you want. Keep in mind that size and price also increase when you demand more drawers from a floating shelf.

What's the average holding capacity of a floating shelf?

The capacity of your floating shelves will pretty much depend on the type of brackets used. Floating shelves are often incapable of carrying a very heavy load and we don't recommend putting large, heavy items on them. However, heavy duty brackets with multiple rods can handle up to 150 pounds!

Whatever the case, decide on the specific items you'll keep on your shelves and drawers. If possible, weigh them as it'll make the buying process easier for you.


Floating entry table made to order

Floating entry table made to order
Wall mounted shelf with a durable wooden construction that includes a white frame and brown rectangular top. It also features two storage drawers and metal elements for wall mounting. The whole shelf is attractive and durable.

Gil Wall Shelf

Gil Wall Shelf
Amazing and original shelf, perfect for rooms decorated in industrial style. The construction is made from strong and durable steel. The weight capacity is 100 lbs, so it can maintain a fairly heavy objects. The shelf is optional.

Floating console table white oak shelf

Floating console table white oak shelf
Console table designed for mounting on the wall. It is fitted with drawers for storing documents and others personal items. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Modern design for each room.

Manufactured Wood Wall Mounted Floating Storage Organizer

Floating corner shelf with drawer

A handsome pair of floating shelves is a decent decor idea in a contemporary stylized room, but these two brown shelves have something extra inside: they hide pull-out drawers providing additional (secret) storage.

Floating shelf with drawer

Open shelf with drawer designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Great for storing books, display decorations and more. Traditional form and neutral design.

Floating nightstand with drawer

A nice stylization for lovers of modern ideas. It includes a comfortable suspended bed and a wall-mounted bedside table in neutral white color. This table offers a small rectangular top and a functional drawer.

Floating drawer

With this space-saving piece, you won't have to worry about the space of your interior. This shelf-drawer is suitable for any room in your house, providing you with both a sturdy wood open shelf, and a smoothly functioning drawer hidden inside of it.

Welland Normandy Half Moon Shelf Wall Mount Cabinet

In the living room, where there is a lot of our photos - an essential furniture may be floating shelf with drawer. A semi-circular copy resembling a console table was presented here - made of mahogany wood with a dark finish and one handy drawer.

Floating shelf with drawer 1

White floating shelf with a wooden drawer. Perfect for a corridor. Exceptional ergonomy, as it allows you to place objects both on top of it, as well as in the drawer. Minimalistic and sleek design make it especially appropriate for modern houses.

Floating shelves with drawer

A space-saving and eye-catching solution for living rooms, and game rooms. This floating A/V shelf with drawers is crafted of wood, and has a large enough top to place your TV, DVD player, and video console. You can store your games, DVDs, Blu-rays, and CD's inside of the storage drawers.

Floating shelf with drawer

If you need a slight boost of convenience and would still like to save up as much space as possible then this floating bedside table will do the trick, thanks to the drawer that can double-serve as a shelf for your books or decorative items.

Shelf with drawer

This simple and exceptionally functional floating corner shelf is the perfect solution for small spaces and people who appreciate functional furniture. Simple wood-based construction is robust and durable.

B q chunky floating shelf with drawer white 100h hallway

B&Q Chunky Floating Shelf With Drawer, White, 100H - Hallway -

Floating drawer 1

Floating Drawer

Wall mounted nightstand with drawer

Enhance your room with this floating shelf with two storage compartments concealed behind wooden panels with the cut-out holes for handles. With its rustic look, you can place on it decorations such as candles, clay pots, and kerosene lamps.

Wall shelves with drawers

A set of four, floating bookshelves that can be easily mounted to a wall. They feature a universal and timeless design and color, thus, they will suit almost every room. You can put books there, but it might also be a nice display area.

Floating dresser

Draw the best of a corner with floating shelves that are superb for display purposes. The lower shelf features a pull out drawer, so it doubles as a small, space-saving desk. The shelves are fiber wood with lacquer coating.

Floating drawer shelf 3

floating drawer shelf

Small shelf with drawer

If you are looking for a practical yet functional solution, this console table with drawers will be perfect. The beautiful floating shelf design in contemporary design and wood finish is durable and robust, yet very functional.

Double click on above image to view full picture 360

Double click on above image to view full picture

Shelf with drawers

When you don't have enough place for the dressing table, but you really would like to have one- you could be interested in such a project. Really compact place to put you make-up on with the additional folding chair to save some place.

Floating bedside shelf

wall-mounted drawer | Fresh contemporary creative design floating wall shelf drawer

Floating shelves with drawer 3

This set of floating shelves with drawers catches the attention with its sleek, contemporary design. A magnificent combination of dark wood and steel. Great spot to expose your favourite photo or a flower vase.

Corner shelf with drawer

15 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Burglar

Designer Floating desk in White

Hidden shelf

This floating drawer can be a real space-saver for smaller interiors. And you can easily mounted it on the wall next to your bed. The drawer operates very well, and aside of a spacious compartment, it also offers a nice, open shelf, for placing your glasses, newspapers, drinks, etc.

Floating shelves with drawers

Contemporary design for a modern set of floating shelves with drawers, crafted out of layered plywood, giving them a unique look. The drawers provide a nice and matching complementary look to the white-painted wall.

Solid walnut floating shelf with drawer space

Solid walnut floating shelf with drawer space

Shelves with drawers

#Bedroom Love the floating nightstand

Floating drawer

Floating Drawer

Uniifurn Decorative Wall Shelf with Drawer White

Wall mounted dresser drawers

Floating shelf made of wood. It's fitted with 2 drawers for storing needed stuff. Includes screws holes for easy mounting on the wall. Neutral and functional addition to all kinds of interiors as needed.

Floating shelf with drawer

Designer looking, this minimalistic shelf with drawer will be a perfect addition to contemporary spaces, but thanks to its bright wood finish, it shall also look good in traditionally designed rooms.

Dresser drawer wall shelves

"Clopen" Floating Wall Shelf with Magnetically-Locked Secret Compartment (via Torafu Architects)

Floating display shelves

Invisible book shelves that serve for storage and display purposes. These hidden wall mounted book hangers are durable, but they require at least one hardcover book on the bottom. These stylizations look very nice in any design.

Wall mounted drawers

The "trim" on a floating wall shelf is actually a hidden drawer. Need this for all the stuff Scott piles on my bookshelf!

Floating shelf with drawer 6

Floating shelf with drawer

Floating shelf with drawer 2

A minimalistic approach to a simple yet efficient floating shelf with a drawer, made in a modern, contemporary style. The shelf only has a single drawer, but it is large enough to hold a few necessities.

Wall mounted shelf with drawer

An interesting though inconspicuous innovative wall-mounted floating shelf of metal finished in light brown shades. It contains a drawer with 4 size-varied partitions. It is opened with using 2 small peg-like magnetic pulls.

Package of 6 - 42" Wall-Mounted Styling Station (SHIPS FREE FROM SALONSMART!)

Package of 4 - 42" Wall-Mounted Styling Station (SHIPS FREE FROM SALONSMART!)

Wall mounted drawer

A nice, functional and decorative solution for additional storage space in the house. This wall-mounted shelf looks like a floating element. It features a durable wooden frame with plenty of storage compartments.