Flat Screen Tv Stands With Mounts That Swivel

Ever want to watch TV but the angle just doesn't work where you're sitting? You can get up and move it, or you can simply swivel the screen on your flat screen TV stand with a mount that swivels. With two fingers you can change the angle of your TV, then easily put it back when you're done. And these accommodate many sizes of flat screen TVs. And don't forget the solid steel construction.

Best Products

TV Stand

TV Stand
It is a very interesting and extremely modern stand at the TV. It is designed for TVs suspended. It has a very original shape, which causes the rack is also a kind of decoration. The stand has a shelf on which you can set additional hardware.

Arena Flat Panel - Cabinet Mount

Arena Flat Panel - Cabinet Mount
Ingenious swivel pole-mounted panel for TV sets designed to attache to a back of some types of media cabinets. Made of metal finished in black. It has adjustable height and cable management system within a column.

Adjustable TV Monitor Ceiling Mount for 41"- 46" Screens

Adjustable TV Monitor Ceiling Mount for 41"- 46" Screens
If you want to watch the game on a big screen, but don’t have enough space, try hanging it from the ceiling with this swivel ceiling mount. The solid black mount won’t stick out, drawing the focus to your flat-screen TV, and it comes with everything you need to install it. It’s suitable for TVs ranging from 23” - 42” and up to 66 lbs.

Quad LCD Monitor Freestanding Tilt and Swivel Desktop Mount for 24" LCD Screen

Quad LCD Monitor Freestanding Tilt and Swivel Desktop Mount for 24" LCD Screen
Ergonomics and usability combine in this swivel LCD monitor mount. Its easily adjustable arms mean that you can set your monitor to the perfect angle for your neck, decreasing muscle tension after a long day at work. This black steel frame complements your monitor nicely and is easy to install.

Articulating Arm/Tilt/Swivel Wall Mount for 10" - 22" LCD/plasma

Articulating Arm/Tilt/Swivel Wall Mount for 10" - 22" LCD/plasma
For people who dislike clutter, this wall mount eliminates the need for a TV stand. This mount’s innovative design allows you to store your 10”-22” TV flat against the wall and swivels 45° left or right for the perfect viewing angle. The built-in adapter plate is VESA 100 and 200 compatible, and the sleek profile hides any wiring.

Cypert 3 Way Adjustable Tilting/Swivel/Articulating Arm Desk Mount for 13" - 30" LCD/LED

Cypert 3 Way Adjustable Tilting/Swivel/Articulating Arm Desk Mount for 13" - 30" LCD/LED
This computer monitor mount clips conveniently to the edge of your desk, giving you more workspace. Whether you want to cover your desk in plants or papers, this unobtrusive black swivel stand will free up precious desk space. For those who need a closer look at their screen, this also gives you the freedom to pull the monitor closer when needed.

Adjustable Height Swingout Extending Arm / Tilt / Swivel Desktop Mount for up to 63" Flat Panel Screens

Adjustable Height Swingout Extending Arm / Tilt / Swivel Desktop Mount for up to 63" Flat Panel Screens
This amazing adjustable height swing out extending arm is perfect for a flat panel screen up to 63", becoming stunningly functional. And since the piece sports a white finish it doesn't overwhelm the interior style.

Our advice Buying Guide

TV stands, the protean wingmen that rarely receive the credit or the attention they deserve. They are mere aesthetic parking places for your TV after all, aren’t they? Wrong. TV stands are a lot more than a surface to perch your swanky flatscreen TV.

When done right, they give you a universal viewing angle from any nook in the room without having to crane your neck, give you ample space to organize and store your gear, remotes and other drib drabs and keep the clutter in check (read cables), without looking like an eyesore.

Whew! No wonder then that it’s a tall order to get the right one. Today, we talk about TV stands with swivel mounts and help you pick one that’s right up your alley.

What types of flat screen TV stands are there?

Flat Screen TV stands have evolved. They are no longer limited to space hogging media centers with tons of drawers and shelves. Minimalistic, barely-there designs with a swivel mount and a floating glass ledge have become extremely popular.

There are universal brackets as well that allow you to mount your TV to just about any desk or table at home. The TV orientation can be flipped from portrait to landscape. And it can be rotated 360 degrees.

You also have the option to buy just the swivel mount and do away with the stand entirely. It can be a surface mount or a wall mounted one. The swivel and tilt function allows you to adjust the viewing angle. The only possible niggle is that cables will dangle freely as these stands do not have integrated cable management.

Corner TV stands fit neatly into a smaller area allowing you to maximize space utility. When clubbed with a swivel mount, they allow you to place the TV in any corner without it affecting the viewing angle.

What features to look for in a flat screen TV stand?

The type of stand that you pick should be in sync with your entertainment needs.

Are you a gamer? Then you need a clear-glass front to allow the IR functions to work seamlessly. Multiple storage drawers maybe, to keep your accessories and games safely tucked away. Ensure that the stand has an open back or a ventilated one to allow airflow.

Are you design finicky? You are in luck. There are thousands of eye-pleasing designs that range from old-school, vintage, contemporary to futuristic. Wood will be your best bet. It’s classy and can be customized to suit your tastes. Glass is a more contemporary choice.

So is metal. Adds some bling to your living room.

How to select the right swivel mount?

Last but not least, ensure that the swivel mount is compatible with your flatscreen TV size and weight. Check the load capacity and the size of the bracket. In a bigger room, a swivel mount with a pull-out articulating arm will allow you greater coverage.


Flat Panel TV Stand

Flat Panel TV Stand
Very stable and durable TV stand with panel to safely mount TV. There are four wheels on the bottom which helps to replace TV and provides stability, they can also be blocked to prevent stand from moving.

Swivel Desktop Mount for Flat Panel Screens

Swivel Desktop Mount for Flat Panel Screens
Desktop swivel-mounted on the wall. Compatible with 15 " up to 32". Easy to connect / disconnect with no tools necessary. Smooth swivel up to 45 degrees in both directions. It saves space in any interior.

Level Mount Hotel Swivel Tilt Floor Stand Mount For 10 40 Flat Panel Screens

Level Mount Hotel Swivel Tilt Floor Stand Mount For 10 40 Flat Panel Screens
If you are looking for a way that will make it possible for you to install your TV easily and with utmost safety in mind then this floor-stand with tild and swivel functions will do the trick instantly.

Tilt Universal Floor Stand Mount for 30" - 55" Flat Panel Screens

Tilt Universal Floor Stand Mount for 30" - 55" Flat Panel Screens
Universal TV stand for flat panel screen. Designed for floor. May maintain between 30 "to 55" TV's. Stable construction made of metal.

Articulating/Tilt/Swivel Wall Mount for 17" - 37" Flat Panel Screens

Articulating/Tilt/Swivel Wall Mount for 17" - 37" Flat Panel Screens
Swivel handgrip compatible TV 17 "to 37". It is made of metal for durability and stability. Easy to mount on the wall. Designed for LCD and Plasma LED. Made in China.

TV Stand

TV Stand
Thanks to use metal and glass this TV stand has a very contemporary look and will match perfectly modern interiors. It has two shelves to storage media or some small items. It is perfect for almost every kind of plasma TV.

Flat Panel TV Stand

Flat Panel TV Stand
Very practical TV stand with wheels under the base which helps to move your TV wherever you need to. It features counterweight which prevents from falling down the TV or from no stability. It features lifetime warranty.

Level Mount Hotel Swivel Tilt Floor Stand Mount For 10 40 Flat Panel Screens

Level Mount Hotel Swivel Tilt Floor Stand Mount For 10 40 Flat Panel Screens
Black (matte finish) wall mount dedicated for flat screens. It is characterized by fine accessibility thanks to swivel and tilting option, utility - with its cord management system - as well as satisfying robustness due to high quality materials used.

TV Stand

TV Stand
This is made from a combination of metal and tempered glass table under the tv is the perfect solution for your living room. Contemporary design and broad functionality checked on a daily basis. Shelves accommodate audio visual equipment and other trinkets.

Flat screen tv stands with mounts that swivel 4

This flat screen TV stand with swivelling mounts will be an ideal solution for your living room, especially if you are dealing with smaller spaces and cherish functionality more than others.

VonHaus Single LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Bracket for 15"-27" with ±15° Tilt, 360° Rotation, Pull-Out Swivel Arm, Max VESA 100x100

Heavy duty flat screen desk stand, with 360 degree rotation, clamping the monitor in place securely. It flips from landscape to portait orientation effortlessly. The bracket makes it mountable to a desk up to 10 cm thick.

Flat screen tv stands with mounts that swivel

This modern and highly impressive TV stand is an excellent combination of solid steel construction, tempered glass elements, and an unusual form. The whole is durable and robust, and by the way, introduces a contemporary atmosphere to the decor.

Tv stand with swivel mount

With a mounted swivel mechanism, this BellO TV stand for a flat panel TV set constitutes a proposition for modern living rooms or entertainment rooms. It combines a contemporary design with functionality.

Swivel Tv Mount up to 55" Flat Screen Tv. A Black Entertainment Center with 3 Tempered Glass Shelves for Your Home Entertainment System. This Tv Stand for Flat Screens Has Wire Management and Flat Screen Tv Mount Holds up to 130 Lb Lcd/led/plasma Tv.

Tv utopia at the ces

TV Utopia at the CES

Rotating tv stand

A practical addition to basically any room in the house. This flat screen TV stands has a swivel base, therefore enabling you to smoothly adjust the TV position to your current needs.

Flat screen tv stands with mounts that swivel 3

This mysterious mechanism allows you to mount flat screen TVs on tables or desks. Giving them the opportunity to be a fashionable freelance entertainer. The angle of rotation is 45 degrees, tv stand has a telescope adjustment and a black color.

Wall mounted tv cabinets for flat screens

wall mounted tv cabinets for flat screens

Rotating television stand with glass cabinet

Rotating Television Stand with glass cabinet

Tv lift cabinet crystal pointe 360 swivel lift for 32

TV Lift Cabinet Crystal Pointe 360 Swivel Lift for 32-46 inch Screens ...

Avista Milano Plus TV Stand

Add some uniqueness to your living room with this amazing TV stand with the extremely modern design. It supports a TV up to 55-inches or 110-pound in weight and with the black glass top and glass shelves, it gives you a beautiful and stylish compliment to your home.

Big screen tv stands bush tv stands contemporary tv stands

big screen tv stands bush tv stands contemporary tv stands swivel tv ...

Table top tv stands and tv swivel for your lcd

Table Top TV Stands and TV Swivel for your LCD TV or Flat Screen TV

Tv stands with flat panel mounts 6

Actually - you do not have to buy a chest full of drawers to support your flat TV - there is another solution. This solution can be a metal tv stand with flat panel mounts, resembling the microphone handle, with spaced tripod legs.

360 glass swivel tv stand with mount

360 Glass Swivel TV Stand with Mount

Tv swivel stand flat panel tv desktop mounts_03 mssub_325h


Pbs 108 swivel flat panel tv led lcd plasma glass

... PBS-108-Swivel-Flat-Panel-TV-LED-LCD-Plasma-Glass-Cantilever-TV-Stand

Tv stands with flat panel mounts

Stunning and modern TV stand featuring a beautiful wooden base and a strong chrome finished metallic TV rack. The stand is finished in a distressed chalkboard like shade and touched up with elements of dark brown and white along its edges for outstanding color balance.

Swivel LCD / Plasma Flat Panel TV Stand with Bracket

Modern TV panel comprised of wide top, two additional shelves on bottom and high detachable bracket stand for mounting a TV. It requires no assembly to safe time. Warm medium walnut finish matches sleek, casual design.

Tv swivel shelves

TV Swivel Shelves

Tv stands with flat panel mounts 6

Freestanding TV mounting system - suitable to be incorporated into a media center; alternatively, it can stand alone. The stand provides cable management, it swivels and pivots, allowing to obtain perfect perspective.

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for most 22"-55" LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen - up to 88 lb VESA 400x400 mm with Full Motion Swivel Articulating Arm, 20 in Extension, for Monitor (Black) WP5

It is a VideoSecu TV wall mount, which fits perfectly for most of the LED, LCD, Plasma flat screens from 22 inches to 55 inches. It is made of heavy guage steel which can supports screens to 88 Ibs.

Tv wall mount ideas modern wall mount tv stand photo

Tv Wall Mount Ideas, Modern wall mount TV stand photo 4

Mount-It! Articulating Dual Arm Computer Monitor Desk Mount for 27-Inch Monitors (MI-752)

Functional monitor riser featuring double arms mounted on a vertical pole. Their height may be easily adjusted. Thanks to ingenious construction, the monitor affixed to the stand may be tilted and swiveled.

VideoSecu LCD Monitor TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Bracket for most 12"-24", some up to 27" with VESA 100/75mm LED Flat Panel Screen TV ML10B 1E9

This sensational handle to a TV or another appliance can put it in any part of the wall. Folding arm lets you set the optimal equipment in a comfortable position for comfort and convenience.

Premier Mounts PSD-TTS/B Universal Tabletop Stand (Black base)

A high quality tabletop stand that has got an universal character and it matches different types and sizes of plasma and LCD displays. It has got an adjustable height and an attractive black color. The size of this stand is 37.8 x 17.2 x 4.5 inches.

Popscreen video search bookmarking and discovery engine 19

PopScreen - Video Search, Bookmarking and Discovery Engine

Tv stands with flat panel mounts

If you’re looking for a simple way to hold up your TV, take a look at this handy, very modern foldable tripod TV stand, great if you don’t have the place for a whole entertainment unit or a bulky cabinet.

VideoSecu Computer Monitor TV Wall Mount Bracket for most 15" to 27" LCD LED TV and Flat Panel Screen Display VESA100/75 ML40B B05

Sonax PM-2230 Motion Wall Mount Stand for 32-Inch to 90-Inch TV

If you don't want to place your TV on a regular stand, then, you may want to check this motion wall-mount stand for flat screens. It moves and swivels at different angles, allowing you to adjust TV's position according to your needs.

Altra galaxy tv stand with mount for tvs up to

Altra Galaxy TV Stand with Mount for TVs Up to 50" | ...

Tv stand tall

50 52 55 65Inch Flat Panel Screen TV Stand w Mount Black Plasma or LCD ...

Multi function flat screen tv swivel stand colorful images

Multi-Function Flat-Screen TV Swivel Stand | Colorful Images