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Corner TV stands are designed to offer a stylish entertainment center in your living without taking too much floor space. These stands are neatly tucked in one corner of the room and they can become the perfect anchor or focal point to build up your décor scheme. Corner TV stands are available in a massive variety of styles too. And they are not just designed to host your TV. You also get extra storage for your entire entertainment ensemble. Whether you are looking for minimalists designs or something a little bit more sophisticated, there is always a product for you out there.

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Our Picks

Tieton Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 50" with Electric Fireplace Included

Tieton Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 50" with Electric Fireplace Included

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Tacoma Solid Wood Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 55 inches

Tacoma Solid Wood Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 55 inches

Looking for a corner TV stand that will help you maximize your living room space without compromising style and function? Well, this elegant corner TV stand that can hold TVs of up to 55” is a perfect choice. It is made from the best New Zealand pine wood and blends perfectly with any rustic or country furniture style. It comes with an open cubby that gives you plenty of room for your soundbar, gaming system, cable box and much more.

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Shanks Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 55" with Fireplace Included

Shanks Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 55" with Fireplace Included

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Macdonald Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches

Macdonald Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches

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Best Corner Tv Stands

Buying Guide

For homes with limited space, compact furniture is essential to keep rooms uncluttered and well-organized. One of the best pieces of furniture to invest in is a corner TV stand to enhance your viewing experience. To help you find the perfect compact storage solution for your TV, here is our complete guide to choosing a corner TV stand.

The size of your corner TV stand should be proportionate to the room in which it is located and not overwhelm the rest of the furniture in the space. It should also encourage a relaxed and comfortable viewing experience. Follow these steps to find the best size corner TV stand for your home.

  • Measure Your TV

Your TV stand should have an inch or two either side of the width of your TV to prevent the edges from brushing the walls.

For flat-screen TVs, measure the diagonal width of the TV from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner. Take that measurement and add two inches to find the minimum width of your corner TV stand.

If you have an older model TV, you may also need to measure the depth of the TV to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Find a Location

The location of your corner TV stand can impact your viewing experience and limit the versatility of the piece. The stand should be placed in a corner with approximately one foot of clearance between the edge of the stand and the window to prevent the natural light from causing glare on the TV.

The stand should also be in a location that is central to your seating area to prevent straining your neck while watching the TV.

Measure the dimensions of your location to ensure your new corner TV stand fits snuggly without scratching the surrounding walls.

  • Measure Your Sitting Height

To find the right height of your TV stand, measure the sitting height of your sofa. This is the vertical distance between the floor and your eyes.

For the best and most comfortable viewing experience, your eyes should line up with the lower half of the TV screen. The shelf of the stand that holds your TV should sit no lower than 12" below than your sitting height.

Corner TV standsare constructed from a range of materials, each offering different benefits according to your style and functional needs. Some of the most popular materials used for corner TV stands include:

  • Solid Wood

Solid wood corner TV stands offer the perfect combination of durability and style. They are long-lasting, well-built pieces, and the natural wood grain finish adds opulence to any room.

Choose hardwoods such as oak, maple, and mahogany in finishes that complement the style of your living area. A maple tapered leg stand with sliding cabinet doors is ideal for a mid-century modern living room, while a TV stand in rich mahogany is the perfect choice for a traditional home.

Solid wood furniture needs regular care to maintain its appearance and prolong the life of the piece.

  • MDF

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood-based product and is an affordable alternative to solid wood. It also comes in a wide variety of finishes to match your décor. MDF is also easier to clean and maintain with a scratch and water-resistant surface.

Due to the versatility of styles available, MDF corner TV stands can coordinate with almost any living room style. Choose a low line MDF TV stand in a distressed whitewash finish for a coastal style room. Or a sleek, black high gloss stand for an interesting textural addition to a modern urban entertainment area.

  • Metal

Metal stands are another durable option and give your living area a modern industrial look. Ensure the frame is constructed from high-strength metals such as steel to support the weight of the TV and feature a powder coating to protect against corrosion.

A combination of a metal frame with a tempered glass top is an excellent option for a Scandi or minimalist home as the clean lines and open shelving allows for an airy feel to your living area.

Aside from space to hold your TV, a corner stand can perform several other functions depending on the features of the piece. When shopping for corner TV stands, look for features such as:

  • Media Storage

Combining your TV stand with your multimedia storage keeps all your entertainment items in a single accessible place. Look for cabinets and shelves that are adjustable to fit a range of DVDs, CDs, and games. Some TV stands feature individual slots for disc cases to locate and retrieve your favorite movies and music more easily.

  • Cable Management

Cables from your TV and digital players spilling over your stand look messy and can ruin the aesthetic of your living space. Corner TV standswith a cable management system use strategically placed channels to hide cords and wires from sight and streamline your entertainment area.

  • Shelving

Shelving and additional storage is a must-have feature for your TV stand. Not only does shelving allow you to store items that would otherwise clutter your home, but they also allow you to accessorize your living room with accent pieces and greenery to elevate the style of the space.

Shelving can be enclosed or open. Open shelving gives the stand a more contemporary look and is the perfect choice for farmhouse, shabby chic, and transitional homes which use shelves to display heirlooms, photographs, books, and plants.

The main benefit of closed shelving is that it protects your belongings from dust and damage, while also allowing you to hide away less aesthetically pleasing items. The streamlined silhouette of a corner TV stand with closed shelves is ideal for modern, minimal, and Scandi style homes.

While there is a variety of TV stands available, the three most popular options are:

  • Armoire

A corner TV armoire is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can enclose the TV behind cabinet doors to preserve the flow and style of the room. This makes them the perfect choice for a bedroom, guest room, or sitting area.

Armoires typically offer more storage than other styles of TV stand. However, the height and scale of the piece make them unsuitable for small dens or apartments. The grand look of an armoire is ideally suited to transitional, traditional, and country style homes.

  • Low Line Stand

The most popular style of corner TV stand is the low line unit as it positions the TV at the perfect viewing height. The streamlined modern design usually features shelving underneath the TV support surface and coordinates well with minimal, urban, and industrial style dens and is also perfect for a playroom, recreation room, or man cave.

  • Cabinet

Cabinet corner TV stands combine the best features of an armoire and low line to give you a versatile piece that works in any room in your home. They are slightly taller than a low line stand and usually feature closed storage underneath. The design of the TV stand you choose will depend on the rest of your décor. French country is elegant and subdued, whereas high gloss lacquered mid-century modern adds an authentic vintage design quirk to your living space.

  • Take accurate measurements of your TV, sitting height, and the location of your TV stand to find the right size corner stand for your room.

  • Different materials used for corner TV standsoffer varying benefits regarding style and durability. Choose from wood, MDF, or metal to blend with the aesthetics of your living area.

  • Buy a corner TV stand that features ample storage for multimedia items, shelving for displaying accent pieces, and cable management to eliminate cluttered cords from your room.

  • Armoire TV stands are perfect for hiding your TV when not in use and are most suitable for classically styled homes. Low line TV stands are a popular, modern style that allows for a perfect viewing height. Cabinet TV stands combine the best features of the two making them the most versatile.