Floor Stand For Flat Screen Tv

You want to keep your floor clean but that doesn't really work if you have a large TV stand taking up a tremendous amount of space. Instead. why don't we suggest you go with a floor stand that will support your flat screen TV. These are very well built and handsome, capable of going with any decor. See collection for more.

Best Products

TV Stand

TV Stand
It is a very interesting and extremely modern stand at the TV. It is designed for TVs suspended. It has a very original shape, which causes the rack is also a kind of decoration. The stand has a shelf on which you can set additional hardware.

Wind Rated Pedestal Swivel/Tilt Universal Floor Stand Mount for 32" - 65" Flat Panel Screens

Wind Rated Pedestal Swivel/Tilt Universal Floor Stand Mount for 32" - 65" Flat Panel Screens
Durable and functional floor stand mount designed to offer a solid and customizable, full swivel mount with sturdy frame and solid mount mechanism. Provides reliable way ot mount your TV, projection screen, etc.

Bentley Mounts Mobile Floor Stand Mount For 37 70 Screens

Bentley Mounts Mobile Floor Stand Mount For 37 70 Screens
Floor stand for 33 "to 50" TV. It is made of high quality materials and offers an additional shelf for DVD and other. Received the best recommendations from customers.

Automated Pop-Up Fixed Universal Floor Stand Mount for 31" - 61" Plasma/LCD

Automated Pop-Up Fixed Universal Floor Stand Mount for 31" - 61" Plasma/LCD
Simple and functional flat panel TV stand made of durable metal. Features adjustable frame, cable management system, unique telescopic lift mechanism fit for all flat TVs, and compact design enabling easy transportation and storage.

Arena Flat Panel Freestanding 40" - 60" Floor Stand Mount

Arena Flat Panel Freestanding 40" - 60" Floor Stand Mount
TV floor stand with useful cable management and swiveling top that enhances the accessiblity of the TV screen. With these handy features, the stand comprises a utilitarian alternative to wall mounting.

Willow TV Stand

Willow TV Stand
A piece of furniture created for use in a TV room or living room. It is a TV stand that offers a simple, functional construction. It has got a spacious top designed for large flat-screen TVs and three lower shelves for DVD players and other devices.

Below Fixed Floor Stand Mount for 60" Screens

Below Fixed Floor Stand Mount for 60" Screens
TV stand made of combining metal and glass. It can accommodate up to 60 "TV. It features 2 shelves for DVD, game console, CD's and more. Modern solution for the living room.

Our advice Buying Guide

Take your flat screen TV off your flooring and give your family the best viewing angle using a floor stand for flat screen TVs. There are units that will offer space for the storage of DVDs and other entertainment items aside from ensuring you get optimum security and support for your expensive television.

How to get the right size floor stand for a flat screen TV?

The perfect floor-standing TV stand for your space will depend on how large or heavy your TV is. Make sure that your TV stand is bigger than your TV as a small stand in relation to your TV's size will increase the chances of your TV set to get knocked over. Also, getting a TV stand that's bigger than your TV will allow you to add decorative touches.

What types of floor stands for flat screen TV are there?

Popular types of floor stands for flat screen TVs include corner TV stands, TV hutches, and entertainment centers.

  • An entertainment center will provide you with storage for items like cable boxes, Blu-ray players, and video game consoles. Its design will also allow you to connect cords from devices to your TV easily.
  • As for a corner TV stand, it is smaller, designed for triangular edges. It fits in any corner.
  • TV hutches, on the other hand, will offer an enclosed space dedicated solely to your TV so it doesn't become a room's main focal point.

Your room's size will play a role when determining which stand works best for you and your space. For small space dwellers, corner TV stands would prove to be the best options. Their style will free up a portion of your floor space. They also work better compared to traditional units in tricky floor plans.

What are floor TV stands typically made of?

Metal and wood are the common materials of choice for homeowners. A wooden TV floor stand will add a rustic and traditional style to a home. As for a metal TV floor stand, it works exceptionally well in a modern home. The types of wood that are used in constructing TV stands include maple, cherry, mahogany, and oak. The wide variety ensures you have choices that are guaranteed to look good and fit your budget. A metal TV stand, on the other hand, has either a chrome or powder finish to enhance its appearance.

What extra features to look for in flat screen TV stands?

Some TV stands have shelves, drawers, and glass doors. If those are features you want, then make sure there's enough space for devices that have to be near the TV. You may want a TV floor stand that can fit your entire media library. If so, then take your time when you're making a selection. Check for adjustable shelves as they'll be helpful in fitting different items of different sizes.

What color TV stand should you buy?

Myriads of TV floor stands are constructed out of wood, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are a ton of units with a brown finish. Brown is a great color choice as it can work well in various room styles and color schemes. Black is your other strong choice if your space has a contemporary style. It is a safe option if you'll be changing your décor frequently.


FMX2 Full Motion Mount for 37-inch to 80-inch TV

FMX2 Full Motion Mount for 37-inch to 80-inch TV
Holder TV dedicated for wall mounting. Robust construction is made of steel and can hold 37 "to 80" TV. It has a tilt mechanism provides the angle. Integrated system of cable management system, adjustable horizontal leveling.

Fixed Floor Stand Mount for 32" - 60" Flat Panel Screens

Fixed Floor Stand Mount for 32" - 60" Flat Panel Screens
Floor or wall mount designed for flat panel TV. Features sturdy steel frame in black and chrome finish, easy to assemble construction, and stylish looks, providing elegant way to reliably mount your TV.

Floor stand for flat screen tv

Durable, stable and suitable for modern homes, this floor stand for flat screen TV accommodates 32'' - 65'' screens. Includes a fancy shaped base with a dual pole design and a square top to properly mount your TV.

Mobile TV Stand for Floor, Dual Monitor Mount with 2 Brackets for 32" to 84"+ Flat-Screen Monitors, 50" to 90.5" Height-Adjustable Fixture with Locking Wheels, Includes Optional Shelf - Black

This mobile TV stand for floor brings the simplicity and solidity to any living zone. It is perfect for mounting dual monitor with two brackets. It features wheels for easy mobility.

Floor stand for flat screen tv 1

The tall and slim height-adjustable structure, solid base and sturdy base make this floor TV the perfect solution for modern interiors. Neutral styling allows the rack to fit into any interior design.

Medium flat panel floor stand

Medium Flat Panel Floor Stand

Pole tv stand

If you have big, slim-line TV set, this TV stand will be very useful in your living room. It is universal - it will be fit for 32-75 inch screens. It is made of metal and has glass finished, so it looks very stylish.

Tv floor stand mount

The modern TV table features an interesting futuristic form, the blue tempered glass is the base of the shelves that are attached to the metal black construction. This modern tv floor stand mount has a rectangular plan that spreads along.

Floor tv stand

This heavy-duty medium flat panel floor stand is the embodiment of chic and solidness. Its chromed finish corresponds well to contemporary, cool and clean decors. Stands on a stable, round pedestal base.

Tv on floor

A very smart idea for an unconventional floor TV stand, which is made of an easel. It's a cheap and original option that will look good in rooms with a rustic decor. The easel features wheels so you can move your TV set around your house!

Tv stand for floor fits monitors 37 60 height adjustable

TV Stand for Floor Fits Monitors 37"-60", Height Adjustable Bracket ...

Audio2000'S AST420Y Portable Flat Panel TV/Monitor Stand with Foldable Tripod Legs

A modern, foldable stand dedicated for flat TV not heavier than 33 lbs, mounted on tripod base with adjustable height - very portable and utilitarian with its lighweight construction and two microphone holders.

Enclosed tv cabinets for flat screens with doors

A creative way to secure your flat screen TV when not in used. This wood TV stand is bathed in a striking red finish, featuring a lift-up hinged lid with a place for mounting your flat screen, a capacious storage compartment and 1 bottom shelf.

TV Stand with Wheels for 32" to 47" HDTV Flat Monitor, Height Adjustable, Tilting (Silver Steel)

This sensational stand for the TV is the perfect solution for modern interiors. Great ease on a daily basis, you can easily fit into any decor, and at the same practical wheels make it easy to place the screen in a favorite position.

Tv floor stand mount 1

Contemporary floor stand for flat TV, fitting for flat panel TV no smaller than 32 and no bigger than 55 inches. Triangular smoked glass shelf provides some space to place TV component on it. Round base is well-balanced.

Home vogels floor stand for flat screen tv with remote

HOME > Vogels Floor Stand for Flat Screen TV with Remote Control ...

Floor stand for flat screen tv

A simple stylish floor stand intended for flat screen TV-sets. Its metal frame has a black finish. It's built of a wide round foot of black tempered glass and a straight round-section post with an adjustable TV bracket.