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It is hard to find a home that doesn't have a flat screen TV. In these days of technological advances in home theater items, flat screen TVs, of large size, are becoming more affordable, and more commonplace. So, why not put your new flat screen on a flat screen TV shelf. They are sturdy, come in plenty of colors, and can support most flat screen TVs.

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Our Picks

Tv cabinet for wall mounted flat screen

A contemporary proposition for organizing one's living room wall space. This designer set comprises a TV stand with a bookcase in one. It enchants with its fresh, lightweight appeal.

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Studio apartment room dividers

Studio apartment room dividers

Thanks to this room divider you are getting a unique way of having one flat screen TV in two rooms. The divider is made in shape of blinds with a revolving wood panel, on which you can mount your TV and rotate it as you please.

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Modern wooden table with screen flat tv under wooden shelf

Modern Wooden Table With Screen Flat TV Under Wooden Shelf Hanging On ...

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Shelves above tv

If you want to create a smooth, contemporary living room decor, you shall definitely check out this flat set of floating shelves. Placed over the flat TV set, it creates a stylish way to display your vases, flowers and photos.

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Griffin Metal Wood Media Console

Griffin Metal Wood Media Console

It is a product that can be used in the play room or a living room. Its size (70" w x 15" d x 30" h) is perfect for holding a 55" flat screen TV. The product is made of reclaimed wood that features high solidity and durability.

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Dvd shelf wall mount

This interior design is an excellent way to enlarge the visual space. Practical hanging of cabinets and shelves allows for unusual arrangement and also facilitates organization. The whole is functional and tasteful.

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San francisco high rise 005 contemporary home office san francisco

San francisco high rise 005 contemporary home office san francisco

Cozy family room with subtle African accents, fulfilled mostly with animal prints, wooden drum-like side tables and wall art colours. The casual beige fabric padded sofa was beautified with printed throw cushions.

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Flat screen tv shelf 1

It's in fact amazing why no one had this idea before: a flat TV can be simply built in a wall in a decorous frame, similar to those of mirrors or pieces of art. Here the TV screen is incorporated to an MDF shelving.

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Floating shelf for tv components

Mount this TV cabinet on your wall in drawing room, and enjoy the modern look. This cabinet has a simple, rectangular shape, black color, two glass door and shelf in the middle.

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Ideas for mounting flat screen tv

An elegant shelving unit for spicing up modern living rooms, characterized by a wall-mount design and elegant appearance. The unit brings 5 open shelves that are made of clear glass and attached to the vertical piece of hardwood in a distressed mahogany finish.

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Flat Screen Tv Shelf

Buying Guide

If you're wondering if you can put your TV on a shelf, then the answer is most definitely. A floating wall shelf is a type of shelf where the fittings are unseen because they are hidden within the shelf board. There are no visible supporting packets, and it's all held in place by screws. The screws are inserted through the shelf's bottom. The hidden support is what separates it from other types of shelves.

Floating shelves are preferred over regular shelving systems because they are aesthetically appealing and create convenient storage space.

A single floating shelf is indeed enough to hold a TV, but aside from floating shelves, there are other types of shelves designed to hold a TV. However, it's important to ensure that the right size and type of shelf is used.

So ensure that you find this out and make sure that it is specifically designed to support a TV. The last thing you need is your TV falling.

The amount of weight a floating shelf can hold will depend on a number of factors such as the integrity and structure of the wall as well as the thickness of the shelves and the shelf brackets.

The best flat screen TV shelves are those that maximize the functionality of your TV, provide you with an adequate amount of storage (if needed), and match your interiors.

To find the right ones for you:

  • Measure the exact size of your TV to know how much room you’ve got to play with
  • Run an inventory of all the media accessories and items that you want to store next to it
  • Keep your décor in mind so that you can find a flat screen TV shelf in a matching finish and style

For example, some of the most popular options are traditional cabinets, floating shelves, and larger entertainment centers.

Each flat screen TV shelf has a specific weight limit, but it may hold as much as 120 lbs. This is more than enough weight for a flat-screen TV, a cable box, and accessories. Some hold around 70 lbs., which is still enough for basic accessories but might not support a complete set of speakers or gaming consoles.

Keep in mind that individual shelves may have their own weight limit as part of the overall total. Because flat screen TVs don’t weigh as much as you may think, a large shelf designed for the TV might have a lower weight limit than expected. Read manufacturer directions closely and weigh each component of your entertainment system if you doubt its ability to be used safely with the shelf.

Best Ideas

Wall shelf for flat screen tv

A conspicuous contemporary wall-mounted TV-rack crafted of solid wood with a natural finish. It has a thick rectangularish shelf with rounded corners supported by 4 profiled props (fixed to a back panel with a gently arched bottom edge) underneath.

Flat screen tv wall cabinet

The entertainment center is very important in any apartment. You can furnish it with this set, which includes a flat screen TV console table and simple shelves for the wall.

Floating shelves under flat screen

Being a smooth example of a classic living room decor, this white TV cabinet and library will add charm and elegance to any decor. Features well organized 8 tiers and space for a 52" flat screen TV.

Shelves for mounted flat screen

Simple and very functional flat screen tv shelf in frame style for the picture is a perfect way n original interior design. Beautiful and very stylish frame allows you to decorate your living room or entertainment room.

Floating shelves around flat screen tv

Give your home that modern flair with this high-quality TV shelf. Designed to provide excellent load-bearing capacity, the shelf should easily hold any large flat-screen TVs. It gives you a chance to mount the screen on the wall without having to drill holes on the concrete.

Shelves around tv

shelves around tv

15 outstanding flat screen tv stands wall units digital image

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Tv wall cabinets for flat screens

Novel idea for dilemma of TV.

Tv cabinet wall mounted flat screen

loving this.....you hardly notice the big screen with the other interesting pieces around and I love that table

Tv floor stand mount 1

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Flat screen tv setup ideas

With this dramatic display in black and white your interior will surely gain on visual appeal, while the back-to-basics color scheme is just the perfect option of displaying a lot of different shapes and patterns with freedom.

Corner wall unit designs

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Wall unit 3 4 side shelves of 11 5 x

Wall Unit #3: 4 side shelves of 11.5" x 30"; and 2 shelf supports of ...

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