Modern Tv Stands For Flat Screens

Take your TV stand ideas up a notch with these futuristic, contemporary TV stands for flat screens. Made of solid, sturdy parts and designed to hold most TVs to a certain size, these are very stylish and will go well in a more modern decorating scheme. If you think your home decor ideas apply to this, take a look at the collection and pick one for yourself.

Best Products

Lincoln TV Stand

Lincoln TV Stand
It is very simple, original and very interesting TV stand. In addition to the TV spot also it has a special place that allows you to store various additional audio visual equipment. The whole looks good and well presented.

TV Stand

TV Stand
If you are looking for interesting solutions to the guest room or living room, this stylish shelf TV stand is the perfect solution for you. Practical cupboards and shelves make it easy to store different items and audio and video equipment.

TV Stand

TV Stand
It is a TV stand that is perfect for small spaces in your living room area. You can choose one of four colors: dark brown/black, beech/white, black/grey and light cherry/black. You need to have it.

Modern tv stands for flat screens

This oval, snowy white tv stand embodies what's best in contemporary design. Designed for those who enjoy modern apartments and big flat TV sets. It offers surface for up to 50" TV, as well some storage space in drawers and on the bottom shelf.

Contemporary tv stands for flat screens

Totally modern style furniture TV set. Black and withe with glass doors on the sides where you can store your books or keep decorational china or vases. Ideal against white wall. Perfect complement to your moder style living room.

Images for tv stands

Furniture straight out of heaven? This ultra modern Tv stand looks super new school. Its white color perfectly corellates with dining furniture. I can see it also in yours kiddo's room, where he can play and keep his toys.

Modern tv stands for flat screens 3

It is well known that a futuristic style does not provide too much decoration - just as this modern tv stand for a flat screen table is one-colored - white finished on a football has a streamlined shape and no unnecessary elements. One solid in one color.

Our advice Buying Guide

You may be wondering why there’s a need for modern TV stands when technological marvels such as flat screen TVs are designed to be mounted on walls like pieces of art. Well, it is definitely true that you can hang your TV on a wall, but most people think that hanging a brand-new TV is worrisome especially when there is a chance for a wall stud or mounting bracket to give out. You wouldn’t want your new TV lying broken on the ground!

With a modern TV stand, you won’t just be able to furnish your home but also eliminate the risk of your TV getting shattered. Additionally, you will have ample space for the storage of your cable box, gaming console, and DVD player. There are also modern TV stands that allow you to store AV components, which means they are your one-stop solution to setting up a home theater!

How to determine the right size of a TV stand for flat screen?

At first glance, you would think that it’s obvious enough that you need a TV stand that’s large enough for the mounting of your TV. While that's definitely true, there are still other factors you need to consider which have an impact on the right TV stand size for you.

For instance, you have an audio system that needs to be connected to your flat screen. In this case, you need space on the stand’s top shelf. A gaming console will also need storing on your stand’s top shelf to allow for easy access to the controller ports. It is, therefore, essential that you don’t just account for the size of your TV but also the size of your entire entertainment system.

What features to look for in modern TV stands?

For casual viewers, they only use their TV for cable TV shows so the basic stand with ample space for the DVR or cable box will suffice. As you are likely to use cords to connect your flat screen to your DVR, you need a modern TV stand with back panel cut-outs that route wires.

For home theater aficionados, a modern TV stand with additional features would prove to be the best option. A stand that comes with compartments for the storage and display of multiple AV components plus a space for center and front channel speakers are a must. As there are several additional electronic devices, there’s a need for more cord management cut-outs in order to keep wires and cables neatly routed.

Today's TV stands for flat screens come in various styles. A modern TV stand is great as it matches your flat panel’s high-tech look. Of course, you need to ensure that your room’s décor will match with the modern-styled addition. If your home has a traditional or country theme, don’t worry as you’ll still be able to find TV stands that sacrifice neither convenience nor modern features.


Modern tv stands for flat screens

White is a top choice for minimalist contemporary furniture, and dual chrome layouts that add glossy black are even more popular. That's what this modern TV stand for flat screens take advantage off. No hardware makes the design clean and sleek.

Modern tv stands for flat screens 1

Creative, asymmetrical TV stands in an ultra-modern design, perfect for flat screen TV sets. They are height adjustable so you can always watch TV from a comfortable position. They are made of stainless steel with elegant glossy finish.

Modern tv stands for flat screens 3

Furniture Appealing Contemporary Modern Tv Stands White Color Design Modern TV Stands Furniture for Modern Home Design

Pedestal tv stands for flat screens

Furniture Appealing Contemporary Modern Tv Stands Dark Color Design Ideas Modern TV Stands Furniture for Modern Home Design

Modern entertainment centers for flat screen tvs

TV stand made of wood and metal. Designed for flat screens. Modern design for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

None samba contemporary 70 inch tv console the samba console

None - Samba Contemporary 70-inch TV Console - The Samba console from Furnitech is the ideal contemporary design solution for your entertainment area. Featuring a rich autumn cherry finish and a sleek rippled design,this low-profile cabinet can accommodat

Tv stand pictures design

Unique TV stand in contemporary style. It is completely made of wood. Designed for flat screens. It is fitted with open shelf for storing DVD and others TV components.

Images of wooden tv stands

Area development is a very essential issue in every house. This cabinet help you to economize it. This metal piece of furniture has special shelves for DVD-rom player and for discs. On the top you can stand your TV set.

Black Modern Mosaic 70" TV Stand

Black Modern Mosaic 70" TV Stand

Modern tv stands for flat screens 4

Modern furniture | What Size Flat Screen tv standing for bedroom |

Modern tv stands for flat screens 2

profile flat screen tv stand satin white previous in up to 60 screens ...

Tv stands from pacini cappelini

TV stands from Pacini & Cappelini

Wall panel design for lcd tv placement jpg 500x388

wall-panel-Design-for-LCD-TV-Placement.jpg (500×388)

TransDeco TV Stand with Universal Mounting System for 35 to 65-Inch Plasma/LED/LCD TV

This TV stand in an espresso finish is constructed from engineered hardwood and heavy gauge powder-coated scratch resistant steel. The stand includes 1 removable glass shelf, provides 150 lbs of weight capacity, and accommodates 65'' flat screen TVs.

At entertainment center spot for unique tv stand for flat

... at Entertainment Center Spot for Unique TV Stand for Flat Screens

Furniture comely modern tv stands furniture for your home flat

Furniture Comely Modern Tv Stands Furniture For Your Home Flat Wooden Stand Tv Ideas Slideez Design Images Modern TV Stands Furniture for Modern Home Design

Modern stylish wall unit design for lcd tv stand ideas

Modern Stylish Wall Unit Design For LCD TV Stand Ideas