Stainless Steel Floating Shelves

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In the same idea as floating wood shelving, and more geared for the kitchen, we give you these new and innovative stainless steel shelves that seem to float like magic. Floating shelves are such an amazing concept, and the lack of need for brackets allows more shelves to be used in a smaller space. For your kitchen, maybe it's time for some floating stainless steel shelves.

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Updated 14/11/2022
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Slim Industrial Floating Steel Shelves

Slim Industrial Floating Steel Shelves

Wade Logan®

This set of two slim 3" tall by 8" deep by 24" long industrial minimalistic floating stainless steel kitchen shelves can store dishes, spices, utensils, or decor up to twenty pounds. The chrome finish fits into any kitchen scheme.

Designer Advice:

Purchasing floating steel shelves as a set is a great way to save money and ensure you get a matching aesthetic with all your shelving. A heavy-duty rack with a 20-pound weight capacity makes an excellent choice in compact kitchens without pantries and cabinets for storing heavy pantry staples, large ingredients, or dishes.

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Single Sleek Slated Steel Floating Shelf

Single Sleek Slated Steel Floating Shelf


This 18/10 2.4" tall, 9.5" deep, 26" wide stainless steel floating shelf has an open-slatted design that can hold seasonings, accessories, or utensils. In addition, the open grid can act as a rack for hanging towels and utensils.

Designer Advice:

Open-railed shelving makes a fantastic design and double function in minimalistic and industrial kitchens. The depth and width of the shelving give you plenty of storage room for larger items that won't fall into the cracks. And it also allows more light to shine through the open spots for a brighter room and easier viewing of the shelf's contents. 

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Understated Minimalistic, Smooth Silver Shelf

Understated Minimalistic, Smooth Silver Shelf

Ebern Designs

This slim minimalistic silver shelf has a 30-inch length with a one-inch raised lip and a 3.5" width that's ideal for storing spices and other lightweight kitchen items. The floating design mounts to any wall surface with little work.

Designer Advice:

When hanging floating metal shelves on the wall, consider the height and weight of the items you'll be storing. These answers can help you decide if the stand you buy has rails, a raised lip, or a lifted edge to keep things from falling off the shelf. 

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Contemporary Recessed Glass Shelf

Contemporary Recessed Glass Shelf


This 5" deep by 20" wide by 1.25" tall polished stainless steel floating shelf has a six-pound weight capacity. The recessed glass insert prevents items from falling off, while the transparency allows you to view everything.

Designer Advice:

You can find diverse styles of stainless steel floating shelves, from solid flat aluminum shelving to slatted open racks. But you can also buy frames with glass middles that give your space a more modern, luxurious feel. Be sure that you observe and abide by the shelf's weight capacity to prevent damage. 

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Heavy Duty Round Corner Shelf

Heavy Duty Round Corner Shelf

Frost Products

This 22-gauge stainless steel corner shelf has safety edges and a wall plate in a no. 4 brushed finish that fits into every kitchen scheme. The 24" wide, 5.5" deep floating stainless steel shelves have a 2-lb capacity.

$68.99 $74.99

Designer Advice:

You can choose these lightweight floating metal shelves with rounded corners for neutral decor that's more functional than stylish. The safety edges make them great for kitchens with lots of traffic or where there are additional risks of running into the sides. And the spacious rack gives you room for storing pantry staples and lightweight accessories.

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Stainless Steel Floating Shelves

Buying Guide

Every home needs a way to store and organize items. Some of the most overlooked spaces for storing items are vertical surfaces (e.g., walls). However, before you can store and organize items on such surfaces, you will need shelves. This article is going to provide you with a buying guide for a floating stainless-steel shelf so you'll have a better chance at finding the best one for you.

Most people assume that stainless steel is just one type of metal. In reality, stainless steel comes in many grades. Each grade has its own pros and cons. Below are a few of the most common ones used for shelving.

  • Grade 200 has the advantage of being very affordable. Hence, it's an excellent option if the budget is a little bit tight. On the downside, it's among the least corrosion resistant out of the stainless-steel family.
  • Grade 304 contains higher concentrations of nickel and chromium. It's the reason why it has a bright shine, which is something that you might want to make use of as a part of your decorations. On the downside, grade 304 is susceptible to corrosion if exposed to salt. Hence, it's not advisable for homes that are near the sea.
  • If you want something that is durable and corrosion-resistant, then grade 316 might be the right one for you. This is due to the addition of molybdenum. On the downside, this type of stainless steel can be expensive.
  • Grade 430 is also a good option if budget is a concern. It's relatively cheaper. Another unique property of this type of stainless steel is it's magnetic. The disadvantage of the grade 430 is it's less corrosion-resistant compared to most types of stainless steel.
  • For home use, grade 440 is the ultimate option in terms of durability and corrosion resistant. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Of course, the trade-off is always the cost. It's very expensive.

When it comes to shelf sizing, the concerns you should focus on are what you'll be placing on the shelves and the size of the room.

Consider the size of the items you'll be placing on the shelves. Make sure that the shelves can comfortably accommodate your items.

The space of the room will also affect the ideal size of the shelving. Too large a shelf in a small room will make the atmosphere feel more cramped. This part is a bit tricky. Finding the right shelf size is a matter of "feeling it out." Of course, if the room is intended for storage, the size of the shelf is not a big issue.

A shelf needs support. There are basically three types of shelf support. There's the L-shape, L-shape with brace, and suspension type. The L-shape offers the least support. On the other hand, the L-shape with a brace can support a lot of weight. Suspensions (shelves suspended by rope or metal chain) mainly depend on the strength of the material used to suspend the shelf.

Best Ideas

Danver Stainless Steel Floating Shelf

Danver Stainless Steel Floating Shelf

A very simple modern floating wall-mounted shelf having a rectangular body manufactured of durable glossy stainless steel. It has hidden wall mounts and is especially suitable for modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Floating stainless steel kitchen shelves

Floating Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves

Danver Stainless Steel Floating Shelf

Danver Stainless Steel Floating Shelf

A simple floating shelf made of stainless steel is a stylish addition to any contemporary interior. The classic form and high functionality make it possible to use it in many different ways in each interior.

Floating stainless steel shelf 1

Characterized by stainless steel construction, this floating shelf is durable, easy to clean, and perfect for modern or contemporary kitchens. It's wall-mounted, with a narrow elongated top for displaying and storing.

Envision® Aluminum Floating Wall Shelf

Envision® Aluminum Floating Wall Shelf

It is very simple, subdued and minimalist wall shelf. Ii is ideal for every modern, quiet interior. It is very practical and useful. It was made of aluminum. The ideal element for the living room or bedroom.

Stainless steel over range shelf

Stainless Steel Shelf + Basic Brackets for above the bar (display decorative objects, picture frames, bar accessories, etc) | West Elm

Stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen

I appreciate both the practical aspects of floating shelves and their sleek, contemporary look, and floating stainless steel shelves seem to do great in a kitchen. They look sleek, don't cost much and might be maintained clean with ease.

Architects kitchen in progress contemporary kitchen new york

Architects kitchen in progress contemporary kitchen new york

Floating stainless steel shelves of unparalleled quality and versatility - they look great in the corner of the kitchen, over the traditional cabinets. Their shine has a very contemporary dimension. They are composed of three items.

Wall mounted stainless steel shelving

Combining stainless steel with wood, this beautiful kitchen furniture is not only stylish, but also exquisitely solid, providing a stable storage spot for your herbs, spices, cookies and other culinary bits and pieces.

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use arrow keys to view more kitchens swipe photo to view more kitchens

Floating stainless steel shelves

@Jonathan Caron Construction, Inc. Seem like a good depth, and a good length. Also... more affordable than some of the others. And size options. Regency 16 Gauge Stainless Steel 36 inch x 12 inch Heavy Duty Solid Wall Shelf

Marble shelf branch brackets

Marble shelf branch brackets

Floating shelf for storing books, display decorations and more. It is made of high quality stainless steel and reinforced with wooden supports. Neutral and functional design for all kinds of interiors as needed.

Over the stove shelf

A great addition for modern and contemporary kitchens. This shelf unit is suspended from a ceiling, offering 3 open shelves - each crafted of natural finished wood and wrapped with a sheet of stainless steel.

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Kitchen stainless steel shelves


Shelf3 fulll jpg


Shelf above stove

Magnetic Shelf - Stainless Steel

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