Lcd Tv Floor Stand

For your LCD TV, have you considered a sturdy and attractive, as well as functional, floor stand. Showcase your favorite past time on one of these handy and useful floor stands, complete with plenty of shelving to house all your components. Your next LCD TV floor stand is waiting for your to select it from the many options in this collection.

Best Products

Swivel Floor Stand Mount for LCD

Swivel Floor Stand Mount for LCD
This Set of 2 Swivel Floor Stands for LCD can be used in various places, such as living rooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, or broadcast studios. Design is very sleek and functional, providing a sturdy, tubular frame that firmly holds the equipment in place.

LCD Floor TV Stand

LCD Floor TV Stand
This amazing and modern TV stand is gonna bring you a perfectly comfortable way of using your TV. Check it out now and enjoy the highest functionality and an awesome design brought straightly to your living room.

Single Desktop Tilt Floor Stand Mount for 13" - 34" Screens

Single Desktop Tilt Floor Stand Mount for 13" - 34" Screens
Solid TV stand made of durable metal in epoxy powder coat finish. Features tilt and screen leveling mechanism, rotation option, and vertical adjustment system for maximum customization and stable support.

Broadway black plasma lcd tv console

Broadway black plasma lcd tv console
Good choice for plasma TVs. This media console holds the weight up to 150 lbs. It has got a space for a TV and other kinds of equipment. All four storage shelves feature ventilation and cable openings.

Manhattan comfort bryant park tv stand for lcd tv

Manhattan comfort bryant park tv stand for lcd tv
Lcd tv floor stand-robust look and sophisticated wood finish-provides beauty and functionality.Comfortable shelves,two compartments and cubic drawers offer space for DVDs, etc. The TV stand is wheel-based. .You can improve it with a wall wooden panel.

Tv pole mount floor stand

Stylish LCD tv floor stand is a modern and exceptionally attractive solution for any contemporary interior. The slim design on the pedestal leg impresses with the details and beautifully looks extremely impressive.

Lcd hanging stand

Modern, even futuristic LCD TV stand. The interesting shape is perfect for masculine interiors like the gym. Don’t worry, despite its look, it’s very stable and trustworthy. Red colour makes it an excellent accent piece.

Our advice Buying Guide

Not everybody wants to put their new TV on a traditional TV case, and mounting it on the wall can be useful but not necessarily suitable for everyone. In many cases, an LCD TV floor stand is considered and soon becomes the number one choice in terms of where to put your TV. When you’ve spent a lot of money on a brand new modern TV, it’s difficult not to continue and buy something nice and stylish on which to store it. Here are some things you should think about before you spend any money on storage for your TV.

How big does an LCD TV floor stand need to be?

This is something which is specific to your TV, so it’s important to first think about the size of your TV or the size of the TV that you intend to buy in the future. Once you have this information, you will be able to shop around for the correct size of furniture. As well as considering the top stand piece which will be used to position your TV, you should also think about the height of the stand.

  • Choosing the correct height: This will very often come down to personal preference. If you like the wall mounted effect for TVs, you should choose a higher TV floor stand. Wall mounted TVs are often situated at a height of 5-6 feet, so choosing a stand which is roughly four feet in height will help you to achieve this effect without having to put the TV on the wall. Higher stands tend to work well for long rooms where people will be sitting further away from the TV than usual. Sit on your sofa and decide what the ideal height of your TV would be. Measure this height to give yourself a reference point when shopping around for your stand.
  • Choosing the correct width: This is simple and is governed by the size of your TV. LCD TV floor stands will indicate the size and also which size of TV they are suitable for. This is normally identified with the weight of your TV is mind as well, so you don’t have to worry about the TV being too heavy (unless you have a particularly heavy TV).

What storage options come with LCD TV floor stands?

Since the stand and your TV will be taking up space in the living room or bedroom, it’s useful to think about whether you want to get some storage or other useful features. This doesn’t have to be anything dramatic – you can choose a TV stand which has a couple of shelves on the stand. Even just one small shelf underneath the TV shelf to house games consoles or other equipment can be more useful than you may initially anticipate.

What are the most popular finishes for an LCD TV stand?

Consider your TV when you think about the color of the floor stand you want to buy. Since most TVs are black, it is normally fairly easy to decide on a color since nothing clashes too badly. Among the most common effects are finished wood and glossy black or white.


Flat screen floor stand

A simple yet beautiful and elegant TV floor stand, excellent for accentuating your modern home decor. Designed by Italian craftsmen, the stand is made of durable metal and bathed in white, holding flat screen TVs up to 52''.

Lcd tv floor stand

The solid basis of the LCD tv floor stand makes your display very modern and stylish. The slender pedestal base is durable and very elegant, making it ideal for modern interiors. The whole in black enchants.

Stand motorised table stand aluminium motorised floor stand aluminium

... stand motorised table stand aluminium motorised floor stand aluminium

Lcd tv floor stand

TV stand made of metal and fitted with wheels for easy movement. It can accommodate 32" to 47" TV. It is fitted with tilt and height adjustment function. Modern design for each room.

Elio tv stand will support lcd and led tv up

Elio tv stand will support lcd and led tv , up to 55". Available both in white gloss or black gloss color. Features a clean cut and cool design

Tv pedestal and tv floor stand for your lcd tv

TV Pedestal and TV Floor Stand for your LCD TV or Flat Panel TV

Floor stand ideal for led lcd tv and flat screens

Floor stand ideal for led lcd tv and flat screens. It's suitable for home use and also for public areas, offices, restaurants and hotel rooms.

Lcd floor stand is a freestanding support that turns your

LCD Floor Stand is a freestanding support that turns your advanced LCD ...

TV Stand for Floor with VESA Compatible Bracket for 31" to 60" Flat Screen Monitors, 75-inch-tall TV Mount with Optional Wheels, Aluminum (Silver)

Some apartments just do not have enough space to accommodate a huge TV on the wall – or maybe you just need something subtle for the bedroom? Whatever the reason, we're sure that a TV stand for the floor is a great alternative to the traditional TV stand!

Lcd tv floor stand 8

Xelo LCD TV Stand by Paxon in silver color

Home plasma lcd tv floor stand black

Home / Plasma / LCD / TV Floor Stand - Black

Lcd tv floor stand 5

Duronic TVS213BS - 3 Shelf model - Glass Floor 30"-50" TV Stand and Swivel Bracket. Suitable for LCD, Plasma, Led, 3D TV's 32" 37" 40" 42" 46" 50" by Duronic,

Lcd tv floor stand 2

Plama Floor TV Trolley STT-302... Able to mount most of the 29” – 40” LCD/ Plasma TV; Elegant appearance and Audio Video Connectivity Phase plate; Comes with an optional equipment tray.

Lcd tv floor stand 1

32 inches Floor-Standing Digital Signage LCD Advertising Player

Lcd tv floor stand

Coming soon. Elio is an innovative floor stand, designed to hold plasma/LCD screens up to 52 " PAXTON :: Pure Italian Design :: Gallery #marilyn

Glass LCD TV Stand for a 26 to 60 inch Monitor with a Height-Adjustable Shelf - Black

Tv floor mount

Modern TV floor mount with an aluminum frame and a chrome, shiny finish. The mount has a handy glass shelf underneath the place where the TV is supposed to be placed for appliances or DVD storage.

Tv stand room divider

From now on your modern room is going to sparkle with aesthetic and sophistication. This floor stand for flat screen TVs boasts of neat wood construction with 3 floating shelves bathed in an oak finish.

Tv stand for lcd

EFF 8330 LED/LCD/Plasma Floor stand MOTION

Lcd stand

The end of the protruding cables, gathering dust on the TV screen frame. Wall mounted platform is perfect lcd tv stand. A simple, modern white panel, which houses a flat screen, saves space and adds neatness to the interior.

Peerless  SGLB01 Universal Floor Stand with Clear Glass Shelf for 32-inch-50-inch Displays  - Black

Aesthetic modern floor stand with a frame made of black-coated steel. It has a regulated rack for up to 50-inch displays. It featuers triangle-shaped both a base and a clear glass shelf with rounded corners.

TV Stand

TV Stand

Adjustable a v surround lcd tv floor stand with 40kg

Adjustable A/V Surround LCD TV Floor Stand with 40kg Load Capacity

Floor stand lcd tv

Floor Stand LCD TV

Samsung tv floor stand

LCD Plasma TV Trolley Cart Floor Stand with locking wheels for 32 37 40 42 46 50

Glass TV Stand with Shelf for a 17 to 60 Inch Plasma Television - Green-Tinted

Lcd tv floor stand

Boasting of functionality and modern solutions, this TV floor stand is made of quality materials, accommodating flat screens from 32'' up to 60''. The stand is height-adjustable, provides 8 preset positions, and rolls on locking caster wheels for easy motion.

Flat Panel Confidence Monitor Cart (42-71" Displays)

Lcd tv floor stand

Dual LCD TV Floor Stand with Chrome Poles - for 24" to 61" Displays

Tilt Universal Floor Stand Mount for 37" - 63" LED / Plasma / LCD

32 to 60 Inch Flat Screen LCD or LED TV Floor Stand/Mount with Rotating Mount

Lcd tv floor stand 9

living room with tvBeautiful White Living Room Using The LCD TV As Entertainment jags OBKx00ZP

Lcd floor stand

Mount on your wall the wall mounted shelves for your all CD and DVD collection. They have got the simple, clean lines, modern design and white color, which works perfectly with any style and decor.

Lcd tv floor stand 1

TV mounts for walls, ceilings, and floor-standing at

Lcd with stand

Boasting of its professional design and functional construction, this TV stand rolls on caster wheels for easy mobility. The stand is height adjustable and crafted of durable metal, featuring 1 open shelf and holes for cable management. Accommodates 32 - 42'' TVs.

Stand lcd

An aesthetic modern TV stand manufactured of durable thick black tempered glass. It has an ovalish body with a full straight leg on one side and a support in the form of a roundish open cabinet with 2 shelves on an opposite side.

Samsung tv floor stand with shelf

A fantastic choice for spicing up contemporary living rooms. This floating TV stand comes with a wall-mounted design and sturdy wood construction, also offering 3 handy compartments - each secured by a lift-up door with metal pull.

Lcd tv floor stand 10

FS940 LED/LCD TV Trolley Floor Stand w/ Mounting Bracket Glass Shelf

TV Stands for Floor with Tilting Bracket for 23" to 30" Flat Screen Monitors, 51-inch-tall Monitor Mount with Optional Wheels, Aluminum (Silver)

Lcd tv floor stand 6

An Artistic Home Design For Your Inspiration Based On The Model In Denver : Stylish Home Design Brown Sofa Armchair Cushion Black Coffee Table Carpet Fur Rug Standing Lighting Ceiling Lamp Wooden Floating Mounted Wall Lcd Tv Laminate Floor

Lcd tv floor stand 7

Samsung launches massive 75-inch ES9000 LED TV alongside Space Shuttle Enterprise

Velaro TV Stand

Velaro TV Stand

Leick Riley Holliday Mission Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Oak

A TV stand designed for corner placement, so it doesn't take too much free room space. It is ideal for use with flat screen TVs and it has got storage compartments behind doors. This stand also offers areas for DVD players and other devices behind glass doors.